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Your website design is often the first impression a potential customer gets, after that its all about the content. Having useful, up-to-date information is absolutely essential if you want your website to serve as an effective marketing tool for your organisation.

So, in order for your site to be useful you must keep it current. But how do you do this? You could recruit someone into your business – and pay for their on-going training or you could spend a few years teaching yourself HTML, ASP, VBscript, Javascript, SQL, database programming and a few graphics programs. Unless you are a major organisation neither of these options are sensible or practical.

Your best option is to outsource your website maintenance or let us create you a content management system

Content Management System

A content management system enables you to update some parts of your website yourself without the knowledge of programming or design.

By using a secure username and password system you can update your site from any computer in the world!

Or... let us maintain your website for you

Most of our clients actually find that the reality of keeping their website up-to-date without a dedicated member of staff is just too time consuming and therefore the website never gets updated and quite quickly gets out-of-date.

So why not save yourself paying an extra salary and make life cheaper and easier? All that is nececessary is an email or pick up the phone and call us and let us know what you want changed. You can write out changes, include text or just give us a rough idea and we'll get to work.

Our plans start at just £30 per month and include all changes necessary to keep your website up-to-date. The price we charge is simply down to how much work you intend to give us over a 6-monthly or yearly period and we will then work out a monthly fee for you. All new websites include at least 3 months free maintenance after your site goes live anyway - so we will get a general idea of how much work might be involved on a regular basis, if you are unsure.

Request a free estimate now.

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