The Golden Apples

The Golden Apples Welty is on home ground in the state of Mississippi in this collection of seven stories She portrays the MacLains the Starks the Moodys and other families of the fictitious town of Morgana I doubt

Welty is on home ground in the state of Mississippi in this collection of seven stories She portrays the MacLains, the Starks, the Moodys, and other families of the fictitious town of Morgana I doubt that a better book about the South one that completely gets the feel of the particular texture of Southern life and its special tone and pattern has ever been writteWelty is on home ground in the state of Mississippi in this collection of seven stories She portrays the MacLains, the Starks, the Moodys, and other families of the fictitious town of Morgana I doubt that a better book about the South one that completely gets the feel of the particular texture of Southern life and its special tone and pattern has ever been written New Yorker.

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The Golden Apples

  1. Eudora Alice Welty was an award winning American author who wrote short stories and novels about the American South Her book The Optimist s Daughter won the Pulitzer Prize in 1973 and she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, among numerous awards She was the first living author to have her works published by the Library of America.Welty was born in Jackson, Mississippi, and lived a significant portion of her life in the city s Belhaven neighborhood, where her home has been preserved She was educated at the Mississippi State College for Women now called Mississippi University for Women , the University of Wisconsin Madison, and Columbia Business School While at Columbia University, where she was the captain of the women s polo team, Welty was a regular at Romany Marie s caf in 1930.During the 1930s, Welty worked as a photographer for the Works Progress Administration, a job that sent her all over the state of Mississippi photographing people from all economic and social classes Collections of her photographs are One Time, One Place and Photographs.Welty s true love was literature, not photography, and she soon devoted her energy to writing fiction Her first short story, Death of a Traveling Salesman, appeared in 1936 Her work attracted the attention of Katherine Anne Porter, who became a mentor to her and wrote the foreword to Welty s first collection of short stories, A Curtain of Green, in 1941 The book immediately established Welty as one of American literature s leading lights and featured the legendary and oft anthologized stories Why I Live at the P.O Petrified Man, and A Worn Path Her novel, The Optimist s Daughter, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1973.In 1992, Welty was awarded the Rea Award for the Short Story for her lifetime contributions to the American short story, and was also a charter member of the Fellowship of Southern Writers, founded in 1987 In her later life, she lived near Belhaven College in Jackson, Mississippi, where, despite her fame, she was still a common sight among the people of her hometown.Eudora Welty died of pneumonia in Jackson, Mississippi, at the age of 92, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Jackson.Excerpted and adopted from.

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  1. I hope Eudora Welty, who died recently, is not being slowly forgotten, and I hope also she is not slipping into the category of beloved regional author or some such nonsense Welty was a major American writer who wrote some highly challenging artworks This, for my money, is her best book It is of an unusual genre it s not a collection of short stories nor is it a novel It is a unified art work made up of connected stories, or maybe I should say pieces, since some of them aren t really stories and [...]

  2. Eudora Welty s The Golden Apples is in some sense beyond the human mind beyond what fiction addresses Welty s fiction is poetry, but beyond poetry It is complex in not supernatural ways, but maybe in superhuman ways in ways that are real but that are beyond the human mind Virgie, in the collection s closing story, The Wanderers, is a fine example of this She knew that now at the river, where she had been before on moonlit nights in autumn, drunken and sleepless, mist lay on the water and filled [...]

  3. not vel a cria o das personagens e da pequena e fict cia localidade de Morgana, no Mississ pi As sete hist rias contam as perip cias das personagens, ao longo de quarenta anos Chuva de Ouro Recital de Junho Senhor Coelho Lago Lua Todo o Mundo Sabe M sica de Espanha e Os Viandantes O livro termina com o posf cio da tradutora uma excelente tradu o, refira se , essencial compreens o de cada conto Um retrato fiel e intenso de uma comunidade do sul dos EUA, onde n o faltam as quest es pol ticas e rac [...]

  4. One of the most amazing, beautiful, and striking series of short stories I ve ever read The characters are so layered and messy and complicated They become real people by the time you reach the end and you re left grieving for some and relieved and happy for others The last of the stories is particularly beautiful and won t ever be forgotten.

  5. This book has been an albatross around my neck all freaking summer I found it on a table of free books while out for a walk one day, and I thought, being a writer and a Southerner, perhaps I should read one of the most lauded Southern writers There were a couple chapters of this book that I just loved, where I could see what all the fuss over Eudora Welty was about she paints such a wonderful picture of small town Southern life in the early 20th century that I could almost feel the shimmering he [...]

  6. Welty is a titan Ok, now that that s out of the way, this book is a collection of short stories that all relate to the same town Morgana and its townspeopleking it novel like than short story collection like I read in an interview with Welty that the town s name is based on the sea horizon mirage phenomenon fata morgana This hazy, dream like misting in and out of mirage and reality perfectly characterizes the tone and structure of the book It became a little bit my white whale to finish truthfu [...]

  7. Virgie walked down the hill too, crossed the road, and made her way through the old MacLain place and the pasture down to the river She stood on the willow bank It was bright as mid afternoon in the openness of the water, quiet and peaceful She took off her clothes and let herself into the river.She saw her waist disappear into reflection less water it was like walking into sky, some impurity of skies All seemed one weight, one matter until she put down her head and closed her eyes and the light [...]

  8. The only piece of writing by Eudora Welty I had read prior to picking up The Golden Apples was a her book of autobiographical essays called One Writer s Beginnings I think this was a good place to start In it she describes how she learned to listen for stories in every day life Growing up in the South where story telling is part of the fabric of everyday life equipped her with the ability to see and hear stories that most of us might pass by without a second thought In One Writer s beginnings sh [...]

  9. The first time I read this book I absolutely hated it Could not STAND it I read it again recently, and whether it be time or age, I found the charm of Welty s writing that I missed the first time around.What Welty does exceptionally well here is capture the feeling of small towns in the South Everyone really DOES know everyone else s business, and lives are inextricably laced in _The Golden Apples_ as they are in real life There are some stories in the book that I adore, and others that I could [...]

  10. She pressed through a haw thicket and through the cherry trees With a tree high seesawing of boughs a squirrel chase ran ahead of her through the woods Morgan s Woods, as it used to be called Fat birds were rocking on their perches A little quail ran on the woods floor Down an arch, some old cedar lane up here, Mattie Will could look away into the big West She could see the drift of it all, the stretched land below the little hills, and the Big Black, clear to MacLain s Courthouse, almost, the S [...]

  11. I don t care for short stories but Eudora Welty is such an interesting writer Her stories have the subtle strangeness of Flannery O Conner s stories She makes us see mundane events for the peculiarness that exists within them.

  12. I admit I was confused half the time by the twists and turns in both dialogue and plot But it was a pleasant kind of mental exercise.

  13. Hard to get into initially because she writes in circles and the language is unfamiliar But hang in there, it s so rewarding so beautiful.

  14. Why did it take me so long to read Eudora Welty We should all just be reading Eudora Welty all the time.

  15. I ve enjoyed reading a number of Eudora Welty s work This is not one of them.The good Once again, Welty does what she is best at She immerses the reader into a rich Southern experience through her power of description I am not reading about Southern people in Mississippi, I am vicariously in Mississippi, the invisible spectator of the players in this series of short stories and that all deal with a group of families in a small town.It is a fictitious town as the characters are also fictitious, b [...]

  16. As Ma s Douradas do Eudora Welty de certa forma al m da mente humana al m do que endere os fic o A fic o de Welty poesia , mas, al m da poesia complexo de formas n o sobrenaturais , mas talvez de forma sobre humanos de formas que s o , mas real, que est o al m da mente humana Virgie , na hist ria de encerramento da cole o, The Wanderers , um bom exemplo disso Ela sabia que agora no rio, onde tinha estado antes em noites de luar no outono, b bado e sem sono , n voa estava na gua e encheram as rvo [...]

  17. This book has been on my to read list for a couple of years and I finally got around to it I have heard of Eudora Welty and was interested to dive in to a collection her short stories I especially liked June Recital and Moon Lake At times it was hard to understand exactly what was going on you feel a sense of what the characters are thinking and experiencing very nuanced Her writing is beautiful one passage I marked describing a girls tent at summer camp The pondering night stood rude at the te [...]

  18. I picked up Welty s book because I read that she was a big influence on Alice Munro It s easy to see why Welty s writing is rich, gorgeous and deep Give yourself plenty of time with this collection It deserves to be savoured I read each story multiple times in an effort to try and capture all the finer details.At times, it felt like I was reading a Munro story and that s a good thing Both writers focus on pivotal moments, stories in which not much really happens in real time, but there s a tidal [...]

  19. I ve been plodding my way through The Golden Apples for what seems an eternity I think I ve been indulging in a little too much Welty lately, or maybe this just isn t as good as her other works, but for some reason I m bored stiff The chapters are very long, very uneventful short stories that or less all tie together into one timeline, and I know I read Moon Lake in another collection I was unimpressed that time too Nothing happens, and it takes such a long time doing it a good bit of the actio [...]

  20. Before reading this book, the only work of Eudora Welty s I was familiar with was her short story Why I Live At the PO After reading that story I assumed all of Welty s work was like that light and comical So, I was stunned when I picked up The Golden Apples and found it to be something completely different It was really hard to get into but, once I did, I saw how much of an artist Welty was Even though there was a LOT in these stories I didn t and still don t understand, they were all very inte [...]

  21. Most of the stories in this collection didn t really speak to me I am also not a fan of the writing style However, the genius of Eudora Welty and her writing is clear as she paints pictures of the people of Morgana throughout their life span.

  22. An amazing collection of short stories set in the Mississippi Beautifully written Some stories are very impressive and incredible However, sometimes to understand and make sense of Welty s stories you need to have patience as well as the ability to persevere till you can understand the plot Sometimes the words just passed over my head and I had to read a couple of times just to comprehend what I was reading.But undoubtedly, this is a great piece of literature that reflects the talent and amazin [...]

  23. Eudora Welty is truly a master of the American short story The Golden Apples is a collection of seven intertwined stories set in the fictional town of Morgana, Mississippi in the time between the two world wars.I hate to say this but I found this collection difficult to read and enjoy.The edition I was reading was an old paperback borrowed from a friend It had no introduction or notes Perhaps another edition with those additional resources would have helped me.

  24. In her gorgeous sweeping prose, Eudora Welty sometimes meanders a little too much and winds up getting dry, but the way the stories interweave and slowly build information into this town and these families is brilliant, and there are moments that will resonate with me for a long time Especially in June Recital, Moon Lake, and The Wanderers.

  25. Eudora Welty had the amazing ability to capture perfectly aspects of Southern life those aspects that follow you no matter where you are in the world and pull you back to a place that will always haunt Southerners at heart.

  26. This felt really leaden to me and I hd a terrible time sustaining interest The character and texture was great, but it felt as if the focus was on those way to the end expense of movement and story It just did not appeal to me.

  27. Wonderful word pictures Welty can really put words into pleasing combinations.I think this book was maybe too smart for me I m going to have to read a summary to see what everything meant.

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