La scimmia sulla schiena

La scimmia sulla schiena Di origine ed educazione altoborghese nevrotico tossico mane e tossicologo accusato di uxoricidio di uso e spaccio di droghe William Burroughs capostipite della beat generation si differenzia d

Di origine ed educazione altoborghese, nevrotico, tossico mane e tossicologo, accusato di uxoricidio, di uso e spaccio di droghe, William Burroughs, capostipite della beat generation, si differenzia dagli altri scrittori dediti agli stupefacenti per la fredda, impassibile obiettivit scientifica con cui descrive e sperimenta su se stesso gli effetti delle varie droghe, dalDi origine ed educazione altoborghese, nevrotico, tossico mane e tossicologo, accusato di uxoricidio, di uso e spaccio di droghe, William Burroughs, capostipite della beat generation, si differenzia dagli altri scrittori dediti agli stupefacenti per la fredda, impassibile obiettivit scientifica con cui descrive e sperimenta su se stesso gli effetti delle varie droghe, dalla morfina allo yag , che favorisce i fenomeni telepatici.La scimmia sulla schiena riflette queste esperienze con un linguag gio di crudele precisione e colloca il suo autore, anarchico e immoralista , nel grande filone di denuncia e di protesta.

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La scimmia sulla schiena

  1. William Seward Burroughs II, also known by his pen name William Lee February 5, 1914 August 2, 1997 was an American novelist, short story writer, essayist, painter, and spoken word performer A primary figure of the Beat Generation and a major postmodernist author, he is considered to be one of the most politically trenchant, culturally influential, and innovative artists of the 20th century His influence is considered to have affected a range of popular culture as well as literature Burroughs wrote 18 novels and novellas, six collections of short stories and four collections of essays Five books have been published of his interviews and correspondences He also collaborated on projects and recordings with numerous performers and musicians, and made many appearances in films.He was born to a wealthy family in St Louis, Missouri, grandson of the inventor and founder of the Burroughs Corporation, William Seward Burroughs I, and nephew of public relations manager Ivy Lee Burroughs began writing essays and journals in early adolescence He left home in 1932 to attend Harvard University, studied English, and anthropology as a postgraduate, and later attended medical school in Vienna After being turned down by the Office of Strategic Services and U.S Navy in 1942 to serve in World War II, he dropped out and became afflicted with the drug addiction that affected him for the rest of his life, while working a variety of jobs In 1943 while living in New York City, he befriended Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, the mutually influential foundation of what became the countercultural movement of the Beat Generation.Much of Burroughs s work is semi autobiographical, primarily drawn from his experiences as a heroin addict, as he lived throughout Mexico City, London, Paris, Berlin, the South American and Tangier in Morocco Finding success with his confessional first novel, Junkie 1953 , Burroughs is perhaps best known for his third novel Naked Lunch 1959 , a controversy fraught work that underwent a court case under the U.S sodomy laws With Brion Gysin, he also popularized the literary cut up technique in works such as The Nova Trilogy 1961 64 In 1983, Burroughs was elected to the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, and in 1984 was awarded the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by France Jack Kerouac called Burroughs the greatest satirical writer since Jonathan Swift , a reputation he owes to his lifelong subversion of the moral, political and economic systems of modern American society, articulated in often darkly humorous sardonicism J G Ballard considered Burroughs to be the most important writer to emerge since the Second World War , while Norman Mailer declared him the only American writer who may be conceivably possessed by genius.Burroughs had one child, William Seward Burroughs III 1947 1981 , with his second wife Joan Vollmer Vollmer died in 1951 in Mexico City Burroughs was convicted of manslaughter in Vollmer s death, an event that deeply permeated all of his writings Burroughs died at his home in Lawrence, Kansas, after suffering a heart attack in 1997.

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  1. Morphine hits the backs of the legs first, then the back of the neck, a spreading wave of relaxation slackening the muscles away from the bones so that you seem to float without outlines, like lying in warm salt water As this relaxing wave spread through my tissues, I experienced a strong feeling of fear I had the feeling that some horrible image was just beyond the field of vision, moving as I turned my head, so that I never quite saw it I felt nauseous I lay down and closed my eyes A series of [...]

  2. Well holy shit, high five to you, early teens me Though I may have mixed feelings about some things I loved back in my formative, pointlessly cynical years, this rereading experience was actually, well, kinda rad Can I say that at almost 30 Rad Or am I getting to where it s like when your folks n grandfolks try to quote the hip lingo of the kids these days and it enters your brain like aural chipboard This novel held up, is my point Maybe I m just an asshole probable , but Burroughs makes me lau [...]

  3. I have learned the cellular stoicism that junk teaches the user I have seen a cell full of sick junkies silent and immobile in separate misery They knew the pointlessness of complaining or moving They knew that basically no one can help anyone else There is no key, no secret someone else has that he can give you Junky was a concise yet vivid account of heroin addiction, delineated by someone who d actually lived the life Though the book was often bleak, it never degraded itself by indulging in s [...]

  4. Less flouncy convoluted, and real istic than Naked Lunch or Queer Masterpieces, these Oddly straightforward espesh for a first novel it valiantly emerges as some sort of sad recounting of events in all their incendiary yet undoubted existence So brave, so brave coming out as gay but for a literary juggernaut, the honest truth of drug addiction MUST be depicted that Truth is the passport to the future glories the aforementioned novels Articulate clear headedness here not including however the sto [...]

  5. Mmm mmm drugs Yummy Like adult smarties with extra kick and an added naughty factor.Ok, that is not strictly true but you have to admit that sometimes it is difficult to pick your way through the troubled and varied history of drugs culture in literature Drugs good Drugs bad Drugs indifferent You re cool Or not cool Or an addict or a victim See Confusing Lets look back through the literature Coleridge, De Quincey, Kerouac, Thompson and the production of wondrous drugs madness such as Fear and Lo [...]

  6. Junky is the semi autobigraphical account of William Burroughs, Bill Lee in the book It covers his time from the late 1940 s to the early 1950 s during his time of heroin addiction and his many attempts to kick the habit.Burroughs unintentionally shows both sides of drug addiction He paints a fairly positive view, stating the friendships and knowledge gained were due to his dependence Several times he claims he was better off on the junk than he was when he quit The book reads like a typical add [...]

  7. I think I prefer looking at this text in its original light a sensationalized, dime store paperback about junkies I just can t take this type of work too seriously I ve met so many people who hail Burroughs as genius and I have yet to find out why While he offers a grisly account of opiate addiction, it s hard for me to say that Junky is an important piece of literature It spawned many copy cat memoirs and was influential to the genre of confessional fiction, which I find to be overrated.

  8. I read this while in rehab so as you can imagine it held a very special place in my heart This is a crazy, self indulgent, occasionally offensive defence of the junkie lifestyle The author never really managed to break free from his addiction and despite his hatred for all things government and society died dependent on govt administered methadone It s unapologetic It s hilarious And when you finish the book you can t help but be struck by the tragedy of addiction despite the crazy ride you just [...]

  9. I absolutely adore Burroughs prose but I just couldn t find any space where I could insert myself in the book It ll certainly appeal a lot to those who have struggled with drug addiction but I just couldn t get much out of it.

  10. It s William S Burroughs, dude Made me wanna do heroin to get a grasp of what he was going through though But to really understand his plight I would have to become a junky, which you really gotta put effort into, and I don t really wanna be a junky, because once you are you are for life Read it, he ll tell you Or read a bio on him or any other heroin addict You can do it once and be okay but once you re a junky you can go 20 years without and then do it once and you re hooked or sick all over a [...]

  11. This could be the best anti drug book ever written It is certainly the odd boy out in the Burroughs family of novels.This is not the William S Burroughs of The Wild Boys A Book of the Dead Burroughs, William S and certainly not the same guy who wrote Naked Lunch The Restored Text This is a Burroughs who s not talking to himself or talking to his admirers Instead this an author who is stretching to reach the reader with the actual smelly, lonely, desperate, empty reality of the junky.It s a reali [...]

  12. I ve wanted to read this book several years ago, but it wasn t translated into my language and I couldn t find it in any English bookstores Somehow, I managed to randomly find an English copy this year and so I have finnaly bought it I think I would ve given it than 3 stars actually, 3.5 I want to give this book 4 stars so badly, but something doesn t let me do so I think 3 stars is too low and 4 stars too high My rating would honestly be 3.5 stars if I had read it last year I was fond of book [...]

  13. I found a copy of Junky in the trash outside my apartment Penguin edition, with an introduction by Allen Ginsberg I can t remember Its previous owner had written HEROIN in red bubble letters on the inside cover, and drawn several stars around the word Seemed promising, so I read on I can say this is the only William S Burroughs book I have ever finished The book moves chronologically, and you sort of follow along You know, I would like to think if I had been a junky, I would ve come out of it wi [...]

  14. This is a semi autobiographical novel by William Burroughs 1914 1997 covering an 8 year period when he became a heroin addict Mr Burroughs is a beatnik writer The Beat Generation is that group of American writers who came to prominence in the 1950s, and the cultural phenomena that they wrote about and inspired later sometimes called beatniks Central elements of Beat culture include a rejection of materialism, experimentation with drugs and alternate forms of sexuality, and an interest in Eastern [...]

  15. Reading Junky as a college student was a revelation it was the first time I felt I heard an author s authentic voice Burroughs s clipped sentences, his directness, his matter of fact statements about what things were really like, his view of a world I didn t know about began a life long fascination It s easy to dismiss Junky because of it s subject matter of heroin addiction that it s just a fad or something young adults might think is cool But he does it with such artistic depth Even the simple [...]

  16. Well written, but numb, heading nowhere in a world where the uplifting hope written in at the end of the book feels like yet another trap It s enough to turn sane people away from drugs, with its silent warnings and constant feeling of bleakness and dullness.It made me wonder why the policemen who showed up at our school to explain how we shouldn t do drugs felt compelled to lie and make it sound like we d be dead a few months after the first shots, when Burroughs would have done the trick much [...]

  17. The life of a heroin addict30 July 2011 When I first bought this book I thought it was written by the same guy that wrote Tarzan yes they have the same last name, but that is about it It turns out that it wasn t, and Burroughs was not a fiction writer, but rather, as the introduction to the version that I read, the father of the beat generation However, one does wonder how he ended up becoming a writer because from reading this book one wonders how he ever actually amounted to anything Junky is [...]

  18. Technically, I didn t read this, I listened to it, as read by the man himself The reading of the full text is up on Youtube Junkie and I had some repetitive formatting work to do, soInteresting for any number of reasons as a detailed examination of a place and time and social class as recorded by a sharp observer directly involved with that class as a blunt record of the culture around that class, both social, legal and moral as an early example of the dry, disinterested , direct and non stylize [...]

  19. Burroughs does not pull any punches in this, his first novel It is a plain account of the life of a junkie based on his own life Burroughs describes his experience in a very matter of fact way the many lows and very few highs The descriptions of coming off heroin are horrific It is still difficult to read, but describes a way of life and a downward spiral The glossary at the end was very necessary for me.Burroughs illustartes how much junk dominates your life when you are an addict and the effec [...]

  20. After reading this,Trainspotting, andRequiem for a Dream, have decided that injecting heroin is unambiguously awful Text is unequivocal that junk is the worst thing that can happen to a man 8 Non fictive outworks proclaims that it takes at least three months shooting twice a day to get any habit at all no exaggeration to say it takes about a year and several hundred injections to make an addict xv.Addiction rewrites the corporeal constitution when you stop growing you start dying An addict never [...]

  21. Junkies suck This may not be breaking news to some, but I just had to get that off my chest Also, the undeniable fact that junkies suck is going to come into play a lot here, so I would guess that if you re sympathetic to the plight of the many nimrods currently haunted by the specter of addiction, you re probably not going to give much of a shit about what I have to say Later Piss off We haven t purged all the scourge yet The beat movement sucks too Oh, you think because a handful of schmucks p [...]

  22. Junky is non fiction turned into very thinly covered fiction an absorbing read but not for the faint hearted It isn t written in the weird and wonderful style of Naked Lunch so there is nothing getting in between the reader and the cold hard facts about an addicts life Everything is laid out in clear prose, the narrator a little removed, rather detached, relaying everything in an almost clinical manner Drugs, Addiction, Pushers, Crime you can imagine how difficult it was to get published Alan Gi [...]

  23. Set in 1950s America and Mexico, Junky is a confessional novella about drug addiction Its protagonist Bill Lee chronicles his drug centred existence, which entails searching for his daily fix, scoring, and intravenous drug consumption The population of this seedy underworld have a variety of roles including that of pusher, pigeon and lush.Lee s cycle of addiction sees him go cold turkey in various rehabilitation centres, only to return once again to opiate addiction During his periods of remissi [...]

  24. There is a sense of numbness throughout the book, which makes sense for a book about opiates Burrough s take on the beginnings of the War on Drugs is interesting, but I don t think his life will ever be a convincing argument for legalization.The most shocking moment for me in the book was when, three quarters of the way through the book, he mentions his wife taking the children out of town for a day Apparently, they ve been there the whole time and Burroughs never bothered to mention them before [...]

  25. It s very dry I felt the whole thing was a list of prices and complaints that noone was paying At the same time, the dryness of it had this normalizing effect that would wear off every 20 or 30 pages My awareness of the horror of it would thus come in and out Likewise, the introduction could have been a interesting substitute for reading the whole book I felt like whatever interest the novel had was condensed into those 25 pages So from then on it was hearing those same things a second time and [...]

  26. I read this book many years ago and really enjoyed it Of all Burrough s works, I think it s most accessible I haven t read too much of his other work, so it s hard to know what to compare it to I liked the atmosphere that the book created, I liked how detailed his writing was, I liked how it felt personal, but also removed at the same time.I liked that this book was written in the 50 s, and I felt that its semi autobiographical nature really added to the honesty of the overall piece Some people [...]

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