Women Who Take Care: Choosing to Live with Wisdom, Grace, and Power After Fifty-Five

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Good Books Women Who Take Care: Choosing to Live with Wisdom, Grace, and Power After Fifty-Five the best work Lou Dunn Diekemper interviewed over 250 women, ages 55 and older, to find out how they feel about themselves and their views on aging, death, loss, and life s enriching experiences.. Good Kindle Women Who Take Care: Choosing to Live with Wisdom, Grace, and Power After Fifty-Five
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  1. Lou Dunn Diekemper holds a Ph.D in Transpersonal Studies and has always been interested in the cross cultural powers of human intuition and spirituality She owns a book and gift store and travels extensively Lou is a community leader and has been recognized for her deep commitment to community service in arts, education and empowerment of women.

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