The Labyrinth Makers

The Labyrinth Makers David Audley is an unlikely spy True he works for England s Ministry of Defense but strictly as a back room man doing meticulous research on the Middle East This new assignment then comes as some

David Audley is an unlikely spy True, he works for England s Ministry of Defense, but strictly as a back room man, doing meticulous research on the Middle East This new assignment, then, comes as something of a surprise A WWII era British cargo place has been discovered at the bottom of a drained lake, complete with the dead pilot and not much else Why are the SovietsDavid Audley is an unlikely spy True, he works for England s Ministry of Defense, but strictly as a back room man, doing meticulous research on the Middle East This new assignment, then, comes as something of a surprise A WWII era British cargo place has been discovered at the bottom of a drained lake, complete with the dead pilot and not much else Why are the Soviets so interested in the empty plane and its pilot interested enough to attend the much belated funeral And why has Audley been tapped to lead the investigation As Audley chips away at the first question, he can t stop asking the second Could he possibly have been given the assignment in order to fail, to preserve the decades old secrets at the bottom of the lake If that s the case, someone s made an error Audley s a scholas by training, temperamentally allergic to loose ends And the story he unravels is going to make some people very uncomfortable indeed.

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  1. Born in Hertfordshire in 1928, Price was educated at King s School, Canterbury, and Oxford His long career in journalism culminated in the Editorship of the Oxford Times His literary thrillers earned comparisons to the best of Graham Greene, Ernest Hemingway, and Robert Goddard.

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  1. This book, the first in the series, is set 25 years after WWII David Audley is a desk man in British intelligence, who is suddenly asked to go into the field During the war, a pilot was smuggling from war torn Berlin to Britain He intended to do one last haul, of something so valuable that Russia have been searching for it ever since His plane crashed on the way home and the pilot,the plane and the secret hoarde disappeared with him Now, the plane has suddenly been unearthed, and the story has a [...]

  2. For anyone with an agile brain this is a tense and thoroughly un putdown able thriller I m not going to write a review here, because a great review has already been written by Nick Jones at existentialennui 2011 Please respect his copyright 2007 2016 Nick Jones.

  3. Reasonably interesting especially once I found out what the treasure was , but not enough to get me to read the others in the series Also, I really only have to hear once how flat chested the hero s love interest is, please, Mr Price.

  4. Price s first novel from 1970 and if it hasn t got the smooth assurance of his later efforts, the love story being a little awkward for one, it s still an engaging narrative of the newly discovered wreckage of a Dakota bomber lost in September 1945, the pilot involved in smuggling the treasures of Troy from the Reich The Russians are still interested as a staid MI5 type officially assigned to the case and his new love, the daughter of the pilot, attempt, with others, to locate the hidden loot We [...]

  5. I enjoyed the tone and the look back at 1970 I will probably read of the series BUT the awful attitude to women and the farcical romance between Audley and Faith are breathtaking The rest I enjoyed.

  6. David Audley is a reluctant field agent and lover when a Second World War Dakota reappears in a drained lake in Lincolnshire in the late 1960s This event attracts spies in a Cold War drama which has a few intriguing twists and turns The broad s of the late 1960s come across but the social and political feel of the age is disappointingly thin, particularly given that Price pitches his contribution at the historical and research end of the spy genre The Audley Faith Steerforth relationship is cont [...]

  7. This is a very well written espionage novel set during the Cold War It has links to archaeology and WW2, but the majority of the action, such as it is, is set in the late 1960 s, I would guess It s the first in a long running series that I ve had recommended to me several times, so I decided to finally give it a try I was pleasantly surprised by the characterization and the quality of the writing While there is very little action per se ie car chases or explosions there is a lot of subterfuge an [...]

  8. A ham fisted first novel severely lacking in structure and hampered by a silly romantic side plot that is almost too prominent to be left only in secondary role.On the plus side, the character of David Audley showed some promise, in that his approaches to interviewing people were quite varied and uncontrolled He often does what he didn t want to do, and while it doesn t affect the book significantly which is a fault it does add to his character, and to the overall feeling of humanity and fragili [...]

  9. I have mixed feelings about this book I liked the two main characters and enjoyed the plot, but found the writing to be ponderous and not fun to read Also, and this is a personal issue, the physical book I got from the library was very dense small font, small margins, and physically tiring to read.However, the plot was intriguing enough that I have requested the next in the series from the library.

  10. Meh At only 200 pages, there wasn t enough plot or character development enough to really love this novel I felt that, given time, it could have been developed into a great story, but just fizzled out and too many plot holes were conveniently filled up in the last twenty pages I liked it enough to read the next in the series, but if this trend continues that will be the end of it for me.

  11. Highly enjoyable a nice quiet tone Cold War novel reminiscent in parts of le Carre It s older than me however so there are a few old fashioned attitudes, esp regarding women, that jar, while the ending rushed up on me somewhat however much I was looking forward to it As a first novel it was very good however and certainly enough to make me want to read on an interesting premise and well worked through which is crucial for a cold war novel.

  12. This story brings back the days of the Cold War 25 years after end of WWII The main protagonist is Dr Audley who is an expert on the Middle East but who is called to use his admirable sleuthing capabilities in a case of a fighter pilot believed lost at sea who Is actually found in a drained lake This is an excellent tale.

  13. I read this short gem in about 6 hours For a first novel I felt that he pulled it off rather well Interesting Hero and a slightly less interesting villian I m guessing Mr Price as well as his Protagonist, David Audley, are very uncomfortable with women Definately an entertaining page turner on a rainy June afternoon.

  14. The reality of post war espionage in all its shades of grey is credibly brought to life by Price through the character of his reluctant hero David Audley, a middle class Harry Palmer than any sort of James Bond I ll definitely read em all.

  15. Great book I enjoyed it very much This is the first Anthony Price book that I have read I am looking forward to reading his other books soon.

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