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Popular Book Within My Heart published Set in s Colorado a woman must choose between the promise of a safe life and safe love or the risk inherent in opening one s heart Popular Ebook With

Popular Book Within My Heart published 2020 Set in 1870s Colorado, a woman must choose between the promise of a safe life and safe love or the risk inherent in opening one s heart.. Popular Ebook Within My Heart When a reviewer sits down, we judge the book carefully on what we expect. A moving and captivating novel for me needs: prose that moves me, the grace of the weaving an amazing tapestry. Characters that grow and change while speaking to my heart with their honesty and depth. And emotions that leave me filled or drained, uplifted or in pain.WITHIN MY HEART gave me every promise I was looking for and so much more. I didn’t judge this book. Not once did I think about the review, just the absolute certainty that this book was worth 5 stars. I simply read it. Experienced it. Let it sweep me away in the best novel I have read by Tamera Alexander.I have read every one of Alexander’s books to date and loved them all, but this one. This will stand out in the halls of great fiction for years to come. This novel was real. That is the only thing that comes to mind when I try to find the words to describe it. It felt real. The emotions are vivid, emotions you can tell have a history behind them that makes them all the more poignant. To know the history behind this book while it was being written, makes the wait for the release and the pleasure of reading it all the sweeter and moving. I highly recommend it and want to thank the author for sharing a piece of her heart, because through it, this book spoke to mine. This review is my honest opinion. Thanks to the publishers through CFBA for my copy to review.

  1. Tamera Alexander is a USA Today bestselling author and one of today s most popular writers in the inspirational historical fiction genre She and her husband live in Nashville, Tennessee, not far from the Southern mansions that serve as the backdrop for six of her award winning novels.

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  1. When a reviewer sits down, we judge the book carefully on what we expect A moving and captivating novel for me needs prose that moves me, the grace of the weaving an amazing tapestry Characters that grow and change while speaking to my heart with their honesty and depth And emotions that leave me filled or drained, uplifted or in pain.WITHIN MY HEART gave me every promise I was looking for and so much I didn t judge this book Not once did I think about the review, just the absolute certainty th [...]

  2. This is the third book in the Timber Ridge Reflection series There is a lot of interesting history The Doctor is a Civil war survivor who goes west to practice medicine Emotion and adventure are always part of Tamera Alexander s books She is one of my favorite authors.

  3. It was with tears and bittersweet emotions that I finished this book Alexander has an amazing God given talent for writing with depth, using gorgeous imagery and dialogue to describe God s creation and to explore the workings of God in our lives To be honest, this particular book took me a long time to read It wasn t like the first in this series, where I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning desperate to know what would happen and reveling in the sweet romance I received this book several [...]

  4. Is it possible to have a second chance to love again Can you be completely happy again after you have already been blessed with a marriage and a family Rachel Boyd thinks that is impossible But fate has always other plans and when she has the chance to know Rand Brookston better, a physician who has lived in her town for two years, she starts to question her heart Rachel has always kept him at arm s length because of his job, he is a doctor like her father and she is certain they have many other [...]

  5. Widowed, Rachel Boyd is struggling to raise her two boys alone while trying to keep her failing ranch afloat She finds herself attracted to Rand Brookston, the new doctor in town However, she s not over the death of her husband, plus, her father was a doctor, and she knows how hectic a doctor s life can be Is Rand really the right man for her Rand struggles with fears from the past, fears that haunt him every night He s afraid of the dark, sleeping with his lamp on, plagued with traumatic memori [...]

  6. Within My Heart is not a high drama, action packed historical There are no big baddies to wreak havoc on our hero and heroine There are several little baddies, but until the end, the tension is low.Instead, Within My Heart is the story of love and of loss and of living again This book sneaks up on you, its vivid scenery and budding romance lowers your guard as the layers of the characters are peeled back Before you know it, you re hit with an emotional wallop that affects you as deeply as the re [...]

  7. I apologize in advance for this lengthy review, but the book was THAT good There are few books that have ever moved me quite like this one has The depth and breadth of it is classic Tamera Alexander She has brought her Timber Ridge Reflections series to a perfect conclusion that was well worth the wait, and in my opinion, her best book yet Powerful, gripping, heartrending these are just some of the words that come to mind as you read this incredible love story The prologue will leave you stunned [...]

  8. 3.5 starsRachel Boyd lost her husband and has been struggling to manage the ranch he left behind along with their two young sons When her friend and father figure, Ben, becomes gravely ill, she has to put all of her trust in Dr Rand Brookston, the town physician Since her father was a doctor too, Rand enlists her help in a difficult surgery to save Ben s life Rachel is suspicious of Rand, thinking he s as untrustworthy as a doctor, and as disapproving of her, as her father was Through this hard [...]

  9. As a widow, Rachel Boyd must be both mother and father to her young sons Her dream is to raise the boys on the ranch she and her late husband worked hard to build Life in post Civil War Colorado isn t easy, and dreams and reality often take different paths Debt and dying cattle hinder Rachel s goals Can she turn things around Only time will tell.Civil War veteran Dr Rand Brookston has goals of his own Setting up his practice in Timber Ridge, he hopes to bring modern medical services to the area [...]

  10. Rachel Boyd is under a lot of pressure Trying to fulfill the dream she and her husband had for their ranch, all the while raising their two sons on her own After her husband Thomas died, Rachel tried her best to keep the ranch going, but severe weather and the loss of so many cattle are taking a toll on her, and the finances of the ranch Dr Rand Brookston has come west, trying to escape the nightmares that wake him up, and make him keep lamps burning constantly Being buried alive is the most hor [...]

  11. Within My Heart by Tamera Alexander is about friendship, death, fear, faith and love that takes place in the 1800s Rand is a fine doctor who gave up the opportunity for a lucrative practice in Boston to become a doctor in Timber Ridge, Colorado Rachel is a young widow with two young boys and a ranch she is trying to keep to fulfill her late husband s dream for their sons Mitch and Kurt even though she d rather assist the doctor with his patients than take care of a ranch Rachel fights against lo [...]

  12. Finishing the story of the people of Timber Ridge, this was a great book I loved how all of the character stories were tied up, even ones from the previous books in the series Not my favorite of the three, but going into this one was easier than the first two, since the main character has already been featured quite a bit in the previous stories, so you know about her than you did of the newcomers in the first two books All in all, a great trilogy and worth the read The stories Tamera Alexander [...]

  13. I must really like the way this author weaves a story I can t believe she has compelled me to read the three books in this series Normally I can t read a series like this, Christian historical romance, they tend to be repetitive and boring I am very impressed with this author and how she connected each story and gave us back story s in the first that came together threw each novel I fell in love with all the characters and found myself tearing up over the very real death of one of them Just goin [...]

  14. This is a great read by Tamera Alexander drawing you in from the start with an enticing dialogue The story takes place in the late 1800 s after the civil war in Timber Ridge, Colorado The scenery comes alive with the vivid description of the Rocky Mountains The characters are realistic, but not without flaws Rachael Boyd is still recovering from the loss of her husband and deep wounds of the past Dr Rand Brookston is also dealing with past problems and his terrifying ordeal of being buried alive [...]

  15. While this genre faith based historical fiction romance is certainly not for everyone, I have to say I enjoyed it tremendously The characters were very real, had very relatable struggles and fears, and had shortcomings with which I could easily, if not always personally, identify Each of their stories spoke to me on a deep internal level that I appreciated In fact, this book made me teary on than one occasion This may not be a book of great literature, but it was a book, and a series, that made [...]

  16. Within My Heart is about so much than two people falling in love It s about celebrating life, about living it to its fullest, about stepping out in faith even when fear holds you in its grip, it s about saying goodbye to the people you love It s beautiful, gorgeously written, layered, and utterly and completely delightful.A good book asks you to join in on the journey of the characters I gave my heart and soul to Rachel and Rand s journey, and I was not disappointed In fact, as embarrassing as [...]

  17. A strong female protagonist and a handsome doctor with a secret Rachel struggles to keep her ranch and deal with a challenging child Rand works to build his medical practice and open a proper clinic This story isn t just about Rachel and Rand The secondary characters all play a strong role too.I wish I d known ahead of time that it was part of a series I haven t read the first two books And, while I think it probably does stand alone, it has many references to what I assume are character experie [...]

  18. Finally, Rachel learns to forgive, she s forced into it, but it s never too late This was one thing that bothered me in the previous books, how Rachel felt she was justified in not forgiving her long time friend when it wasn t his fault that her husband died Rand s character is fabulous He is patient and loving, but you can see how much his trials have affected him and how he has persevered and continues to do so Just a great man There is heartache in each of the books in this series, but there [...]

  19. The writing, as usual, flows nicely and has an easy to follow story without being too preachy The characters didn t do anything for me, however I ve never been a fan of beta hero s and the good doctor definitely is that The heroine I thought was a little too stubborn in receiving much needed help and needlessly put herself and her ranch in jeopardy One of her children definitely needed a good spanking as well Overall there were just too many small things that added up and kept me from enjoying t [...]

  20. Finally The only thing I didnt like about this book was how long it took Rachel to get with the program Rand seems like an awesome guy, why fight it And it took her 3 books to forgive Daniel Another thing I didnt get, he didnt shoot her husband for goodness sakes Thomas was the one not familiar with bears Only problem is now I want another book with these characters to find out about Rand and Rachels marriage, etc.

  21. I wasn t expecting to like it as much as I did 2 was still my favorite, but I had no problem getting into this book I felt Rachel s pain and reluctance and I admired Rand s patience and love for his work and others I cried a lot I enjoyed the entire trilogy and highly recommend it.Feb 2018 I think I enjoyed this the 2nd time around And Rand he s just awesome.

  22. Tamera Alexander has written so many stories I will cherish I absolutely loved the Timber Ridge series and am sad it is over This novel is beautiful and touching just like all of her magnificent books

  23. All three of the Timber Ridge Collection were wonderful but I particularly enjoyed Within My Heart Rachael is a strong woman, a widow and mother of two boys Add that to the fact that she is running a ranch with one hired hand and her two sons and that can lead to a lot of stress Rand Brookston, the town of Timber Ridges Doctor, has had his eye on Rachael since he arrived but the very fact that he is a doctor does not play in his favor Rachael s father was a doctor and ran roughshod over her feel [...]

  24. Dr Rand Brookston desires nothing than to serve the people of Timber Ridge, but lack of funds and modern equipment have stifled his abilities to properly treat the townspeople When a much loved town merchant is diagnosed with heart failure, Rand knows that a risky surgery may help extend his life, but in order to perform the surgery he will need Rachel s skills in the operating room Overwhelmed by the day to day struggles of keeping her ranch operating, Rachel also struggles with guilt over her [...]

  25. The third book in the series centered in Timber Ridge, Colorado Though out this series, Rachel has been trying to hold her family together To hold onto the ranch, that was her husband s dream But deep down is it really what Rachel wants And just how is she going to get her youngest son to start obeying Then you have the good doctor, who is slowly following in love with the young widow and her sons This book had a few twists I wasn t expecting The love of a man that knows the end is coming, but i [...]

  26. I enjoyed the message, the storytelling, the dual povs, and the clean content of this book I was compelled by the struggles that the MCs faced However, I didn t like the h much and felt like the H deserved better The epilogue also didn t occur far enough into the future to be satisfying To be completely fair, I skipped the middle book of this series since it seemed like another one of those I have lots of secrets and I m going to hide them from everyone, feeling guilty all the while stories and [...]

  27. Good reminder to live life to the fullest because we never know when our turn on earth is finished and God calls us back home Without fear, there would be no faith That was a good comment I took from this book Liked reading the time frame of this series in Colorado territory in the 1860 s when Timber Ridge is a small town starting to grow Doctors went to patients homes a lot of the time Worked long hours But simple one main mercantile store to serve the community School was for a range of childr [...]

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