The Riddle

The Riddle Maerad is a girl with a tragic and bitter past but her powers grow stronger by the day Now she and her mentor Cadvan pursued by both the Light and the Dark are seeking the Riddle of the Treesong Th

Maerad is a girl with a tragic and bitter past, but her powers grow stronger by the day Now she and her mentor Cadvan, pursued by both the Light and the Dark, are seeking the Riddle of the Treesong This mysterious Riddle holds the key to restoring peace to her ravaged kingdom and defeating the enemies she is fated to battle But what is the true nature of those enemies,Maerad is a girl with a tragic and bitter past, but her powers grow stronger by the day Now she and her mentor Cadvan, pursued by both the Light and the Dark, are seeking the Riddle of the Treesong This mysterious Riddle holds the key to restoring peace to her ravaged kingdom and defeating the enemies she is fated to battle But what is the true nature of those enemies, and of the Riddle And is Maerad herself the greatest riddle of all

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The Riddle

  1. Alison Croggon is the award winning author of the acclaimed fantasy series The Books of Pellinor You can sign up to her monthly newsletter and receive a free Pellinor story at alisoncroggonHer latest Pellinor book, The Bone Queen, was a 2016 Aurealis Awards Best Young Adult Book finalist Other fantasy titles include Black Spring shortlisted for the Young People s Writing Award in the 2014 NSW Premier s Literary Awards and The River and the Book, winner of the Wilderness Society s prize for Environmental Writing for Children.She is a prize winning poet and theatre critic,, and has released seven collections of poems As a critic she was named Geraldine Pascall Critic of the Year in 2009 She also writes opera libretti, and the opera she co wrote with Iain Grandage was Vocal Choral Work of the Year in the 2015 Art Music Awards Her libretto for Mayakovsky, score by Michael Smetanin, was shortlisted in the Drama Prize for the 2015 Victorian Premier s Literary Awards She lives in Melbourne

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  1. A wonderful second adventure for Maerad and Cadvan as they now search for the Tree Song A story filled with danger, thrills, death, magic and love There are many difficulties for Maerad to overcome and she faces loss, despair, confusion and has to do some deep soul searching to keep herself alive I can t wait to find out what happens next A great read and wonderful series.

  2. Ugh this series is so hard to get through I like the actual story, and I appreciate the amount of work it must ve been for the author to create this world heck coming up with the names alone must ve been exhausting but gosh It was ridiculously tedious to read I thought the second installment would ve been easier to get through because by then the author had the background laid out, but I just can t remember all those names, and the descriptions of every little detail of her surroundings got to b [...]

  3. I m really falling in love with this series The characters are all so vivid and well thought out Of course we mainly spend our time with Cadvan, apart from Maerad, we follow Maerad all the time I love Cadvan, he is such a deep character, so many layers Maerad is an amazing female character, she is kickass, yet she has her flaws, and under it all she is just a lost little girl who has the weight of the world on her shoulders I really enjoyed watching her character development continue in this boo [...]

  4. The Riddle starts out exactly where The Naming left off It is still largely a travel quest story, but the havens are fewer and the stakes are much higher than before I found this second installment did not remind me as much of Tolkien as the first I believe it s because the story leaves the haunted lands of barrows and wights and the enchanted forests, and pursuit by the Dark is less immediate The story grows in leaps and bounds, really taking off in its own direction, and Croggon outdoes hersel [...]

  5. This is a good continuation of the story There is action in this story and we see the darker side of Maerad I copy the summary below, this is not from my hand.Maerad and Cadvan flee Busk to escape the hostile takeover of Norloch and the darkness of Sharma, the immortal being who is trying to enslave Annar While Cadvan searched in the libraries for anything about The Tree Song, While Maerad furthers her studies in the way of bards, enchanting, healing, and music Enkir, the first bard of Norloch [...]

  6. Christopher Booker s The Seven Basic Plots suggest that the different archetypal narratives a novel includes the richer it becomes Booker admires The Lord of the Rings for this , and on this basis Croggon s Pellinor series must be rich indeed The Riddle includes the themes of the Quest, Overcoming the Monster, Voyage and Return and Tragedy, while it is only a matter of time and two novels before we must surely encounter Rags to Riches, Comedy in the classical sense and Rebirth On this understa [...]

  7. I loved The Riddle, Croggon s second in the Pellinor series, even than the first For one, she worked through that tricky issue of pacing that plagued her first book Admittedly, The Riddle is best read and followed in large chunks of time it s not the kind of story that s easy to pick up in little 20 page snatches but there s still a much steadier, enjoyable pace happening here And second, while Croggon convinced me to give Maerad a chance to be enjoyable in the first book, she convinced me to [...]

  8. I m commenting on the entire series as a whole, not just this book.I liked this series and might read it again at some point The writing is good, the plot is mostly well paced, there are plenty of likable albeit predictable characters, and some interesting world myth building The appendix in The Singing touches on the background of a few characters I would have enjoyed it if those details had been integrated into the story.The problem with the majority of fantasy novels is that they all draw fro [...]

  9. This particular book had a few boring spots than the last one, yet was exciting than The Namingybe this is because i like the whole Maerad Arkan 3 thing but it wasn t profound or a big deal really i liked the fact that this book takes place in an entirely different environment than the last one, seeing Maerad travel through the icy cold of the North and the seas of theWest i guess I hope the third one will keep that up.I am also afraid at Maerads moods there really something Dark inside her, a [...]

  10. Really five stars but I m not sure I can reread it soon it was really gloomy at times , which is my criteria for five Very haunting, epic book in which the main characters are so, so beautifully drawn, even so than in the first book Maerad is an unconventional heroine, she s annoyed most of the time, but she s also very endearing The mythology is very interesting and I can t wait to read The end s gorgeous, very emotional I ve already begun the next book.

  11. The Riddle Maerad had been on a quest to find something called the Treesong which had relations to the Splitsong On a search to find part of the Song Maerad had to venture to Murask with Cadvan Things went wrong, however, when earth and snow elementals attacked the two Bards Cadvan was lost and Maerad on her way to freezing Maerad however started to play a small song on her reed flute which made her ancestor, Ardina, appear and save her from the icy hand of death Once in Murask, Maerad herself f [...]

  12. Recently I decided to re read the Books of Pellinor series by Alison Croggon Currently, I am on Book 2 The Riddle This re read adventure was mostly inspired by the fact that I had received the final 4th Book in the series as a present at Christmas time and when I finally got around to picking it up to put an end to the series I realized I had no clue what had happened in the previous books This is one of the reasons I try to shy away from series books until most if not all of the books have alre [...]

  13. Finding the truth of who you really are.In the second book of the Books of Pellinor Series, Croggon spells out the long and troubling hardships of Maerad yet again Focusing on the personal battles Maerad must face rather than physical this time, she begins to lose control over her Bard powers, and begins to doubt herself as time goes on Cadvan and she must travel in search of the Treesong not knowing what it is, nor where it may be, only knowing that it is somehow the key to saving the Light No [...]

  14. Did I enjoy it Yes It picked up directly where The Naming left off, and was a satisfying continuation of the story.Would I read it again Possibly I wouldn t rule it out It s one that I would probably go in and read sections of again.Who would I recommend it to Fantasy fans, if you like Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey, Tolkein, or other authors along those lines you ll probably like this, it s got a somewhat similar feel to it.Any other thoughts This started out slowly again I predicted that since [...]

  15. Mixed feelings about this one After the first 150 pages I was sorely tempted to give up The story wasn t progressing and I was getting sick of reading about two characters wandering across varying landscapes while refusing to speak to each other It felt like I was reading a travel guide instead of a novel.Then, spectacularly, the story changed and Maerad found herself without Cadvan and forced to continue her quest alone This is where the story really picked up and I found myself glad I kept at [...]

  16. The story continues, and it does so well We see new lands, meet new people and flirt with villains I really enjoyed the book, and it was a bit different from the first I think it was less Tolkienish , but it still retained that old fashioned camaraderie, that authors like Tolkien infused in their books Still lots of travel, which I really love when done well, and in this case it is And of course of Maerad and Cadvan, who turn out to be really well shaped characters, and became favourites of min [...]

  17. I had enjoyed reading The Naming far better than this book and finished the first pretty quickly, however I just couldn t get into this second of the series.Croggon continues Maerad and Cadvan s quest but it feels like one LONG continuous journey that really isn t getting anywhere So much of the book is let s go here and then what we need isn t here, let s go there and so on It got to the point where I wanted something important to happen and nothing did I know that the end of this book is suppo [...]

  18. That awkward moment when you thought the main character was falling in love with the man you were hoping for Oh, and let s not forget he s 21 years older than her But, at least he s not an asshole But guess what SHE FALLS IN LOVE WITH AN ASSHOLE Oh, and he s a king But, not just any king He s the king of winter Of course, no wonder he s such a jackass The cold must ve chapped his ass over the years.

  19. Quick and short review before I re read and re review at a later date Again, I have little memory of the singular book story, but as a whole I know I enjoyed it Felt it was quite a quick read, but with a bit depth than a lot of escapist fantasy No memory of the characters, either, though it was years ago.

  20. Finished The Riddle this week and enjoyed it as much as the first book It was less Tolkien esque than it s predecessor and really increased the tension in the plot and between the characters It was a good read and I ve already started on Book 3 It s lived up to my expectations so far Well done.

  21. I think this book takes an acquired taste much like the first A lot of people don t like how there is so much detail about the scenery and the journey they want action But the vivid imagery is what I loved the most To be honest, the very reason I bought book 2 was because I adored the poetry of the first one so much I loved the parts with little action and meandering through a fantasy scape The journey and descriptions of it are one of the main things I seek out in fantasy I want to be absolut [...]

  22. I FINALLY GOT THROUGH THIS BOOK sounds of muffled screaming in the background I literally Like, I enjoy this series as a whole, but this has to be the most difficult book of the four five to slog through I feel like John Henry trying to hammer my way through a mountainside It s not even unpleasant as in bad it s unpleasant in a we re stuck in Maerad s head and that is a very unpleasant place to be right now Catching Fire type way.She s going through this thing where she s resentful and angry at [...]

  23. Croggon is a wonderful writer Her descriptions of the landscapes made me long to travel and her descriptions of the meals made me quite hungry This book was darker than The Naming, but I that was almost a necessity and helped develop Maerad s character The latter part of the book I was unsure about I feel I ll need to read the next books to decide But overall it was beautiful storytelling with a nice mixture of plot and description and enough twists to keep you from boredom The main thing about [...]

  24. Maered and Cadvan are traveling to the land of the Winterking in the hopes of finding the Treesong Snow, ice, and magical elemental creatures block their path at ever turn and Maered is doomed to lose everyone she loves Like all second stories in a trilogy the ending is filled with hopelessness and doom It is the middle of the story, the sad, dangerous and depressing part before the big happy finish Sadly, it was also extremely drawn out and long winded I did not enjoy the reading until two thir [...]

  25. This being the second book is lot fast paced then the first book The history backgroung part also sometimes weighs down the pace Also, Maerad is sometimes moody and I find her little unpleasant at times I understand she feels the weight of the world on top of her but gosh could she improve on her communication Although her strengths and skill does out way so of those flaws the other supporting characters are really great quality I look forward to the next book in the series.

  26. 4.5 stars and rounded up I am really enjoying this series this far This book seems to have a bit excitement than the first in my opinion Besides a few slow spots, it reads very quickly I couldn t put it down for the last 150 pages A well flowing adventurous tale and I am looking forward to reading the next book

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