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The Cipher Garden Warren Howe is surprised by a hooded visitor whilst working in a garden in Old Sawrey Soon he is dead murdered with his own scythe As the years pass the culprit has yet to be found However after an

Warren Howe is surprised by a hooded visitor whilst working in a garden in Old Sawrey Soon he is dead murdered with his own scythe As the years pass, the culprit has yet to be found However, after an anonymous tip off, DCI Hannah Scarlett is soon on the case Then there is yet another horrifying death.

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  1. Martin Edwards was educated in Northwich and at Balliol College, Oxford University, taking a first class honours degree in law He trained as a solicitor in Leeds and moved to Liverpool on qualifying in 1980 He published his first legal article at the age of 25 and become a partner in the firm of Mace and Jones in 1984.He is married to Helena with two children Jonathan and Catherine and lives in Lymm Martin is a member of the Murder Squad collective of crime writers, and is chairman of the nominations sub committee for the CWA Diamond Dagger crime writing s most prestigious award In 2007 he was appointed the Archivist of the Crime Writers Association.

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  1. The Cipher Garden by Martin Edwards is another in his Lake District mystery series Historian cum amateur detective Daniel Kind is drawn into another crime from the past after trying to discover the secrets of the garden at his new cottage Coincidently this links with the unsolved murder of Warren Howe, which is being investigated by DCI Hannah Scarlett Hannah and Daniel are attracted to each other in a very drag it out, let s pretend it s not happening kind of way and some of the back story conc [...]

  2. Loved it, loved it, loved it It had everything that I enjoy It s a murder mystery set in England There are many complicated relationships that keep getting and interesting Finally, the ending completely surprised me It just doesn t get any better than this I am already signed up for Book 3 in the Lake District mystery series.

  3. First time I read this author and being completely honest I really struggled to get through it The pace of the book was very slow and I could not engage with the characters very well This does not compare particularly well to other top authors of this genre.

  4. I have had this one on my shelf for a while but after several attempts to get my hands on the first of the series had failed, I decided to make a read this one anyway.I was glad that I started one of my character maps early on because the characters of the village were introduced thick and fast Without my diagram with its connecting arrows I dont think that I would have got the players in the story and their complex relationships past and present, clear in my mind as quickly I realised , a littl [...]

  5. According to my 50 page rule I will now give this book a miss If a mystery writer hasn t been able to spark my interest after 50 pages it s probably a hopeless case.So far this has been just a lot of wisecracking police banter, people attracted to other people s partners, troubled pasts and definitely too much of the human touch And all of that written in a very basic style.Though I seem to have outgrown Agatha Christie s mysteries there is one thing to be said for her Insted of wasting 50 pages [...]

  6. Actually, I d give this a 4 1 2 stars, but no halves are available in This is the second in a series set in the English country side and starring a cold case detective and historian who have feelings for each other but are also in relationships with others The characters are very well realized, and the setting is brought to life The story line here has to do with obsession and its effects on both those who are obsessed and those who are the objects of the obsession A husband and wife who lost th [...]

  7. Dull, plodding book with two dimensional characters and a couple of flimsy mysteries The question of the cypher garden is settled in about 4 pages, and then completely forgotten The murder mystery itself, when it finally gets resolved, is pedestrian The two investigators spend forever playing the will they, won t they dance, while bemoaning their respective partners Most of the book is taken up with this wishy washy half romance If you want to read a romance novel, I m sure there s better out th [...]

  8. On the basis of a very flimsy tip DCI Hannah Scarlett, as head of the cold case team, decides to reopen the case of Warren Howe, murdered with his own scythe several years previously Daniel Kind, a historian and former Oxford don, is also interested in the case as well as discovering the secret of the strange garden at his cottage The murder mystery is a bit thin However, the book was very unsatisfying in repeatedly referring to the strangeness of the garden, but never giving the slightest descr [...]

  9. Second in the series and better than the first just As I splurged on all the books in the series I will read them all but they are a disappointment and not nearly as good as I hoped they would be I m always on the look out for a new crime author who has been prolific but these are very slow going, predictable and eminently guessable If you re on holiday and someone has left one by the pool then read it or pick it up in a charity shop or kindle freebie then fine otherwise don t bother

  10. I can t really say I read this one I skimmed it to find out if the main characters had ditched their lovers and gotten together yet Then I skimmed the next two books while standing in the library to find out same Answer NO Who would be willing to wade through FOUR books while waiting for this critical change to happen Not me.

  11. THe story took a long time to really get going and I guessed the murderer Not as good as The Coffin Trail but I would still read the next one as I like the main characters and it will be interesting to see what happens to them next.

  12. Interesting cold case mystery set in Lake Country of England I m a softie for a setting of small British villages and tangled webs that characters weave.

  13. Don t read this book it s a complete waste of time I m on page 160 and I m going to stop reading right now after hanging on through countless meticulously told biographies of yet another uninteresting protagonist who has been added after the introduction of character 12 and 13 and 14 and various plots, one uninteresting than the other Further the german translation really sucks If you don t read it, at least don t read it in english.

  14. A light read, this book was mainly enjoyable for setting and tone I had a heck of time sorting out the many characters for awhile Once I got them sorted, it was easier to follow the plot There was a lot of varied intimacies and relationships It seemed like everyone had been involved with someone else or was considering it I found the gaY men who chose to be married to women to be a bit difficult to believe I would probably read another in this series for its escapism.

  15. Kept me guessing This read started out interesting and did not stop It is the first book I ve read in this series however it is not the first book which did not prove a hindrance I am now interested and will purchase the first book.

  16. A good mysteryThis mystery had an interesting twist, and I m really enjoying the background love interests of the main characters I want to know what develops, soon to the next one in the series

  17. Another intriguing book , easy to read but rather compelling.The characters are developing and are very likeable and believable.A lot of subplots and threads a bit predictable at times.A good read.

  18. In the Lake District with its unpredictable weather and beautiful scenery with the appealing Daniel Kind, historian who finds parallels between his specialism and the work of a detective, particularly when the crimes reach back in time.I really enjoyed the first of Martin Edwards The Lake District Mysteries, The Coffin Trail and fortunately I had already purchased the second in the series The key mystery in this book is the death many years ago of Warren Howe, a gardener, not greatly liked in my [...]

  19. Genre MysteryHow I read it I own it.What attracted me to the book I read the author s blog and mainly because books of this genre are my favorite.Who should read this book If you love mysteries it s for you Summary from When the body of Warren Howe, master landscaper and equally masterful ladies man, is found hacked apart with a scythe in a garden in Old Sawrey, England, suspicion falls on his wife, Tina, in Edwards s engaging second Lake District mystery after 2004 s The Coffin Trail But Tina [...]

  20. Book 2 from the Lake District series, where we again meet DCI Hannah Scarlett who heads up a team investigating cold cases and Daniel Kind, a historian who has given up his job in Oxford University, to live a quite, idyllic life in an area of the Lake District where his father lived and worked as a policeman and was Hannah s boss and mentor Daniel is anxious to find out all he can from Hannah about his father, who is now deceased, as he left his family for another work when Daniel and his sister [...]

  21. Not quite as good as the first one, at least at first It was slow going for me, at first, and I found the writing to be a tad sloppy The narration seemed too colloquial, and there were a couple grammatical and punctuation errors, as if Edwards didn t go back and critically review and revise his first draft The title of the book refers to the subplot mainly, which I found much interesting than the murder plot in the beginning, but once I saw the writing on the wall, suspecting what Kirsty was go [...]

  22. A traditional mystery Finally Not a thriller where I know who dunnit on page three The garden is only one thread of the story and of a subplot No need to avoid the book if you re not into gardening because the book s not about that It s about a small country town and the interesting people who live there, both newcomers and natives The MC is a former history professor whose father was a detective in that same locality He s moved there now to escape the academic grind His father s dead but he in [...]

  23. This is only the second book in Martin Edwards series that takes place in the Lake District of Englandd it grabbed me as much as the first one did Edwards is a wonderful descriptive authorI feel like I m walking through this beautiful region of the Lake District This is the perfect book if you enjoy mysteries that take place in small English villageswhere gossip is a way of life and everyone knows everyone else Amazing that a murder can go unsolved for so longat is until DCI Hannah Scarlett and [...]

  24. This is the second in the series that I have read and I feel that as a series it is starting to pick up pace For some reason I found it hard to remember the connections between some of the characters in this story they all seem to be ex partners of each other.DCI Hannah Scarlett has reopened the case of Warren Howe who was murdered folowing a a tip off Daniel Kind is uncertain as to why his garden is laid out the way it is and his investigating into this ends up tying in with Hannah s investigat [...]

  25. This series just continues to please the bibliophile and mystery lover in me Martin Edwards writes in such a cozy manner and I always feel like lighting a fire and curling up in front of it even if it happens to be in the middle of Spring The characters of Daniel and Hannah are complex and complicated and I like them very much Even Daniel s uptight sister is an enjoyable character I m very pleased with this mystery and this book altogether Very well done.

  26. This is book 2 in the Lake District mystery series home of Beatrice Potter Don t know how I skipped book 1 but because I had a difficult time getting through this book, I won t be reading any in the series I didn t like the plot or the characters and thought the author wasted an opportunity of describing this lovely area DCI Hannah Scarlett heads up the cold case division and while she is looking into a cold case of murder by scythe in a secret garden, there is another murder.

  27. A beautifully crafted book, for lovers of the Classic Whodunnit, there s a delicious twist in the tale s, I d say that pretty much summed this tale up While it s not a gritty, gory tale the sort I love it s a bit than what I d class as a cosy mystery There is indeed a twist at the end which I sort of saw coming but got slightly wrong I won t say as I don t want to spoil it for future readers but would recommend it o

  28. This was a nice second mystery in the Lake District by Martin Edwards This story was full of realistic people, living their lives in a small village A murder 10 years ago gets revisited when the family of the victim get poison pen letters This includes the cold case squad and when they start questioning the friends and relatives, secrets get revealed and emotions flare I would not hesitate to pick up another in this series, if I run across one.

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