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Soul Hunt Ronald has done a terrific job with the Celtic mystical matter She has tapped into the dark streak that runs as an undercurrent through much Irish folklore Charles de Lint Magazine of Fantasy and Sci

Ronald has done a terrific job with the Celtic mystical matter She has tapped into the dark streak that runs as an undercurrent through much Irish folklore Charles de Lint, Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction With Soul Hunt, Margaret Ronald continues the edgy adventures of Red Sox fan and supernatural tracker Evie Hound Scelan as she negotiates her way throug Ronald has done a terrific job with the Celtic mystical matter She has tapped into the dark streak that runs as an undercurrent through much Irish folklore Charles de Lint, Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction With Soul Hunt, Margaret Ronald continues the edgy adventures of Red Sox fan and supernatural tracker Evie Hound Scelan as she negotiates her way through Boston s deadly undercurrent One of the most exciting new voices in urban fantasy follows her Spiral Hunt and Wild Hunt with another electrifying tale of paranormal activities, as Evie Scelan must make good on an otherworldly debt or suffer devastating consequences Aficionados of Kim Harrison and Jim Butcher and anyone who appreciates the brilliant contemporary spins on ancient mythology deftly executed by Neil Gaiman and Tim Powers will certainly want to hunt down Margaret Ronald s Soul Hunt.

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  1. Margaret Ronald learned to read on a blend of The Adventures of Tintin, Greek mythology, and Bloom County compilations Her vocabulary never quite recovered Her fiction has appeared in Realms of Fantasy, Strange Horizons, Baen s Universe, and Fantasy Magazine Spiral Hunt is her first novel.

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  1. This was a wonderful conclusion to the Evie Scelan series Huzzah, Ms Ronald I think there could be , but if the series ends here I can accept I am not happy about it, mind you, but things do end This book, and the other two in the series, were wonderful The author did a fabulous job of putting together a great plot, creating interesting characters that all had true individuality, and putting them in a setting Boston and surrounds that had as much character as the people Evie is a hound She track [...]

  2. Soul Hunt was a great urban fantasy with a lot of attention to detail, and the characters were complex but in a good way The only problem I had was not realizing it was the third in a series until I had started it I didn t want to stop, but I know it would have been SO much better reading the books in order to understand what each of the characters had went through The world was fascinating, and the action kept the reading a good pace, even with my coming in late.

  3. Very good urban fantasy, I m surprised that of my friends haven t read this series It uses some interesting mythological elements without trying to throw in the whole kitchen sink The author continues to use the main element of Evie being the Hound, or having the talent of a magically enhanced sense of smell, in interesting ways in this book In other books where a character has this ability it has sometimes been annoying, everyone seems to have certain scents that mean nothing to me and that do [...]

  4. Reviewed by Mona at RexRobotReviewsSoul Hunt by Margaret Ronald is the third book in an Urban Fantasy series about Genevieve Evie Scelan and her adventures and misadventures in and around Boston This book is action packed right from the beginning Evie and her friends tend to find themselves in hot water and hazardous situations throughout the story In a world where paranormal magic is still misunderstood, Evie is still trying to manage her own unique gifts Known to the undercurrent or supernatur [...]

  5. Admittedly, I accidentally came into this series midway through Sometimes ebooks aren t so clear on when a book is a part of a series This did put me at a bit of a disadvantage when it came to getting into the story, as it took a while for Roland to explain or even mention past occurrences That said, once I got into it, I did discover it s not quite my cup of tea The magical part of Boston The Undercurrent is far complex than it needs to be, and, as a Bostonian, it doesn t make sense to me as s [...]

  6. Evie Scelan, aka Hound, has the ability to find things by their magical scent, for reasons that are detailed in book 1 2 and that relate to Irish mythology She makes her living in gritty Boston with this ability and a bike messenger job In this third novel of the series, Evie s in hot water again as events in the previous book seem to have left her magically disabled and in a very fatigued state Bad timing, since she s being threatened on various magical fronts The book is action packed and hits [...]

  7. Soul Hunt is a great conclusion to the Evie Scelan trilogy at least, I think it is a trilogy, it reads like one but I could also see it becoming a longer series While quite a lot of the story has to do with the Wild Hunt unsurprisingly, given the title , much of the main conflict of the story is between Evie and one of her best friends That is one of the elements that sold me on this book Of course, view spoiler Evie and Nate are still working things out, but that is the shape of figuring out a [...]

  8. Evie Scelan still has a penchant for trouble following her and making hasty decisions But really who hasn t I think this might be the final book of Evie Scelan and I am kind of sad to see it go I really enjoyed the celtic mythology that Ronald had used in this book and her own world building Also, I adored the greek mythology in this bad boy and I always enjoy the magic has consequences themes One thing that I really enjoyed about this is that some twists in this story weren t as easy to foresee [...]

  9. This is the third novel in the Evie Scelan series I liked it better than the second one, Wild Hunt The story picks up shortly after the events of the previous book, with Evie severely weakened from a bad bargain with a spirit, as well as with a rather alarming deadline hanging over her Unfortunately, this leaves her prey to those who wish to use her to reinstate a terrible power in Boston Harbor.As in the previous books, I really enjoyed the way Ronald uses the history and folklore of Boston The [...]

  10. This third book in the series has Evie settling into a life that she thinks she can live, and then realizing that if she doesn t change things, she won t get to live it long I had a horrible feeling it might be the urban fantasy version of 6 Months To Live, but it managed to veer away from that.There is a plot involving The Wild Hunt, and what she owes them, and people resisting her, but I thought the metaplot, about what it is to be family, and what it is to make promises, was interesting I th [...]

  11. Genevieve Evie Scelan knows that she s in deep trouble she s given back the horn of the Wild Hunt and now has to pay the price for using it previously Unfortunately, she s not been feeling herself, even to the point of losing her Hound abilities Time is now running out for her survival and she has to find the answers before it s too late Evie s an alluring heroine with a nose for trouble literally She is learning the consequences of her actions and they re not always pretty I think this is a gre [...]

  12. This third book was the hardest to read for me It s than a bit confusing and the characters never seem to be able to finish a coherent sentence unless it consists of less than three words The story never gives an understandable explanation for anything thats going on, especially with the watch that Sarah heads, which was already confusing in the second book but is now beyond comprehension But really it s the fact that no one can seem to finish a sentence without being cut off or interrupted tha [...]

  13. Ms Ronald was a childhood friend, and I like her books for the same reason we bonded back in the day her intelligence and quirky creativity This series is a little dark for my taste, which puts them at about 3.5 stars for me personally I probably won t reread, but I ll continue to pick up and enjoy each new entry.

  14. Full disclosure I m acquainted with the author However, I really enjoy all three of the Evie Scelan books, and I hope that Ronald writes of them The character has grown in interesting and sometimes surprising ways, and I enjoy the Boston within Boston that Ronald has created.

  15. There was a lot happening in this book and the ending was definitely one you could sort of see coming IF you knew anything about the Hunt But you have to know all the history of the Wild Hunt Overall I really enjoyed the book and the series to date I wonder what s in store next

  16. Wasn t my fave in the series for some reason this book dragged and I put it down several times before finishing it Not bad really, just didn t feel a real connection to the story.

  17. i definately liked thos one better than the second in the series but i still feel that some of the writing is unclear i find myself rereading parts to clarify, and still being a little huh

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