Scent of Darkness

Good Books Scent of Darkness published A thousand years ago a brutal warrior roamed the Russian steppes and struck a sinister bargain In return for the ability to change at will into a coldheart

Good Books Scent of Darkness published 2020 A thousand years ago, a brutal warrior roamed the Russian steppes and struck a sinister bargain In return for the ability to change at will into a coldhearted predator, Konstantine promised his soul and the soul of his descendents to the devil.Then one day a dangerous prophecy reveals the truth One family has been chosen to battle the darkness or face damnation.Ann SmithA thousand years ago, a brutal warrior roamed the Russian steppes and struck a sinister bargain In return for the ability to change at will into a coldhearted predator, Konstantine promised his soul and the soul of his descendents to the devil.Then one day a dangerous prophecy reveals the truth One family has been chosen to battle the darkness or face damnation.Ann Smith loves her dynamic boss, Jasha Wilder, but her daring plan to seduce him goes awry when she encounters a powerful wolf who, before her horrified eyes, changes into the man she adores She soon discovers that she can t escape her destiny, for Jasha is Konstantine s descendant, and Ann is the woman fated to break the curse that binds his soul.. The best Ebook Scent of Darkness The story could have been good, if it didn't get all annoying on me. The first chapters were pain and cheese. Horrible. And then we zip to the desperate, and creepy, and sexually frustrated lady who secretly pines for her boss. Yawn. When do we get to the exciting and not disturbing parts? Never. So boss is a werewolf and she happens upon (like it's a coinkidink) him at his secluded phallus house (yes it was compared to a man part), and then she runs all scared into the an evening dress (she was going to seduce the boss...awkward). Anyway boss runs after her in wolf form. Jumps her, licks her. And she gets all turned on. Keep in mind he is a wolf. Nasty right? So he says (he is back in human form), "You are turned on." And she is like, "No! I don't love you." Obviously lying. He says, "Touch me!" She says, "Wha-" Rape much? Then he proceeds to say some irrelevant stuff, "I was always able to smell your arousal (for 3 years, or however long she worked for him...I forget), I can smell when you're on your period (Oh that is just nasty! I think that turns him on. "Mmm period!" Creep), I can smell your cat ("Mmm, snack!")!" This is all going much to fast for me! Did I just miss all the back-story somewhere? Did it fall of the page? The author did not even bother to develop the characters and suddenly these two cardboard cutouts are doing some freaky stuff in the woods. I quickly put down the book after 70 pages.

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  1. The story could have been good, if it didn t get all annoying on me The first chapters were pain and cheese Horrible And then we zip to the desperate, and creepy, and sexually frustrated lady who secretly pines for her boss Yawn When do we get to the exciting and not disturbing parts Never So boss is a werewolf and she happens upon like it s a coinkidink him at his secluded phallus house yes it was compared to a man part , and then she runs all scared into the woods an evening dress she was goin [...]

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  3. WOW, I loved this book Maybe because I wasn t expecting to find such an amazing read due to the reviews it had But I m glad I actually read it, because I ve really enjoyed it.I loved everything about this book I was extremely happy with the world that was created I loved the demons who turned into animals at will and the fact that there was a family totally normal but so different from the rest I was fascinated that even though Jasha s father was one of the Varinski he changed and left everythin [...]

  4. Christine Dodd is a new author for me, and I admit that the only reason I purchased the books in this series was due to the shapeshifting paranormal romance bits.I m such a sucker for cheap thrills I ve been working on my thesis Done by the way so I have desperately needed something to fill in the staring at my monitor and mindless tapping at my keys momentsSo, I filled it with books that are written in 7th grade reading level Over 300 pages in less than a day, my thesis is finished and now I fi [...]

  5. I dont know what to say about this The sexyness was intense but bordering on rape And I couldn t believe the hero s instant whatever you want to call this after ignoring her for so long And her going from desperately trying to fight him off during sex to then a page later entreating him to her come back safely Yeah I m just not buying what this is sellinge final straw for me was their 2nd time being intimate view spoiler his teeth lightly nipped until she gave him what he wanted He had a message [...]

  6. This book was truly outstanding these days, the paranormal has become increasingly common in the romance genre This particular series, the first one, was a truly nice surprise Instead of having the common elements found in paranormals, this one contains a fresh storyline that pushes the boundaries of good and evil Definitely a must read for anyone that desires a storyline that is not predictable, and is full of twists that leaves you panting for .

  7. 3.5 stars so I rounded down because there were issues Good story although the ending fell a little short for me I felt as if Jasha and Ann deserved a succinct HEA The serpent and the rose birthmark explanation seemed a bit weak and I would have liked focus placed on it As it was, it seemed as if it was an afterthought since we didn t find out about until 80% of the book was concluded I think the conclusion, which was the weak link in the story, would have felt authentic if a stronger connecti [...]

  8. I REALLY wanted to like this book But, unfortunately the story just didn t work for me On numerous levels.The main problem i had with the plot, was the fact that we are supposed to believe that Jasha worked with Ann for all that time, and never thought of her as anything other than his assistant, But, have him chase her through the woods in his wolf form, and suddenly she s irresistible And within hours, he has decided she s his mate aided by a few very complicated, very silly supposed signs Spe [...]

  9. although it has a good story line I did not see much growth in the characters I did not like how the virgin in this story acted after she got excatly what she wanted I foud myself interested in the relationship of the father and mother rather than their offspring The ending was also very weak I dont think ive ever had one end so lame Once again the man saves his woman and the day but not really I don t think it came as such a surprise the ending i mean laughable The story built and built withou [...]

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  12. I did enjoy this book but there were a few things that nagged at me First, the positives the style of plot and format reminded me somewhat of Kresley Cole, with a fast paced beginning no mucking about , before a slide into a quieter, get to know the characters stage complete with meet the family scene and some light humour But I still prefer Cole There s well established history and back story here, and unlike Date Me Baby, One More Time, it makes relative sense And I liked the early parts in th [...]

  13. Interesting concept I am happy to know that there are only 4 books in the series, and I wont have to do the typical wait and wait and wait for the new book to come out I really enjoyed it, liked the characters The one main thing that caused me to give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because at times I felt like Jasha was too agressive I mean, don t get me wrong, I love the alpha male, agressive attitude But sometimes I felt like he was crossing the line, or at least dancing extrememly close to it Als [...]

  14. Ho deciso di leggere questa vecchissima serie perch ho bisogno di spazio su dropboxChe razza di obrobrio La storia non sarebbe male,con la faccenda della maledizione, ma proprio sviluppata male.Mi auguro che sia perch stato tagliato il libro di un bel po ,altrimenti sarebbe veramente imbarazzante,visto che la scrittrice famosa nel panorama dei romance storici ed pure amica della Kleypas.Personaggi antipatici, storia della maledizione ripetuta troppo volte,senza spiegazione alcuna, battute tra i [...]

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  16. I m going to start off by saying that I felt like the plot was good and fresh It didn t feel like every other paranormal romance plot out there I will probably keep reading the series just for the plot because it was interesting, even though I kind of gave the book a lame rating.Lets start with the opening chapter shall we The book starts with Ann who is a glorified secretary to Jasha, the owner of a successful wine making company She is driving to his secluded house with plans to seduce him The [...]

  17. Sent of Darkness by Christina DoddAnn smith was absolutely in love with her boss she had worked for him for years and he never seemed to notice her in anything other than a professional capacity She desperately wanted to show him her feminine side So after receiving an important fax regarding his business she took that as a perfect excuse to dive up to his home in Washington and seduce him Once she got to his home she found he was not home and proceeded to make her self at home and get ready to [...]

  18. This book is a DNF for me at this point.Let me explain I think the world building in the first chapter or so set s up what should be an awesome book But then Ann happens And I just can t explain without spoilers view spoiler Ann shows up on the scene because she is in love with her boss She s made an excuse to come to his home I can t blame her for this When she knocks on the door, he doesn t answer, she lets herself in A little creepy but I can get passed that When she goes to his bedroom this [...]

  19. I was excited for this one I had read the blurb, and was looking forward to curling up with a good ole fashioned PNR We ve got an ancient Russian family that can shift into animals because of a centuries old deal with the devil Long lost religious relics And of course, sexy alpha males.Yes please thank you I absolutely want a ride on that crazy train So I finally pull it from the virtual TBR Shelf and settle in to read.That s when it all went downhill.The beginning was weird We popped into the P [...]

  20. Okay another Paranormal Romance Series.This review contains spoilers Very interesting plot you have a very evil man that sells his soul to the devil in exchange for being able to shift into an animal and all his decendents are cursed so here we are a thousand years later with a small family that is related to the evil man and they are fighting to break the curse against the devil They will lose their ability to change into animals Wolf, Panther, etc but save their souls so you have four sons who [...]

  21. LynnMarie s Review This is the first book in the Darkness Chosen series by Christina Dodd With so many paranormal romance books popping up, I had reservations about starting this new series However, I was pleasantly surprised with the author s writing style and the world created.Ann Smith is a character you can t help but adore because she s flawed, realistic, and easy to relate to We join her on her journey as if we re right beside her She considers herself plain and boring, certainly not good [...]

  22. My rating is on the low side of a 3.5I would not recommend this book in audioe narrator is truly awful I stopped about halfway through and picked up the book to read instead, and I have to say I enjoyed it much much I like the mythology behind the series very much, but I was not too fond of the hero and heroine of this particular book I found Jasha to be a littl over the top and Ann to be incredibly whiny and wishy washy Maybe it had something to do with the narrator s portrayal of them because [...]

  23. Scent of Darkness by Christina Dodd definitely puts a new spin on the good vs evil theme Ann Smith is in love with her boss, Jasha Wilder, but he doesn t even know she s alive unless he needs her business savvy or secretarial skills One weekend, Ann decides to take drastic measures, and attempt to seduce Jasha under the pretense of trying to solve a business merger Only what she finds is a very large wolf in the middle of Jasha s living room that slowly morphs into the man she s in love with.Thi [...]

  24. I enjoyed this book I have to admit when I started reading this book, I was what The way ann just went to his house with her stuff, it came of to me as weird, and awkward I skimmed through the rest of her creepiness Then the book got much better Even though I liked Jasha, he could be a bit of jerk, but he also done things to re deem himself I loved his family and the home they lived I loved the concept of the curse To me Ann was not very strong, but towards the end, she changed As long the issue [...]

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