In the Shadow of Midnight

In the Shadow of Midnight Determined to disobey the King rather than marry by decree Ariel de Clare niece to the Marshal of England flees to the safety of Wales accompanied by the bastard son of a nobleman

Determined to disobey the King rather than marry by decree, Ariel de Clare, niece to the Marshal of England, flees to the safety of Wales accompanied by the bastard son of a nobleman.

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In the Shadow of Midnight

  1. Marsha Canham Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the In the Shadow of Midnight book, this is one of the most wanted Marsha Canham author readers around the world.

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  1. I loved the first book in this series I cannot say the same thing about this book The female lead is totally unlikeable It is one thing to be a strong and independent woman It is quite another to be a spoiled, nonsensical, brat I disliked her so much it ruined the book What a waste.

  2. In the Shadow of Midnight takes place in the year 1203, which isn t one of my favorite time frames to read in However, you get Robin Hood like mens involved and then I am good This also takes place about 14 years after Through a Dark Mist Our hero is Eduard, which is the Black Wolf s bastard son and was in TaDM King John, Richard the Lionhearted s brother, has taken over the throne Only there is a horrible rumor that he has killed his own nephew and kidnapped his niece to ensure that there is no [...]

  3. A Great Swashbuckling Romp The author must have been having a gas writing this series Lots of action, witty dialogue LOVED SPARROW , and well written secondary characters A nice take on the Robin Hood legends I know another reviewer or two complained that there were too many characters and not enough romance, but those were complicated times, and this book tries to represent that The author does play a little loose with the historical characters I m pretty sure the two welsh brothers were either [...]

  4. The heroine is rather tough to swallow in the first half, but the story is so good it doesn t suffer.Read a detailed review here.

  5. This was a fantastic fun continuation of THROUGH A DARK MIST then continues with THE LAST ARROW all the characters I loved from the first in Marsha Canham s series the secondary characters are well written and very likable I won t take up anyone s time with a repeat of the specifics, because you can look to MISFITs review as she did it to perfection as usual IMHOI just would like to second what she has said This is definitely much that HR it has so much to offerd it is also so much than HF ca [...]

  6. OK I finished the book and here is what I thought I was not interested in the main characters love lives I mean, like, at all I completely skipped most of their dialog and all of there love scenes just to move the book along I felt like their conversations with each other were so very boring After the half way point when I decided to skip them completely the book picked up it s pace and became very interesting Hence the three star rating.I was very interested in Princess Eleanor and Littlejohn A [...]

  7. Marsha Canham is a hit or miss author for me when I love her books I really love them, but she is as likely to write a book that annoys me as one I adore.This book is spoiled by its shallow, spoiled, immature, idiotic heroine I can t say I loved the hero, who was too bland to have personality than a doorknob, but at least he didn t actively annoy me.

  8. Eduard FitzRandwulf d Amboise finds a trespasser playing with swords in his father s armory A half naked trespasser with green eyes and long, red hair So, what is a man to do upon stumbling onto a beautiful, half naked stranger He grabs her and teases herUntil she reveals her identity She s her father s guest s niece She s the niece of William, the Marshall of England.Then she runs away without giving Eduard a chance to apologize And since she s William the Marshall s niece, Eduard is probably a [...]

  9. Great 2nd in a Superb Trilogy of Medieval RomancesMarsha Canham has delivered an amazing set of medieval romances with her Robin Hood trilogy, wonderful tales of knights and their ladies All are set in the time of Richard the Lion Heart and his brother and successor to the throne of England, King John the 13th century England All are rich in historical detail, lots of action and love stories that will tear at your heart THROUGH A DARK MIST was the first and told the story of the Black Wolf of Li [...]

  10. Absolutely love this story This is the second in the series and not only enhances the first, but exceeded it with depth and page turning adventure The characters in this book were so faceted and cultivated throughout the story they seemed palpable Eduard is an amazing character love him I feel like through book 1 and 2 I could visually watch him develop into this glorious image that make Marsha Canham s books so addictive Ariel complimented him perfectly, matching him in will and passion, challe [...]

  11. In the Shadow of Midnight is another great book by Marsha Canham Book 2 in the Robin Hood series takes place about 14 years after the first one left off It follows the story of Eduard, who has become a fearsome knight in his own right King John has kidnapped Princess Eleanor of Brittany, who is the rightful ruler of England Eduard, along with other knights sneak into England under the disguise of a wedding party They are supposed to be delivering Ariel, the niece of one of the Black Wolf s allie [...]

  12. This is set some years after the events of Through a Dark Mist Lucien and Servanne are now married and have children of their own and Eduard has grown up and established himself as a fine and noble knight in his own right This time around, Eduard is the hero of the story and he has been charged with rescuing Eleanor, the Lost Princess of Brittany from the clutches of King John They use the excuse of escorting Lady Ariel de Clare to her wedding as a cover.Once again this was a fine historical rom [...]

  13. In the Shadow of Midnight by Marsha CanhamYou gotta love a woman that can swing a sword The description of the book I am listing below is from the back jacket of the book I m adding it because I believe the one on the page does not depict this story IGNITED BY A TREASONOUS PLOT,A PASSION DEFYING A KING S COMMANDNiece to the powerful Marshal of England, Lady Ariel de Clare was as skilled with the broadsword as any knight a fierce, headstrong beauty determined to disobey the King himself rather th [...]

  14. Stick with the book It s a good read Eduard is a good, slightly brooding leader A lot like his dad While he should have been thoroughly haunted by his early years and could have become an angry adult, he has instead become a honorable, stronger although emotionally guarded knight Ariel is spoiled and thoroughly unlikable in the beginning Her pretentious attitude was infuriating and classist Which is closer to the truth in that time than modern minds want to admit The rescue plan for Eleanor was [...]

  15. This is the second in what is known as the Robin Hood trilogy even though there is no Robin Hood It takes up with the son of the hero in the first story In my opinion, Marsha Canham is one of the best historical fiction writers I have ever read Her writing grips you from the beginning and doesn t let go And this story is no different My only problem with this story is that the heroine is quite annoying, and it s hard to like her at the beginning of the story But as the story progresses, and her [...]

  16. The second in Marsha Canham s trilogy, in which she takes the mythology and historical story of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest and creates a magical story from her own take on the characters I loved the fact that the characters from the first book made appearances in the second book Marsha has created beautifully well rounded characters whom you will fall in love with and seeing them in the second book was like seeing much loved friends.The story is exciting and entertaining although once again, [...]

  17. WOWwhat a JOURNEY Mystery, romance, battlesFound it hard to breathe a time or three WowOkay, caught my breathARIEL made me nuts for the first half of this book At one point Eduard asks her if she feels the need to measure herself against EVERY man she meets.It shocked herbut that s what she had been doing And NONE ever came close to her own valueexcept for her brother and her uncle NONE could ever measure up.It was nice seeing her knocked off balance, although I probably would have given her a s [...]

  18. Another fun bonkfest with a quickly moving plot and lots of interesting characters There is a lot of great detail about jousting and the life of knights and the nobility in the middle ages The downside again is a lack of Robin Hood or the elements of the legend that make Robin Hood for me such as living in Sherwood Forest not a castle etc etc which I kept waiting to appear in the text and which became a little distracting from just reading the story that was in front of me A lot of the action ta [...]

  19. Would have given this 4 stars, since I loved this whole trilogy and the plot was great All the other characters were fantastic as well, but I could not get over my deep hatred of the heroine I wanted to wring her neck This author usually writes strong but likeable heroines Servanne and Brenna for example but Ariel was truly one of the most whiney entitled characters I ve ever read When I reread this trilogy I usually only read books 1 and 3, despite my love of Edward and Young Robin in book 2.

  20. I m not sure how it happened that I read this book, the second in the Robin Hood series, without having read the first, as I always like to read a series of books in sequence.I really enjoyed the Marsha Canham Highlander series and think this is why I would have chosen to read this series and I am so pleased that I did, because I really really enjoyed it I am looking forward to reading the remaining 3 books of the series.All of the characters were indeed likeable and I always think its a sign of [...]

  21. Wonderful story If you have never read a Marsha Canham book, you are missing out on a truly talented writer who can weave such a mesmerizing tale This book is the second story in her Robin Hood series The reader is taken into the thirteenth century as the story comes alive with the sights, sounds and the smells of the time.

  22. I was glad to finally meet a character named Robin in the Robin Hood series, as he was noticeably absent from book 1 This is a great story, although I am not sure how much of the background is accurate If it is, then I can definitely see why King John was such a hated man Looking forward to the next book.

  23. I don t fully remember all of this book as it s been a while since I read it, but I can say I know it was great Every single thing Marsha Canham writes is brilliant I love it all All her books are well researched, intelligent, realistic, action y, romantic There is real depth to her characters and villains That includes the supporting characters.

  24. It took me a tad longer to fully get into this onebut after about a quarter of the book, I enjoyed it fully as much as the first It streams right into the third I couldn t stop Love Marshaher writing is superb.

  25. Another great story in this series Whereas in some trilogies the characters tend to be the same people with different names in each installment I did not find this to be the case here It was a fun story and I will be reading the last book in this series.

  26. Ok but not as good as the first book of the series The set up was a little slow and I didn t feel as involved with the love story as I did with the first book I m hoping I like Robin and Marianne s story better.

  27. This book I give 4 1 2 stars The second in the series and even better than the first The Robin Hood characters were introduced in fun ways and looking forward to reading that story next The story moved quickly, it had suspense, love, humor and some shocking surprises.

  28. A fun medieval romp, taking liberty with the Robin Hood story, but there are some great characters and ideas in here.

  29. Book 2 in the Robin Hood esque series Excellent read Continue to book 3, The Last Arrow.

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