Who Stole Noddy's Car?: Activity Book

Who Stole Noddy s Car Activity Book None


  • [PDF] Read ☆ Who Stole Noddy's Car?: Activity Book : by Enid Blyton
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  1. Enid Mary Blyton 1897 1968 was an English author of children s books.Born in South London, Blyton was the eldest of three children, and showed an early interest in music and reading She was educated at St Christopher s School, Beckenham, and having decided not to pursue her music at Ipswich High School, where she trained as a kindergarten teacher She taught for five years before her 1924 marriage to editor Hugh Pollock, with whom she had two daughters This marriage ended in divorce, and Blyton remarried in 1943, to surgeon Kenneth Fraser Darrell Waters She died in 1968, one year after her second husband.Blyton was a prolific author of children s books, who penned an estimated 800 books over about 40 years Her stories were often either children s adventure and mystery stories, or fantasies involving magic Notable series include The Famous Five, The Secret Seven, The Five Find Outers, Noddy, The Wishing Chair, Mallory Towers, and St Clare s.According to the Index Translationum, Blyton was the fifth most popular author in the world in 2007, coming after Lenin but ahead of Shakespeare.See also her pen name Mary Pollock

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