The Persian Cinderella

The Persian Cinderella A luminescent interpretation Meticulously researched illustrations faithfully depict the ornate beauty of an ancient land Kirkus Reviews In this jewel like version of a classic story popular folklori

A luminescent interpretation Meticulously researched illustrations faithfully depict the ornate beauty of an ancient land Kirkus Reviews.In this jewel like version of a classic story, popular folklorist Shirley Climo tells the tale of Settareh, the Persian Cinderella.Magic enables Settareh to outsmart two jealous stepsisters and win the heart of a prince But where mo A luminescent interpretation Meticulously researched illustrations faithfully depict the ornate beauty of an ancient land Kirkus Reviews.In this jewel like version of a classic story, popular folklorist Shirley Climo tells the tale of Settareh, the Persian Cinderella.Magic enables Settareh to outsmart two jealous stepsisters and win the heart of a prince But where most Cinderella stories end, poor Sattareh s troubles are only beginning The unexpected plot twists will enchant readers as they rediscover the familiar tale in the lush setting of long ago Persia.Shirley Climo s authentic details bring the story to life, and Robert Florczak s stunning paintings echo the vibrant colors and motifs of an ancient land.

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The Persian Cinderella

  1. Children s book author Ms Climo and her husband live in northern California.

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  1. OMG I can t believe I found this book Okay, so I am Persian and I read this book at a fairytale summer camp and the teacher said she was gonna red it to us an I was like oh I m Persian I m Persian and she had me say all the names like Setarre this was the Cinderella and her name means Star I remember how after we read it, all the other kids had me translate stuff like how do u say hi an the answer to that answer is Salam by the way sigh good days good days

  2. While recognizable as a Cinderella retelling, I really liked a lot of the different aspects that are not usually seen in Cinderella stories The blue jug pari and the diamond anklet instead of a glass shoe , etc Not mentioning the setting, the clothing, and the customs, which led to a nice twist on the traditional ball I thought Mehrdad s decision to marry Settareh was a sudden one, but this was off set by the fact that it always is Additionally, we get to see that Mehrdad really loves Settareh b [...]

  3. a light retelling of a fairy tale With some motifs atypical of Cinderella tales though familiar if you know a lot of fairy talesGood illustrations.

  4. I recently read this author s Cinderella books from Egypt and Korea, and I read them because they re illustrated by Ruth Heller But I read I think thanks to friend Chandra that the illustrations in this version are even better so I decided to give this book a try Even though I haven t been in a fairy tale mood I did enjoy the other two books, and enjoyed the variations on the Cinderella story and the notes in the back that show its presence in various cultures The illustrations in this book are [...]

  5. My school librarians helped me locate this book amongst the folktale and fairytale section in our school library This story is one of hundreds of stories from the volume of The Arabian Nights The protagonist in the story, Setterah, which means star, has a star shaped birthmark on her cheek for which she is teased by her stepsisters However, it is by her birthmark that the prince recognizes that she is his heaven sent bride There are many elements of Persian culture infused in this story from the [...]

  6. The book is about a Persian Cinderella who also lives with evils stepsisters and an evil stepmother The Persian princess is named Settareh and her name means star because she has a scar on her cheek that looks like a star Settareh is invited to go to the Princes ball and her father comes and gives her some money to buy some new clothes Settareh gets easily distracted and spends all her money and does not buy any new clothes However Settareh did buy this blue jug and somehow it is magical and gra [...]

  7. A truly amazing version of Cinderella It all starts out with a girl named Sattereh who lives in a big house with many women Sattereh was the sweetest out of all the women, but the most mistreated When out in the village looking for something to wear to the prince s ball, Sattereh finds an ornate ceramic pot that she decided was too good to pass up She used her money to buy the pot instead of something to wear to the ball To her surprise, the pot grants wishes On the night of the ball the pot gra [...]

  8. Author Shirley ClimoReading Level 5th GradeSettareh is a young woman who lives with her stepmother, 2 stepsisters, her father, three aunts and four female cousins Settareh is ignored by everyone and is not given much to eat and has little clothes to wear Her stepsisters envy her beauty, and make fun of the star she has in her cheek Settareh is given money to buy clothes She spends it on food, a blue jar and gives some away to an old woman This blue jar is magical, it grants wishes Settareh goes [...]

  9. This book is a spin off of the original Cinderella story with a twist It s about a girl named Settareh a Persian Cinderella who also had a step mother and two evil stepsisters that didn t want her to go with them to the Royal New Year s celebration Settareh stumbles up on an old blue magical mug that allows he to attend the New Years Party but when her evil stepsisters find out that Settareh and the prince hit it off, they steal her magical mug and put a spell on Settareh turning her into a dove [...]

  10. The Persian Cinderella by Shirley Climo 2011 Genre Traditional literatureFormat BookPlot summary A retelling of the traditional Persian tale in which Settareh, neglected and abused by her stepmother and stepsisters, finds her life transformed with the help of a little blue jug.Considerations or precautions for readers advisory strong language, sex, death, religious overtones, violence, etc No special considerationsReview citation if available Section source used to find the material NoveList Gra [...]

  11. 3.5 starsA welcome variant of the classic fairytale, based on a tale in the Arabian Nights The fairy godmother is a pari, a fairy The evil stepsisters try to kill Settareh It is an anklet instead of a slipper The Prince could have been a whole lot pro active, but at least he proved his love for Settareh The dad might as well have been non existent for all the import he has to the story.

  12. This was a new Cinderella retelling for me I like how it stayed true to Persian culture The artwork was lovely I was worried it would have a sad ending for a short time, but was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out The little blue jug reminded me of Aladdin s lamp.

  13. A picture book retelling of The Ankle which is adapted from Stories from the Arabian Nights Instead of a fairy godmother, there is a pari a fairy that is unique to Persian mythology Florczak s lush illustrations capture the ancient Persian setting A beautiful addition to Climo s multicultural Cinderella series.

  14. I liked the way this version used a blue jug to help Settareh get her prince Her stepsisters thought that the blue jug she bought was bad luck It turned out that the jug granted whatever wish she wanted and ultimately led her to her prince I would definitely use this book in a pre k to 5 grade class.

  15. I read this to my nieces when I was babysitting them and trying to get them to go to sleep What beautiful art.

  16. Summary This story is about a young maiden name Settareh, which means Star in Persian, who lost her mother when she was born Settareh lived with her stepmother, two stepsisters, and many close female relatives in the women part of the house Her father worked in the man s world meaning he barely came to see them.No one paid attention to Settareh, in fact they could care less that they would give her scrap of food Her stepsisters made fun of her, because she had a birthmark on her right check shap [...]

  17. Plot summary and personal response The story follows Settareh, a beautiful young Persian woman, whose mother died when she was an infant and whose father is busy in the world of men Her time is spent amongst her stepmother, step sisters, aunts, and female cousins, who are unkind to her Settareh is hungry and lonely until she purchases a small cracked jug which, she is surprised to learn contains a pari a fairy of Persian legend She wishes for food and warm clothes and a friend a dove to keep her [...]

  18. The Persian Cinderella tells the story of a lonely but beautiful maiden, Settareh Settareh s mother passed away at her birth and Settareh now lives an almost neglected life with her stepmother, stepsisters, aunts, and cousins Because of her beauty, Settareh is made an outcast amongst her family until one day while at the town bazzar she buys a little blue jug This jug brings Settareh anything she wishes for, even a diamond studded anklet One evening when out in the town Settareh s anklet falls o [...]

  19. Summary The Persian Cinderella, is a wonderful book It is a story about a girl in Persia who does have a father, however, she lives on the female side of the house with many relatives This is something they do in the middle east Her name is Settareh, which means star because she has a star birthmark on her face She is given money to get ready for a party with the prince however, Settareh doesn t buy fabric to look pretty like everyone else does She buy s food for someone who is hungary and then [...]

  20. This is a Cinderella tale about a maiden named Settareh which meant Star She lived with her step mother, two step sisters, three aunts, and four female cousins after her mother died and rarely saw her dad as he was so busy She had to wear her step sisters old clothing and eat their leftovers She grew beautiful each and everyday which made her step sisters very jealous Her dad gives all his daughters a gold coin to buy clothes one day so they would have something nice to wear to the princes fest [...]

  21. Hey look, another Cinderella tale NO WAY.Okay, now that the sarcasm is out of the way Shirley Climo seems to have made a study of Cinderella tales she also authored one of my childhood favorites, The Egyptian Cinderella The artwork by Mr Florczak is delightful, you can really tell he did his homework and also had great models for the characters First off Our heroine doesn t lose a shoe She, Settareh, loses a diamond anklet Also, her name comes from a birthmark in the shape of a star on her cheek [...]

  22. A young maiden by the name of Settareh purchases an enchanted little blue jug that grants her an unlimited amount of wishes One of Settareh wishes leads her into an engagement with the prince of the land, but soon her faith is ruined when the little blue jug falls into the hands of her two evil stepsisters Robert Florczak brings in the essence of Persia and Iran with his beautiful drawings of the setting and the characters in the story This book reminds me a lot like the Cinderella movie that wa [...]

  23. Summary This book is about a girl named Star Star has a star shaped birth mark on her cheek He mother died after childbirth and Star now lives in the Women s quarters with her numerous aunts, female cousins, stepmother, and two stepsisters Star is largely ignored by everyone and gets only hand me downs and leftovers One year Stars father gives her some money to buy some clothes for a New Years Party at the Palace Star spends her money instead on some food to eat, an old beggar woman, and a prett [...]

  24. You think Cinderella had it bad Settareh has not only a stepmother and two stepsisters whom do not like her, but also three aunts and four female cousins as well Discover something new in this Persian tale where Settareh finds not just magic and a friend, but true love.This book made me feel happy I love happy endings and I like that Settareh s fianc really loved her and would have no one else even when he thinks Settareh is gone and not returning In the European Cinderella adaptations from the [...]

  25. The Persian Cinderella is a traditional Cinderella story wound into the Persian culture Settareh s mother dies when she is young, and she is forced to grow up in a palace, without much contact from her father Her aunts and cousins don t care for her, and always make fun of her When Settareh is given money to buy material to make a dress to attend No Ruz New Year , she spends her money on a pot, which turns out to have a pari inside which grants her wishes Settareh goes to No Ruz and drops one of [...]

  26. Settareh s father gives her and her stepsisters and stepmother each a gold coin to buy cloth to make dresses for the Prince s New Year s parties at the Royal Palace Instead of getting fabric,Settareh gives most of her money to a beggar and spends her last coins on a cracked jug She discovers the pot is inhabited by a pari that is able to grant her wishes The pari, of course, dresses her in the finest gown and she has a wonderful time at the palace, making eye contact with the prince one time In [...]

  27. We recently read The Korean Cinderella and The Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo and Ruth Heller and after reading some of the reviews, I realized there was a third version of the tale by this author This version was illustrated by Robert Florczak, so it had a slightly different feel to it This was an entertaining version of the classic tale The narrative is interesting and incorporates Persian culture in the fifteenth century The illustrations are colorful and detailed and complement the sto [...]

  28. In this beautiful illustrated Persian version of Cinderella, Shirley Climo tells the story beautifully and enchanting as she uses many similes to describe the beauty this maiden has Although the plot is similar, this story has a few different elements to it As Settareh was given money from her father to buy clothes for this party, she decided to use the money for food, helping a homeless woman and a magical blue jug that she didn t know was magical She kindly asked her magical jug to give her cl [...]

  29. The Persian Cinderella has about the same story line as the traditional Cinderella story However, this was taken place in the fifteenth century and Cinderella s name is Settareh or Star Star is beautiful and is neglected by her aunts and cousins She has two step sisters who dislike her and maker her life miserable Instead of Start having a fairy godmother she has a blue jug, which is like a genie in a bottle Her step sisters find out about it as well as her going to the royal New Year s celebrat [...]

  30. The Persian Cinderella is a folklore book for ages 5 and up The story is about a young girl named Settareh who is teased and treated badly by her step mother and step sisters This is the Persian retell of the traditional Cinderella story I rated this book a two because although it is a folklore that would amaze children of another world with different customs and traditions, it is a bit lengthy I would be surprised to see if my class would sit through me reading the whole book because after a wh [...]

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