The Sycamore Tree

The Sycamore Tree None


  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Sycamore Tree : by Marion Havighurst
    418 Marion Havighurst
The Sycamore Tree

  1. Also published under name Marion Boyd

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  1. A historical novel taking place during World War II The beginning was written in such a jumbled mess, with the author jumping from one character to another I almost gave up on this book, but stuck with it It definitely improved as it went on I appreciated the historical value of this book, but other than that, I did not necessarily enjoy ANY of the many, many, many characters This book could definitely been written with fewer characters and with characters whose names were not so similar to each [...]

  2. i just reread this book after about 20 years or so i still like it just not as much and see why i liked it when i was a teenager so i am taking it down from 5 to 4 stars, although maybe it should be 3 i like historical novels.

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