The Wrath of Khan: Movie Tie-in Novelization

The Wrath of Khan Movie Tie in Novelization Prepare yourself for warp excitement The Galaxy s ultimate future is in the hands of James Kirk Mr Spock and the indomitable crew of the Enterprise The Galaxy s ultimate weapon is in the hands of

Prepare yourself for warp 10 excitement The Galaxy s ultimate future is in the hands of James Kirk, Mr Spock, and the indomitable crew of the Enterprise The Galaxy s ultimate weapon is in the hands of the evil Khan and his followers A battle that will shake the universe cannot be avoidedAnd the ultimate adventure is about to begin

  • [PDF] Unlimited Í The Wrath of Khan: Movie Tie-in Novelization : by Vonda N. McIntyre
    485 Vonda N. McIntyre
The Wrath of Khan: Movie Tie-in Novelization

  1. Vonda Neel McIntyre is a U.S science fiction author She is one of the first successful graduates of the Clarion Science fiction writers workshop She attended the workshop in 1970 By 1973 she had won her first Nebula Award, for the novelette Of Mist, and Grass and Sand This later became part of the novel Dreamsnake, which won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards The novelette and novel both concern a female healer in a desolate primitivized venue McIntyre s debut novel was The Exile Waiting which was published in 1975 Her novel Dreamsnake won the Nebula Award and Hugo Award for best novel in 1978 and her novel The Moon and the Sun won the Nebula in 1997 She has also written a number of Star Trek and Star Wars novels, including Enterprise The First Adventure and The Entropy Effect She wrote the novelizations of the films Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek III The Search for Spock, and Star Trek IV The Voyage Home.

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  1. This actually makes the movie understandable, and it s so good This and the first movie novelization are probably good places to start reading if you re not familiar with tos characters.

  2. SF legend Vonda McIntyre takes a few liberties, makes a few enhancementsd creates a novelization of the film that transforms the best Star Trek film into a story filled with even MORE violent, terrifying, and breathtaking moments It s also a book that expands on Saavik with astonishing success You can read and re read this novelization and never once feel bored.

  3. 4 Stars Really 3.5 but worth the round up The Gush It s really simply THIS EXPLAINS THE MOVIE All the places that made no sense All the things that lowered my appreciation of the movie because it made no sense Don t get me wrong, this is one of my all time favorite movies in the Star Trek universe, but parts just made me mad Now, I understand what they were trying to say but either cut a key scene or wanted you to read between the lines but you were just never sure Example Saavik and David s rel [...]

  4. This review applies equally to Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek III The Search for Spock, and Star Trek IV The Voyage Home In a move that if I remember correctly was rather unusual for the time, the Star Trek franchise created three films that were direct sequels each stands alone as its own story, but they also comprise three parts of one overarching story, with all the events taking place over the course of just a few months.In a wonderful turn of events, author Vonda N McIntyre handl [...]

  5. I can honestly say that I can t remember a time when I didn t know what Star Trek was, which is due to this movie Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan One of my most vivid memories when I was little was watching this movie with my dad This book really did the film justice, and I couldn t help but getting completely wrapped up in this story The best books have you laughing and crying, and I did both reading this book.

  6. The movie Wrath of Khan has been ruined forever All hail the Wrath of Khan book Let me explain, because Vonda McIntyre owned this.For father s day, I do not require much Give me a hot meal, a warm cuddle, and a chilly blanket covered viewing of StarTrek The Wrath of Khan Family time at it s best Unfortunately, this year my children are of an age where this movie would cause undue stress Earworms, explosions, blind revenge and blood really dont jive too well with toddlers, so it is on pause for a [...]

  7. I went through a super intense Original Star Trek mania for exactly one summer After that I got into The Next Generation and never looked back But during that summer I picked up this book in my Grandmother s library and read the entire thing in one evening in her air conditioned kitchen in southern Alabama And burst into tears Twice Anybody who s read the book will know which two scenes did it, for everybody else, I ain t telling, go read the book I can count on one hand the books that ve made m [...]

  8. A Quickie ReviewI used to read Star Trek books and watch the accompanying films fairly oftenbut that was a long time ago Despite its popularity, The Wrath of Khan was one movie I just couldn t seem to get intod the book was the same way I had trouble understanding a lot of it, though it seemed to be well written Trekkies will definitely love this book everyone else shouldn t bother.Content Concerns This is based on a movie that pretty much everyone has already seen or doesn t want to see, so, al [...]

  9. I actually read this novelization BEFORE seeing the movie back in the 80 s, so I went into it fresh and without preconceptions What remains memorable 30 years later is the point in the story when the Reliant and Enterprise play cat and mouse within the Mutara Nubulae Kirk orders the helm to Z minus 10,000 meters Kirk is described as wanting to say, Dive, Dive as a submarine commander would have done Not brilliant writing to be sure, and even as a 12 year old I thought hmm really

  10. This is one of the best Star Trek Movies, as many will agree, and this book actually does the film credit It expands on things not shown onscreen adds characters and deepens existing material very well and is generally an extremely well written, atmospherically tight and character driven story One of the best novel versions of screen events I have come across.

  11. I m a bit ashamed to put this on my list and even ashamed to say that I really love this book II is my favorite of the Trek movies and there is much development here of the minor characters, especially some of the red shirts Am I a geek Ya, sure, you betcha.

  12. This was a great read if you like the movie I think it might be a bit difficult to understand if you are completely unfamiliar with Star Trek however Not a long read about 180 pages.The book follows the plot of the movie and, as you would expect, it adds information and detail in addition to fleshing out the characters and situations I particularly enjoyed the additional information about Khan and his people their relationship with one another and how time on Ceti Alpha V has taken its toll on [...]

  13. How could I say anything bad This is the first Star Trek novel I have read despite having seen all of the films and some of the TV series and I have to say that I love the story in writing as much as on a screen.

  14. I loved the movie and I found the book to be that much better, it filled in a lot of gaps that were probably cut for time from the movie.

  15. enjoyable to read straightforward plotting without constant retrospectives and realistic, fun interactions between the characters

  16. I m in two minds about this book I want to give it two stars and I want to give it four I ll keep it at three There are some great things in this book, like Saavik, who gets fleshed out here to good effect There are also things here that drive me insane Now I know that scripts probably changed while McIntyre wrote this, but every time I read the words Alpha Ceti V or Regulus 1 it drove me crazy A problem I have, and its my problem not the books, is that I know the movie too well The Wrath of Kha [...]

  17. Das Buch zum zweiten StarTrek Kinofilm von 1981.W hrend es sich stellenweise wie ein Wortprotokoll des Films liest, sind einige Szenen enthalten, die ber den Film Plot hinausgehen So erhalten der Maschinenraum Kadett Peter Preston und Spocks Proteg Saavik jeweils mehr biografischen Hintergrund und eine eigene Nebenhandlung Ob diese zus tzlichen bzw verl ngerten Szenen dem urspr nglichen Filmdrehbuch entstammen oder der k nstlerischen Freiheit von Vonda N McIntyre geschuldet sind, wei ich nicht.I [...]

  18. Seen the movie a number of times but never read the book until now So much omitted that would have added even substance to an outstanding film The author provided substance to the Saavik character which enabled a deeper understanding of her behavior Kirsti Alley was really not the best casting choice Robin Curtis, while she portrayed the character skillfully than Alley, still did not do her justice in the future films I digress.One problem I found was the transposition of the name of the plan [...]

  19. I had a strange urge to read some Star Trek books, and decided to start with Wrath of Khan The novelization was written before the movie s screenplay was finalized so the dialogue isn t quite as snappy and there are a number of extra scenes that are hinted at, but not depicted in the film The book, however, is still a cracking read Saavik is a much, MUCH, complex character as portrayed in the novel We learn her back story she s half Romulan and her daily struggles with emotional outbreaks Khan [...]

  20. In all honesty, Wrath of Khan isn t even my favorite of the original Star Trek movies it might be third or fourth While reading reviews for this novel, I was excited by some that stated it made the movie even better Great, I thought maybe the book will make me like the movie better Unfortunately, in the case of Wrath of Khan, I think I enjoyed the movie .At times the liberties taken by McIntyre do enhance the plot and flesh out the characters Saavik is engaging on the page than on screen The h [...]

  21. What can you say, a novelisation of the greatest Star Trek movie ever to grace the silver screen can not go wrong and it didn t In fact you can easily argue the book is better than the movie thanks to the extra depth and characterization given to elements that where not seen, were truncated or never even existed in the script The look at the science team developing Genesis adding so much to their deaths than we got out of the movie and an interesting take on Joachim and a little extra for Savvi [...]

  22. To be read after The Eugenics Wars, Space Seed, and Star Trek The Motion Picture Fifteen years after Kirk s Enterprise stumbled upon Khan Noonien Singh and his supermen entombed in the S.S Botany Bay then relegated them to create a new society on the paradise of Alpha Ceti V, Terrell s the USS Reliant with Chekov aboard surveys the Alpha Ceti System in hopes of finding a lifeless planet to use in conjunction with the top secret Genesis Project When the Genesis Project is stolen, Admiral Kirk is [...]

  23. I really enjoyed this book The Wrath of Khan definitely deserves to be called the best Star Trek story The whole story is very good, and they have a kick ass, ruthless villain References to classic literature were pretty cool view spoiler The ending was best part of the book It was great to read about Spock s feelings before he sacrifices himself Something which movie couldn t show Also, his argument about his sacrifice being logical, was so awesome hide spoiler Mr Spock s observations on human [...]

  24. I read three of the Star Trek movie novelizations out of order first Voyage Home, then Search for Spock, now Wrath of Khan This is definitely my least favorite of the three There is a lot of stuff not in the movie, mostly about Saavik and David, who I don t care about, and exactly how Khan tortured the Genesis staff, which I really really did not want to read about I do not think I ll be seeking out the first Star Trek movie novelization.One note I ve heard that when Spock touches Dr McCoy and s [...]

  25. Quite an entertaining read, though I had than a little trouble focusing on the book instead of visualizing the movie I did enjoy seeing the author flesh out the movie s characters, though I especially enjoyed her use of Joachim limiting the viewpoint of Khan s followers to Joachim alone was a masterful decision that put Khan s ever encroaching madness into perspective.I also enjoyed her exploration of Saavik s history and Romulan heritage, even though these aspects were never addressed in the m [...]

  26. It s tough to review novelizations fairly Do I give it credit because I liked the film Or less because so much of the story is collaborative I sort of have to imagine a world with similar but slightly skewed events A world where Peter Preston is FOURTEEN with a crush on Saavik who s back story was very greatly appreciated It s a tale where the single line of Captain Terrell s dialouge Khan went wild, he he slit their throats has expanded into pages of back story for the flawed but brave scienti [...]

  27. There was so much detail in this book than in the movie that they may as well have been different stories Nevertheless, both the book and the movie are a couple of my absolute favorites.Unlike most of the other Star Trek movies and novels, The Wrath of Khan, The Search for Spock, and The Voyage Home must be read watched consecutively.

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