The World is Round

The World is Round An alternate cover edition for ISBN can be seen here The World is Round Based on the imagined adventures of a young neighbor in the French farming community of Bilignin this book tells

An alternate cover edition for ISBN 9781569579053 can be seen here The World is Round Based on the imagined adventures of a young neighbor in the French farming community of Bilignin, this book tells the story of Rose, a little girl determined to find her place in the world.

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The World is Round

  1. Gertrude Stein was an American writer who spent most of her life in France, and who became a catalyst in the development of modern art and literature Her life was marked by two primary relationships, the first with her brother Leo Stein, from 1874 1914, and the second with Alice B Toklas, from 1907 until Stein s death in 1946 Stein shared her salon at 27 rue de Fleurus, Paris, first with Leo and then with Alice Throughout her lifetime, Stein cultivated significant tertiary relationships with well known members of the avant garde artistic and literary world of her time.

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  1. A long time ago, back when I was in college, I had a rather strange professor for Modern American Literature When we started on Gertrude Stein s work, rather than require us to write a reading response, he asked us to write a haiku Specifically about how Stein s work made us feel You can guarantee that every single haiku turned in had something to do with how incomprehensible Tender Buttons was However, I will never forget one student s haiku.I didn t know him very well, other than that he was m [...]

  2. Well, Gertrude Stein wrote a children s book Don t bother about the commas which aren t there, read the words Don t worry about the sense that is there, read the words If you have any trouble, read faster and faster until you don t.

  3. I ve tried to read other works by Gertrude Stein, but have found them un engaging And then there s this book It s probably one of my favorite three or four books of all time.It s really not like anything else Stein ever wrote and to file it under children s literature is unfair, because there s just as much here probably for adults than there is for kids I ll let you draw your own conclusions, but as other reviewers have said, it s about self determination, finding your place in the world, fulf [...]

  4. I am glad that I didn t read this book as a child, because I m not sure if I would have enjoyed it as much The writing is incredibly beautiful I think we all have a Rose in us, who is trying to go somewhere, but when we reach there, we realize that there is not there.

  5. Gertrude Stein gilt als die Mutter der verlorenen Generation und war schon zu ihrer Zeit eine Kultfigur In ihrem Salon gaben sich Hemingway, Matisse, Picasso, Man Ray, Scott Fitzgerald, Thomas Eliot und viele andere die Klinke in die Hand Was f r eine spannende, kreative Zeit muss das damals in Paris gewesen sein und wie gern h tte ich mal M uschen gespielt bei den Gespr chen in denen Stein Hemingway dazu brachte, seine Reportert tigkeit aufzugeben und Schriftsteller zu werden oder bei den endlo [...]

  6. NO you cannot put this book down and just walk away Ever wonder who you are Who am I This book should open your eyes Not a hard read but a fun, easy read to make you think a bit First published in 1939 So, now you know it is not a NEW book but a refreshed book that is, I think made for children AND adults This book is just over 100 pages, kinda like a fill in between the serious books that you read You will get to know Rose, Willie and Billie BUT ROSE IS A ROSE AND yes, got this book free from a [...]

  7. Books in Search of Children reports from children 12 yo boy relaxing another the use of words has you laughing till your sides ache another much human than most books 13 yo girl I think Rose and Willie are wonderful I like people who really feel things inside, and adore the way they express themselves in their wonderful songs another 13 yo girl the story is simple and dreamy You can forget yourself and live in a separate world while you are reading it younger child I love the new style writing [...]

  8. an amazing book that is part children s story, part existential journey Rose is on a quest to discover if she would still be Rose if she had a different name Wonderful illustrations and a great sing song writing style by Gertrude Stein Rose was her name and would she have been Rose if her name had not been Rose She used to think and then she used to think again.Would she have been Rose if her name had not been Rose and would she have been Rose if she had been a twin.Rose was her name all the sam [...]

  9. a rose is a rose is a rose Gertrude Stein loved to say and to use this This fascinating little book written by Gertrude Stein and illustrated by Clement Hurd is a beautiful looking book, printed in rose colored pages and blue lettering Meant as a children book, I found the book is better as a collectors item An item of an era, and the example of a daring and innovative author One cannot escape the modernist feeling of this book I almost want to rip its pages out and frame them.The actual story h [...]

  10. Having just finished reading Antoine De Saint Exupery s The Little Prince , I found myself reading yet another story for both children and adults that approaches a wonder filled child and their search for who they are or where they belong A Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a popular Stein ism that finds itself encircling a trunk when Rose, the main character, becomes slightly overwhelmed by her journey up a mountain Not to be cryptic, but I certainly found this trek up a mountain to also be [...]

  11. A compilation of poetry layered with angular minimalist pink and blue world makes this book a visually appealing abstract exploration Gertrude Stein has a mind of note as well, and I was surprised to find that she had written a children s book I think the elements of this book expose kids to the specificity and meticulousness poetry and prose can embody, and I would use this book to explore the world she created The format varies from paragraph to short quips It resembles a folk tale in it s gen [...]

  12. I love Gertrude Stein I learned to write from reading Virginia Woolf and Gertrude Stein, so there is a sense of gratitude and wonderment and pleasure here that I won t ever outgrow That said, there is much Stein I have not read and I haven t read any Stein in a while.This one is a children s book, and I really want to use it literally as that when I finish it, I want to send it to my mother in law and ask, beg, plead, with her to read it aloud to her grandchildren The prose has all the non linea [...]

  13. A very cute book intended to be for children but An adult can love it just as much, I did The book is about a little girl named Rose who questions who she is tries to find out who she is At first the language can be a little annoying and repetitive but you get used to it once you keep reading the book and once you notice its intended to be read as if Rose the little girl was telling the story Loved it the hot pink pages with blue ink and beautiful illustrations are just the cherry on top A very [...]

  14. A library book I thought needed to be added to our home collection My daughter loved having this read to her Rose is a rose is a rose lovingly on her lips This was an absolute pleasure to read aloud and Clement Hurd s illustrations along with the bright pink pages and blue typeface made this book even special We ll be reading this one again and again.

  15. An odd little book that doesn t really do justice to Stein s greatness but also in my adult opinion doesn t really appeal to children In addition, I find the illustrations dated and vaguely creepy and the navy print on pink paper is extremely hard on the eyes.

  16. A children s book by Gertrude Stein, yes Sounds unlikely It s actually surprisingly lovely The world is round and you can go on it around and around It isn t all just wordplay, either the children in it are real and alive.

  17. gertrude stein wrote a children s book and as it happens it is one of the better books of any kind that you might ever want to read i read it aloud on my birthday and i m ever so glad i did.

  18. I don t think Gertrude Stein is for me.The packaging of the book was beautiful The art was fantastic However, the blue type on pink paper really strained my eyes.

  19. This is such a treat the text is classic Stein but add to that the lovely illustrations by Clement Hurd, the pink pages and the stunning blue typeface and you have something magical

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