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Jamie s America Jamie will try real American food and meet the most interesting cooks and producers that this vast country has to offer His epic journey will take him to the heart of America its people culture musi

Jamie will try real American food and meet the most interesting cooks and producers that this vast country has to offer His epic journey will take him to the heart of America its people, culture, music and, most importantly, its food Along the way Jamie will be getting his hands dirty meeting hunters, cowboys, fishermen and local producers as he finds out about theJamie will try real American food and meet the most interesting cooks and producers that this vast country has to offer His epic journey will take him to the heart of America its people, culture, music and, most importantly, its food Along the way Jamie will be getting his hands dirty meeting hunters, cowboys, fishermen and local producers as he finds out about the best and strangest ingredients on offer He won t just be sampling, he ll be getting involved entering a gumbo throw down in Louisiana, fishing in California and sampling bison in Montana as he joins life on a ranch As well as being a visually stunning journey, Jamie s America is a practical cookbook, with each chapter focusing on the food and recipes of a different state And the food will be as varied as the landscapes from spicy Mexican in the desert to freshly caught Alaskan salmon With 120 brand new recipes, and Jamie s diary narrative running alongside, this will be a celebratory cookbook of a country with a wide food heritage.

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  1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information James Trevor Jamie Oliver, sometimes known as The Naked Chef, is an English chef and media personality well known for his growing list of food focused television shows, his recent roles in campaigning against the use of processed foods in national schools, and his campaign to change unhealthy diets and poor cooking habits for the better across the United Kingdom.

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  1. I had some mixed feelings about the book First, the positive The photography in the book is excellent The recipes overall do look pretty good an appetizing, and Jamie s short essay segments are pretty good to read The negative This is not a book for those who need to or want to follow a healthy diet I think that it is a bit of a sharp contrast to Jamie s recent healthy eating campaign just look up his TED talk to get an idea what I mean But ok, I can do go along with that What I really did not [...]

  2. I have marked so many pages in this cookbook the recipes are interesting, not complicated, and making my mouth water going through them Bourbon Pecan Tart, Chile Cheese Corn Bread, Southern Pecan Apple Salad, Peruvian Ceviche I can t wait to try these and many And it s not just recipes in this book Jamie Oliver states in the beginning of the book that he wanted to get out and satisfy his lifelong curiosity about America the people, the country, and the food He includes stories about people and [...]

  3. I loathe cooking but I love books and food My husband loathes reading but loves cooking et voila I read the book and tell him what yummy foods I want him to cook and he gets down and dirty in the kitchen while I bark orders Perfect Did I mention I hate cooking Well, I really do I am totally crap at it However, I can spend many an hour drooling over a good cook book like Jamie s latest offering In this one he has toured America and experienced local cooking for himself and in true Jamie style add [...]

  4. Entering what can only be called his Bruce Springbean phase of midlife crisis, our hero Mr Oliver boldly wears a white t shirt to a chilli cook off and accidentally dismantles the military industrial complex whilst looking for a lavatory in the White House

  5. We ve hit stop 11 on our Summer Passport tour The United States of America Unlike so many other countries that have distinguishing features in their cuisine, USA cuisine is not so easy to define Jamie Oliver thought he knew was to expect from American food, but discovered that once he explored outside of the major cities into the smaller communities the food was diverse and delicious America has a lot to offer the taste buds and Jamie has narrowed down his favourite 120 dishes that he found or w [...]

  6. It s so cool to get an outsider s perspective on American cooking Although Oliver doesn t cover all of the regional varieties available here, I m excited to try his twists on some Southern, Western, and Cajun classics I also enjoy Oliver s writing style He gently reminds readers to balance the unhealthier options with light sides, and to only eat the heavy stuff as a treat He also sprinkles his sense of humor throughout the book This is a beautiful book filled with delicious looking pictures, an [...]

  7. Being a Yankee in the UK I miss American food It was fantastic to actually see a real life cookbook full of proper food from my country He s got all the classics in there and making it from scratch is healthier than the processed stuff I ve never seen a book like this done before and its crazy that a Brit actually did an American cookbook so damn wellwhich he did The book will be a staple in my house for many years to come.

  8. A different sort of cookbook I enjoyed reading his take on American food, trying to debunk the myths that the British have with regard to American cooking Beautiful photography and engaging short articles throughout the book about the places he visited, the people he met and worked with in creating this book.He covers New York City Pizza, Burgers , Los Angeles, Louisiana New Orleans Cajun , Georgia BBQ , Arizona which incorporates Native American dishes as well as Mexican food , and Wyoming cowb [...]

  9. I have to say I wasn t a huge Jamie Oliver fan but I watched every episode of Jamie s America and some of the meals sounded so good I had to buy the book This is now one of my go to books for something tasty when I need to live up to the reputation that I can cook I ve made the odd change here and there to fit the taste buds of the people I m feeding and because I m not always able to source the exact ingredients he mentions I thoroughly recommend the Best Baked Beans I soak 3 choices of beans o [...]

  10. I confess I m addicted to Jamie That s why I normally buy every new book of him Last time I didn t cause I knew most of the recipes in Ministry of Food This time there were lots of new and promising ideas in the book The appearance was appealing as always designed in the usual solid Jamie style Great pictures, clearly arranged recipes and some enjoyable stories But after trying the fist ones I recognised most of the things were just not my taste I liked the wild west rice p 320 and of course the [...]

  11. Jamie s America is a lot prettier of a book than Food Revolution because it not only details recipes that he s learned from various grouped regions of America, but it also highlights photos of the landscapes and people he meets along his travels to discover the best of what American cuisine has cultivated.The recipes in Jamie s America are for a advanced and cultured palate than what may cater to fans of Food Revolution, however he does include some staple comfort foods along with the adventur [...]

  12. I got stuck in the cajun sectionn t think I tried anything out of that section yet do soThe Jambalaya is amazing It s a massive massive pan full lots of these recipes are huge And I have fed many people with it It s quite expensive but you can save bits of meat and prawns etc when you re using them for other meals Lovely book Clear instructions, nice pictures My only gripe.I have a garlic allergy and find it features heavily like whole bulbs in most things I omit it but feel that I m not tasting [...]

  13. I wasn t expecting much out of this, and found myself pleasantly surprised While I m not particularly fond of Oliver s chatty it s like I m right there talking to you writing style, I love the concept behind his book almost as much as I love his lightened up versions and takes on classic American recipes Also rates exceptionally high on my desire for as many photos as possible in a cookbook there are accompanying pictures for EVERY recipe Got this at the library and have already made and really [...]

  14. I liked this book, there are a lot of great ideas and I tried making a lot of them The one big inconvenience about this book was that the measurements were ridiculous I live in Ireland, we have the metric system here, why am I buying a cook book in a shop in ireland where I have to go home and look up on google the equivalent of 1, 2 cups in grams That was very annoying, and made me want to give up in this book But after making the burger from the New York chapter, I was curious Well done Jamie, [...]

  15. I ve made about a quarter to one half of the recipes in this cookbook Maybe buying a cookbook on American cooking by a Brit was a mistake I d say that this cookbook favors pics over precision in the recipes and the lack precision which was frustrating I followed the peach cobbler recipe precisely and it ended up a mess though it did taste good Do not, let me repeat, do not even attempt the Cowboy Apple Pancakes what a disaster The gumbo recipe isn t bad If you don t know how to boil H20 for past [...]

  16. Well, I found 3 or 4 recipes in here that I copied for adaptation and later use, but somehow I d thought this might be something other than just a cookbook, not sure why Never saw the TV series, but I usually like watching Brits work their way around the USA and find their comments enjoyable and sometimes highly insightful Maybe I ll see if I can find the TV show streaming somewhere so I can engage in armchair drooling.

  17. As someone who is most likely to boil pasta and toss it with spaghetti sauce and call it a home made meal, I can say I probably won t be attempting very many recipes out of this book Despite that, I found the stories that came with each recipe interesting, and they were some that really caught my eye I ve already started bugging my boyfriend to make the apple pancakes I wish I was willing to spend than 30 minutes or so in the kitchen, cause a lot of the recipes look delish.

  18. My favorite Jamie book to date Love the recipes and stories It gives a real look at American cooking and opens people to the idea that its not all doughnuts and pizza Love the fact that there s viable suggestions for ingredient substitutions for things just not available on this side of the pond, although chorizo will never replace real andouille in my book

  19. A flip through showed some REALLY tasty looking tex mex and americana good eats Looking forward to trying a couple recipes.Edit 10 29 10I probably won t try any specific recipes, but a few have inspired other ideas I recommend the book for Jamie Oliver fans or as a coffee table book The recipes look good, but I got sidetracked.

  20. Interesting read, even for two vegetarians My boyfriend liked reading the stories about Jamie s experiences across America and accused me of liking it just for the cute pictures of Jamie out in the American wilderness, sometimes trying to look like a trucker but too cute to even pretend to have the edge of someone who lives a hard life like that.

  21. In my opinion, ALOT of the recipes don t work well, but the pictures and illustrations work well as a coffee table book It is a good icebreaker to grab a persons attention that may not be involved in your other conversations However I must add, had this book not been 80% off in a bin and I didn t recognize Jamie, I definitely would have kept walking past it Meh

  22. I love the physicality of the book, the weight of it and the paper I would love to display it as a coffee table book one day I found Jamie s curiosity about American life and cuisine to be heartfelt and sweet without being cloying And of course the recipes are outstanding, I m going to enjoy making them

  23. I ve always LOVED Jamie s books his show and books taught me to love cooking , but as an American I always found his recipes a little challenging due to their European slant This book takes American favorites and presents them in the way I can fully grasp.This is a library book, but it s on my to purchase ASAP list

  24. This beautiful book is an enjoyable illustration of a British chef s take on American culinary tradition Recipes are interesting and relatively simple, and Mr Oliver s recounting of his experiences with the everyday Americans who inspired many of his dishes is entertaining as well A fun read for Jamie Oliver fans Meagan

  25. I love the design and the photography and Jamie mixing it up with the locals and their fare, but I only really gravitated towards a couple of recipes but the Awesome Apple Pancakes are FANTASTIC It was worth a check out at the library.

  26. Years ago Jamie has a great cooking show on the Food Network I watched regularly and learned a great deal creating flavor from simple ingredients This book is a must read for any serious foodie who s looking to try a different approach to some old time standards of American food.

  27. Absolutely adored this book had it from the library and was possessed by the desire to go out and buy it He completely makes the people and places come alive And when you add to that the photos and the wonderful foodis is my kind of road trip

  28. I like to read AND use my cookbooks Jamie Oliver s love story to both America and American cooking was a lovely read, and chock full of good ideas, helpful asides, and personal notes Great inclusion of wine suggestions with each dish.

  29. I love his cookbooks.Don t judge me.And yes, I know it s ridiculous to buy an American cookbook by a visting Brit.Whatever The Dan dan noodles and Candied Bacon Salad alone are worth your derision.

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