Who Invited the Undertaker?

Who Invited the Undertaker None


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Who Invited the Undertaker?

  1. Ivy Ruckman is the award winning author of fourteen books, including No Way Out, for which she also wrote the screenplay She is a former English teacher and creative writing instructor, and has written several short stories for young readers Mrs Ruckman lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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  1. Simple story about a boy trying to find a boyfriend for his widowed mother It is very dated in reference to the popular singers The boy is sweet and the family is strong and supportive of each other There is not the sarcasm and put downs you see in recently in media aimed at children Refreshing

  2. Dale is a seventh grader who has a lot of adventures misadventures trying to find a new husband for his widowed mother.Another hit by Ivy Ruckman.

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