They Never Came Back

They Never Came Back In a busy school cafeteria a teenage girl is confronted by a classmate who questions her identity He explains to the students who have crowded around that the girl bears an uncanny resemblance to his

In a busy school cafeteria, a teenage girl is confronted by a classmate who questions her identity He explains to the students who have crowded around that the girl bears an uncanny resemblance to his cousin, who was taken away by social services five years ago Her parents abandoned her, fleeing the country after being accused of embezzling millions of dollars The studeIn a busy school cafeteria, a teenage girl is confronted by a classmate who questions her identity He explains to the students who have crowded around that the girl bears an uncanny resemblance to his cousin, who was taken away by social services five years ago Her parents abandoned her, fleeing the country after being accused of embezzling millions of dollars The students are intrigued, but the girl shrugs off the attention as a case of mistaken identity.As the days pass, however, the boy refuses to relent and even brings his parents in to back him up But they are not the only adults involved An FBI agent who has been working the case these past five years believes that whoever this girl is, she can serve as bait to help the FBI capture the fugitives In this powerful novel that explores the possibility of mistaken identity, the evils of money and greed, and the heartfelt obligations of family and loyalty, Caroline B Cooney has once again crafted a page turner that will resonate with readers.

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They Never Came Back

  1. Caroline Cooney knew in sixth grade that she wanted to be a writer when the best teacher I ever had in my life made writing her main focus He used to rip off covers from The New Yorker and pass them around and make us write a short story on whichever cover we got I started writing then and never stopped When her children were young, Caroline started writing books for young people with remarkable results She began to sell stories to Seventeen magazine and soon after began writing books Suspense novels are her favorites to read and write In a suspense novel, you can count on action To keep her stories realistic, Caroline visits many schools outside of her area, learning about teenagers all the time She often organizes what she calls a plotting game, in which students work together to create plots for stories Caroline lives in Westbrook, Connecticut and when she s not writing she volunteers at a hospital, plays piano for the school musicals and daydreams

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  1. Cooney s books all appear to follow this theme children who discover their lives aren t what they thought in a rather dramatic, traumatic way and who have to align what they believed to be true with what they discover to be true, all the while figuring out who they are in this changing context It is difficult to resolve these types of conflicts in a lifetime, let alone a book The focus is on the self discovery, not the resolution of the plot That is tough to do, and relatively well done in this [...]

  2. This book was captivating and a quick read because it was difficult to put down But I gave it 3 stars instead of 4 because the ending didn t really tell the rest of the story and left questions Did she ever see her parents again What became of them Murielle was only 9 when her ultra competitive financial parents did the ultimate embezzlement and escaped with the funds of their clients Their daughter was left behind Her only relatives were falsely implicated in the resulting mess and by the time [...]

  3. Have you ever been abandoned by your parents Do your parents care about money then you My book is called They Never Came Back This book would be a mystery I really liked this book so much at first it was boring but I got really into it over time I never read this book before but I m going to be honest I liked this book because of the colors of the cover, it s just so pretty So my book is about a girl with two names Now I m going to explain Murielle Lyman Cathy Ferris But first This book takes p [...]

  4. This was one of the singularly stupidest books I ve ever read Every couple of years I try to read a Caroline B Cooney book and every time I m less and less impressed Gag This was actually a really interesting premise, but it was so badly handled or perhaps just written for an audience that wouldn t understand some of the bigger issues, and therefore simplified that the whole idea was just bleh It s been a month or so since I read this book, so I can t list every single one of my grievances, but [...]

  5. I basically finished this book in a few hours, split between last night and this morning I enjoyed this book, and had no complaints towards the actual writing or style It was very fast paced and intriguing, and I was kept interested the whole book It definitely sprang many questions, and the ending left me with even I would reccomend it for a great quick read, even if I was left with a dozen questions, wanting SPOILERS Without a doubt, this novel upset me How could parents be so selfish as to [...]

  6. My daughter enjoyed Caroline B Cooney s books when she was 11 This book would be good for that age group It has lots of action and mystery The writing is very simplistic with short sentences so it isn t a hard read As an adult I found that it reminded me of Dick and Jane See Spot run For me, the ending was disappointing The big question in the book revolves around loyalty I think Cathy makes the wrong decision about who she really is after 5 years of being away from her blood relatives Parents a [...]

  7. Actually 3 1 2 starsUpon reading the synopsis for this novel I was intrigued with the concept of a girl being left behind as her parents flee the country to escape being imprisoned for embezzlement The subject matter of financial ruin during these unstable economic times are timely So, I grabbed this book and devoured it in a day, and days later my mind still goes back to this page turning readEY NEVER CAME BACK centers on two characters Cathy Ferris and Murielle Lyman Cathy is attending a speci [...]

  8. When I frst picked up this book i didn t know if I would accually read it or not The librarian recomended me this book and it was ok When I finish this book I was still a little bit puzzled because i m the kind of person who has to read things twice before understanding.I still think it that this book should be rated a two because it took me a while just to get into it and for me it was hard to stay on task, but the book has been good that I could easily bump it up to a four rating The book is a [...]

  9. I didn t like this book Murielle s chapters regarding her life and how it had gone wrong were a bit interesting The Cathy chapters seemed rushed and everything seemed to happen way too fast The entire story wrapped up in what seemed to be 2 or 3 days worth of time Four years of Murielle s life were merely skimmed over with one sentence I wouldn t read this book again.

  10. I have been fascinated by Caroline Cooney s last two books If the Witness Lied and They Never Came Back They are quick easy but captivating reads You want to get keep reading to see how it all turns out Very clean No sex or foul language Topic snatched out of today s headlines What happens to the children of white collar crmininals What role does faith play in the life of a tween teen whose world has been turned upside down How much do you love your parents What would you do for them, no matter [...]

  11. I like the book s concept of having your child go missing and finding them years later but I don t think this book did it well It was really bland and not interesting enough I don t like Murielle Cathy s story and I don t understand her parents motives I don t understand why she needs to hide from her aunt and uncle and cousin Tommy and everyone If it was played out in a real serious way, like a life or death situation, this would ve been a real intriguing mystery This book has potential to be b [...]

  12. Cathy never expected Tommy to see his cousin Murielle in her face But he does In the middle of a crowded lunchroom during summer school.His outburst causes an avalanche His parents mom especially are convinced Cathy is Murielle Their niece disappeared into the foster system after her parents ran off instead of getting arrested for stealing a lot of money Each day Cathy feels Murielle coming back The FBI want to find her too, to flush out her parents She needs to decide if she should abandon them [...]

  13. They never came back is a mystery novel by By Caroline B Cooney written for high schoolers grades 9 through 12 The book illustrates and tells the story of Cathy a girl who is enrolled in a prestigious summer school for a foreign language program when at lunch a boy by the name of Tommy recognizes her and tells her that she is his long lost cousin murielle, he claimed there to be many resemblances to the two and caused quite a stir at the school The book is written from 2 perspectives Cathy s and [...]

  14. I Sort of like this book I don t know much but I think the author did not explain her self clearly enough.Although the book was interesting and mysterious it left me confused I think that it should have in addition what happened to rory and cade or her aunt and uncle s case at court or even a little action would of make this book really interesting clearly the book needed to go much in debpt instead it just sat on the surface.But it was okay besides all of that but what do I know i m only 15

  15. This was a different kind of book that I have never read before, and it was amazing I got emotionally connected with every character It was nice that it showed two perspectives for two characters, and in the chapters, they showed small paragraphs of other character s perspectives The theme that the book taught you at the end really tied everything together, and it fit the book perfectly This is a great book and I would really recommend it

  16. As a reading teacher, I need to immerse myself in young adult reading than I currently do My students often ask me for book recommendations, and I have my list of old faithfuls, but I want to expand it Since I liked the series about Janie that began with The Face on the Milk Carton, also by Cooney, I decided to give another book a try.This one was much like The Face on the Milk Carton It centers around a ten year old girl named Murielle not Muriel Muri ELLE Her parents are embezzlers who are ab [...]

  17. In the beginning of They Never Came Back , we are introduced to Cathy Ferris She is attending a summer school that teaches foreign languages Cathy is enjoying lunch with her new friends, when a boy named Tommy comes over and accuses Cathy of being his long lost cousin, Muriel Muriel is the daughter of Rory and Cade Lyman Five years before, Rory and Cade embezzled a lot of money from a lot of people and they fled the country The Lymans asked Tommy s mother, Louis, to bring Muriel to the airport, [...]

  18. Interesting It was an interesting look at abandonment I keep reading her new books because she was my favorite writer in middle school This one felt somehow younger than most.

  19. She was alone, and was beginning to think what people said was true Her parents didn t love her Murielle Lyman was caught in a terrible situation Her parents had stolen money and then even worse that fled the country when the authorities found out This was a great story to read, I would definitely give this book 5 stars The author came up with a really interesting and different story line to interest readers Murielle, who is only 10, is torn from her parents after they fled the country She goes [...]

  20. Review from my blog, The Haunting of Orchid ForsythiaFirst Sentence It was the second week of summer school.I ll start off by saying that They Never Came Back just completely blew me away It was such a thrilling read that I devoured it in just a couple of hours I so should not have started it at 12 am, but at least it was on a night where I couldn t sleep.There are just so many reasons that I loved They Never Came Back, they story was and writing was just so unbelievably amazing that it was hard [...]

  21. They Never Came BackCaroline B Cooney2010MysteryThe book They Never Came Back is about a girl named Murielle, who when she was ten, was abandoned by her parents after they fled the country from being arrested She was moved from foster home to foster home until she finally stayed in one for most of her life, until her former cousin recognized her at school She had changed her name to Cathy Ferris so no one would remember her by name, but she had not been counting on to be recognized by her cousin [...]

  22. Caroline Cooney did what she does best and wrote the thrilling and mysterious book, They Never Came Back, that leaves the reader on the edge of their seat waiting for action The book is about Cathy Ferris, a young foster girl whose parents ran away when she was just a little girl The conflict begins when Rory and Cade Lyman, Cathy s parents, are forced to leave Cathy and flee the country to try and escape the FBI and erase their tracks Cathy moves house to house, from foster family to foster fa [...]

  23. Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadTooTHEY NEVER CAME BACK by Caroline B Cooney is a great thriller for middle grade readers There are just enough twists and turns in the plot to keep readers focused, and it offers a few thought provoking questions to make readers consider just exactly what they would do in the same circumstances.Chapter one is about Cathy She is enrolled in a special accelerated summer school The program squeezes one full year of Latin into a summer course H [...]

  24. They Never Came Back by Caroline B Cooney is a intriguing read with lots of twists and plot turns.Murielle Lynman was just a little kid when her parents left for England She would have went with them, but her aunt stopped her Her parents were actually thieves and they stole money from people Cathy Ferris is a teenage girl who lives with her adopted mom and dad She is studying Latin at this advanced summer school program One day, a boy named Tommy Lynman accused Cathy of being Murielle Is she Thi [...]

  25. There are so many reasons to love this book, and yet, the initial climatic drama I had expected did not bring a full fledged feud.The first half of the book hooked me in surprisingly quickly Before I could stop myself, I was turning pages, just dying to know what was happening next So what was the whole deal behind the abandoned child of two worldwide criminals How was Cathy coping with all the popularity she had recieved with just her appearance at a wealthy summer school So that was how I mana [...]

  26. This was better than 3 stars but not quite to 4 stars There was nothing wrong with the book It was just okay I didn t feel like it lived up to the interesting description, and the last part was all Murielle Cathy wondering if she should warn her parents or not, back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, blah blah blah I realize she was working through her feelings about them, but geez.From School Library JournalGrade 6 10 Five years ago, 10 year old Murielle Lyman s wealthy mother and [...]

  27. They Never Came Back is told from two different points of view in alternating chapters Cathy Ferris is a Norwalk teenager taking a summer class in Latin at Greenwich High School Murielle Lyman is a ten year old girl whose parents have just been caught in a money laundering scandal and have fled the country, leaving her behind Murielle s cousin, Tommy, catches sight of Cathy during lunch at Greenwich High and is convinced that Cathy is Murielle, who vanished into the foster care system five years [...]

  28. Caroline B Cooney in They Never Came Back provides the greatest twist of events in literature I ve ever experienced This novel is from the perspective of two different characters, Cathy and Murielle, and the readers slowly discover that they are the same person The readers are made aware of this before the other characters in the book discover this fact, You look like Murielle, he insisted at this point we ve already discovered that Murielle is using the name Cathy as a cover up, but the charact [...]

  29. This book is centered on the life of a girl who is left behind by her parents Her parents flee because they are to be arrested for stealing and lying, getting away with millions The storyline then delves into the life of an average teenager, alternating perspectives I enjoyed the concept I think that it is well executed, what with the characterization and especially the tone The way that Cooney uses words and phrases that seem minimal and simplistic really show a different mindset While most of [...]

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