Schwarze Gedanken: Komplett

Schwarze Gedanken Komplett B se B se B se Und gut Joscha Sauer nichtlustig

B se.B se.B se.Und gut.Joscha Sauer nichtlustig

  • Unlimited Schwarze Gedanken: Komplett - by André Franquin
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Schwarze Gedanken: Komplett

  1. André Franquin Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Schwarze Gedanken: Komplett book, this is one of the most wanted André Franquin author readers around the world.

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  1. Though my knowledge of Franquin s works was not that vast and as far as I am concerned, most Frenchie comics are devoid of good humor or aesthetic appeal yep, and I am from Europe , seeing that Fantagraphics had the intent of releasing this in English, I decided that it should be something noteworthy and had to be acquired Guess what, buying this was a really, really good idea While Franquin s cartoony drawings were pretty nice in color, washing them with black made this tiny book a masterpiece [...]

  2. There s no denying that Andr Franquin, together with Tove Jansson, is one of my all time favourite artists This has been made obvious in many reviews and articles that I have written throughout the years I grew up with his Spirou and Gaston and thought that Franquin s vivid line was the very best in all comics, and still do In Sweden, we don t get much European comics translated any, so it was with great delight that I threw myself at this beautiful collection of Franquin s Id es Noire I have of [...]

  3. Finally got to read this again after 20 years Franquin s dark thoughts probably works best if you re familiar with his other work, especially Gaston, whose humour it strips down to the darkest, grimiest despair This is a comedian who, for the most part, is sick of telling jokes The satire in Id es is blunt as fuck, and the punchlines don t offer any release instead Franquin settles for describing a black and white cynical world where the only way anybody wins is that the people he doesn t like h [...]

  4. This is one of the most cynical books ever written The stories are either depressing Kafkaesque allegories about the eternal struggle of man against the world in which everything wants to kill each other, or bleak snapshots of the morally corrupt society we live in, or blunt black comedy It s not suitable for everyone s taste, but cynical misanthropes will love it Not recommended for idealists.8 10

  5. Zwartkijken I have two books, which were later compiled into this integral album These are morbid jokes for adults, not intended for children who might enjoy his other books Recommended to all who like wry smiles

  6. C est incisif, m chant, rosse avec les tres violents en particulier les chasseurs et les militaires j adore Absolument superbe Cela fait mouche chaque fois, cela souligne les incoh rences de notre soci t Franquin avait vraiment un talent merveilleux qui manque actuellement.

  7. Terrible et hilarant Un chef d oeuvre d humour noir, qui n a pas pris une ride Je me l tais offert pour mon anniversaire Bravo bravo bravo et 1000 et un mercis moi

  8. It is so dark and draws the reader into a mood she usually wants to avoid I avoid reading it again.But just for the case, it stays in my shelf.

  9. Gro artig Awesome Although it s from the late 80s, the topics are still up to date and the stories reflect current news Brilliant and very critical black humor

  10. Rese a fabulantes 2016 11 ide Lo m s descorazonador de estas Ideas negras es que muchos, cuando no todos, los excesos y comportamientos que denuncia siguen vigentes actualmente Incluso la mala praxis pol tica, o el miedo a las dictaduras m s sanguinarias, colean a n hoy en este mundo al borde del colapso Leer Ideas negras es contemplar la actualidad, desnuda de de todas sus distracciones acarameladas o de la pica prefabricada desde los medios No hay memes felices de cachorritos felinos en su lug [...]

  11. A really heavy read, although you could finish it in under half an hour As dark as the only color present, black Powerful and still depressingly accurate.

  12. Noir et caustique, l humour de Franquin tape sur tout le monde avec justesse et audace Il semblerait que rien n ait r ellement chang depuis 40 ans L Art va m me jusque dans les signatures du bonhomme.

  13. The favorite book I was ever able to sneak out of the library as a young child Not sure my mom noticed, she knew my dad gave me all his old comics to read so she thought this was no different This my friend, is different though.

  14. Le cauchemar, c est quand on s veilleIch wei bei vielen Geschichten in diesem Band nicht, ob ich heulen oder lachen sollte Irgendwie steckt in diesen mal gemeinen, mal komischen Sketchen immer etwas Augen ffnendes Wie konnte es soweit mit uns kommen Franquins d stere Ideen sind gepr gt vom Zeitgeist des kalten Kriegs Die Atombombe, waffenstarrende Staaten, Umweltzerst rung, soziale Ungleichheiten und Isolation des Individuums sind seine Themen W hrend er diese ernsten Probleme immer humorvoll an [...]

  15. Just read this for the third time and it s still as good as any comic I ve ever read This is not a comic for children It is VERY dark humor on issues like the military with 80s themes such as nuclear annihilation and the arms race , mortality, science and hypocrisy Highly recommended for anyone not really into comics who has a stilted, cynical sense of humor I see that it has been translated into English by Fantagraphics as Franquin s Last Laugh I hope this will entice new readers to give it a s [...]

  16. Franquin osaa kertoa ja piirt Yksi lapsuuteni onnellisimpia p ivi oli kun l ysin Niilo Pieliset Ja sama koski my hemmin Mustia sivuja Kaunista j lke ja lukukokemus on kuin hyv sketsisarjaa katsoisi Yll tt vint on juttujen p tt myys Tuntuu kuin Franquin olisi kuvittanut painajaisiaan Strippien logiikka on jotenkin houreista ja muuttuu kesken matkan T m houreisuus ja sis isen logiikan puute j i vaivaamaan Kuitenkin vaihteleva variaatio on se joka nostaa kauniit soinnut oikeaksi musiikiksi.T m kirj [...]

  17. So dark, so cynical, so political Franquin s Dark Pages really are black but also funny and very topical covering subjects from environment to capitalism and religion At the beginning they amused me , in the end there were some that were just sad Very well drawn but heartbreaking Like the last one.

  18. Humor zoals het hoort maatschappijkritisch, vettig en effici nt De zwarte spiegel die Franquin ons in deze klassieker voorhoudt, laat je lachen met de kleinste kantjes van het menselijk zijn Essentieel.

  19. This book has so many great reviews I n even considering the fact that maybe as I read in german I didn t get why it was funny.Seriously, I only give credit to this book coz they make jokes about hunters that do it for sport and the army and that s it.

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