Death's Head: Day of the Damned

Death s Head Day of the Damned Fueled with high octane testosterone and noteworthy for a kill rate customary in computer games than in works of literature David Gunn s novels take no prisoners and make no apologies Like war itself

Fueled with high octane testosterone and noteworthy for a kill rate customary in computer games than in works of literature, David Gunn s novels take no prisoners and make no apologies Like war itself, they are raw and violent, horrifying yet mysteriously moving These qualities also characterize Gunn s hero and narrator, Lt Sven Tveskoeg, a killing machine whosFueled with high octane testosterone and noteworthy for a kill rate customary in computer games than in works of literature, David Gunn s novels take no prisoners and make no apologies Like war itself, they are raw and violent, horrifying yet mysteriously moving These qualities also characterize Gunn s hero and narrator, Lt Sven Tveskoeg, a killing machine whose DNA marks him as less or perhaps than human Whatever he is, he is always as enthralling as he is lethal.Sven has survived everything a hostile universe can throw at him But he d be the first to admit that it isn t smarts that have kept him alive for so long And it s not luck, either Because luck wouldn t have seen him plucked out of obscurity to serve in the army of Emperor OctoV, a machine human hybrid who appears to be a teenage boy but is actually immeasurably older Maybe Sven has survived out of sheer orneriness although his artificially intelligent, unmistakably sarcastic, and or less sociopathic sidearm might argue otherwise but Sven isn t one to ponder such questions.In Day of the Damned, Sven and his band of misfit auxiliaries have arrived at Farlight, capital of the Octavian Empire, for a little well earned rest and relaxation Sven visits his old friends Debro and Anton, whom he liberated from the prison planet of Paradise, and their teenage daughter Aptitude, whose husband he assassinated and who now has a major crush on him.But what begins as a

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Death's Head: Day of the Damned

  1. Smartly dressed, resourceful, and discreet, David Gunn has undertaken assignments in Central America, the Middle East, and Russia among numerous other places Coming from a service family, he is happiest when on the move and tends not to stay in one town or city for very long The author of Death s Head and Death s Head Maximum Offense, Gunn lives in the United Kingdom.

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  1. I loved this book, I love this series, when the hell are we getting book 4 I want to know what the hell happens next David Gunn PROMISED me it would all be explained, 3 damned years ago To be honest I read the first book when I wasp regnant and my brain wasn t at full capacity and I was a bit confused, but I got myself up to speed and I desperately want the next instalment I mean for goodness sakes, what s going to happen with the Sig

  2. Well it s all over, or is it I sincerely hope not.The killing, screwing, bloodletting, gore splatter and page after page action can not be at an end.Sven and his Aux up against it, again The excrement comes into contact with the spinny, metal bladed cooler of the air, as always.Lots of action, some plot and Sven thinking about thinking and being mocked by his kill crazy sentient gun.Popcorn military sci fi for the hoi polio and I liked it.All good things come to an end but why The end is ambiguo [...]

  3. Sven est en vacances sur la plan te capitale Farlight Pour un guerrier tel que lui, les vacances, c est l enfer Il a besoin d action pour exister Heureusement, la paix de la plan te est toute relative et celle ci ne va pas tarder se transformer en champ de batailleLe jour des damn s est le tome 3 de la s rie Les Aux J avais ador le premier tome et bien aim le second, je me suis donc lanc sans appr hension dans le troisi me tome Malheureusement, celui ci ne tient pas toutes les promesses de ses p [...]

  4. The third book in an amped up, testosterone driven action sci fi series, Day of the Damned starts to wear out the novelty of some pretty darn novel notions from the first two books Even an super intelligent, smart ass AI super gun and a tough as nails Foreign Legionnaire IN SPACE start to lose some of their luster in a story that seems to have lost a lot of its momentum Still, I enjoyed the book, right up to the very end, which spoiler alert, sort of gave the reader yet another cliff hanger I ma [...]

  5. For me this is probably one book too far for Sven While the initial books where a rush of action and ruthlessness, in this one Sven develops a bit and that takes away from his charm for me It would be ok if his development allowed him to continue along the warpath with added depth but he moves away from it sadly If he were to live long enough and continue this way he could become an elder statesman A minor niggle is that he loses his prosthetic at one point but then uses it in a sex scene befor [...]

  6. 346 pages Borrow it don t buy it Its a standard super solider book This is 3rd of 3 books so far I picked this one up by accident The writer doesn t give you much help in terms of back story Yet after 25 pages or so I wasn t lost The book is violent It is well written It is funny.I was disappointed with the ending I may read 1st two books in the series to understand the characters better Overall a decent read Yet not worth of a purchase Get this from your library.

  7. The continuing story of Sven takes some very odd twists and turns I m hoping the series continues, as I find that I do want to see where it goes next.There s something about Gunn s writing that just holds my attention, and I find myself caring about the characters and what they re going to do next.

  8. I liked this book, I would give it between 3.5 and 4 stars Its entertaining and it has a nice flow with good twists It makes for a nice follow to the first two and I always enjoy Sven and his ideals, actions and how he lives day to day Overall I would have to say its not quite as good as the first or second book, but it was still a worthy read Hope there will be another one or two

  9. spoiler alert I really like Sven, but I must be dense as I did not get the end Also after I finish I wonder if the author modeled Sven on Sten because there are just too many comparisons between the two series Except the last novel in Sten series tied everything together I was able to say now that makes sense I never had that understanding with this series.

  10. Just as enjoyable as the others It is a standard super soldier story but done well Sven is an enjoyable, no shit taking man that you absolutely don t want to be on the wrong side of It read well and was what I consider a gym book It s something easy I could whip out on my nook and follow while running on the treadmill.

  11. Third in the Death s Head series Not as good as the first 2 but maybe it s just the evolution of the characters that make you miss their old personalities Sven s progression in rank remind me of the Orphan s series Good series none the less.

  12. The first two thirds is standard main character is the baddest badass, but the final third starts to deal with interesting ideas including some from previous books Occasionally the narrative is hard to figure out who is speaking.

  13. Sven s at his best when his in the thick of the action the Aux are behind him We went a long time with no real action no AuxI m living in hope that future books will see Sven the Aux doing what they do best

  14. This was a fun, action packed novel.I enjoyed the tense narrative, plot twists, sarcastic dialogue, and cynical characters David Gunn, to a certain degree, continued to propel the series along However, the sudden ending was somewhat disappointing.

  15. I was a little disappointed with this 3rd part.Gunn went a bit too far with his main character being a real asshole, always grinning when there s danger, everyone s always scowling he uses this word a lot and the story doesn t always make sense I didn t like it that much.

  16. There s nothing whatsoever cultured or tasteful about this trilogy Its 100% macho escapist bullshit and totally politically incorrect In the same way that the movie Machete is not that I liked the movie all that much But I do love the trilogy.

  17. Weakest of the seriesI thought this book was the weakest off the three in the series The plot is too convoluted, and the character of the Emperor leaves something to be desired The book excels when Sven is being Sventake no prisoners and ask no quarter.

  18. Third in the series More of the same but all taking place on terra firma Same characters as the previous books, so if you like them you ll enjoy this Sudden, somewhat unsatisfying ending that is setting up book four.

  19. Not terrible Hey, I m surprised the first readable sci fi for ages I m going to go and get my hands on the previous books now.

  20. Loved it If you re into fast paced action packed books this series is for you Twists and turns everywhere along with some loveable and not so characters Great read

  21. I absolutely love this series of books Blood thirsty, gripping, violent and absorbing.Just hope there s a new one out soon

  22. Extremely violent.Too many things were not answered adequately.What happened to Octo It s hinted around at, but that s all.Why did Luc do what he did Nobody knows.

  23. This third installment of the series has been the best so far with many twists and turns, revelations, fights, girls, everything you expect in a Death s Head novel.

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