Tales Designed to Thrizzle, Volume One

Tales Designed to Thrizzle Volume One Fans and comedy cognoscenti alike basking devotedly in the glow of Tales Designed to Thrizzle have made it the smash hit humor comic of the decade And now the first four issues of Michael Kupperman

Fans and comedy cognoscenti alike, basking devotedly in the glow of Tales Designed to Thrizzle, have made it the smash hit humor comic of the decade And now the first four issues of Michael Kupperman s revered series are finally collected into one deluxe hardcover Even better, Kupperman has taken the original two color printing and made the entire book full color These tFans and comedy cognoscenti alike, basking devotedly in the glow of Tales Designed to Thrizzle, have made it the smash hit humor comic of the decade And now the first four issues of Michael Kupperman s revered series are finally collected into one deluxe hardcover Even better, Kupperman has taken the original two color printing and made the entire book full color These tales are thrizzling than ever What are tales designed to thrizzle Tales designed to thrizzle are about evil girls and their owls They are about Jesus half brother Pagus, the Mysterious Avenger, Dick Crazy, scary snakes, delicious bacon, Private Eye Johnny Silhouette, the Silver Knight, Murder She Didn t Write, the Mannister, the Space Patrol, portraits where the eyes move, Pablo Picasso, sex blimps and their logical inverse, sex holes , the hot boy band Boybank, soccer joust, Underpants On His Head Man, Hercules the Public Domain Superhero, Cousin Granpa, Mister Bossman, Mark Twain, the silent robot Citobor and, of course, the Thirties.The stories in Tales Designed to Thrizzle made their debut in 2009 on the Cartoon Network s Adult Swim program as Snake N Bacon The show, a mix of live action, puppetry and animation, stars David Rakoff This American Life , Bill Hader Saturday Night Live , Kristen Schaal Flight of the Conchords , James Urbaniak The Venture Brothers , and Dan Bakkedahl The Daily Show , and is produced by Kupperman, Robert Sm

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Tales Designed to Thrizzle, Volume One

  1. Michael Kupperman Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tales Designed to Thrizzle, Volume One book, this is one of the most wanted Michael Kupperman author readers around the world.

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  1. These tales thrizzled ma nizzle fo shizzle WARNING This great piece of literature is highly contagious and very humorous I thoughly enjoyed Michael Kupperman s twisted sense of humor Some of the highlights included Sex Blimps Sex Holes Boy Bank Pagus, Jesus Half bro NSYNC In Pirate Scum We Are Snake N Bacon Night time Toilet Section How to recognize different kinds of trees and the criminals that hide behind them.Oh, and let me mention one time Pagus Jesus half bro andSnake N Bacon Just send 24 [...]

  2. If you like your facts a little less than factual and your graphic art a little retro, then Michael Kupperman s compilation Tales Designed To Thrizzle, Volume One is likely to be right up your armadillo bowling alley Not that this collection from celebrated indie comics publisher Fantagraphics has any armadillos in it, actually, but there is still plenty of skewed, surreal art within these covers to unsettle your day.Take for example the Fabulous Nut Bra, or the recurring glimpses of The Mannis [...]

  3. Michael Kupperman is freakin greater than Pagus, cheese squirted from cow udders and then fashioned into sculptures of Michael McDonald, AND chimpanzee ping pong tournamentsCOMBINED He also happens to be the funniest comic writer I ve read in, well, my entire life If he formed his own religion, I would follow religiously, happily donning whatever kind of body hair stencils he tells me to wear.

  4. Hilariously absurd I was laughing out loud Sample lines This one started out as a novel, then I realized the story would work better within the medium of pubic hair Pornographic coloring books are so in right now, man I just went to the drugstore and they were all out of pink crayons Empathovision is sued out of existence after the special program Beating of a Lifetime Elderly People Do YOU have adequate Giant Giraffe Insurance Call 1 800 555 7261 NOW and our caring, sensitive staff will be on h [...]

  5. This is a very silly volume The artwork was deliberately incongruous, mildly entertaining, and occasionally funny The best jokes were in the text such as the book review of an imaginary history of food, which claims that capers are created by force feeding arugula to cats and then waiting three hours or the ads for Dr Learning Series of Booklets offering such titles as WHAT GOES ON INSIDE YOUR EAR Wouldn t you like to know The truth will amaze you or TELLING BABOONS They won t listen But you ll [...]

  6. I actually met this guy at my library before I heard of his work He, his wife, and their toddler son were delightful The wife seemed to have the charismatic personality of the two, but maybe he just saves it for his comics At any rate, I read some of his stuff in a comic compilation book and thought it was so so But this book made me laugh outloud many times Amazing graphics and truly witty writing Off the wall is putting it midly And I love his out of date advertisement style My favorite, for [...]

  7. Like Clowes, Ware, and Crumb, Kupperman appreciates retro advertising design those forgotten back pages of magazines filled with dubious claims and send away offers But Kupperman gives his stories of Depression era America and his noir satires a huge injection of absurdism for that postmodern touch After you re done with this collection, you too will love Pagus, Jesus evil half brother

  8. The book has its moments, and the art is pretty great, but a lot of the humor seems to boil down to look how random this is Isn t this so zany and rannnndommmm I feel like it s trying really hard, and I want to find it funny because of how damn hard it s trying and how many different styles it s trying to lampoon at once, but absorbing all the random just ends up being exhausting.

  9. If vaudeville style one liners really tickle your funny bone, this is the book for you While I really appreciate both the innocence of this kind of humor and the varied drawing styles, the thrizzle is all fizzle.

  10. What I learned from this book Simple Don t get on the wrong side of Twain Einstein This book is simply the funniest thing I ve read since John Hodgman stopped being hilarious and took up tweeting full time Plus, it has REALLY GOOD PICTURES Double win.

  11. I think my problem with this is that for absurdist humor to work, it has to either comment interestingly on reality, or at least be absurd than reality, and this was neither it s hard, for example, to find a spread on pornographic coloring books clever when you actually have a collection of pornographic coloring books and they are all WAY stranger than that The art was good though He s mastered many styles of illustration.

  12. This book suffers in comparison to Volume Two maybe I would have given it a higher rating if I didn t love Volume Two so darn much.

  13. Somewhere between the publication of Frank Miller s The Dark Knight Returns and the retirement of Bill Waterson, the funny pages died A few sheets of corporate wasteland occupy your Sunday comics section with barely a chuckle to be heard, while the closest thing you can find that could charitably be described as a funny book are Archie Comics, running on wheezes that were tired in 1960 What s mostly left is derivation in four color and grim faced anti superheroes angsting up the scenery.Halleluj [...]

  14. Surreal Absurd Insane Funny as Hell There s really no better way to describe Michael Kupperman s Tales Designed to Thrizzle This 2005 comic skewers just about anything But what makes it so incredible is that every joke is done with complete seriousness From parodying buddy cop movies with stories starring the duo of Snake n Bacon an actual snake and a crispy piece of meat candy as well as the unlikely pair of Albert Einstein and Mark Twain to the satire of mass media produced comics like a Bazoo [...]

  15. Read full review at thereadingarmchairFirst of all, there isn t a certain story in Tales Designed to Thrizzle This is a collection of funny, surreal and crazy stories, as well as various advertisements for imaginary and totally unnecessary products It s like watching a variety comedy show in comic book form But this doesn t mean that various characters from the sketches don t return with new adventures In fact, there are several running gags throughout the volumes I can t even describe how funny [...]

  16. Hilarious bits of absurd humor doled out in two three page bursts Kupperman is an adept visual mimic, skilled at turning out the heavy lined styles of old woodblock prints and over the top ads that used to promise hidden knowledge in Bronze Age comic books His sense of humor is fine too, wry, conceptual and always subverting the authority of the visuals that inspired him John Hodgman is a good comparison If you don t find a quick hidden history of Sex Blimps and Sex Holes to be promising because [...]

  17. Hey Barbara What does Sue got that I don t got Haven t you noticed Her breasts are oddly lumpy and smell like nuts You should try the FABULOUS NUT BRA Tales Designed to Thrizzle is a remarkably silly book Ostensibly an homage to the golden age of comics, each page is filled with incredible non sequiturs, sight gags, and random fits of rage Guaranteed to tickle your funny bone Print off this page and mail it in with 19.95 to receive your own wonderful copyEASE CIRCLE ONE YES Enclosed is my 19.95 [...]

  18. Not as good as later issues of the series or the Cartoon Cabaret, but still pretty funny Pointless anecdote I met Kupperman at MOCA and he signed issue 8 and drew two trains having sex and told me I would understand when I read it spoiler the issue has a part where two trains have sex Jason was signing next to him and had a way, way longer line which made me think that he must just be that much popular Turns out it was because he spent 20 minutes on a sketch he was doing for someone When I fina [...]

  19. This is off the wall nonsense, but it has it s moments of comedy If you re big on bee apiaries being used as hats or find sex blimps being a classy alternative to those ridiculous sex holes dug into the ground, then this is your book It jumps from one random topic to another, but it wears extremely thin about halfway through Maybe I should have done this in small doses rather than all at once, but suffice to say, as I love random events and random comedy, it just was too much Enjoy it for what [...]

  20. A blurb on the back of the book compared this to Monty Python, and at first, I disagreed, because it is nowhere near funny enough to be on the same level of Monty Python.But there are definitely similarities, not only in the absurdist humor but also in the recurring vignettes and self referential commentary It s a hermetically sealed universe of silly, with repeating themes, stories, and characters.So no, it s not quite at the level of Monty Python, but it s still really good for many of the sam [...]

  21. I really enjoyed these silly stories It s old fashioned laughs Mad Magazine via Monty Python and 1980s style indy satire of a Fantagraphics Raw Comics variety It s great fun, but all in a bunch like this it gets a little relentlessly random It s also hard to find any bite here it s good natured chuckling media and that take themselves too seriously broadwat shows, old fashioned comics, cop shows etc However, it s beautifully crafted and frequently brilliantly funny and highly recommended.

  22. Collecting the first four issues of Tales Designed to Thrizzle into a single hardcover volume is a fine idea, and confers a certain dignity that Michael Kupperman s strange cast of characters just somehow deserves As with other works by Kupperman, the quality of the content is all over the map some of these bits are unbelievably hilarious, others are just odd and not really very funny But Kupperman has such a unique and cryptic sense of humor that it works anyway, and even taking a large dose of [...]

  23. Don t want to be negative about something I enjoyed so much, but this in graphic novel form kind of works against itself I think it probably worked better in small digestible bits on the internet But so much absurdity bound together is a bit overwhelming Absurd is key word here If you don t enjoy absurd humor, you will not like this at all Some of the jokes sailed right over my head, but most of the humor is dead on.

  24. Yes A million times yes This is peak dada, absurdism, enmeshed in pulpy Silver Age art and the vulgarity of human existence Brilliant, hilarious, beautiful, and loaded with sometimes obscure pop culture I don t honestly know many people who would find this as funny as I do, but I wouldn t doubt that they are very, very odd.Snake n Bacon forever.

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