Sister to the Wolf

Sister to the Wolf Quebec In this rough town indien slaves are routinely mistreated As Cecile Chesne watches the branding iron burn into young Lesharo s flesh she knows she must act Defying convention the heads

Quebec, 1703 In this rough town, indien slaves are routinely mistreated As Cecile Chesne watches the branding iron burn into young Lesharo s flesh, she knows she must act Defying convention, the headstrong girl buys the slave s freedom and treats him as an equal Lesharo is Pawnee the People of the Wolf Sworn to protect Cecile, he accompanies her and her father, a couQuebec, 1703 In this rough town, indien slaves are routinely mistreated As Cecile Chesne watches the branding iron burn into young Lesharo s flesh, she knows she must act Defying convention, the headstrong girl buys the slave s freedom and treats him as an equal Lesharo is Pawnee the People of the Wolf Sworn to protect Cecile, he accompanies her and her father, a coureur de bois, as they leave Quebec for a perilous journey to the new fort at Detroit Fort society, however, makes Cecile and Lesharo miserable Torn between two worlds, they can only be free in the wild But freedom will not come easily One terrible night, Cecile is forced to make a dreadful choice

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  1. Maxine Trottier is the award winning writer of numerous books for young people, including Claire s Gift winner of the Mr Christie s Book Award , Laura A Childhood Tale of Laura Secord, the Circle of Silver Chronicles, and The Tiny Kite of Eddy Wing winner of the CLA Book of the Year Award A former teacher and an avid sailor, Maxine has long been fascinated by history She is now an associate member of La Soci t des Filles du roi et soldats du Carignan, whose purpose is to honour the memory of these courageous people While researching Alone in an Untamed Land, Maxine discovered that she herself is directly descended from a fille du roi.Maxine lives in the small outport of Newman s Cove in Newfoundland, with her husband William and their Yorkie Moon.

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  1. I added this book to my to read shelf after reading another one of Trottier s books and being impressed by her lyricism and delicate storytelling Sister to the Wolf is a beautiful retelling of 18th century life in Canada and the northern USA I really enjoyed Trottier s characterization of both Celile and Lesharo They were multi faceted characters who exhibited than just the status quo of the typical YA character Their friendship and romance was very well developed, and it had an emotional depth [...]

  2. I have a very good amount of reasons for giving Sister To The Wolf an amazing 5 stars It was rich in historical details, and will fulfill your every need for an amazing fiction novel First 3 Stars The characters were deep and the story very thought provokating It touched subjects like race, religion, Native American injustice as well as slavery while still keeping it s interesting tone and absolutely stunning characters Maxine also made it geographically interesting and showed the wilderness of [...]

  3. At first, I really liked this It goes from Quebec to Detroit and is very rich in historical details regarding French trappers, forts, the Miami Indians, and the Pawnee Halfway into it tho, I realized something Nothing interesting was happening Cecile and her father and an young Indian man travel to a fort Life at the fort sucks They move outside the fort Cecile cooks, cleans, does laundry, babysits the most demonic children, and is a total pushover Meanwhile, there is a mine is bigger than yours [...]

  4. well done, realistic, and compelling historical fiction.i enjoyed the details of life in 1700s quebec and detroit i liked both the heroine and her father, which is nice because so many fictional parents are awful there was a cross section of believable characters from the time period, including french settlers, various indian tribes, and soldiers i loved the local priest, who handed out severe penances with a barely concealed gleecommended for the younger teens and up, for some scenes of violenc [...]

  5. I love this book I just love the unbreakable bond between Lesharo and Cecile Throughout the whole book, you just know that Edmond can t really come between them Then there s the whole issue of racism, the ever present problem that divides the white man from the indian This book is so powerful to me, I can t even describe it Maybe if I go read it again, I can do better.

  6. this book was AMAZING and i loved it it was really cool to see how the Indians and the French Canadians interacted the girl in this book is awesome and well.just read it i finished it in half a day cus it was sooooooo good i also loved the ending

  7. I enjoyed reading this book again, again, and again It s one of my favourites Definitely worth reading

  8. The book, Sister to the Wolf, by Maxine Trottier takes place in the early 1700 The main characters of the story are C cile Chesne and Lesharo C cile is free spirited She rather stay with the Indians than at the fort and wears the Indian clothes as said on page 239 She is caring about others feelings and apologized right away when she had a disagreement with her father on page 34 She is strong willed and doesn t change her mind when it s made up The text directly state s Guilt will not work with [...]

  9. Cecile sees an Indian slave being branded one day and can t get the image out of her head She takes what money she has and buys him from the person who owns him And Cecil frees him But Lesharo feels that he owes her his life and must protect her When Cecil and her father journey to Fort Detroit for work, Lesharo joins them and they all experience this strange new place I didn t know what to expect going into reading this I just know the title caught my eye and I am really happy that I read it I [...]

  10. I read this book for the first time many years ago, and loved it Sister to the wolf is just an unforgettable story that has stuck with me throughout the years I think of it often, especially when I am learning about Canadian history the first nations and the fur trade especially Cecile is a wonderful main character, I love her strong headed female will power and loyalty Robert and Edmund are both great supporting characters, and the little boys are such cuties My favourite of course is Lesharo, [...]

  11. I was not a huge fan of this book The religion part of it was very pluralistic Cecile is Catholic and the guy she falls in love with is an Indian who worships his own gods Towards the end of the book, they do mention his interest in God, but that s quickly followed up by Cecile telling him that she will only share about her God if Lesharo the indian will continue to share with her about his Can anyone say King Ahab Also, iIf my daughter did half the things the girl in this book did, we d be havi [...]

  12. I thought this book was an amazing read It was very captivating and I had trouble putting it down I loved the character of Cecile because of her kind nature and her very interesting attitude It seems as though a ton of research was put into this book by the author which made it very believable and realistic The romance between Cecile and Leshero was a very interesting and exciting relationship to read about I also loved learning about the culture of the natives and the french Canadians in the 17 [...]

  13. I picked this up thinking it would be an okay book, but boy was I wrong It was such a good storyline, with some great messages The only thing that I didn t like was that the POV was a little strange It s like, it would switch from third person to first person to another first person, but stay all in the same chapter and format I didn t really like that But other than that, it was amazing

  14. The history, slavery, and attire described in this book gave it flavor to the unique almost twisted telling of beauty and the beast You have Lesharo, a captured and enslaved Indian boy and Cecil, a free and jovial character in the book who frees Lesharo The book contains humor with Cecil s father and shows Lesharo quickly venture out of his shell The plot has an ending that screams a sequel.

  15. Okai first thought when I had to choose this for an L.A project I said great I won t remember a single thing one sentence in to it But as I read I knpinda liked it I guess I am kinda liking romance novels now But I m coming slowly to it cause I kept forgetting in some parts But I loved this book and I hope you do too

  16. This book was amazing , I checked it out from the library thinking it would just be okay and something to read when I ran out of other books Boy was I wrong I absolutely loved it It was a very good storyline and had some great messages This would be good for YA which it s intended for and adults alike to read.

  17. This was a very interesting and well paced historical fiction about the French colonizing Canada and the trading between the French and Indians I appreciated the descriptions comparing Catholicism and the native belief system The characters are gripping, the action exciting, and the end very satisfying A good book all around.

  18. I adore this book I have ever since the day I first brought it home from the library and read it in, oh, three hours maybe It s the book I turn to when I have nothing else to read I own it now 3 and love it every single time.

  19. I enjoyed the time spent in the woods, journeying to Detroit The narrative waned for me when they arrived at the fort and the storytelling took a pseudo Jane Austin turn Meh I d recommend it to some teen looking for something like, but different, from the Twilight story arc.

  20. this book was really good, I have never read a book on historical fiction and I think it was interesting how Maxine Trottier made a book like that, even though many other authors have written historical fiction books as well.

  21. I love this book It was inspiring an heart felt It showed that love can reach over any and all ideas we have of love

  22. SOOO cool I just love this book I would buy it if I could Robert or what s his name is a great father And Lesharo is awesome.

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