In a Perfect State

In a Perfect State A novel of intrigue and suspense by the author of Vertical Run Red eyed and travel weary an American businessman arrives in Singapore from Manhattan unaware that he has been marked out for assassina

A novel of intrigue and suspense by the author of Vertical Run Red eyed and travel weary, an American businessman arrives in Singapore from Manhattan, unaware that he has been marked out for assassination twice.

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  1. Joseph R Garber was an American author, best known for his 1995 thriller Vertical Run and for the articles he wrote on technology for Forbes magazine.Garber was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, moving often as an army brat He attended the University of Virginia, but quit to join the U.S Army himself, eventually graduating from East Tennessee State University in 1968 with a philosophy degree Garber worked for ATT as a business long distance consultant and a writer for the ATT in house magazine He then worked as a consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton for a decade, writing fiction and non fiction freelance in his spare time After a prolonged flu, he quit his job and moved to Woodside, California, where he wrote for Forbes magazine and as a consultant in Redwood City, California until he was laid off.Garber had written a manuscript, In Search of Shabbiness, as a response to the Tom Peters best seller, In Search of Excellence On the advice of literary agents, he rewrote it as the novel Rascal Money.In 1995, his second novel Vertical Run, a corporate thriller, became an international best seller The book s setting is 200 Park Avenue, the address of Booz Allen It was bought by a Hollywood studio in the 1990s only to be shelved in pre production His third novel, In a Perfect State, was published in 1999 His fourth novel, Whirlwind, with a retired CIA agent as protagonist, was published in 2004.Garber died of a heart attack on May 27, 2005

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  1. Jack Taft has arrived in Singapore on business He doesn t know that someone has planted drugs on him a capital offence in Singapore and he now has the police and the local drug cartels after him A helpful air hostess who just dropped off his computer is caught up in the mess On the other side of the globe Jack s journalist girlfriend is trying to unravel what happened and uncovers a drug smuggling ring.While I did like the book and it was fairly fast paced, I found some of the characterisations [...]

  2. This book was quite a change of pace, artistically and in terms of the story s speed of movement from other books I have recommended I had read Vertical Run by Joseph Garber and enjoyed it immensely despite some strong similarities I thought it had with Die Hard, so when I saw In a Perfect State by Garber I decided to give a go What I found was one of the most original premise for a thriller I have come across, up there with Ludlum using the amnesiac Bourne wondering if he is an amoral killer A [...]

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