Whirlwind From the author of the New York Times bestseller Vertical Run comes this action packed adventure When a Russian spy stumbles across a top secret technology called Whirlwind disgraced former CIA opera

From the author of the New York Times bestseller Vertical Run comes this action packed adventure When a Russian spy stumbles across a top secret technology called Whirlwind, disgraced former CIA operative Charlie McKenzie is hired to track her down He is the best at what he does, and what he does best of all is the CIA s dirty work At least he did until his bosses dFrom the author of the New York Times bestseller Vertical Run comes this action packed adventure When a Russian spy stumbles across a top secret technology called Whirlwind, disgraced former CIA operative Charlie McKenzie is hired to track her down He is the best at what he does, and what he does best of all is the CIA s dirty work At least he did until his bosses double crossed him Jailed and disgraced to cover up a mammoth intelligence blunder, Charlie wants to get even.Opportunity knocks when Irina Kolodenkova, a young Russian spy, stumbles across a top secret technology called Whirlwind, the most important military breakthrough since the atomic bomb Charlie s the only one with the very special skills needed to track her down and retrieve it The desk jockeys who betrayed Charlie have no choice they have to put him back on the job But Charlie already knows too much Once he recovers Whirlwind, his enemies plan to betray him again this time for keeps.They put a lethal South African soldier of fortune on Charlie s trail His orders keep Charlie in your crosshairs until he finds Whirlwind, then take him down.However, Charlie has plans of his own, and he is not going to be an easy kill Quite the contrary

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  1. Joseph R Garber was an American author, best known for his 1995 thriller Vertical Run and for the articles he wrote on technology for Forbes magazine.Garber was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, moving often as an army brat He attended the University of Virginia, but quit to join the U.S Army himself, eventually graduating from East Tennessee State University in 1968 with a philosophy degree Garber worked for ATT as a business long distance consultant and a writer for the ATT in house magazine He then worked as a consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton for a decade, writing fiction and non fiction freelance in his spare time After a prolonged flu, he quit his job and moved to Woodside, California, where he wrote for Forbes magazine and as a consultant in Redwood City, California until he was laid off.Garber had written a manuscript, In Search of Shabbiness, as a response to the Tom Peters best seller, In Search of Excellence On the advice of literary agents, he rewrote it as the novel Rascal Money.In 1995, his second novel Vertical Run, a corporate thriller, became an international best seller The book s setting is 200 Park Avenue, the address of Booz Allen It was bought by a Hollywood studio in the 1990s only to be shelved in pre production His third novel, In a Perfect State, was published in 1999 His fourth novel, Whirlwind, with a retired CIA agent as protagonist, was published in 2004.Garber died of a heart attack on May 27, 2005

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  1. I did not think Joseph Garber could write another novel as good as Vertical Run I was wrong This is indeed a splendid read.

  2. What a fantastic book Nearly as good as vertical run Joseph R Garber was on a level of Baldacci, Flynn, Ludlum, and others in that group of amazing authors What a great loss to literature, I know he had much to contribute.

  3. Read his other book a few years ago and couldn t put it down This book was much the same way always leaving you wanting to know what was going to happen next.

  4. I was torn with this one For about 1 2 the book, I really enjoyed it I loved Garber s first book, VErtical Run, and was mostly pleased with this one for awhile But I hate torture and gratuitous violence, but I gritted my teeth and moved on I hate gratuitous romance you know, when a book appears to be a male fantasy Yech, takes me right out of the story But I continued gritting my teeth and read on Then, at about a 1 4 of the way left, the author shows us one of our protag s secrets, the reason h [...]

  5. Charlie MacKenzie is a former CIA operative who had been used to do a dirty job and sent to jail to cover up for his superiors mistakes He did his time quietly.A few years later he is out of the the CIA and in private life He gets a call from the President s National Security Adviser Someone has stolen one of the nation s most important secrets It was stolen by a Russian agent by the name of Irina Kolodenkova Charlie is given the task of finding this woman and retrieving the secret device.Throug [...]

  6. Disgraced CIA agent Charlie McKenzie had waited years for his former employer to call him and when it happened, Charlie made his employer pay big to bring him out of his mundane existence Charles is ordered to find a young inexperience Russian female agent and to bring her back with the secrets she has stolen Accepting the assignment, Charles real motives are to clear his name and to receive the recongnition he truly deserves If it meant aiding the Russian agent, then so be it I first noticed Jo [...]

  7. This book was hard to enjoy I had to limit reading to short periods The plot was unbelievable Characterization was thin, and again, unbelievable Older man hires on to capture Russian agent, but only accepts position after extracting unbelievably great compensation Because he is able to blackmail the system without any apparent risk, he is able to hammer out any bargain he desires Then, despite the deal he makes, he immediately and for no apparent reason falls emotionally for the agent he is hire [...]

  8. Throughout the entire book, I kept asking myself if there really could be a retired CIA operative like Charlie Makes for fun fiction, but can he really be one step ahead of a Russian spy all the time If you want to read a novel that makes you think of Burn Notice Michael Weston type guy in his senior years, this is one for you He got a bit paternalistic protective of the Russian woman, and of course she met his son toward the end of the book Lots of action, some political espionage, and a few ex [...]

  9. Agree with those who say its not the most compelling thriller, but it kept me interested most of the way Its really all bout how the Government hides it dirty little secrets, and when a man of integrity and wits threatens to expose them, the will stop at nothing to silence him Charlie is a character who is always several steps ahead of hi handlers and enemies, but he merts his match when Russian spy Kolodnikova, steals Whirlwind Good read for a rainy afternoon.

  10. Didn t realize until recently that Garber wrote a new book after Vertical Run, which I loved when I read it back in 1997 This one is definitely an action packed book, but poorly written story line with gratuitous violence and language Disappointing after how good Vertical Run, although it did keep me interested with some unexpected twists and turns.

  11. An unexpected pleasureI discovered this book by accident I had read vertical run years ago and I enjoyed it I found this book to be an enjoyable spy novel about a former spy who is called out of retirement to save his country A good story and a good author Take the time to check out vertical run as well.

  12. If you are in to the killing, revenge, cussing, killing over and over, than this book is for you I felt the story just kept going and going Charlie would get ahead, then Schmidt, then Charlie, then Schmidt Throw in Irina and Sam and several people along the way who got killed Schmidt had a whole army of people helping him and Charlie only had himself and Irina.

  13. I wish the author had books for me to read I love his writing style he has a great vocabulary, which he uses to express thoughts perfectly Whirlwind is a fast paced novel with an engrossing plot and likable characters.

  14. I didn t find this book anywhere near as good as his previous effort, Vertical Run I thought Garber was trying too hard to be cynical and satirical in the dialogue and the character s self examination.

  15. Must have read this a couple of years ago Got it yesterday at a used book store and started it last night Read about a page and a half before I realized I had already read it Must not have been all that great since I didn t even remember reading it.

  16. I started this in the late afternoon, finished it in the early morning hours sometime, and I can t remember a thing about it It was apparently a real page turner to keep me reading till I finished it.

  17. This was the second book I read by Mr Garber, and I liked it It was another spy ish thriller with much government intrigue It had a few twists, but mostly predictable Still an enjoyable read, and I plan to add of his works to my reading list.

  18. A run of the mill, predictable thriller from the author of sensational debut novel Vertical Run Charlie McKenzie, a CIA agent who is out of favour with the Company, decides to get even with his employers for double crossing him Interesting premise, bland execution.

  19. Really like Garber s writing stylegood scene backdrops and believable characters dialogueot development is at a good pacecommend to those who like some intrigue and action

  20. Cheesy action adventure spy thriller Don t look for deep thoughts or ultra cool gadgets This is simply a fun little read that will help lovers of Patterson and Sanford pass the time away.

  21. Listened to the audio version The narrator was ridiculous his South African character accent sounded like an Irish Australian pirate The author is also not a very good writer totally laughable.

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