Savage Heart

Savage Heart Lured by fortune Christa and her family leave the comforts of Boston for the rugged hills of the Pacific Northwest But tragedy strikes when her parents are taken by cholera leaving Christa and her b

Lured by fortune, Christa and her family leave the comforts of Boston for the rugged hills of the Pacific Northwest But tragedy strikes when her parents are taken by cholera, leaving Christa and her brother David with nothing but an isolated cabin to their names.

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Savage Heart

  1. Edwards began writing romances in 1982 and released her 100th novel, Savage Skies, on August 28, 2007 Although her earlier books were classic historical romances, the vast majority of her novels involve Native American tribes Edwards s grandmother was a full blooded Cheyenne Her first 99 books sold a combined 10 million copies as of August 2007, with her recent novels averaging sales of 250,000 350,000 copies.Edwards has won the Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award and the Romantic Times Reviewer s Choice Award, as well as being named one of Affaire de Coeur s top ten favorite romance writers Edwards has a reputation for meticulously researching the proper anthropological backgrounds of each tribe she writes about.Edwards and her husband Charles, a retired high school biology teacher, have been married for over 50 years They have two sons, Charles and Brian, and three grandchildren The family lived in St Louis, Missouri for over thirty years, but now reside in Mattoon, Illinois.

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  1. This was just an ok read This was my least favorite of Cassie Edwards savage series It was just average but I thought the end was pretty good though.

  2. Having read several of these Savage books, I found this one to be lackluster The four I have already read follow pretty much the same formula Indian kidnaps white girl, white girl fights at first but then surrenders and falls in love with him, some people Indians and whites disapprove of the union but in the end everyone lives happily ever after.Edwards does a nice job of describing colonial or Indian life, so thumbs up for research Generally, Edwards does a decent job with the lovemaking scenes [...]

  3. The dialogue lacked character emotion The story had potential, but was too plainly written for my taste I was annoyed at the overuse of proper nouns UGH How many times did the heroine say Tall Cloud UGH Pronouns, pronouns, pronouns they be a wonderful thing.

  4. because sometimes, your brain just needs junk food.updated i needed brain junk food, not brain poison oi

  5. I m really disappointed that I cannot get on with this author s writing style I love Native American romances and, judging by the reviews, these might be wonderful stories However, I get bogged down by the writing, which I find tedious and boring and slow.So, another DNF for me but I will keep trying.

  6. This book was too sophomoric and undeveloped Characters and actions weren t the least bit believable I got about 1 4 of the way through and gave up If you want a plot that keeps you wanting , don t read this

  7. It had been a long time since I read a romance novel and I think I picked the worst in the bunch Ugh Just don t

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