The Crimes of Love

The Crimes of Love Who but the Marquis de Sade would write not of the pain tragedy and joy of love but of its crimes Murder seduction and incest are among the cruel rewards for selfless love in his stories tragedy

Who but the Marquis de Sade would write not of the pain, tragedy, and joy of love but of its crimes Murder, seduction, and incest are among the cruel rewards for selfless love in his stories tragedy, despair, and death the inevitable outcome Sade s villains will stop at nothing to satisfy their depraved passions, and they in turn suffer under the thrall of love This isWho but the Marquis de Sade would write not of the pain, tragedy, and joy of love but of its crimes Murder, seduction, and incest are among the cruel rewards for selfless love in his stories tragedy, despair, and death the inevitable outcome Sade s villains will stop at nothing to satisfy their depraved passions, and they in turn suffer under the thrall of love This is the most complete selection from the Marquis de Sade s four volume collection of short stories, The Crimes of Love David Coward s vibrant new translation captures the verve of the original, and his introduction and notes describe Sade s notorious career This new selection includes An Essay on Novels, Sade s penetrating survey of the novelist s art It also contains the preface to the collection and an important statement of Sade s concept of fiction and one of the few literary manifestoes published during the Revolution Appendices include the denunciatory review of the collection that it received on publication, and Diderot s vigorous response A skilled and artful story teller, Marquis de Sade s is also an intellectual who asks questions about society, about ourselves, and about life Psychologically astute and defiantly unconventional, these stories show Sade at his best.

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The Crimes of Love

  1. Donatien Alphonse Fran ois, Marquis de Sade was a French aristocrat, revolutionary politician, philosopher, and writer famous for his libertine sexuality and lifestyle His works include novels, short stories, plays, dialogues, and political tracts in his lifetime some were published under his own name, while others appeared anonymously and Sade denied being their author He is best known for his erotic works, which combined philosophical discourse with pornography, depicting sexual fantasies with an emphasis on violence, criminality, and blasphemy against the Catholic Church He was a proponent of extreme freedom, unrestrained by morality, religion or law.Sade was incarcerated in various prisons and in an insane asylum for about 32 years of his life eleven years in Paris 10 of which were spent in the Bastille a month in Conciergerie, two years in a fortress, a year in Madelonnettes, three years in Bic tre, a year in Sainte P lagie, and 13 years in the Charenton asylum During the French Revolution he was an elected delegate to the National Convention Many of his works were written in prison.

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  1. It s officially, I am a great fan of Marquis de Sade and I want to read everything he has ever written At first I was quite surprised that he wasn t as controvertional as I was expecting, but as soon as I got in the book, there we go consented incest between father and daughter revengeful women that hate their daughters because they want to fuck their lovers puritan women that once had children before marriage and, the cherry on top of the cake was when at the end of Crimes of Love we have Mali [...]

  2. A k n Su lar n okurken s k s k kitap kapa na bakma ihtiyac hissettim nk al k n oldu um Marquis de Sade stilinden olduk a farkl bir stilde yaz lm yk y bar nd r yor kitap Hatta acaba eviri ya da yay nevi Cemal S reya ve Notos olsa bile kurban oldu da baz yerler atland m diye bile d nd m fakat birka ngilizce yoruma bakmam yle olmad n anlamama yetti Her neyse A k n Su lar , yk den olu uyor Ayr ca bu yk lerin sonunda Marquis nin Roman st ne D nceler ba l kl bir yaz s na yer verilmi Bu yaz kendisini e [...]

  3. I have read these stories, written by de Sade while incarcerated in Charenton, over and over again They are the only of his works that I truly treasure He wrote them late in a debauched life and they are infused with a melancholy moralism think Voltaire in a terrible mood , where few people have pure motives and virtually everyone meets a bad end , effusive, romantic prose can turn surreal and footnotes can meditate on dreams in a way that presages and far outstrips the insights of Freud I find [...]

  4. C est vraiment moins pire que je le pensais C est clair que je lirai d autres oeuvres de Sade, beaucoup trop brillant m me si les relations familiales sont assez tranges

  5. A putea spune c seria de nuvele cum le intituleaz editorii mai degrab povestiri m a captivat i chiar voiam s le las o evaluare de patru stele, dar am fost oprit de deja mult prea comuna tehnic prin care Sade i pedepse te personajele Am citit pentru prima dat ,,Justine i am fost impresionat, dar relativa moderare care i confer acelei opere un caracter moralizator i totodat elevat dispare n celelalte texte ale sale Pove tile de dragoste sunt p tate de mult prea multe vicii, iar tragismul este deja [...]

  6. Literatura sobre el amor es algo que no aguanto, resulta empalagoso y exagerado Pero los relatos de Sade no me da esa sensaci n y eso que su base es el amor Trata el tema de manera de manera muy original, yo le llamar a Terror de amor Todos sus personajes se enamoran, pero esta ceguera hace que todo acabe desastrosamente La famosa frase lucha por lo que amas y lo acabaras consiguiendo Pues bien, aqu luchan y acaban consiguiendo el desastre, el horros, la fatalidad Muestra muy bien el egocentrism [...]

  7. No sab a si ponerle 2 o 3 estrellas, finalmente me decid por 3 Resulta que el Marqu s de Sade pod a ser mucho m s sutil de lo que conoc amos En estos no tan breves relatos el sexo en su sentido m s com n no aparece sino insinuado, y muy marginalmente sin embargo, las narraciones nos hablan del m s puro goce Quiz sin parecerlo, sea esta la obra m s perversa del Marqu s, mostrando el lado m s tr gico de la perversi n.

  8. I decided to watch movies from a list I found on the internet of the most disturbing films ever made The most recent of which was called Salo, 120 days of Sodom 120 Days of Sodom was originally written by the Marquis de Sade I find that I m running into a lot of people who are not actually familiar with the Marquis de Sade, which includes my mother which, when you think of it, is the one person who should not know about the Marquis de Sade, right Anyway, the Marquis de Sade was a French author w [...]

  9. 3,5 toiles.Si je devais conseiller une dition pour lire Les crimes de l amour, c est sans h sitation celle ci que je choisirais contrairement aux ditions de poche, les 11 nouvelles y figurent, accompagn es de notes critiques tr s int ressantes La comparaison entre les passages du manuscrit des ann es 1780 et la version publi e en 1800 t moignent du d sir de Sade de devenir un homme de lettres, mais galement du changement d tat d esprit g n ral apr s la R volution le point commun des changements [...]

  10. Following a very poignant dissertation on novels and writing, Sade embarks on stories of remarkable human cruelty His hand is assured and his prose crisp We are in 18th century Europe and life is still a grandiose believable illusion of virgins to be married, war, revenge, love and death Sade paints the most virtuous people and the most decadent monsters with equal care to have characters with personal convictions, consistencies and occasional change of hearts Well orchestrated and well explaine [...]

  11. After reading Sade s other literature, I have found this book a bit watered down I do not feel it is Sade at his fullest However his philosophy is still apparent, though not very Still it was very enjoyable to read because of his reflections, and the stories, while watered down, were very moralizing and kept me wanting to know how the tragedy he put his characters through would end In virtue, or in sorrow Though to Sade these two words usually went hand in hand, I did not find it true in this bo [...]

  12. De Sada je uvek zadovoljstvo itati, ak i kada je ovako uzdr an i prora unat i kada uop te ne li i na ono razulareno stvorenje iz 120 dana Sodome ili Filozofije u budoaru Nekako sam uvek njegova dela do ivljavao prepu taju i se u ivanju u otka enim i preteranim re enicama, zapletima i situacijama, ne analiziraju i ga previ e ozbiljno, a trebalo je, jer on je o igledno imao ozbiljan duhovni i intelektualni razvoj ma koliko odavao utisak simpati nog ludaka i razvratnika.

  13. So doesn t have the Bantam edition of Crimes of Love that I read They only have this Oxford World Classics edition which seems to be much longer The book I read has 3 short novellas in it Eugenie de Franval, Miss Henrietta Stralson, and Florville and Courval Now, I had never read de Sade before I have read a lot of other people who had read de Sade, such as Angela Carter The Sadeian Woman , Octavio Paz An Erotic Beyond , and maybe a little bit by some continental philosophers like Deleuze and Fo [...]

  14. ahlaks zl n filozofu olarak bilinen marquis de sade n 3 uzun yk s n n bir araya geldi i bu kitap, onu tan mak i in iyi bir ba lang olabilir zaman zaman gereksiz detaylara girmi olsa da olduk a ak c ve merak uyand r c hikayeler bunlar cinayet, aldatma, ensest, doland r c l k gibi t rl su lar ahlaks zl savundu u iddia edilerek ge mi ten bug ne e itli evrelerce hor g r lse de hikayelerin sonlar g z n nde bulunduruldu unda su un savunuculu unu yapt g r ne kat lmak ok m mk n de il olaylar daha ok ins [...]

  15. I must admit, this book has been on my bookshelf a very long time bought due to my curiosity about the Marquis notoriety.The only reason I have read it now is that it was the book club selection for the club I run this month.I have to say, I was very disappointed After everything I know about the Marquis de Sade and his antics and reputation, I was expecting to require a fan and a cold shower The cold shower was needed to wake me up, not cool me down Not only were these stories not racey, they a [...]

  16. Un giro inesperado de Sade Nunca hubiera pensado toparme con un libro como este, pues es todo lo contrario a lo que el Marqu s escribi durante su vida, pero es de buen gusto saber c mo la gente tiene versatilidad para la perspectiva de vida y no se obsesiona con un solo t pico Los Cr menes del Amor son tres historias completamente diferentes al placer, la lujuria y el desenfreno est n basados en el hero smo del amor, la prueba del elegido y la recompensa del luchador Lo recomiendo ampliamente pa [...]

  17. Sem nota porque n o tive tempo de terminar o livro Lembro que gostei mais do que esperava, at onde li Da minha resenha no Bookcrossing Li os tr s contos mais curtos Me lembrou o lvares de Azevedo , s que melhor escrito embora n o acredite nem por um minuto que a condessa de Sancerre tenha se arrependido no final.

  18. Una faceta diferente del M rquez En cuatro relatos nos muestra ese lado oscuro del amor, las pasiones que se desencadenan a la par de este, siempre dando una lecci n moral al final de cada uno.Personalmente disfrute la mayor a de los relatos, aunque la manera de escribir del M rquez algunas veces se torna confusa en general te levantas de la mano en sus historias un buen libro para ver la otra cara de Sade adem s de su faceta de pervertido y blasfemo, siempre se encuentra la virtud.

  19. Sade n hikayesini ve David Coward Iwan Bloch imzalar alt nda bir Sade incelemesini i inde bar nd ran bu kitap, Sade n ya arken yay mlad kitaplar aras nda A k n Su lar asl nda on bir hikayeden olu uyorsa da, Cemal S reya n n evirisini yapt cildinde, s ras yla Florville ve Courval , Faxelange ve Dorgeville mevcut Hikayelerin ortak noktas , erdemin, bir ba ka deyi le iyinin k t ye mant kta galip gelmesi zellikle Florville in hikayesi enfes.

  20. Nice stories on the overall But if I could rate the last story of this book I would give stars The way he describes the evil in a man s mind is remarkable.

  21. These are superb Those who refuse to acknowledge Sade for his literary talents rather than as a mere pornographer , need to read these Sade knows how to tell a good story Miss Henrietta Stralson, Or the Effects of Despair An English Tale Set in London, this is the tragic story of an English libertine s attempt to seduce Henrietta Stralson handsome, clever, rich, etc at all costs She s already married to a Mr Williams, but Lord Granwel, Sade s lead rake, is determined to have her at any cost He l [...]

  22. I found this book and the style of this book interesting THE whole way through i had people saying oh you re reading the marquis de sade Sadistic man Blah blah And so i was trying to find THAT in the stories What I found was that he writes horrible stories that are extreme in the cruelty or whatever but due to the fact that the entire way through he has little interludes about humanity and morals etc it seems to me as if he is less sadistic and trying to get a point across by using extreme exam [...]

  23. This was the first de Sade book I ever picked up And it was not my last, although I haven t really gotten around to finishing many of the others And the stories in this collection still haunt me I wasn t sure what I was getting into when I first grabbed this book off the Penguin Classics shelf in my bookstore, but I doubt that it was this On the one hand, I had expected something akin to erotica mainly because people were so outraged back when he published his works and it was definitely not tha [...]

  24. three novelas, each less impressive than the last eug nie de franval is the best of the lot and most inspired, miss henrietta stralson exploring similar themes and plot devices but in a Less Good way, and florille and courval depicting a series of unfortunate coincidences, rather than individuals who are Obsessed By Cruelty at his best, de sade s writings here are incredibly filthy and depraved, so when compared with other others of the time no doubt have inspired countless other writers and fil [...]

  25. Quelques nouvelles abordant la fatalit , l inceste amoureuse et ou par l inconnu, donc fatalit encoreLe premier livre de Sade que je lis qui ne contient aucun passage rotique Bizarre Mais autant de valeur que du Maupassant ou bien du Poe.J ai souri, sourcill , eut quelque sursaut de stupeur et d incr dulit , les personnages sont pr s, il n est pas difficile de les saisir, de les comprendre et de s y identifier Notre compassion s offre m me aux malhonn tes et aux fautifs.Mais trop de vertu tourdi [...]

  26. While I am interested in reading of the Marquis de Sade s work after reading these short stories, I genuinely hope they aren t written in the same bizarre, EC Comics style that these stories are presented Dear reader, please stop here and don t continue on if you want to be spared the horrors of what happens next I mean, seriously All three stories are surprisingly accesible, content notwithstanding the first story involves incest The second, a compulsive rapist And these are the protagonists , [...]

  27. This is a selection from de Sade s book of short stories Les Crimes de l amour, and it is very untypicall for de Sade, for it seems it doesn t mock the virtue as usuall in his books, but to set it on a piedestal, comparing it as a supreme to evil and perversions Speaking of evil, this book seriously lacks the sick viciousness of his other famous works And what do we get when we strip de Sade s prose from all of it s controversy and perversions, torture, rape and insanity A quite boring book Only [...]

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