Creative Journal Writing: The Art and Heart of Reflection

Creative Journal Writing The Art and Heart of Reflection From the creativity publisher in the country comes our latest creativity bestseller Creative Journal Writing the ultimate book for those who are looking to use this powerful tool to heal expand an

From the 1 creativity publisher in the country comes our latest creativity bestseller Creative Journal Writing the ultimate book for those who are looking to use this powerful tool to heal, expand, and transform their lives In this exceptionally positive and encouraging book, Stephanie Dowrick frees the journal writer she believes is in virtually everyone, showing throuFrom the 1 creativity publisher in the country comes our latest creativity bestseller Creative Journal Writing the ultimate book for those who are looking to use this powerful tool to heal, expand, and transform their lives In this exceptionally positive and encouraging book, Stephanie Dowrick frees the journal writer she believes is in virtually everyone, showing through stories and examples that a genuine sense of possibility can be revived on every page Creative journal writing goes way beyond just recording events on paper It can be the companion that supports but doesn t judge, a place of unparalleled discovery, and a creative playground where the everyday rules no longer count Proven benefits of journal writing include reduced stress and anxiety, increased self awareness, sharpened mental skills, genuine psychological insight, creative inspiration and motivation, strengthened ability to cope during difficult times, and overall physical and emotional well being Combining a rich choice of ideas with wonderful stories, quotes, and her refreshingly intimate thoughts gained through a lifetime of writing, Dowrick s insights and confidence make journal writing irresistible and your own life enchanting Included in Creative Journal Writing are u stories of how people have used journal writing to transform their lives inspirational instructions, guidelines, and quotes key principles, practical suggestions, an

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Creative Journal Writing: The Art and Heart of Reflection

  1. Stephanie Dowrick Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Creative Journal Writing: The Art and Heart of Reflection book, this is one of the most wanted Stephanie Dowrick author readers around the world.

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  1. If you re a long time journaler like me , this book won t necessarily revolutionize the way you think about the process of journaling What it did do for me was give me some new ideas about how to both journal and think about journaling differently Some of the exercises were really useful If you re new to the game, this book will provide a nice introduction to a lot of things that journaling can bring to your life.

  2. The title sums it up well This is a book that I ll have close by when I m feeling stuck and need some inspiration there are thoughtful, thought provoking exercises throughout and a list of 125 helpful prompts at the end.

  3. Overall, I liked this book Flip to any page, and you ll find yourself inspired to pick up a pen and open to a new page Stephanie Dowrick encourages you to write with freedom I think instinctively is her most frequently used word , ignoring any of the voices in your head that say you have to do something The one main problem in this book is that, for those of use who picked it off the shelf expecting a treasure trove of unique techniques and intriguing exercises, it is a bit of a disappointment I [...]

  4. There are a few good pointers for journal writing in this book but on the whole, the author is very vague on just what journal writing is and how best to go about it The book is filled with exercises that are mostly just expanded or pretty much the same as the ones that are in previous chapters.There are some interesting journal excerpts from other writers, but the ones by the author are boring and poorly written Much like the rest of her writing in the book Save your time and or money, get a be [...]

  5. The first chapter of this book talks about how to use the book It encourages you to read the whole book all the way through and then to go back and to follow the instructions in the book That is what I have done with the book So, far I have read it through and feel motivated, so I plan to now start going back and doing some of the writing prompts For someone who has fallen out of journal writing and is trying to find the motivation in or back in I would suggest this book.

  6. I enjoyed this book There are some good ideas in this book it is easy to read you can become an active reader in this book if you want There are ideas along the way to pull through and it does not pull you down.

  7. 3 1 2 starsThis is a great book for beginning journal writers There are several exercises that may inspire someone new to writing Many of the exercises build upon previous exercises which could help improve the process of journal writing.

  8. Ho hum Possibly good for absolute beginners or for those who need to be convinced that keeping a journal is beneficial.

  9. This is a good book in its own way, but not really my cup of tea It s very much a guide to journalling as a means of therapy and self discovery, where my interests as a writer are rather down to earth The style is warm, however, and a person who wanted to expand their inner life would certainly get quite a lot out of it.

  10. Excellent and thorough overview of creative journaling with lots of ideas and prompts that inspired my journal writing

  11. Dowrick has a beautiful way with words She is very inspiring and encouraging, and for someone who is either new to the journaling experience or someone who has not journaled in a while, I recommend this book I actually recommend this book for writers, as well, because her writing style will motivate you and give you many ideas.

  12. Review of Creative Journal Writing by Stephanie DowrickI m not the sort of person who usually reads any book that might be labeled Self Help I consider most of what is found in those books a lot of nonsense Some I ve seen act like worrying about things is a conscious choice as if I like being anxious about things or don t have enough faith in God to let Him take care of my problems I m afraid those books have turned me off the entire genre.This book, however, is really helpful in how it sets out [...]

  13. The room fills with a haze of myrrh, a thick Saturday morning smoky scent that I dedicate to Hel, my great Goddess of Death With pen in hand and journal beneath it, I feel the freedom to begin my writing with purpose I know not what purpose, yet, but I do feel freedom The possibilities for journal writing are infinite, and setting the table with Hel s power will lend something to whatever ends up written or unwritten.Dowrick did not directly inspire this experience, but her book challenges its r [...]

  14. This book was a roller coaster of literary engagement When I started, I loved it I felt inspired, informed, ravenous for prompts to get me thinking deeper There was a lot of excellent information and points to ponder in here for sure Particularly, the bits that prompted you to probe your past and retire your inner critic I think those are both crucial to having a successful experience as a journalist It is absolutely essential not to judge yourself edit, because then you re not being your authen [...]

  15. When I began to read Stephanie Dowrick s Creative Journal Writing, I was quite pleased with her overall voice and tone which is soft and gentle in quality, drawing you in to the pleasures of a discovery based journal writing practice the furthest thing from the mind is a sense of obligation or doing it wrong She provides a series of wonderfully enlightening journal exercises, or really questions, focused on a specific topic, with encouragement to write down associations and noting your feelings [...]

  16. IF YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO KEEP A JOURNAL, BUT WERE AFRAID TO BEGIN, BUY THIS BOOKis book is geared to someone who has never journaled i started using this book a couple of weeks ago to get begin a new journal and get myself writing something every day even if it s just 15 minutes i love it i have been writing journaling since i was 9 so i am no beginner however, this book reminds even a lifetime journaler like myself why i journal there are so many prompts and exercises that are valuable and [...]

  17. I have to admit, this one was disappointing I have been a lifelong journal writer and occasionally I like to read books on keeping a journal to find new prompts and a fresh way of looking at things This is not creative journal writing, let me just say that This is a book for people who have never written in a journal before For crying out loud, the first almost 50 pages are to try to convince a person that keeping a journal isn t just for teenage girls Really One good part of the book is that th [...]

  18. So far, I m only on page 89, and I can t exactly say I m actually enjoying this book all that much Most of the time, the things I m reading are flying over my head and I ll reread a page and not think I ve read it and then realise I have There are FAR too many fancy words being used, that are suitable for a novel, than a self help book.One thing I have noticed though, not so much in my journal writing, but I am a writer of short stories and novels, my writing there has became freer I write what [...]

  19. It wasn t everything I had hoped it would be, but Creative Journal Writing is not terrible, and a pretty handy reference I have been an on and off again journal writer for some time, and was looking for some inspiration to keep with the habit, and to get out of my own way, as I think it would a keep me in the habit of writing in general and b make it easier to track life changes and such especially regarding mental health issues Creative Journal Writing started out all right, but Dowrick s instr [...]

  20. I ve been toying with the idea of expanding my journal writing from the weekly summary I currently write each Sunday This book has some interesting prompts, but I m not sure I m ready for such a big switch from my linear style Just reading about doing a prompt on freedom made me irritable On the other hand, reading the prompts about home inspired me to take care of some small home improvement projects that have been languishing I m also not sure I can handle the self knowledge she claims will co [...]

  21. As my children grew from preschoolers to high schoolers, entries to my childhood diary increased while my responses to writing prompts became and sporadic those one line prompts didn t always strike the right chord to get my creative juices flowing I started to rethink journaling and how I spent my writing time, and turned to these books for guidance.Read Literary Mama s full review here literarymama reviews a

  22. A fantastic book that not only develops a sense of the worth of writing a journal but guides you into it in such a way as to leave you constantly inspired and hopeful The author, an Aussie woman, has found a way to encourage rather than impel in a voice that appeals to the inner writer in us all She covers all moods and purposes for writing and looks at the long term gain, not just the short term outcomes Well worth reading by anyone whether you are just starting out writing or have been writing [...]

  23. I was bored in a lot of the book and my first impulse was to give it a two star But if this is the first book ever i had read on journaling i would have probably liked it a bit so i left it at three As it was i thought it was nothing different both from other books that talk about journaling and also for anyone who has been journalling for a while I think journalling regularly itself would lead you to experiment with writing and you might discover for yourself many of the exercises suggested.

  24. I only found about 20 pages to be of use for me I m not sure why I attempt to read how to books on journaling when I ve been journaling for years I ve been journaling for years, extensively since Oct 2008, so this the other book s I ve looked at recently are too much at the beginner level for me I like Dowrick s Choosing Happiness book and plan on reading another but ended up skimming a bunch of this Maybe why I look at these books on journaling is similar to why I look at books on interior deco [...]

  25. I own this book I ve also kept journals for many years And Dowrick opened a zipper in my mind and all kinds of wonderful things came tumbling out, demanding that I scribble them on my journal pages Maybe the book doesn t affect everyone like that, but it certainly revved me up Please don t allow the naysayers to ruin what could be a great experience for you If you don t want to buy a copy right away, at least read a library copy and find out for yourself what this book can do for you Who knows, [...]

  26. Book was full of practical advice for journal writing For example, I ve never thought to begin and end my journal writing with specific details of where I am, how I feel, what my environment looks, feels, or sounds like I ve finished reading the text and have completed some of the exercises I will keep this with my journal so I can continue to incorporate the exercises into my journal practice.

  27. A fantastic resource for journal writers or ones that desire to write a journal but need a bit of a push or a head start Has some great excerpts from other journals, some journal prompts and details what creative journal writing is all about This is my first book of Stephanie Dowrick and I really loved her style I ve already recommended this to someone I crossed paths with who wanted to get into journaling and she also found this book hugely motivating.

  28. read this awhile ago, but i still look back on it when i am feeling uninspitred, choose a prompt and just get to making marks on a page this book has made it easier for me to just let things flow as they will and perhaps i can find a gem or two good book basically reminds you to keep seeking and observing.

  29. As someone who enjoys writing a journal I found this book a very inspiring manual for Journal writing The author touches on the emotional and spiritual side of expressing yourself in writing a daily journal Examples for letters to another time and writing in the third person are suggested For anyone who is considering creative writing of any sort this book I would highly recommend.

  30. I got this as a way to reinvigorate my journal writing efforts since I was coming to the end of another book I ve been journaling for at least 10 years and still I found a few new ideas here that I hadn t thought of using before If nothing else, the prompts may come in handy for a journal jar or as a gift to inspire a friend to write.I enjoyed the stories shared by other journal writers.

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