Target The Death Star has been destroyed But back at the Rebel base the celebration is over The Alliance has intercepted a coded transmission indicating that the Empire is determined to discover which pilo

The Death Star has been destroyed But back at the Rebel base, the celebration is over The Alliance has intercepted a coded transmission, indicating that the Empire is determined to discover which pilot was responsible for the destruction of the Death Star New security protocol is in effect The details of the Death Star mission are now top secret, and no one is to knowThe Death Star has been destroyed But back at the Rebel base, the celebration is over The Alliance has intercepted a coded transmission, indicating that the Empire is determined to discover which pilot was responsible for the destruction of the Death Star New security protocol is in effect The details of the Death Star mission are now top secret, and no one is to know that Luke fired the decisive shot But that s hardly the Alliance s only problem Almost all their finances were lost with the destruction of Alderaan and they are out of money Their last hope is to access the secret accounts on Muunilinst, the former home of the InterGalactic Banking Clan, and the financial heart of the galaxy So Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, and the droids head for Muunilinst The Empire s top assassin will be waiting for them.

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  1. Alex Wheeler Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Target book, this is one of the most wanted Alex Wheeler author readers around the world.

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  1. I m not entirely sure why, but I found the idea of adventures taking place between the original Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back to be an appealing prospect While I ve enjoyed the New Jedi Order novels I ve read, I do have to admit that they lack the feel of Star Wars The Yuuzhan Vong seem much suited to Babylon 5 or one of the latter day Star Trek series This takes us back nearly to the beginning Luke is still learning about the Force and has a huge crush on the young woman who is, unbekn [...]

  2. PlotThis book starts from when luke skywalker distroys the death star The Emperor sets out a bounty hunter to the rebelions side to find out who distryoed the death star The bounty hunter X 7 says he is from the rebelion and forms a trust with Luke, Leia, and Han Solo As the gang ventuer in space looking for a datacard They land on Muunilinst and find out that a guy named Kenuun has the datacard While trying to find the datacard they kill Kenuun s pod racer They make a deal, if Luke wins the ill [...]

  3. I got this at the library as I am looking for chapter books to read to my 5 year old son at bedtime I pre read it at his swim lessons took me about 45 minutes to finish before starting it with him and I am very glad I did This novel is set at the end of Episode IV and follows Luke, Leia and Han on their first mission after the Death Star was destroyed SPOILERS AHEAD I really enjoyed the storyline, the characters felt true to the Star Wars universe and the fallout from the destruction of the Dea [...]

  4. 12 13 12I am currently reading a great book called Target first book of the rebel force series by Alex Wheeler The point I m up to is an alien named X 7 is hunting down Luke and if X 7 doesn t prevail at disposing of Luke, X 7 will give the imperials details about Luke which will be about just as bad So far X 7 has infiltrated the rebel base by pretending to be a rebel named S ree Bonard X 7 has got information how to find Luke but that s as far as I ve gotten Even though I know that Luke won t [...]

  5. I m a sucker for any book set within the original trilogy timespan Splinter of the Mind s Eye is still a favourite, regardless of its seeming irrelevance once Return of the Jedi came out I m fascinated by the chance to explore my favourite characters maturation before, during, and after the events of the movies I still read the books that take place 10 or 12 years later when Luke is a leader of the Jedi, and Han and Leia are Married With Children but nothing compares to this time period This boo [...]

  6. Great read At last a book series that connects the original Star Wars characters to the prequels I absolutely loved the beginning where we see Palpatine s reaction to the Death Star being destroyed Very seldom is Palpatine ever really angry, but this was fantastic The whole Rebel Force collection begins with Palpatine and Vader attempting to find the young Rebel who destroyed the Death Star So Palpatine recruits a loyal military commander to supply an assassin trained from birth to uncover who t [...]

  7. This was a nice filler book for between episodes IV and V They kept true to the characters voices and attitudes in the book Luke is still naive and at times whiney, Han is still overly sure of himself, Leia has a tendency to boss people around and snaps back at Han with classic Leia zingers It has a couple of prequel spoilers but they are quite minor and shouldn t stop someone from reading this book to kids who haven t seen the prequels About the only thing I really didn t like was that the bad [...]

  8. Three impressions from reading this first book 1 oh my this is gory considering the age group it is intended for and the traditions of Star Wars series for young adults this represents a departure The death count is high and fairly vivid, and the antagonists inability to feel pain allows him to mutilate himself I don t know if my own children would be allowed to read this series in third or fourth grade.2 On that point, why isn t Jude Watson doing this series, and why was the Last of the Jedi se [...]

  9. This book is a strong debut for a new children s Star Wars series It is a little violent than some of the recent series of its type, however this is definitely for the 9 year old group Specifically, there s a lot person to person violence, whereas the earlier series had a lot of shooting down droids.Regardless, the first book takes Star Wars back to its roots good guys, bad guys, Evil Empire The best touch by the author so far is Luke s hesitation to use his lightsaber, a weapon with which he [...]

  10. I read this because one of my nieces asked for the series for her birthday, and I was curious as to what they were like They are a fast read, and definitely aimed at the younger set don t expect any complicated plot twists or deep psychological examination And there are a couple of scenes involving the torture of the assassin character that explains how he came to be what he is, which might be a bit much for some young kids But overall I think kids will find it a fun read, especially if they are [...]

  11. Well, it is a kids book took me 2 days to read and my wife made fun of me for getting it at the library, but you know what I liked it It was a simple read, but the author really nailed the characters He did a great job of it actually It takes place right after New Hope with the Emperor wanting to track down the person who destroyed the Death Star I enjoyed it and look forward to the other 5 books.

  12. I found this book in grade 7 at a old book sale our school was running I loved it The book centers around the Rebels trying to receive funds after Death Star destruction Luke,Leia,Han Solo,and Chewbacca head to the planet Munnililist where the Empire s deadliest assassin is wating I love the backstory of X 7 and the presentation.

  13. this was a great book filled with action, fun and adventure i love the movies and figured this would be be a great read the characters get into an action packed adventure to retrive something for the alliance little do they know what they are truly getting into if you are a fan of star wars, this is a book for you

  14. So first of all its a total rip off Its a good book but its a rip off Its a continued story So X7 pretends to be a pilot so he could discover who blew up the deathstar and nearly killed himself.

  15. This was a total guilty pleasure read for me Set just after the events of A New Hope, it was nice to read a Star Wars book that actually seemed to somewhat plausibly connect to the original trilogy A geeky part of me also enjoyed the repurposing of images from the trilogy on the cover.

  16. Fun, light read, but it suffers from an enormous plot hole because we know that the reward for rescuing the Leia was enough to pay off Jabba and Han is still worrying about accumulating the money.

  17. This is a fairly enjoyable book As it s a children s novel it makes for a quick and easy read, the characterisation is spot on and the plot fits in well with established canon.

  18. I thought the writing was great, I could literally hear the characters in my head as I read I can see this being a great read for any kid who while loves the star wars movies but hates to read.

  19. My son and I read this together for his AR points and it was great fun We are both looking forward to starting the next one.

  20. A story of fantasy and different people, Target Star Wars Rebel Force 1 by Alex Wheeler is an interesting story I was looking through my personal library and found this book lying around so I decided to read it I always liked Star Wars, in fact when I found this book I was excited I always liked how it took place in a space type of setting, with different planets and races The characters also interested me I liked the relationships the different characters like the movies I also liked the charac [...]

  21. The characters that I connected with the most were Luke and Leia They are always getting into the action to doing what is right for everyone and not just them self s They remind me of my self sometimes I always want to think of the other people and not just my self I am never getting my elf in danger like them though A theme that kept occurring in the book was kindness There is this pilot who is the empires top assassin Luke was the one who destroyed the death star and the empire wanted him dead [...]

  22. When I was still new to the lore of Star Wars books, this book enticed me to read quite possibly although I still consider Lords of the Sith MY FORMALLY FIRST novelFor a children s book, this serves as a good distraction from the usual adult riff raff of Del Rey s Star Wars EU, and and the Junior and Young Jedi Knights series are the first formal introductions for children exposing them to the world of Star Wars novellas and audiobooks Rebel Force s books are set prior to the events after A New [...]

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