Las oscuras raíces del nazismo

Las oscuras ra ces del nazismo This book traces the intellectual roots of Nazism back to a number of influential occult and millenarian sects in the Hapsburg Empire during its warning years

This book traces the intellectual roots of Nazism back to a number of influential occult and millenarian sects in the Hapsburg Empire during its warning years.

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Las oscuras raíces del nazismo

  1. Nicholas Goodrick Clarke B.A Bristol , D.Phil Oxon is a professor of Western Esotericism at University of Exeter and author of several books on esoteric traditions.He is the author of several books on modern occultism and esotericism, and the history of its intersection with Nazi politics His book, The Occult Roots of Nazism, has remained in print since its publication in 1985 and has been translated into eight languages He has also written on the occultist aspects of neo Nazism in Black Sun Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity.He is Professor of Western Esotericism and Director of the Centre for the Study of Esotericism EXESESO within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom He lives in Southern England.

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  1. informative on the outer limits of political psychology A good follow up to Fritz Stern s the Politics of Cultural Despair, which covers some of the same topics.There is another good, and far briefer discussion of this material in an essay of George Mosse entitled, The Mystical Origins of National Socialism , in Journal of History of Ideas 12 1961 , 83 96 it is reprinted in several of Mosse s collections.No one goes further than Goodrick Clarke, however, in developing the outer reaches of this r [...]

  2. The title of the book is misleading A root denotes both an origin and a lasting foundation i.e remove the root and the plant withers but Goodrick Clarke s own contention is that neither is really applicable Instead, he views the proliferation of v lkisch theosophical Ariosophical occult sectarian communities in Austria as a symptom of its social and political crises related to the multi ethnic tensions of the Austro Hungarian Empire , and he suggests that it is mostly this manner in which it ant [...]

  3. This is an extremely thorough scholarly run down of the topic, meticulously researched with around 75 pages of references, which was quite impressive for a book of this nature.It is primarily concerned with providing a run down of the volkisch occult movement in Germany in the 50 or so years leading up to the second world war Charting the history of some of the players and thinkers behind the movement, which was mostly organised along ethnic and religious grounds, providing a framework for think [...]

  4. This is a detailed historical study of the ties between National Socialist ideology and esoteric groups operating in Germany, Austria, and the rest of Europe during the late nineteenth century The book clarifies many points which have been ill handled by popular writers no, links between beliefs does not equate to secret control by an occult organization , and also introduces many bizarre and fascinating groups which other historians have overlooked Among the best sections of the book is that de [...]

  5. Contrary to the title, the bulk of the book is actually about the revivals of Paganism and general Occultism in the German speaking countries from the late 19th century to the early 20th The NSDAP s inspiration from these movements does not come up until halfways through.I were aware of these already, but I had no idea how many of these Germanic Neo Pagan movements had a very clear political agenda behind them connected to the unification of Germany and the need to find a common heritage for the [...]

  6. This was somewhat difficult reading, particularly the primary sources, not necessariy because the ideas were complex, but because I struggled to find the frame of mind that would consider these ideas compelling, internally consistent, and socially useful.What I found most interesting from Goodrick Clarke s piece was his chronology of how the effort to make this occultist movement take roots within a wider context in its shifting names and forms kept failing As I was reading, I kept wondering how [...]

  7. Tak to bylo zaj mav Autor nejprve p edstav velmi podrobn exkurs do historie n meck ho a rakousk ho okultismu se zvl tn z etelem na d lo Guido von Lista a Jorga Lanze s podrobn m popisem v ech jejich ma blovsk ch n zor a p edstav, n sledn vy vihne velmi erudovan p ehled n meck okultn sc ny v etn spole nosti Thule, pak p ejde k osob Karla Maria Wiliguta, tedy osobn ho m ga Heinricha Himmlera, a za ne se v novat vztahu Adolfa Hitlera k okultn m v d m, zvl t pak ariosofie, aby zjistil, e Hitler prav [...]

  8. The book lays out quite clearly that there were some occult connections to the Nazi movement and that these were not just the creation of the writers of post war pulp fiction It was no surprise to this reader that so much of these occult beliefs could be traced back to Theosophy s Madame Helena Blavatsky Clarke details the debt that Guido von List and Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels owe to her even though they, like she, claimed such things came from visions What was quite a surprise was how much Austr [...]

  9. This book is very much everything you might want to know about the occult roots of Nazism if that s what you want to know about, that is and I wanted to know a lot about it A very competent intellectual history, and the author pours cold water over the idea that occultism was absolutely at the center of Nazi ideology, but he does explore what exactly the connections were Hitler found the ideas appealing and useful, but they did not absolutely shape his world view the way they did Himmler s, and [...]

  10. Il testo analizza attentamente e rigorosamente i movimenti razzisti e occultisti che hanno caratterizzato parte della Germania e dell Austria, ma non solo, tra la fine dell 800 e la prima met del 900 Comune allora era la tendenza degli studiosi ariosofi a inventare e a piegare la preistoria e gli eventi storici pi importanti a favore del popolo tedesco, in un panorama dove la chiarezza del capello e degli occhi erano sinonimo di bont e rettitudine mentre l individuo dalla capigliatura scura cost [...]

  11. Very interesting overview of the occult roots of Nazism up to 1945 Goodrick Clarke thinks of Nazi occultism as a very specific branch of Western Esoterism, mixing social darwinism, Nordic paganism and Blavatsky s Theosophy Esoterism expert Wouter Hanegraaff thinks very highly of Goodrick Clarke in his Dictionary of Gnosis Western Esotericism Goodrick Clarke has also written a even interesting second volume, concerning Nazi occultism from 1945 until now Black Sun Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism, and [...]

  12. Bom livro Fala sobre como a teosofia e outros movimentos m sticos ocidentais deram subst ncia e inspira o para a cria o de v rios grupos seitas cultos racialistas na Alemnha e ustria em fins do s culo XIX at o fim da Segunda Guerra No entanto, o autor tem o m rito de n o escorregar para o sensacionalismo como muitas obras desse tom fazem Ele analisando a quest o de forma acad mica e documentada O autor n o tira conclus es precicipatadas nem tenta dizer que esses cultos racialistas secretos seria [...]

  13. An excellent book which gives a very detailed look into the lives and thoughts many major players of nordic philosophy, magic, and religion, which in turn sharply influenced many of the leaders of the third reich I would consider this an essential book for the period The only problem I had was the occasional slip here and there where the author stops being objective and says what he really thinks Pet peeve, perhaps, but some of the comments had me scribbling all over the margins in response LOL [...]

  14. This book was not quite what I expected when I picked it up, but I m not sorry I read it I went in expecting a semi lurid tale only slightly factual than Indiana Jones, but came out with something pretty dry and academic about social undercurrents in the waning days of the Austrian Empire and the Weimar Republic.That said, it seems to me to be pretty scrupulous and academic, focusing mainly on obscure personalities and societies with two digit memberships between the 1880s and 1930s Very little [...]

  15. An absolutely essential academic work for serious students of the Third Reich which authoritatively establishes the links among the irrationalist and nationalist Germanic occult movements of the late 19th century, early Pan Germanism, the world view of Mein Kampf and the mythology of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei under Hitler s leadership The ancestry of the strange rituals of the Schutzstaffel and the massive pageants of the Nuremburg rallies can be clearly traced from thei [...]

  16. A very academically written book, which while can make for pedantic reading at times, is probably needed for such a sensational topic The real life oddities of ariosophy , the weird New Age y philosophy adopted Himmler and a majority of Nazis, are way out there than anything Indiana Jones ever encountered Runes, Atlantis, Tibet, oh my Highly recommended for anyone interested in this topic, one of the few non BS tomes about it I used these concepts as the basis for the Green Dragon Lamas of La C [...]

  17. Okunmas biraz zor Ezoterik retiler ile bir ok doktrin hakk nda n bilgiye sahip olunmas gerekiyor Ama yine de i eri inde bir ok nemli b l mler bir arada bulunmakta zellikle dikkat edilmesi gereken b l mler Guido von ListRudolf von Sebottendorff and the Thule SocietyAriosophy and Adolf HitlerThe Modern Mythology of Nazi OccultismTabii kitab okurken 10 kitapl k bir okuma listesi kard m da belirtmem gerekir zellikle Helena Blavatsky e ve al malar na e ilmem gerekiyor.

  18. Interessante, nei primi capitoli dell opera, la ricostruzione della cultura pangermanica, con le sue sfaccettature antiasburgiche e anticattoliche e il suo recupero creativo delle tradizioni germaniche.Opera utile per assegnare la giusta minima rilevanza alle cosiddette radici occulte esoteriche del nazismo, che si rivela invece, in questo studio, un movimento perfettamente comprensibile nella cornice della cultura tedesca otto novecentesca.

  19. Nicholas Goodrick Clarke has written an excellent survey of the early Volkish, pan German, proto Nazis that preceded Hitler and company before their rise to prominence in the 1920s The only trouble with this book is that it actually deals very little with the modern Nazis Though I suppose this book is after all the occult roots of Nazism Nevertheless I think the reader would be better served if this book was a bit longer and fleshed out the ideology of Hitlerian Nazis a little .

  20. Many books discuss the rise and fall of the Nazis in Germany, but this book discusses something very often forgotten That being the revival of interest in occult matters in the early part of the 20th Century The author raises several fascinating topics including Ariosophy and the various occult societies formed during that time This book is an excellent way for the history buff to round out his or her knowledge of one of the most important events in human history.

  21. Very scholarly and balanced this is probably the only book on this subject that is non sensationalized I had no idea of how many dynamics went into pre WWI Germany A must read for the entire world.

  22. Yes, read this one Vril Thule Nazi you ll understand today s politics which are based on the covert Nazi usurpation of US.

  23. Although very interesting subject matter, this is really really dry It was too dry for me to enjoy at all Maybe great for academic study this was a not an enjoyable experience.

  24. The Occult Roots of Nazism Secret Aryan Cults and Their Influence on Nazi Ideology by Nicholas Goodrick Clarke 1993

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