Death at Bishop's Keep

Death at Bishop s Keep Kate Ardleigh is not a Victorian lady outspoken egalitarian American and a writer of penny dreadfuls Aunt Sabrina invites her to Essex England for help with the Order of the New Dawn Aunt Jagger b

Kate Ardleigh is not a Victorian lady outspoken, egalitarian, American, and a writer of penny dreadfuls Aunt Sabrina invites her to Essex England, for help with the Order of the New Dawn Aunt Jagger beats the servants to suicide, and someone feeds her Death mushrooms Next door, Sir Charles photographs a fresh body in an archaeological dig, and seeks his killer.

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Death at Bishop's Keep

  1. Robin Paige is the pen name of husband and wife team Bill and Susan Wittig Albert.The Robin Paige Victorian Edardian mystery series was written by Bill and Susan Albert from 1994 2006 There are a dozen books in the series now completed , beginning in the mid 1890s and continuing through 1903.The series, beginning with Death at Bishop s Keep features two amateur sleuths Kate Ardleigh Sheridan and Sir Charles Sheridan, later Lord Sheridan , Baron of Somersworth Kate is an Irish American woman who writes under the pseudonym of Beryl Bardwell She comes to England and inherits a small fortune and the estate of Bishops Keep, located in East Anglia, near the village of Dedham, Essex Sir Charles is a landed peer and amateur scientist with a special interest in new forensic techniques, such as fingerprinting, ballistics, toxicology, and photography In each of the 12 books in the series, Kate and Charles meet notable figures of their time as they set about solving the relevant mystery.

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  1. To me these are than a cozy mystery The husband and wife team that write under the pseudonym of Robin Paige put a great deal of research into each of these Each centers on a different historical person or event and they do not scrimp on these details That is what them so endearing and comfortable.You may ask why only a three stars rating I wanted to leave room for the others in the series Also in this first entry they had to set up the backgrounds of the two main characters Although necessary, [...]

  2. Recently re read this series of historical mysteries and once again was quite taken with the main character, Kate, an independent woman living in Victorian England The earlier books are my favories, with Kate squarely in the spotlight and our other hero, Charles a man whose interest in science and photography give him a great edge in investigating crime scenes playing a secondary role Later in the series, Charles role grows and Kate s seems to fade a bit While each book is enjoyable on its own, [...]

  3. This was fun I debated a bit between three and four stars, but in the end I rounded up.For two reasons, I was sold on the characters, and this is how I like my convention flouting.Seriously, it s kind of great Our heroine has modern attitudes, but for reasons that make complete sense given her background, upbringing and personality She s American, and only goes to England because a long lost aunt offers her a post as a secretary there She wasn t born into the upper classes and has always had to [...]

  4. A female, penny dreadful story writer in the late 19th century heading for the 20th with a good attitude about women s intelligence and rights Good character, smooth writing style, and interesting information I especially like the way the character paid close attention to what was going on around her as research for her stories And it looks like a long series Will it hold my attention Well, she goes off to England and comes into money That may take away from the spunky, hard working writer with [...]

  5. A thoroughly enjoyable read Well written and fast paced with two very likable lead characters in Kathyrn Ardleigh and Sir Charles Sheridan.I really liked the fact that I was actually stumped as who the guilty party was right up until the revelation was made.There s 12 books in this series, if the remaining 11 are as charming as this one, I cannot wait to begin reading them.

  6. Robin Paige is the pseudonym of husband and wife writing team Susan Wittig Albert and Bill Albert This is the fourth novel in the victorian england series they co write.I really like Wittig Albert s Beatrice Potter Series and someone at Murder By the Book suggested this series to me It is the first one I have read and I will be reading others Kate Ardleigh is an American who writes She is trying to eke out a living to do what makes her happy and to be independent She thinks she is above typical [...]

  7. I ve said before that I think the first book in a detective series has a very tough job to do It s got to establish character and history, it s got to set out the author s logical credentials as a mystery writer, there needs to be Atmosphere, and these days it also needs to set up some form of romance developing relationship that is both developed enough to be satisfying, and tentative enough to draw readers into the next installment Whew So perhaps it s no wonder that most don t quite pull it o [...]

  8. I read this series a while ago I remember being upset when the author s announced there would not be any Kate Ardleigh Charles Sheridan books but I didn t remember enough of this one for it to feel like a re read The main character is an independent young woman from the United States who is employed by her aunt in England to do secretarial work Kate hadn t known about her English relatives and goes over without committing to staying Her aunt is involved in the Order of the Golden Dawn, a spirit [...]

  9. American Kate Ardleigh writes penny dreadfuls until estranged aunt Sabrina Ardleigh invites her to England, for help with her secretarial position for the Order of the New Dawn But Sabrina s vicious sister Mrs Bernice Jaggers abuses and beats servants some blame their malicious mistress for shaming maid Jenny into suicide last year, despite the eagerness to marry of Jenny s beau Tom Next door, visiting Sir Charles finds man s body in his archaeological dig Charles on the trail of the killer and [...]

  10. I really enjoyed reading this book written by Robin Paige who is Susan and her husband Bill Albert I ve been looking for new historical mysteries to read and Susan Albert was recommended to me by a friend Susan writes many mysteries set in different time periods with different aged women detectives She has a series set in the present day, late 1800 s and early depression Death at Bishop s Keep is the 1st of her historical series set in American and later in England The main character, Kate is in [...]

  11. Review I was very pleasantly surprised by this novel I thought it would be a kind of chic lit with some mystery in it, but it isn t It s primarily a crime mystery book with essences of romance I love Kathryn as a character and I am intrigued to know about Charles Sheridan, who I hope features prominently in future books I just stumbled across this series by accident, but if the rest are as good as this then it s a great little series.Genre Historical Crime MysteryCharacters Kathryn Ardleigh Be [...]

  12. When America Kathryn Ardleigh is brought to England to act as her previously unknown aunt s secretary she see it as a great opportunity to meet her long lost relative and to do some research to help her in her secret occupation as a writer of penny dreadfulls.Assisted or assisting sir Charles together they must discover the identity of a mysterious murdered man.This is a great murder mystery and the attitude to women in Victorian England is frightening but Kathryn is a wonderful breath of fresh [...]

  13. This is a light weight, but interesting historical mystery series What makes the series outstanding is the authors blend of real characters and extensive research into the stories Folks like Rudyard Kipling, Winston Churchhill and the Prince of Wales show up An excellent series for those of us who love historical mysteries.

  14. A fine, gentle, Victorian series Kate is just sedate enough to be believable as a 1800s lady, and than modern enough to scandalize her societal counterparts I mean, really How dare Kate wear a skirt short enough to show an entire inch of ankle

  15. Gewoon een heerlijke detectiveroman die zich afspeelt aan het einde van de 19e eeuw met een vrouw in de hoofdrol die zich niet neerlegt bij de beperkingen van haar tijd Nooit superspannend maar wel onderhoudend.

  16. I love the style of writing and humor in this book Love the main character and her American ways Definitely want to read the whole series.

  17. 3 3.5 starsPromising start to a series of mysteries featuring Kathryn Kate Ardleigh and Sir Charles Shreridan The author, Robin Paige, is the pseudonym of husband wife writing team Susan Wittig Albert and Bill Albert I find that interesting alone Wonder if they take turns writing the scenes Or if he writes Sir Charles and she writes Kate Kate is a twenty something American living in New York Her English father died before she was born, and her Irish mother died hen she was five Kate was raised b [...]

  18. New York in the 1890s, Kathryn Ardleigh is not the expected gentlewoman of the times to be, she is a writer Not just of nice woman fiction but of the penny dreadfuls filled with violence, romance and adventure She writes under the name of Beryl Bardwell as it is a career that is frowned upon for women Kate has found it has paid her bills since her previous employer passed away, leaving her without a job To go back to being a secretary companion or governess was just too dreary.She finds herself [...]

  19. I have mixed feelings about this story I agree that it was slow moving ahead but as another reviewer mentioned it is an introduction to a series and the authors needed to set a groundwork Other authors have had to do it too but are subtle.Kate encompasses all of the qualities that writers of this genre use unruly red hair, intelligent, unadorned, modern, non conformist, straight forward, independent, non traditional It has become a bit of a cliche.One thing that bothered me about the story was [...]

  20. This book sounded really interesting to me, but turns out to be a bit slow moving for my taste and I did not finish it.This isn t a bad book, necessarily, but I think was just not a fit for my tastes.The author includes a large about of detail descriptions of meadows, trains, rooms, clothing, etc and sometimes that works for me In some books that feels natural and necessary and fits In other books this being one of those for me the heavy detail is boring and distracting.I also found the action i [...]

  21. Ultimate Reading Challenge 2017 First book in a series you have not read before.A murder mystery set in Victorian England Kathryn Ardleigh, unbeknownst to her friends and family, writes penny dreadful or as they are known in England, shilling shocker Since it is a rather disreputable occupation for a woman she wants to keep this secret Though she does not seek employment, she is contacted through a detective by the lawyer of a previously unknown relative Miss Sabrina Ardleigh, her aunt, has aske [...]

  22. I liked this book While Kate was independent, and utterly radical, the supporting characters reacted in a way that was totally realistic for the time The mystery was good I guessed the murderer at about of the way through the book, but I thought, No, it can t be , and well plotted I liked most of the supporting characters, especially the Marsdens.There was a lot about the occult in this book That s why I went four stars instead of five While the Order of the Golden Dawn is factual and rather tam [...]

  23. I actually think about 3 1 2 would be the best rating There are places when you just get vested in the story line and then it changes to another story line This makes it a bit confusing in places but it also works to build the suspense longer There are also places where the description of the places in Victorian England are wonderful, detailed, and somewhat distracting to the mystery So if you can keep straight all that is going on, it s really a wonderful cozy mystery Also, there is quite a bit [...]

  24. Came across this while looking for light reading and have read most of the books in the series I liked the setting, having done the Constable walk Manningtree to Dedham and back along the river Stour I also liked the historical elements and the research that went into the books However, the plotting, especially in later books, is not very good and there isn t much mystery Very light reading.

  25. First in a series set in the 1890s which reflects the technological and societal changes happening in England at the time Gothic mystery in which Kate, the main character, leaves New York to be secrtary and companion to an aunt who is caught up in spiritualism A modern woman who has been supporting herself while writing penny dreadfuls, Kate is naturally interested in an unidentified body found in the neighborhood, and in learning about new advances in crime detection.

  26. Loved this series set in late Victorian England It has a strong female lead, an American who inherits an estate in this country and then marries an amateur detective and scientist with a title A strong background that feels real, although the use of American terminology by some of the English characters tends to grate somewhat It was so good that I read all of the series 12 of them in a few weeks.

  27. I didn t actually like any of the characters in this book, there was nothing about them that I found engaging, which really made this book a drag Kate s constant referral to herself as though the name she writes under were a completely different person irritated me It felt like she was disconnecting from a part of herself The rest was pretty blah and the tiny chapters of which there were a million okay it was 58 got on my nerves.

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