Death at Daisy's Folly

Death at Daisy s Folly Sir Charles Sheridan is many things an amateur scientist a renowned photographer and a skilled detective And due to Victorian customs he will soon become a baron rendering him unable to marry Kate

Sir Charles Sheridan is many things an amateur scientist, a renowned photographer, and a skilled detective And due to Victorian customs, he will soon become a baron rendering him unable to marry Kate Ardleigh, an American writer of the popular, yet frowned upon penny dreadfuls Even as the customs of the time keep them apart, a good murder case always seems to bringSir Charles Sheridan is many things an amateur scientist, a renowned photographer, and a skilled detective And due to Victorian customs, he will soon become a baron rendering him unable to marry Kate Ardleigh, an American writer of the popular, yet frowned upon penny dreadfuls Even as the customs of the time keep them apart, a good murder case always seems to bring them together

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Death at Daisy's Folly

  1. Robin Paige is the pen name of husband and wife team Bill and Susan Wittig Albert.The Robin Paige Victorian Edardian mystery series was written by Bill and Susan Albert from 1994 2006 There are a dozen books in the series now completed , beginning in the mid 1890s and continuing through 1903.The series, beginning with Death at Bishop s Keep features two amateur sleuths Kate Ardleigh Sheridan and Sir Charles Sheridan, later Lord Sheridan , Baron of Somersworth Kate is an Irish American woman who writes under the pseudonym of Beryl Bardwell She comes to England and inherits a small fortune and the estate of Bishops Keep, located in East Anglia, near the village of Dedham, Essex Sir Charles is a landed peer and amateur scientist with a special interest in new forensic techniques, such as fingerprinting, ballistics, toxicology, and photography In each of the 12 books in the series, Kate and Charles meet notable figures of their time as they set about solving the relevant mystery.

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  1. I m hiding this behind a spoiler cut because I do mention very mild spoilers between the two main characters later in my review.This is the third book in a very enjoyable series, and probably my favorite thus far This series has a habit of inserting real life historical figures into the stories, and this book was no exception This time both Prince Albert as well as his mistress, Daisy, Countess of Warwick play starring roles The bulk of the novel takes place at Daisy s estate, Easton Lodge The c [...]

  2. I continue to enjoy this series, however, this one is a bit problematic I continue to enjoy the major pairing however, when this one introduced the obstacle to their relationship, I genuinely thought Well, that feels ridiculously contrived Not ideal is all I m saying.The book did redeem itself when the two characters involved seemed to realize the ridiculous contrivance In fact, the ridiculous contrivance is done away with at about the 50% park, when the two characters do the almost unthinkable [...]

  3. Gently, historical cozies are fab for me I love cozies of all types since I tend to learn or yearn from each one I learn something new and I tend to yearn to learn whatever skill that is the premise of each I do learn from this series and I am fairly certain I do not yearn for Victorian timespoor or rich with no real in between really Feelings had to be couched in vague phrasing, bleahBut one of the reasons that I enjoy this series is that the main character, Kate Ardleigh, bucks the system She [...]

  4. Have binge read the first three books today, and although the mystery at the centre of this book was very intriguing Prince Albert with his mistress Daisy , the pompous Prince and his attending courtiers just put my back up I didn t really like any of the secondary characters, and the plot itself, while revealed in the end, just seemed to be so blown up and out of proportion with the motive that it totally blew my suspension of belief out of the water.On the plus side, we do see a bit of conflic [...]

  5. Review I really enjoyed this one, I think at least in part because it was a connection with something real there are any number of books about the future Edward VII Prince Albert Edward aka Bertie and it was really interesting to see what life around him could have been like in a fictional form I also loved the developing relationship between Kate and Charles and I can t wait to see where that goes next Genre Crime Mystery HistoricalCharacters Kate Ardleigh Charles Sheridan Prince Albert Edward [...]

  6. Who knew the upper society of Victorian England was so embroiled in infidelity Apparently there were simultaneous demands for virtue and blind eyes for vice This book, as the preceeding two in the series, is a historical fiction The book centers largely around Lady Frances Daisy Brooke, the Countess of Warwick She throws a party for her lover, the Prince, and invites various people Death and murder mar the party and Charles and Kate are charged with solving the crime without letting any informat [...]

  7. Not so poor as its predecessor the characters were engaging and the setting rather less blatantly full of anachronisms and a lack of local and historical research It still wasn t the best thing I ve ever read by a long shot, but it s a notable improvement for the couple who write this series 3.5 stars.

  8. It wasn t my favorite of the series so far I didn t like the views expressed by Charles towards the end of the book It seemed a little too manufactured I got the sense that it wasn t a knighted British peer speaking to me, it was the author s telling me what they thought Which I wouldn t mind, but this book is pre 9 11, if you get my meaning.

  9. Another solid entry in this series This time around the mystery involves the Prince of Wales and the upper echelon of British society Charles and Kathryn work together in closer proximity and the reader gets a good sense of how they work so well together as a couple.

  10. The Prince of Wales, the British upper crust, servants hall, socialist plots, revolutionaries and a series of murders The transplanted American must try to undertand all of the undercurrents and work out a satisfactory conclusion at a weekend house party.Still enjoying the ride

  11. Death at Daisy s Folly by Robin Paige is the third book of the Victorian Mystery series set in England Kate Ardleigh is an American woman who moved to England to work as her aunt s secretary, then later inherited her aunt s English estate Her American ways set her off a bit from the English high society in which she now finds herself She has found a close friend in Sir Charles Sheridan, an English high society gentleman interested in photography and forensic science They have worked together twi [...]

  12. This is another enjoyable mystery novel the third in the Victorian Mystery Series from the husband and wife team who writes under the pseudonym Robin Paige In this installment, the two main characters, Kate and Sir Charles, are guests of a weekend party at the home of Daisy Brook, Lady Warwick There is a murder on the first day the groom to the Prince of Wales is found dead in the stables At first, the guests believe he was kicked by a horse, but Sir Charles believes it was murder The Prince app [...]

  13. If I switch off my critical faculties then I will agree that this is a pleasant read, a fun read even It is a hist myst set in the UK during the last years of Queen Victoria It deals with real people and is about a nasty episode of murders which occurs during the Prince of Wales s visit to his mistress s country home.As it is written by Americans we have the obligatory sprightly American heroine who is not a real lady that helps the writers get around any errors about class structure We also hav [...]

  14. Oh, spiffing I just love good old fashioned country house murders There s nothing like the upper crust bumping each other off in delightful settings.This wouldn t be Robin Paige though if the less privileged were totally ignored These authors seem to be full of social consciousness as well as didactic fervour, and so we continue to follow the not always so idyllic conditions of the servants, we learn about the awful workhouse system and get a better understanding of the need for social reform so [...]

  15. This is the third book in the Victorian Mystery series Kate, an American who has inherited her aunt s estate and Sir Charles Sheridan have been invited to the Earl and Countess of Warwick s estate for a country retreat The esteemed guest of the party is the Prince of Wales, who has the Countess Daisy as his mistress The book opens with the death of a stable boy, initially thought of as an accident There is another death as the book progresses We get to see a fascinating take on how the upper upp [...]

  16. This was a good read, but not nearly as good as the first book in the series I ll divide this into the didn t enjoy and the enjoyed.Didn t enjoy the author spent considerable time on the intimate intrigues between the various couples I really didn t see a need for this I was after a good who done it and not the extramarital affairs of 19th century English nobility The ending was a bit of a let down.Enjoyed the historical development was awesome Midway through the book I decided to google some of [...]

  17. Really liked this book Mix of fiction with real historical characters involved in this case Bertie, the Prince of Wales, Queen Victoria s son and his current lover, Frances Brooke, Countess of Warwick It was almost funny to find the hero starting to use forensic techniques that we take for granted today ballistic, finger prints, etc The heroine is a plucky young American of Irish decent She and Charles Sheridan, the hero, have apparently banded together in earlier books to solve crimes Both are [...]

  18. This third book in Robin Paige s Victorian mystery series is good as a representative of the genre of light, cozy mystery reading It is not as well done as the second book Death at Gallows Green , in which Beatrix Potter makes an appearance At Daisy s Folly, the guest stars are Daisy Frances , Countess of Warwick, a woman who meant well but had poor financial and other judgment, and her famous lover, Bertie, the Prince of Wales Queen Victoria s son of many and varied and questionable appetites T [...]

  19. This was a pretty good mystery and a nice addition to this series by Robin Paige I enjoyed reading and learning about the Prince of Wales Bertie and also about Countess Daisy Warwick, one of his many mistresses Once again this book give a very interesting glimpse into the lives of both the upper class and the serving class during the Victorian period in England.My only problem with the book is that the murder mystery itself didn t really hold my interest all that much and I found some of the di [...]

  20. A pleasant historical mystery series continues, this one featuring prominent historical figures the duke and duchess of Warwick and the Prince, perhaps amongst others Murder at a big high society weekend house party what could be routine for a British mystery It s the characters and the progress of the investigation, and the fiddling details of the plot, that make such things fun to read And view spoiler to my relief, it only took the authors three books to get Kate and Charles engaged Some of [...]

  21. This mystery series has not been knock my socks off good, but it has been enjoyable Each book is short, but not too short 270 290 pages If they were any shorter, the mysteries would feel rushed If they were any longer, they would lose their light feel by dwelling too much on the mystery or characterization I am especially pleased at the way the relationship between the two protagonists, Kate and Charles, has developed Both characters are described as independent and intelligent Given that, it s [...]

  22. The Prince of Wales is enjoying himself at a country house weekend, that is until a stableboy is brutally murdered And this is followed by one of the guests meeting his end.Not wanting the police involved, in case of any scandal for himself, the Prince appoints one of the guests, Sir Charles Sheridan, to solve the case Sir Charles has with him his friend, and close lady friend, Kate Ardleigh, who he wishes to marry but who he does not know is a writer of popular fiction Kate feels that should he [...]

  23. The second in this series features a house party with Marlborough set including the Prince of Wales A stable boy of the Prince is killed while visiting his mistress the Countess of Warwick At first it seems an accident but Charles is asked to investigate by the Prince Kate is also a house guest This is taking place at the time of the famous visit to the workhouse When another houseguest is killed the Prince commissions CHarles as a law enforcement agent and Kate is drafted as his assistant Did n [...]

  24. 3.75 starsThis is an enjoyable and well done historical cozy series with likable hero and heroine Charles Sheridan and Kate Ardleigh They are both unconventional personalities who don t care much for the strictures of society and are strongly drawn to each other This novel spotlights the based on reality Marlborough set with its marital shenanigans, including the well documented liaison between the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Warwick.The mystery plotting is suitably complex, with good cha [...]

  25. This book in the Victorian series is moving the relationship of Sir Charles and Kate Ardleigh along as they both come to realize each others strengths in spite of what the rules of the society say is proper or not In this story, Prince Albert figures prominently as the story take place at his mistress estate of Easton When the young groom for his Highness hunter is found dead this starts the investigation Sir Charles is ordered by the Prince to get to the bottom of this and when another death of [...]

  26. Third in the series, nice to see the continuing story arcs instead of just being rehashing the same plot over and over I really do like this series and the characters are really well done overall Parts of it were a little repetitive Of course the women were afraid of scandal than the men Going against social norms would obviously affect them and it was a little judgmental given the historical players they chose to insert in the story Still liked it and would recommend it for people who liked t [...]

  27. Finding this series very charming, especially since each mystery involves real people from the time period I especially like this book, because the relationship between Kate and Sir Charles comes to a headThe mystery has a bit of a twist, but mostly, it s not about whodunnit , it s about the journey to get there And unlike Sherlock Holmes stories, the science is explained concisely and in layman s terms.Good show good read

  28. It took quite a while for this book to really get going It got quite bogged down in the semantics of the house party and the people involved until at least half way through.The authors do work in real life people events in a thorough manner.I m also glad that the relationship of Kate Charles isn t bogging down the story with sex scenes and such I ll see how this progresses in the next books.

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