The Body in the Bouillon

The Body in the Bouillon Murder Served Piping Hot Minister s wife sometime sleuth and culinary artist Faith Sibley Fairchild is intrigued by rumors of mysterious doings at Hubbard House an elegant secluded retirement home

Murder Served Piping Hot Minister s wife, sometime sleuth, and culinary artist Faith Sibley Fairchild is intrigued by rumors of mysterious doings at Hubbard House an elegant, secluded retirement home for the well heeled Yankees of Aleford, Massachusetts Determined to do some surreptitious snooping, she joins the pricey retreat s flu depleted kitchen staff, only to witnMurder Served Piping Hot Minister s wife, sometime sleuth, and culinary artist Faith Sibley Fairchild is intrigued by rumors of mysterious doings at Hubbard House an elegant, secluded retirement home for the well heeled Yankees of Aleford, Massachusetts Determined to do some surreptitious snooping, she joins the pricey retreat s flu depleted kitchen staff, only to witness an aging resident collapse face first into a bowl of Faith s hot and savory bouillon But it isn t until a blackmailing drug dealer turns up dead in Faith s bedroom that the amateur investigator realizes that Murder not only happens at Hubbard, it s the specialty of the house And Faith s own demise might very well be the next item on the menu.

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The Body in the Bouillon

  1. Katherine Hall Page is the author of fifteen previous Faith Fairchild mysteries, the first of which received the Agatha Award for best first mystery and the most recent of which, The Body in the Snowdrift, was honored with the Agatha Award for best novel Page also won an Agatha for her short story The Would Be Widower She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and son from the publisher s website Series Faith Fairchild Christie and Company Mystery

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  1. Faith Fairchild, minister s wife and mother, is looking forward to resuming her catering business, Have Faith But that won t be until February In the meantime, Faith s Aunt Chat short for Charity persuades her to look into the sudden death of an old friend at Hubbard House, an expensive, luxurious nursing home in the neighboring town of Byford, Massachusetts.Through serendipity, Faith starts volunteering in the kitchen weekday mornings in December, allowing her to snoop around At first, everythi [...]

  2. Another good book in a series I will continue reading Previously, Faith has always been quite a snob, however, she isn t in this book, which makes a nice change The only problem with the book was I guessed parts of the mystery beforehand, yet the mystery was still complex and I didn t guess it all Recommend.

  3. Cozy mysteryEasy, fast book Light and entertaining Didn t end until the end and there were no easy stopping places.Plan to read the next one.

  4. With this book, I ve read the first five of Page s Faith Fairchild series In the Body in the Bouillon Faith is asked by her Aunt Chat to check on an assisted living residence in a neighboring town, where Chat s friend Howard was living until his recent death He had mentioned some suspicions in a letter.When Faith shows up to visit a parishioner and do a little snooping, she is dragooned into volunteering in the kitchen She meets a number of interesting characters but isn t quite sure what, if an [...]

  5. I m very happy to have discovered another good mystery series Entertaining but not overwhelming As my mother would call it, mindless You read and enjoy but don t get worked up or too absorbed Perfect for when you can only read a little bit every so often Looking forward to reading from this series.

  6. My favorite character is Police Chief Coffin I wish he had a larger part in the story, since he made me laugh out loud He reminds me of young Mr Grace in Are You Being Served but with less awareness.

  7. I m enjoying this frothy little confection of a mystery series It s a cozy for sure, not normally my favorite kind of mystery , but there are some pretty grim murders, the plots are clever, and the heroine is as good at solving crimes as she is at getting herself in awful situations The author uses first person narration, and Faith is witty, likable, and urbane, although at times her little bon mots seem to work too hard at being clever Faith is not the stereotypical minister s wife, nor is her [...]

  8. BK three in Faith Sibley Fairfield cozy mystery series This time death stalks the halls of the venerable and luxurious halls of Hubbard House, a retirement home and nursing facility in Aleford MA, just outside Boston Faith s Aunt Chat asks Faith to look into some irregularities mentioned by a dear NYC friend of hers who has moved back to his New England roots and dies before he can reveal what s amiss Faith and State detective John Dunne work together again as Faith helps out in the kitchen when [...]

  9. Some odd pacing, but otherwise enjoyable It was nice to see a sleuth not hide the ball constantly Tell people what you know

  10. Faith Fairchild is a former NYC Caterer who has married a man who is a minister in a small town in Massachusetts They have a child and Faith has been a stay home mom and is going to start back up her catering business In the meantime she becomes involved in a senior home when her Aunt contacts her about a friend who lives there and has some concerns about something going on at the home When Faith arrives there she is mistaken for a volunteer who is helping out in the kitchen and decides this is [...]

  11. The third in the Faith Fairchild amateur sleuth mystery series finds Faith receiving yet another black mark.My TakePage has a truly homey touch in how she writes her settings and her characters With just enough of a hint as to future scenarios that make me want to keep coming back to visit with Faith.I do love how patient and understanding Tom is, stepping in to pick up the slack.The StoryA close friend of her Aunt Chat s has moved into a local retirement home only to die shortly after sending C [...]

  12. Page, Katherine Hall The Body in the Bouillon 4 B 12 22 11Mystery St Martin s 1991 227 LP 3 Faith Fairchild1990 s Aleford, Mass.Characters Faith Fairchild minister s wife, mother to Ben, catereramateur sleuth1st Lines I m not goint to tell you anything unless you do exactlyas I say do not get involved any further than is necessary for my peace of mind I want you to promise, Faith Comments Faith s Aunt Chat lives in NJ but had a friend who lived in a retirment home Hubbard House in Mass In one of [...]

  13. This book unfairly leaped over others in my TBR because it had a Christmasy theme and I wanted something light yet seasonal during Christmas week I ve read some in this series before The Body in the Belfry The Body in the Kelp I think The Body in the Bog so I was familiar with Faith and her family She is sometimes a snobby character with her designer clothes she often seems to judge people by what they wear not a good quality in a minister s wife I also feel like she doesn t pay enough attention [...]

  14. The third book in this series is an interesting mystery Faith s aunt Chat has asked her to find out what improper things are going on at Hubbard House because a resident friend of hers had written her a letter expressing his concerns and promising to discuss them with her but unfortunately had died before they could meet Faith had talked with several long time residents of the community and then visited the facility When she arrived there, she was mistaken as a volunteer for the Pink Lady Progra [...]

  15. I am enjoying this series the heroine is likeable, the settings are well drawn and interesting, and the mystery is intriguing Working my way through it and really appreciate making that so easy The library catalog does not always include what number in a series a particular book is, making it necessary to find the publication date and even that can be tricky if it is a different edition If you like your mysteries and suspense without hideous gore and you enjoy reading about different places, the [...]

  16. Audiobook.Rich New Yorker caterer Faith deals with life as a small New England mister s wife in such a nice way, sorting out occasional deaths as she goes The dichotomy of her life before and her willingness to be a minister s wife is lovely Her son is a little older, her husband is such a nice guy plagued in this volume with a guy he can t stand and the cast of characters remains quirky Nicely plotted Happily, there are many books to go in this series.

  17. Another cozy mystery by Katherine Hall Page The Body in the Bouillon starts out slowly but builds quickly as several bodies show up There is never Gore in these novels They are just an interesting relaxing fun read during which several murders occur I recommend this series to anyone who loves a great but cozy mystery.

  18. I almost did not finish the book as Faith s portrayal of the atypical minister s wife seemed too forced She grew on me as one of the lower upper middle class and as an displaced New Yorker The mystery was okay but the conclusion I do not think was that well supported by previous clues I hope someone can point out to me what I missed.

  19. I bought this in the cozy mysteries section of the Book Barn in CT along with several others and so far this one is my favorite The amateur detective is a minister s wife and has a catering business in Massachusetts so you get mystery, food, religion, and a bit of humor The addition of a cat would have made the book even better, but you can t have everything.

  20. Faith is a minister s wife and a chef She takes a job in a care facility to fill in for the staff who have the flu The bodies start piling up and she becomes embroiled in a huge mystery of who done and why Fun light read for summer.

  21. These are fun mysteries The main character seems to trip over bodies, and then become involved in solving the crime It s light mystery reading, but very pleasant and I find them interesting and fun.

  22. I am really enjoying this series I like the main character a lot and enjoy her sense of humor I look forward to reading from the series.

  23. I really liked this book a lot Another great read by a great author.When she talks about her little Ben it reminds me of Peter my preciouslittle grandson.

  24. This is an adorable little mystery and a quick read There are an adequate amount of twists and turns that make it not straight forward, allowing the ending to still be a surprise.

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