The Page Turner

The Page Turner At the age of eighteen Paul Porterfield dreams of playing piano at the world s great concert halls yet the closest he s come has been to turn pages for his idol Richard Kennington a former prodigy

At the age of eighteen Paul Porterfield dreams of playing piano at the world s great concert halls, yet the closest he s come has been to turn pages for his idol, Richard Kennington, a former prodigy who is entering middle age The two begin a love affair that affects their lives in ways neither could have predicted Absorbing from start to finish The New Yorker , The PAt the age of eighteen Paul Porterfield dreams of playing piano at the world s great concert halls, yet the closest he s come has been to turn pages for his idol, Richard Kennington, a former prodigy who is entering middle age The two begin a love affair that affects their lives in ways neither could have predicted Absorbing from start to finish The New Yorker , The Page Turner testifies to the tenacity of the human spirit and the resiliency of the human heart.

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The Page Turner

  1. Leavitt is a graduate of Yale University and a professor at the University of Florida, where he is the co director of the creative writing program He is also the editor of Subtropics magazine, The University of Florida s literary review Leavitt, who is openly gay, has frequently explored gay issues in his work He divides his time between Florida and Tuscany, Italy.

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  1. 2.5 starsThe Page Turner is well written Leavitt s writing is sparse, cool and to the point it s poignant but not pretentious, to the point but not underwritten, and evocative and non judgemental towards its characters I read this one in less than a day it was very engaging, well paced and addictive Still, it wasn t one of those books that would linger long in the memory Also, the writing for the settings was totally weak I don t like pages upon pages of description, but given that this is set h [...]

  2. Scroll down for the English version.Voltapagine di nome e di fattoUna cosa che mi ha piacevolmente colpito di questo libro l estrema bellezza della prosa, che si trasferisce altrettanto bene nella traduzione italiana Mi ci sono imbattuta per caso e sono rimasta folgorata dal meraviglioso suono che sembrava quasi provenire dalle parole scritte Devo ammettere che questo aspetto, unito al fatto che nel particolare momento in cui l ho letto ero proprio in cerca di una lettura del genere, riuscito a [...]

  3. La storia moto asciutta e scarna, incuriosisce e lascia anche tanto amaro in bocca Ci si lega subito al personaggio di Paul, ragazzo di 18 anni che viene usato, viene deluso, ma che combatte interiormente, che triste, che prova a venir fuori e a capire il mondo Tutto questo non viene detto, viene mostrato attraverso il modo di agire del personaggio, attraverso i suoi dialoghi con gli altri personaggi Lo stile dell autore ben definito, sembra quasi di leggere un classico, un classico scritto deci [...]

  4. I thought this book sounded really good, so I bought it ages ago and left the spine unbroken on my shelf And then moved it across the ocean with my other unread books, and finally opened the story last month My mom described it as early David Leavitt from a different emotional place, and I know what she meant Its portrayal of committed relationships nonetheless marked by betrayal and infidelity is sort of demoralizing Not positively inspiring These characters are needy and in some cases shallow [...]

  5. In spite of the title, I didn t find this book to be very page turning I couldn t bring myself to care about the characters, because they were pretty flat The story didn t have much of a plot either, and it ends right in the middle of things the kind of ending that can be wonderful at the pen of a great writer, but is often only just frustrating.Most of the characters are gay and the novel centers around an affair the protagonist had with a famous pianist I thought it was unrealistic that Paul, [...]

  6. I had wanted to read this book for quite some time as I ve enjoyed other works by the author It didn t disappoint me I found the characters and the plot totally believable And then while breezing through the story once Paul met up with Joseph I thought the plot stumbled a bit, and at the ending, for me, the story just fizzled out.

  7. A coming of age story wrapped up inside the world of concert pianists Characters come into the story when they have nothing to add, and go missing at points where you think they would be needed The setting was interesting, but that s about all I can say for it.

  8. I love the title, Page Turner, which refers to both someone who turns pages for a performer and also describing the way you ll read this book It s a lot like a play Wicked scenes that will make you laugh and yet really feel for the characters Gay romance.

  9. This book was enjoyable, the characters were interesting, the prose exceptional with a few flashes of brilliance here and there but then it just sort of ended without any feeling of climax or resolution I don t get it.

  10. La narraci n es muy fluida Las hojas pasan y pasan y la historia avanza interesantes rese as de lo que es vivir en Roma, por cierto Los di logos tienen mucha naturalidad y fluidez, lo que favorece a que se lea muy r pido.Por otra parte, los tres personajes principales no terminan de enganchar no hay desarrollo de personajes , todos son planos, secundarios a la trama de los otros dos Quiz s ser a mejor clasificar el texto como cuento largo , dado que el autor parece hacer su apuesta narrativa al [...]

  11. It s not the happiest book, and I suppose it s not the best to have read just before I start University now I just need to find the man who leant it to me so many years ago like, seriously who lends this book to a 13 year old

  12. I ve only read one other David Leavitt book before this one, The Lost Language of Cranes, and it suffered from the same problem I felt this one had It tried to evoke emotion, but still felt kind of distant and empty I feel like there s supposed to be some sort of love story in here, or at least one of immense attraction, but it doesn t really come through for me for either Paul or Richard They kind of tumble into this affair, without the readers ever getting a clear idea why they re attracted to [...]

  13. El mejor modo de definir Junto al Pianista es como una oda a esos as condenados siempre al fracaso A esas relaciones que al final de cuentas terminan con alguien a quien no le importa y alguien siendo utilizado solo por el hecho de estar ah , como tantas hay en la vida real Nos habla de la historia de un joven aspirante a pianista que conoce a su m ximo dolo, y que entabla una relaci n meramente carnal con el, pero que de antemano sabe que no est destinada al final feliz de los cuentos de hadas, [...]

  14. Loved it it caught my attention from the first few pages view spoiler I was captured by the story as soon the author revealed the pianist s lustful thoughts about the young page turner Maybe its because it was a male on male story or maybe because I have an affinity for unconventional love, but I was simply sold from these first few pages and almost nothing, not even the open ending, could dissuade my affection for the story hide spoiler I enjoyed reading each chapter.

  15. Pour contredire le titre, j ai mis beaucoup de temps lire ce roman La faute d autres activit s qui m ont loign de mon Kindle pendant plusieurs semaines, mais aussi sans doute parce que je n tais pas emball par le d but de ce roman Et finalement, je l ai termin ce week end avec plaisir.

  16. Good first half then falls apart as the story shifts to new York Mother character is not realistic Could have explored Paul s ambitions so much and really fleshed him out Alas it s content to be pedestrian, when really its fill of potential.

  17. After reading While England Sleeps a controversial but rich novel this one reads like a first draft Stiff Contrived It may be due the POV Leavitt uses the third person, and it seems that no character really owns the story.

  18. I enjoyed the story from the get go, but was very disappointed in what I would say was a very abrupt unsatisfying ending.

  19. Unfortunately, this book is factual than I care to admit Not for everyone, it examines the cruel side of the music world and what happens to those with a modicum of talent, but not greatness.

  20. I was disappointed by this book, but I have several friends who like his work I ll give him a 2nd chance The initial sex scene is almost bad sex writing of the year worthy

  21. A very enjoyable gay fiction read from which a good movie was made Food of Love Leavitt can be pedestrian at times, but at other times rises to lyricism.

  22. A gay coming of age tale that sort of fizzles out to an unsatisfying end The book alternates between literary descriptions and rather insipid dialogue.

  23. Love everything by David Leavitt This one I had to start a couple of times before I got into itbut it is a great book I love the human relationship development in David s books.

  24. Not badly written, but the whininess of the protagonist was the thing that made it not a page turner I persevered and read to the end on this one.

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