Rules of Attraction


THE RULES OF ENTICEMENT A WOMAN SHOULD NEVER SURRENDER TO A MAN WITHOUT KNOWING HIS INTENTIONSA MAN SHOULD NEVER SEDUCE A WOMAN FOR THE PURPOSE OF REVENGERULES OF SOCIETYAfter nine years, Hannah Setterington has decided to sell the Distinguished Academy of Governesses and explore the secrets of her past To that end she has agreed to be a companion to the elderly aunt of LTHE RULES OF ENTICEMENT A WOMAN SHOULD NEVER SURRENDER TO A MAN WITHOUT KNOWING HIS INTENTIONSA MAN SHOULD NEVER SEDUCE A WOMAN FOR THE PURPOSE OF REVENGERULES OF SOCIETYAfter nine years, Hannah Setterington has decided to sell the Distinguished Academy of Governesses and explore the secrets of her past To that end she has agreed to be a companion to the elderly aunt of Lord Raeburn, a man enshrouded by dark mystery and haunted by the rumor that he murdered his wife A strong minded woman accustomed to the vagaries of nobility, Hannah believes the rumor to be so much piffle, until she comes face to face with Lord RaeburnLES OF FASCINATIONDougald Pippard, Lord Raeburn, is deviously satisfied when his plan to trap Hannah springs itself successfully But his satisfaction is short lived as the indomitable Hannah draws the battle lines and kisses him with the pent up passion Dougald hasn t felt for nine long years The fire that has always flared between them rages again with every touch, every glance, until Dougald is almost ready to forget his wounded memories and plans of revenge for just one night with her.

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Rules of Attraction

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  1. For some reason I didn t like this story It was too long, too boring and plot less For the most part of the book I was wondering if the hero and the heroine at least like each other And I couldn t stop thinking that the answer is no, not at all But it wasn t such a big deal because I didn t like them either Dougald totally annoyed me being so bossy and cocksure and I found Hannah so plain that I didn t care about her In my opinion the problem is that the author doesn t give us any insight into t [...]

  2. The story of Hannah and Dougald, a estranged married couple that is reunited after nine years apart view spoiler Hannah had run away from Dougald, who had been doing everything in his power to find her all those years She was very young when they got married, and had very definite ideas on what she wanted from her life, as did Dougald Their goals did not seem to align, and Hannah thought that her only choice was running away.While I can understand why she felt that way then, frustrated with Doug [...]

  3. Of the Governess Brides books thus far in the series, this had the most intriguing synopsis to me However, it was incredibly disappointing The hero really brings down the book for me Dark and brooding heroes are one thing He was just depressing to me Too cruel to be enjoyable in any way Overly manipulative and cold Downright abusive, really He manipulated her into marrying him, he was cruel and dismissive of her during their relationship, he connives to bring her back to him, he steals her money [...]

  4. I am giving this book 3 generous stars, because Christina Dodd succeeded in creating 2 very intriguing characters I would have given 2 stars for the storyline, but for the writing and characterization, I am willing to go up So here goes, view spoiler Dougald and Hannah entered into matrimony when Hannah was 18 She ran away from Dougald 6 months after they got married and for 9 years they had been separated The story started where Hannah had been away from Dougald for 9 years The initial scene wh [...]

  5. Hannah Setterington notices men following her She believes they are agents of her husband she ran away from 9 years ago Hannah sells her business, a school for governesses, and takes a job as a ladies companion Since the job is in the wilds of Lancashire, she believes she will be safe However, when she arrives she learns her employer is her husband and he is not about to let her disappear again Since he feels she needs to pay for her abandonment as the abandonment was the start of a rumor that h [...]

  6. I loved this book and couldn t put it down, not at all unusual for a Christina Dodd novel The hero was such a jerk at the beginning of the book, I wondered if even Ms Dodd s superior storytelling skills were going to be able to redeem the manipulative, overbearing, angry Dougald, Lord Raeburn, to my satisfaction Wise, strong willed Hannah Setterington was the perfect woman to bring this arrogant lord to task The book started off on a dark, edgy note with Hannah selling her Distinguished Academy [...]

  7. Hannah Tomlin, apoi doamna Hannah Pippard, iar n cele din urm Hannah de Raeburn, este invitat de c tre contele de Raeburn pentru a se ngriji de m tu a i prietenele sale v rstnice dup ce a v ndut Academia Acum Hannah este o femeie independent , bogat dar cu un trecut nv luit de secrete ns pentru c nu i place s tr nd veasc i condus de teama de a fi urm rit de ni te oameni misterio i, ea accept oferta Contelui de Raeburn, n ciuda zvonurilor cum c acesta i ar fi ucis cu brutalitate so ia n urm cu ap [...]

  8. da sognipensieriparoleIl terzo romanzo di questa serie, REGOLE D AMORE, forse quello meno coinvolgente Non si pu non provare una certa antipatia per Lord Raeburn, uno che almeno inizialmente non vuole che sua moglie pensi di avere il diritto di sapere dei suoi affari o di dividere le sue preoccupazioni , e quanto meno poca empatia con Hannah, la moglie che lo ha lasciato e dimenticato per nove anni In parole povere era sposata con un tizio giovane, ricco, con cui faceva gran sesso coinvolgente, [...]

  9. Not a huge fan of this book I do not like that the hero had been betrothed to the heroine since she was a child and how he groomed and manipulated her into marriage I liked the aunt and her friends, but the betrayal by the heroine s friends was unforgivable.

  10. I almost didn t finish this book The aunts caught my interest and I managed to finish it The fighting anger between the two main characters was almost too much.

  11. The ending redeemed this, but that redemption came after so many painful chapters and so many moments when I almost put the book down that I can t in good conscience rate this book higher.

  12. Reunion story The heroine ran away from her husband about a decade ago Now she s afraid he s found her, so she takes a job back in Lancashire in hopes of avoiding him, and finding out who her father was On the way out to her new job, she learns her employer is suspected of killing his wife, as well as the previous two or three possessors of the title Then she meets him And it s the husband she ran away from The rest of the story is how they work their way through to each other again.

  13. I didn t even want to finish this book The hero just gave me the creeps, I mean 13 and 21 Weird He had no redeeming qualities Don t even get me started on her punishment Ugh Just didn t enjoy him.

  14. Hannah Setterington came to Castle Raeburn to care for the owner s elderly aunt He has his back to her but she recognizes the voice and then his face This is Dougald Pippard, the new Lord Ruskin, and the husband she ran away from nine years ago How did he find her and why did he bring her here He acts cold but this soon changes as their attraction for each other has never died and soon flares up again The past two earls have died under suspicious circumstances and when shots are fired at Dougald [...]

  15. This story is a murder mystery and I wasn t really sure who was committing the murders until almost the end of the story This story is also the end of the first story arc for this series Ms Hannah Setterington finally meets her match in this tale of unrequited love and a husband s lust for revenge There are a few twists and turns in this story and a few of them surprised em I remember reading this story so many years ago The basic plot has stuck in my mind over the years I am not sure that I hav [...]

  16. tertarik baca ini karena liat blurbnya Hannah dan Dougald punya cerita romantis di awal awal mereka tertarik dan menikah Hannah diasuh nenek Dougald, so pasti sering ngeliat Dougald di rumah Dougald sendiri ngeh kehadiran Hannah di rumahnya, dan karakter Hanna memikat Dougald ceritanya nih, yang kutangkap Dougald duluan yg tertarik usia mereka beda 5 tahun atau brpaku lupa tp yg pasti, Dougald menunggu Hannah dewasa kebetulan nenek mereka memang berniat menjodohkan mereka berdua tapi Hannah send [...]

  17. Rules of Attraction3 StarsSynopsisDougald Pippard, Lord Raeburn, has been waiting for nine years to satisfy his need for revenge against Hannah Setterington but now that the moment is upon him, the desire that always raged between them flares once again and Dougald may have to put aside his goals to fulfill an even greater need for love ReviewEnjoyable premise but the hero is completely domineering, manipulative and obsessed with revenge for most of the book Dougald and Hannah have a compelling [...]

  18. It would appear that I might have been wrong in my earlier statement that In Bed with the Duke was where the Governess Brides series started to fall apart, because truly, this is where it started My Fair Temptress is the exception that proves the rule At the moment, I am hard pressed to think of a couple who have hated each other Both hateful and spiteful, they seem to relish the thought of the other being brought to heel They were both so intensely unlikeable that when the moment finally came [...]

  19. For half of the book it seemed that critic was right in saying this novel was unrelentingly unpleasant with the couple only arguing The first 100 pages were basically one scene, them meeting again and rehashing things quite pointlessly but also repetitively or something, too many words with no substance I thought Dodd must have finally given up on love being an attainable goal, because he was too unbearable much like Hunter s beloved merchant, only shockingly because Dodd does not revel in the [...]

  20. It took me some time to finish this book I read various inbetween and then returned and finished this one I was quite disappointed actually The heroes were sounbelievably stupid Their actions, their attitude Ok, her marriage wasn t what she hoped for But it was good Her husband didn t treat her bad Not so to just run away from him And Dougald He was just as ignorant and arrogant as she remembered him to be I couldnt believe he did not understand his errors I couldn t believe he was so stubborn a [...]

  21. 384p To the owner of the Distinguished Academy of GovernessesDear Madame Owner, I am looking for an experienced companion for my sweet, elderly, slightly dotty aunt, and that companion must be 1 Tall, blonde and twenty seven years of age.2 Desirous of living in an ancient castle in an isolated area of Lancashire.3 Not nervous about any sinister rumors about me.4 You.Sincerely, the newly titled Marquess of RaeburnFrom the owner of the Distinguished Academy of GovernessesMy dear, mysterious Lord R [...]

  22. Hannah the owner of the Governess Academy has sold her business and retreated to take a private job When convinced surveillance she believes was ordered by her husband makes her nervous, she runs To him Dodd has once again written a humorous romance with great cast of odd characters a senile aunt and her friends she fosters, and an intriguing plotting hero Hannah s past and present collide when she discovers her ex has become an earl with an aunt who needs caring Dougald, the Earl has taken his [...]

  23. Interesing storyline Hannah and Dougald Pippard, Lord Raeburn Her story She had been a bastard, and her mom and Dougald s grandmother had wanted a marriage between them but she had dreams to own a dressshop and he put business first and cared about what other people thought so she ran away 9 years later she finds herself hired to be a companion to his old aunt at the cursed castle that he inherited These people argue most of the book, yes, and they find relief in their physical relationship He s [...]

  24. The foreshadowing of Hannah feeling like she is being followed and that there was change in the wind was pretty standard setup, but I was puzzled for a bit about the harping on the 9 years since the last major change since the founding of the Distinguished Academy of Governesses until we see her getting off a train in the cold, dark night with no coach to bring her to her intended charges.The intrigue started after the confrontations, recriminations and fits of stubbornness finally settled Douga [...]

  25. Blackballed for an abusive hero who doesn t have any positive qualities other than the heroine s occasional blithe assertions that he s handsome, which usually come right after he s done something really awful, like threaten to kill her, or steal all her money And yet, he s the most appealing character in the book, which either means that I m in serious trouble, or there s some inconsistent writing one can t help but suspect that the man has a sense of humor, which puts him ahead of the rest of [...]

  26. I had a blast reading this book It was the most unexpected story you could ever read with characters that are hard not to love It has such a modern feel to it that it made me enjoy it than I would any other historical novel.Hannah Our heroine a young bride who was tricked into a marriage to an older man she felt quite at a disadvantage so she fled Dougald Our backward thinking histrionic hero, he had a whole lot of self issues he needed to work on but when his new bride ran away he was labeled [...]

  27. So not a favorite story out of the governess series I thought the hero, Dougald was an ass and didn t like the sinister attitude Dodd gave him Hannah seemed weak and not very honest with herself about why she left Dougald nine years before only to return to him and finding herself in the same situation with a controlling, manipulative husband Not very romantic The old aunts and Queen Victoria visit could save it Although Douglad soften I still didn t think these two characters had any real love [...]

  28. An unsympathetic, cold hero, and a weak, lackluster heroine The murder mystery was kind of predictable, and the aunts started out really cute I would have given it 2 stars just for them but then got eh There s virtually no character development The hero is enraged that the heroine left him 9 years ago and is now all independent and won t fall into the subservient wife role but it s okay because he wants to bone her The heroine is enraged that the hero is such a manipulative bastard but it s okay [...]

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