The best Ebook Squashed the best work Humor agriculture and young love all come together in Joan Bauer s first novel set

The best Ebook Squashed the best work Humor, agriculture and young love all come together in Joan Bauer s first novel, set in rural Iowa Sixteen year old Ellie Morgan s life would be almost perfect if she could just get her potentially prize winning pumpkin to put on about 200 pounds and if she could take off 20 herself hopes of attracting Wes, the new boy in town.. A viral Ebook Squashed What a great YA book. So many of the YAs I read these days are dark and dystopian and although very interesting and very good reads, sometimes ya just need something a little lighter. While squashed wasn't dark and didn't have some intense teenage relationship it still made me really feel for the characters. It even made me cry.It has the requisite angst, a giant pumpkin, a little bit of romance, and a HFN (happy for now) ending. How can you go wrong?On the writing side, this book helped me identify with a character that I'm writing now. This could have been the heroine's childhood story in my current MS.Squashed's heroine:Is a little bit chubby. Not fat, mind you, but thinks she is.Struggles with wanting to be noticed, but is then uncomfortable when she is.Grows up with farming and growing in her blood.Loves to cook amazing food, that reminds her of her mother, and makes her father and cousin feel good.Has a strange best friend (her cousin) who has a whole other outlook on life.Gets the boy in the end, but really that's just the cherry on top.My heroine:Is a little bit chubby. Not fat, mind you, but thinks she is. (Never trust a skinny chef)Struggles with toning herself down, but learns to appreciate those around her when she does.Doesn't grow up in a farming community, but is raised with some of those same great values. (Go Big Red!)Loves to cook amazing food that reminds her of her grandmother. It makes everyone around her feel good.Has a strange best friend who has an interesting take on how to live life.Gets her man in the end. (I'll have to think of the way to make it just a cherry on top for her too)As I continue to finish my MS I will continue to think about the heroine in squashed and how her story influences mine. Thanks Joan Bauer for the inspiration.
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  1. From joanbauer jbbiomlJuly 12, 1951 I was born at eleven A.M a most reasonable time, my mother often said, and when the nurse put me in my mother s arms for the first time I had both a nasty case of the hiccups and no discernible forehead it s since grown in I ve always believed in comic entrances.As I grew up in River Forest, Illinois, in the 1950 s, I seem to remember an early fascination with things that were funny I thought that people who could make other people laugh were terribly fortunate While my friends made their career plans, declaring they would become doctors, nurses, and lawyers, inwardly I knew that I wanted to be involved somehow in comedy This, however, was a difficult concept to get across in first grade But I had a mother with a great comic sense she was a high school English teacher and a grandmother who had been a funny professional storyteller, so I figured the right genes were in there somewhere, although I didn t always laugh at what my friends laughed at and they rarely giggled at my jokes That, and the fact that I was overweight and very tall, all made me feel quite different when I was growing up a bit like a musk ox at a tea party.My grandmother, who I called Nana, had the biggest influence on me creatively She taught me the importance of stories and laughter She never said, Now I m going to tell you a funny story, she d just tell a story, and the humor would naturally flow from it because of who she was and how she and her characters saw the world She showed me the difference between derisive laughter that hurts others and laughter that comes from the heart She showed me, too, that stories help us understand ourselves at a deep level She was a keen observer of people.I kept a diary as a child, was always penning stories and poems I played the flute heartily, taught myself the guitar, and wrote folk songs For years I wanted to be a comedienne, then a comedy writer I was a voracious reader, too, and can still remember the dark wood and the green leather chairs of the River Forest Public Library, can hear my shoes tapping on the stairs going down to the children s room, can feel my fingers sliding across rows and rows of books, looking through the card catalogs that seemed to house everything that anyone would ever need to know about in the entire world My parents divorced when I was eight years old, and I was devastated at the loss of my father I pull from that memory regularly as a writer Every book I have written so far has dealt with complex father issues My dad was an alcoholic and the pain of that was a shadow that followed me for years, but I ve learned things from that experience that have made me resilient I attempted to address those issues in Rules of the Road, and I took them even further in the companion book, Best Foot Forward The theme that I try to carry into all of my writing is this adversity, if we let it, will make us stronger.In my twenties, I worked in sales and advertising for the Chicago Tribune, McGraw Hill, WLS Radio, and Parade Magazine I met my husband Evan, a computer engineer, while I was on vacation Our courtship was simple He asked me to dance I said no We got married five months later in August, 1981 But I was not happy in advertising sales, and I had a few ulcers to prove it With Evan s loving support, I decided to try my hand at professional writing I wish I could say that everything started falling into place, but it was a slow, slow build writing newspaper and magazine articles for not much money My daughter Jean was born in July of 82 She had the soul of a writer even as a baby I can remember sitting at my typewriter I didn t have a computer back then writing away with Jean on a blanket on the floor next to me If my writing was bad that day, I d tear that page out of the typewriter and hand it to her Bad paper, I d say and Jean would r

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  1. What a great YA book So many of the YAs I read these days are dark and dystopian and although very interesting and very good reads, sometimes ya just need something a little lighter While squashed wasn t dark and didn t have some intense teenage relationship it still made me really feel for the characters It even made me cry.It has the requisite angst, a giant pumpkin, a little bit of romance, and a HFN happy for now ending How can you go wrong On the writing side, this book helped me identify w [...]

  2. This is a quirky, delightful book about a young girl obsessed with pumpkins Every year she tries to win the fair s giant pumpkin growing contest, and this just might be her year Combined with this, we have a crush worthy boy, she and her dad still grieving the death of her mother, and other , well, NORMAL teen issues, that all makes for a fun and heartwarming story I never thought I d find myself cheering on someone having their pumpkin weighed .

  3. I find that many of the books I read between the ages of 13 and 17 are basically crap, and primarily featured books that shouldn t have been published Wretched, wretched Still, I find myself rereading those books that I managed to hang onto from that time, hating most of them HOWEVER, this book is delightful I loved it when I read it as a teenager, and found myself loving it again as I re read it The tone is light and playful, and the main character, Ellie Morgan, is utterly relatable I love the [...]

  4. AUTHOR PROJECTEllie, a teen grower of giant pumpkins, is determined to win first prize at this year s fair, as well as lose ten pounds and catch the attention of a cute boy in school Ellie is fun and easy to warm up to, the epitome of the self conscious but spunky girl who isn t afraid to get her hands dirty This is a fantastic first novel for a writer, and while there are moments that seem to drag, every page contains something to laugh about Bauer makes Ellie s victory your victory A wonderful [...]

  5. This is such a funny, warm, delicious read Growing the bestest and largest pumpkin is only part of the story, as our heroine also grows herself.

  6. Do you think agriculture is boring Think again The book Squashed, by Joan Bauer will change your mind People of all ages can relate to this book It is about sixteen year old, Ellie Morgan and the challenges she faces while growing her giant pumpkin, and dealing with the problems of a normal teenager.Ellie Morgan is a determined girl She faces many problems while growing her pumpkin These include weather, pumpkin thieves, grades, her dad, weight, and boy problems Through thick and thin she show t [...]

  7. I was passing through a pool house when I found this book I read the back of it and fell in love with it instantly, and I bought it online an hour later.This book is everything I thought it would be Ellie is sixteen and just wants to grow a prize winning pumpkin and beat her nemesis, Cyril Pool, whose pumpkins have won four years running Ellie is full of snark and pumpkin growing passion, and it made this book a lot of fun to read.Normally I only give five stars to books that have a profound imp [...]

  8. Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would do anything to make it happen In the novel Squashed, the author Joan Bauer introduces this theme The main character, Ellie, had devoted everything she had into growing her large pumpkin to have it gain just an extra couple hundred pounds so that she can win first place in a pumpkin growing competition This theme shows how devotion and taking your time will most likely lead to success Ellie Morgan is a sixteen year old girl from Iowa who has a [...]

  9. Summary The main character is Ellie Morgan, a sixteen year old Iowa girl who is a grower at heart Her specialty is growing large pumpkins, the 600 pound variety The plot of this novel revolves around the trials and heartbreak that come with growing a pumpkin and growing up In the tradition of every good coming of age story, it takes laughter, tears, frustration, a ton of stress and a lot of love, but Ellie pulls through She shows us that true winners are made from the inside out.The best part of [...]

  10. As I said in my status update when I started reading this book, I don t usually read YA fiction I m pleased my friend Kyla, who leads a YA book group, has marked it to read I highly recommend it.This book is delicious The writing is so good I tasted only a little bit at a time even though I wanted to scarf it down in one sitting I didn t want it to be gone I was trying to make it last.This is easily G or PG, I will let my daughter read it though she is half the heroine s age There are some boy g [...]

  11. Bauer s first book, but still one of my favorites of hers Has some in common with DAIRY QUEEN, a book that came out last year, in the detailed descriptions of farm life, plus the warmth and humor 4 1 2 stars.

  12. I loved this book Ellie Morgan is the kind of character you can relate too A teenager who is slightly overweight, bu t is a great cook, but also grows giant pumpkins for completion With a father who runs a motivational company who has also not gotten over the death of his wife , he is constantly motivating her to loose and be healthier He also thinks she should be doing other things than growing giant pumpkins How Ellie deals with that, keeping a contast watch on the pumpkin, dealing with typica [...]

  13. A simple read with out teenage angst or love triangles or mean girls Ellie is a girl just trying to live without her mother and be a farmer Her father thinks she is spending too much time raising a pumpkin to win a blue ribbon He tries to use motivational quotes to convince her otherwise She loves tilling the soil and raising her pumpkin since it brings her closer to her family Through out the story we see how she loves her pumpkin and wants to win so badly she forgets the real reason for growin [...]

  14. I absolutely loved squashed Some of my favorite parts of squashed would probably be when they were at the Rock River Harvest and pumpkin Weight in festival was after they had found out that Cyril s pumpkin big daddy has been rotting When they put it on the scale, it explodes in gross squishy and yucky stuff I laughed so hard at that moment I thought it was super funny There were also some awkward parts in it Like when Wes and Ellie kissed.

  15. What a delightful read I would love to read this as a family I laughed out loud all through this book Ellie was so like able I loved her 15 16 year old thoughts, and related to them After all, it hasn t been THAT long ago that I was her age, has it I learned a lot about growing gargantuan pumpkins too Max has my heart And Wes sigh what a guy I think everyone should read this book, especially since it is October You will love it I guarantee it

  16. I love this book because it was really good it had romance I loved how funny it was I almost peed my pants listening to the part were they beat up the guy who was stealing Ellie s pumpkin it was funny I really enjoyed this book if your the kind of person who likes romance and humor this is the book for you.

  17. I loved this book This may be a good book for you if you like a little romance and a girl who is a bit or a lot different from every one else You may be thinking, A book about farmers BORING I believe if you give the book a chance you will like it.

  18. The characters were really interesting and it felt like you were in the moment with the characters everything made sense and fit together It wasn t the best book possibly written, but it was deep and funny.

  19. Fun young adult book Setting IowaGrowing pumpkins Mean antagonistsDad who doesn t really get itLots of support from grandmotherPut your hands in the dirt and become a grower

  20. Squashed is by one of my favorite authors ever, Joan Bauer ok, ok, i say that for almost every author, but still It seems to carry some of her patterns from her books, and that s the only reason why I wouldn t recommend going on a Joan Bauer marathon, but the plots are different enough that I could recommend reading at least a lot of her books The story weaves a lot of different types of genres into one, which Joan Bauer does really nicely, and the main character of this book is interesting in t [...]

  21. Sixteen year old Ellie comes from a family of farmers, but her father, her only living parent, does not appreciate the art of growing vegetables, or his daughter s interest in growing a pumpkin worthy of first prize in the adult division at the local harvest fair But Ellie knows that if she doesn t spend as much time as possible helping her pumpkin gain weight, her arch rival, Cyril Pool, whose integrity is questionable, will win the title instead Therefore, despite her dad s lack of understandi [...]

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