The Tao of Peace

The Tao of Peace Translated often than any other book except the Bible the Tao Te Ching has been a spiritual guide for centuries helping millions find peace within themselves with each other and with the natural w

Translated often than any other book except the Bible, the Tao Te Ching has been a spiritual guide for centuries, helping millions find peace within themselves, with each other, and with the natural world around them Written in workbook style, complete with exercises, questionnaires, journal keeping techniques, and affirmations, The Tao of Inner Peace translates theTranslated often than any other book except the Bible, the Tao Te Ching has been a spiritual guide for centuries, helping millions find peace within themselves, with each other, and with the natural world around them Written in workbook style, complete with exercises, questionnaires, journal keeping techniques, and affirmations, The Tao of Inner Peace translates the ancient Eastern philosophy into a plan for contemporary Western living Diane Dreher, Ph.D shows the way to Bring greater joy, fulfillment, and creativity to daily life Heal the body and spirit Build self acceptance and self esteem Resolve conflict Reverse negative cycles of emotion Understand life as a process of changes and challengesWith its lively, demystifying approach, The Tao of Inner Peace shows how the Tao can be a powerful source of growth, inspiration, and peace A simple and comprehensive vision of personal and planetary peace Dreher s examples work as meditations as well as road maps Minneapolis Star Tribune

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The Tao of Peace

  1. Diane Dreher, Ph.D is the author of the best selling The Tao of Inner Peace She has a doctorate in Renaissance literature from UCLA and is a professor at Santa Clara University A positive psychology coach, teacher and writer, she lives in the San Francisco Bay area.

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  1. I saw this book for a dollar at Goodwill one day while I in the beginning stages of a rut I had always been a fan of the Tao Te Ching, so I decided to just give it a try, not expecting anything but some new age y advice I stayed up the entire night to read it As a positive and proactive person, most of what the author was saying was not news to me, but I needed to hear it again She offers cheesy exercises which I passed on, but when I came to a part about dissecting the fears that are keeping yo [...]

  2. I really enjoyed reading this book, and I regret having lost it for I have wished several times to read it again After reading it, I came away feeling relaxed about life and its surprises It felt like a heavy weight was lifted from my shoulders.I know how corny that sounds, but it s the honest truth After I finished reading this book, I could tell that some of the people I spent a lot of my time with noticed a difference, and I felt different around them, in a very good way I felt it gave me a [...]

  3. Cleaning off my bookshelves I came across this book I do not remember when or where I got it, but until today it basically has been left untouched.I started to read it and quickly realized something was wrong Taoism basically sees people as being a small part of the cosmos, not the center of it What is immediately wrong is that this is an I or me, me, me book.The author is an English professor and positive psychology coach Not sure what that is but cannot help but think of Tony Robbins Hmmm, won [...]

  4. Having read the Tao Te Ching, I wanted to further my studies on the Great Way of Things, and came upon this gem at my local Barnes and Noble.Anchored in the Tao Te Ching, Ms Dreher highlights how to apply it s at times arcane and seemingly difficult to understand Wisdom to us living in postmodern society.She makes connections for example between Lao Tzu and how and when to navigate a career move or change, between Lao Tzu s teachings and how to tackle difficult people, including ourselves.By mid [...]

  5. This was a decent introduction into Taoism however, it felt extremely dated really a product of the 90 s and the depth of Taoism was sacrificed for a applicable reading of this philosophy I can understand where the author is coming from, yet, for example, the clearly made up incidental people used as examples for her points only made the book feel disingenuous No your friend Tasha did not have a life changing moment because of X, Y, or Z That being said, the broader historical read real example [...]

  6. Inspiring Reading this book in the woods somewhere in the Poconos, gave me a renewed self peace that elevated to a reunion with nature.On the third month, I gave up being a vegetarian Haha No offense to tofu, especially tokwa t baboy , but I realized that tofu could never replace meat All the lyrical teachings of Tao were still refreshing and intuitive.

  7. I read the first chapter and wasn t impressed The Tao is supposed to help you live simply and richly, without all the planning, striving and forcing that we are taught to do in western culture Then this book that is supposed to be about the Tao has all these hints and lists and to do s of things to do to implement the Tao Seems to oppose all that the Tao is teaching.

  8. Simply put this book is amazing It invites us to learn ourselves and cooperate with natural cycles and one another It is filled with the wisdom of the Tao to motive us to create inner and external peace.

  9. this book has become a guide for me i reread it in 2005, then again in 2006 and 2007 each time i read it something jumps out at me that is relevant and meaningful to that point in time it helps me stay grounded and at peace.

  10. I read this a long time ago and remember really liking it I thought it was pretty good this time, but nothing spectacular.

  11. It s a book that I have bought over and over again either because I borrowed to someone or lost it from moving I will always love this book when I m feeling overly stressed When I am looking to refocus my life.

  12. I know, I know It s an explanation of a book that s essentially self explanatory I d even agree if its scope was as narrow as to only carry paraphrases and excerpts of the myriad Tao Te Ching translations Although when dealing with a concept this un Taoable , it s un Tao tibly useful to approach it from as many p.o.v s as possible Groan Thankfully, this isn t the case at all What we find instead is a worthwhile treatise on a number of important Taoist concepts, as well as a trove of simple daily [...]

  13. I keep this book by my bed The author s voice is very intelligent and soothing and good company Dreyer shows us how to apply the principles of the Tao to everyday life in ways that are practical and uplifting and effective The author suggests exercises and affirmations that have helped me quite a bit and support me in living the kind of life I believe in I keep a mini copy of the Tao Te Ching in my purse

  14. this book dawson gave to me to read in chinad i did i didn t know much about taoism before i read this book but it gave me a wonderful introduction to it it gives you steps throughout the book to practice and become aware of nature and the philosophy of the tao and how to really apply it in everyday life this is the kind of book you keep and read again.

  15. This book helps to keep me sane Whenever I feel negative, I just read a few pages and the world begins to make sense again It s not necessarily a book that I would read from cover to cover, but I do recommend it for the inspiring messages.

  16. My best buddy,Quinn gave me this book in the early 90 s, while i was searching for truth At the time, this book started my questions, journey and eventually led me back to my spirituality and a belief in God and in something greater than myself.

  17. Highly recommended A book that changes lives The chapters are easy to get through beginning with an excerpt from the Tao Te Ching, a brief explanation, and then real life examples of how you can relate Finally the chapter closes with a personal exercise and positive affirmation.

  18. This book was great Filled with personal experiences, as well as examples of friends and public figures made the lessons of Taoism seem very applicable I truly think every person should read this book.

  19. I love this book It is full of gentle wisdom Her paraphrases of some of the Tao Te Ching are beautiful It gives much hope for a better world if people would follow some of her suggestions everything from personal meditation to global action I highly recommend this book.

  20. It was kind of disappointing While the book had good points in it, it became too hippy like for me I love exploring Taoism but this book started to branch off from what Taoism really is I didn t even finish the book I became so bored with it by the end.

  21. Some positive insight into the Tao outlook on how we are all connected which is an area I am enjoying studying right now A little politics that I personally am into, but that does not in any way throw negative on the book and the message.

  22. Learn about the balance that is available to us in this universe A simple read, wise enough to pass on to children.

  23. This was a very good book for me while going through changes in my life It helped me with my thoughts, feelings and to live with the choices I ve made.

  24. Picked this up off the shelf in the Yoga Studio and started reading a few pages and could not put it down Goal is to read few pages every night b4 bed and then do some reflecting the next day.

  25. I liked the beginning chapters best I wasn t so thrilled with the change the world activist message in the last few chapters But maybe I just haven t grown enough

  26. This book was very peaceful, and I especially liked the parts on dealing with conflict It s a great book to review when you are feeling shitty or out of control in your life.

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