Yankee Wife

Yankee Wife When a pretty spitfire who s down on her luck clashes with a stubborn man in search of a wife sparks must turn to flames A year after the Civil War courageous former Union nurse Lydia McQuire was ga

When a pretty spitfire who s down on her luck clashes with a stubborn man in search of a wife, sparks must turn to flames.A year after the Civil War, courageous former Union nurse Lydia McQuire was gamely scraping out an honest living But now, as she said yes to marrying a stranger, her knees gave way with fear Mr Devon Quaid had seemed polite and handsome when she aWhen a pretty spitfire who s down on her luck clashes with a stubborn man in search of a wife, sparks must turn to flames.A year after the Civil War, courageous former Union nurse Lydia McQuire was gamely scraping out an honest living But now, as she said yes to marrying a stranger, her knees gave way with fear Mr Devon Quaid had seemed polite and handsome when she answered his ad for a wife Only after Lydia had arrived in Washington territory did she learn that her bridegroom wasn t to be sweet Devon Quaid, but his older brother Brigham, a widower with strapping shoulders, hands as strong as steel, and an arrogant belief that he was lord and master of his lumber empire, the town of Quaid s Harbor, and the woman he married Lydia s dislike of him was instantaneoust Brigham was awakening in her a white hot passion, and a firm resolve before she would share his bed, he would have to surrender himself, heart and soul, to love.

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Yankee Wife

  1. The daughter of a town marshal, LINDA LAEL MILLER is a 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 100 historical and contemporary novels, most of which reflect her love of the West The First Lady of the West lives outside Spokane, Washington, where her rescued horses, dogs and cats live the high life.Published since 1983, Linda was awarded the prestigious Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007 by the Romance Writers of America She was recently inducted into the Wild West Heritage Foundation s Walk of Fame for her dedication to preserving the heritage of the Wild West.Hallmark Channel is developing a series based on Miller s Big Sky Country novels, published by HQN Books In addition to writing contemporary cowboy romances, she is working furiously on a big book Civil War series for Harlequin When not writing, Linda loves to focus her creativity on a wide variety of art projects.More information about Linda and her novels is available at lindalaelmiller and at facebook OfficialLindaLaelMiller

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  1. It had a very good plot with lots of potential, but I think the author quite mixed it up It just did not seem well thought out There was no congruity to the flow of story And even with really well written characters, the story continued to be a jumble of events and continuous internal wars that seemed to rise from nowhere Also, it took a pretty weird turn in the latter half and then everything sorted out pretty swiftly, not to mention very conveniently.

  2. This book had a very good mail order bride story line and plenty of side characters that kept the book interesting I felt Frodine was a little bit of an odd character thrown in at the end, the two main characters were almost too stubborn with each other at times, but I loved the setting of the story, in the Northwest area of Washington A refreshing change from the dusty Southwest or England I would have liked though to have read how the lady that delivered a baby at the end of the story recovere [...]

  3. This was just a nice comfortable read about two brothers, their brides and a developing town One of the husbands already had children and they are such lively characters The next book I believe is about the eldest daughter cant wait.

  4. Good readFourth or fifth time readinglove this book Linda Lael Miller is one of my favorite authorsd this book is one of the best.

  5. And again why do couples has to fight with each other a lot of times please please please I like the fact that the H h of this book are talking with each other rather than having misunderstanding but I hope they don t fight too much twists are good too but one twist left me soooo nervous and scared that I had to put it down and let myself breatheThat s when I thought the hero is about to marry Polly by the way I love her name is it almost sounds Fool because well she is I didn t like Polly from [...]

  6. I struggled to finish this one What an asshole Brigham is I have no idea why Lydia kept on putting up with him or how she came to fall in love with him He was verbally abusive and practically forces himself on her when she s not obeying him The only character i remotely cared for was Millie, Brigham s daughter The climax of this was anything but LLM is one of my favorite authors but I hate this book.

  7. This is one of those romance novels that has stuck with me over the years I m glad to see it is still as good as I remembered

  8. I really enjoyed this novel and look forward to reading the rest of the series I generally like Lydia and despite the fact that he came off as a rather boorish idiot, I also likens Brigham Which by the way is my name I ve never heard of Anyway, I like the way the story played it fell out with a variety of plot lines and the different possibilities between Devon Polly Joe and others I don t want to say too much here about how things unfold, but I like the fact that there are variety of things goi [...]

  9. She s seen some pretty nasty stuff as a field nurse with her late doctor father during the Civil War With so few young men available post war, she hired on as a companion to a west bound elderly lady who has passed Her adult children felt no obligation and she finds herself in 1866 San Francisco trying to eek out enough money to feed herself or find a clean bed but not both hopes of opening a music school for children have disappeared A posted flier proposes the need for a wife for a good, sober [...]

  10. This story takes place after the civil war A former Union nurse Lydia McQuire was barely earning a living, playing piano at the local bar She chances upon an ad for a wife She goes to see the placer of the ad a Mr Devon Quade She accepted his proposition and he took her to Washington territory It was then that she learned her husband to be was not Devon Quade, but his brother Brigham He took an instance dislike to the man, however for some reason he aroused a passion in her and a resolve that sh [...]

  11. Although I really enjoyed this book, it was a little too formulaic for me Like the author put all the cliches in a hat a drew a hundred out I liked the marriage of convenience plot and I loved the Pacific Northwest setting A book based along the Washington State coast instead of a dusty Wyoming town Yes please I loved the timber business and building a new town The characters were engaging but there were too many coinciding plots Too many people thrown in with too much going on And too much anim [...]

  12. Yankee Wife I dont usually like historicals I dont like the men thinkin their boss and women being submissive and young girls didnt need to kniw anything than wifesCKI have to say I like this book A Lot yes Bingham is dominating and thinks hes the master But Lydia is there to even him out I didnt like how she was so easily swayed by sex, but eh I liked how Devon and Polly leveled eachother as well she was sweet I think I would have liked a little from those two.Bo conplaints to big I enjoyed t [...]

  13. The devestation of the Civil War and its aftermath affected the lives of so many in the North and South This book tells of Lydia Quade and the perils of her life after having served in the medical aiding of the wounded troops from both sides For years she can t get the sights and sounds of war from her head, the cries of young boys who were just babies She finds her match and true love in a timberman named Brig Quade amongst the tall timbers of Washington State.

  14. I knew it would end well, our I wouldn t have read it The thought that concerned me was would the journey be a challenge, painful or painfully stupid I found myself hurting for Lydia In a time when we hear so much about PTSD and our current military, we tend to forget that it s not a new phenomenon and soldiers, doctors and nurses have suffered from it in the past I love that she was a strong but not a stupidly stubborn character.

  15. Lydia a strong character who had lived through terrors of war, to be delivered as an unwanted bride She carved a life where she was independent and marriage mostly on her terms.Brigham king of the mountain had few who d defy him but Lydia stood her ground, strong in her convictions, just wouldn t budge until they d worked out priorities.I enjoyed exploring the life of a lumber camp, burgeoning town, the vision of brothers on the frontier.

  16. Lydia McQuire sees an advertisement for a bride and decides it would be better than how she was currently living The man she thinks she will marry is actually not the intended bridegroom Instead, she has agreeded to marry an arrogant widower with two daughters At first, Lydia takes an instant dislike for the man, but eventually love blooms.This is a pretty familiar theme, but I liked Miller s writing style and would recommend her to anybody looking for a well written romance.

  17. A really good story about a Civil War Nurse trying to put her past behind her and a gruff, domineering lumberjack in the Pacific Northwest The subplots also keep you going in this book with Devon and Polly Will read again shelf of my library

  18. Never disappointed by Ms Miller s books She writes wonderfully I think of her stories should be made into movies, better than so many remakes of the some comic book themed movies Please keep on writing Ms Miller

  19. It was good I really liked Lydia but I never really warmed up to Brigham, I never saw him doing nice things for her because he cared yet he expected affection from Lydia which irrated me And I never really felt their love for each other and we find out next to nothing about his past.

  20. After a friend read this and said it was full of funny bits I was excited to read it I was quickly disappointed I really didn t care for any of the characters as much as I thought I might I didn t care what happened to them.

  21. I started to read this book and just couldn t get in to it I didn t dislike the book but it didn t capture my attention either Perhaps another time.

  22. I loved it It was funny and wonderful LydiaBrigham were great and a lot of fun As I said before this historical period is very interesting.Totally recommended I m onto the next one

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