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By Royal Command BEFORE THE MAN BECAME THE LEGENDFORE THE BOY BECAME THE MANET BOND JAMES BOND Following a treacherous rescue mission high in the freezing Alps James Bond is preparing for life back at Eton But James

BEFORE THE MAN BECAME THE LEGENDFORE THE BOY BECAME THE MANET BOND JAMES BOND Following a treacherous rescue mission high in the freezing Alps, James Bond is preparing for life back at Eton But James is under surveillance his every move is being watched He alone holds the clue to a sinister plot that will bring bloodshed and carnage to his school and his countBEFORE THE MAN BECAME THE LEGENDFORE THE BOY BECAME THE MANET BOND JAMES BOND Following a treacherous rescue mission high in the freezing Alps, James Bond is preparing for life back at Eton But James is under surveillance his every move is being watched He alone holds the clue to a sinister plot that will bring bloodshed and carnage to his school and his country Forced to flee from Eton to Austria, James must leave behind everything he knows, with only a beautiful and dangerous girl by his side Soon he is trapped in a deadly war of secrets and lies, as a nightmare reunion with a bitter enemy plunges him once into the face of death Life for James Bond will never be the same again.The first five books and companion novel in the series are written by Charlie Higson, with the rest being written by Steve Cole The series consists of the following titles 1 SilverFin2 Blood Fever3 Double or Die4 Hurricane Gold5 By Royal Command6 Shoot to Kill7 Heads You Die8 Strike Lightning9 Red Nemesis

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By Royal Command

  1. Higson was educated at Sevenoaks School and at the University of East Anglia where his brother has taught since 1986 and is now a professor of film studies where he met Paul Whitehouse, David Cummings and Terry Edwards Higson, Cummings and Edwards formed the band The Higsons of which Higson was the lead singer from 1980 to 1986 They released two singles on the Specials 2 Tone label Higson then became a plasterer before he turned to writing for Harry Enfield with Paul Whitehouse and performing comedy He came to public attention as one of the main writers and performers of the BBC Two sketch show The Fast Show 1994 2000 He worked with Whitehouse on the radio comedy Down the Line and is to work with him again on a television project, designed to be a spoof of celebrity travel programmes 1 He worked as producer, writer, director and occasional guest star on Randall Hopkirk Deceased from 2000 to 2001 Subsequent television work has included writing and starring in BBC Three s Fast Show spin off sitcom Swiss Toni He is currently starring in Tittybangbang series 3 on BBC Three and has appeared as a panellist on QI.He published four novels through the early to mid 1990s which take a slightly dystopian look at everyday life and have a considerably adult tone than his other work, with characters on the margins of society finding themselves spiraling out of control, leading him to be described by Time Out as The missing link between Dick Emery and Brett Easton Ellis 2 In 2004, it was announced that Higson would pen a series of James Bond novels, aimed at younger readers and concentrating on the character s school days at Eton Higson was himself educated at Sevenoaks School where he was a contemporary of Jonathan Evans, current Director General of MI5 The first novel, SilverFin, was released on 3 March 2005 in the UK and on 27 April 2005 in the U.S A second novel, Blood Fever, was released on 5 January 2006 in the UK and 1 June in the U.S The third novel, Double or Die, was published on 4 January 2007 having had its title announced the day before The next, Hurricane Gold, came out in hardcover in the UK in September 2007 3 In this year he also made a debut performance on the panel show QI His final Young Bond novel, By Royal Command, was released in hardcover in the UK on the 3 September 2008 4 Charlie has signed a deal to pen a new series of children s books for Puffin According to the author, They are going to be action adventures, but with a horror angle

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  1. By Royal Command by Charlie HigsonThis was an amazing end to the Young James Bond series by Mr Higson The series will be carrying on with a different author, but I m not sure if I want to continue reading them As much as I enjoyed the books, I m still deciding if I m happy with how Higson left the series or if I want to read .

  2. If you are an avid reader of Ian Fleming s James Bond novels, you know there are traces of Bond s youth in the original tales You are aware of Bond s expulsion from Eton over an alleged problem with a boys maid You are aware of his mentor and ski instructor Hans Oberhauser whose offspring figures to be part of the upcoming film, SPECTRE That said, we know little else and it has been with great joy I ve read Charlie Higson s 5 Young Bond novels.This one wraps up Higson s full length novel look at [...]

  3. Somehow, amidst this week I have managed to finish this book I had not really wanted to read it any because it is a quite boring beginning and it s pretty slow and muddled The book gets better near the end Although, I have to say the ending of this book was quite a stretch It was also a little random I do not find this series as enjoyable as I found the series to be in 6th grade I guess I ve grown out of junior spies and such Or perhaps this book was not as satisfying as the books prior I guess [...]

  4. Out of 5 stars, I would give this novel a 4 Charlie Higson pieces a novel together with the elements of action, suspense, mystery, and romance Although the storyline at times is hard to follow, it all comes together in the end The plot of this story is very hard to believe, I mean come on a 14 year old adrenaline jockey and spy venturing around Europe from villains Out of all the books I have read, I have never read a book with an extraordinary ending such as this one I honestly got choked up at [...]

  5. By Royal Command became the first series of books I have ever completed, and I m glad to say that it did the rest of the fantastic series great justice As always the action was of a high degree from the very start, with an excellent new array of characters introduced with intriguing and believable story lines Despite the ever present action, the final installment in the Young Bond series did in fact introduce several new themes that had never previously received much focus The main character, of [...]

  6. So I thought I had read the first one in this series, Silverfin, but apparently not Like a James Bond movie, you don t need to know all of the previous stuff, necessarily, to be able to follow this one Unlike a James Bond movie, this was some of the most boring, unimaginative writing I think I ve seen in a long time, and it actually accomplished something I ve never seen before it makes spy games seem dull.I can t find much of anything to say about this that s worthwhile The end does pick up som [...]

  7. Easily the best book in the series This fifth novel ties James Bond s year at Eton into a neat story arc Elements of the first three books are all tied toogether in this story, especially volumes 1 and 3.

  8. Charlie Higson s final Young Bond book, By Royal Command, is a masterpiece worthy of Ian Fleming himself I say this with no hint of hyperbole or exaggeration While the Young Bond series has impressed me overall, this final installment from Higson is most reminiscent of the best of the Fleming books as it contains several passages that reminded me of On Her Majesty s Secret Service and From Russia with Love Higson has done a brilliant job throughout most of the books, which serve as prequels to F [...]

  9. Kalau ditanya, apa film bioskop yang pertama kali kutonton dalam hidupku Lalu bila pertanyaanku itu dilanjutkan dengan wanti wanti dari temanku ke teman ceweknya, Hati hati sama si Joe Lebih baik jangan Dia itu pleboi, maka salahkan saja babahku Lha, kok, gitu Lha ya memang gitu Sekarang balik ta tanya kepada para pemirsa sekalian, apa pantes anak teka tekanya TK Aisyah pulak diajak ke bioskop pas lepas maghrib buat nonton James Bond Jika kalian menjawab bahwa itu tiada pantas, maka ketidak pant [...]

  10. For me the Charlie Higson run of Young Bond ended on a low note I had so enjoyed the rest, but this one seemed to be lacking in many areas It s easy to tell that there SHOULD be a lot of surprises, but most of them are anti climactic The ending specifically rose not to a peak, but to the equivalent of a small hill Sometimes bringing old characters back can be really exciting, however it seemed almost as if it was done out of a lack of creativity No new bad guys I guess I ll chuck in some old one [...]

  11. At first this book was destined for failure, because THEY CHANGED AUDIOBOOK READERS ON ME I only started listening to these books because Nathaniel Parker was the reader and then they made the switch I did not like the new reader, but I pushed on with the book.Higson does great things with plot and a believable creation of the enigmatic James Bond As James grows up, so do his stories I would put this book as one for slightly older readers than the first few books An enjoyable story and character [...]

  12. I really enjoyed this audio version of the last Young Bond by Charlie Higson I almost gave up again at exactly the same point I did when reading this many years ago, but I m so glad I didn t This was a great adventure for Bond with a thrilling plot, great villians and of course a love interest Nathaniel Parker did a superb job as the narrator at all the different characters, nationalities, male and female, young and old I enjoyed this so much on audio that I would love to listen to the earlier b [...]

  13. I m really enjoying these Young Bond books now The character is really developing and the stories are getting better all the time This one had some great plot twists and set pieces and I can t wait to read the next one.

  14. Lives up to the previous Young Janes Bond books Very engaging storyline set before the start of WW2 in Austria and at Eton Towards the end of the book Charlie Higson s description of certain scenes were so realistic it made me squirm Loved it.

  15. The 361 page book By Royal Command by Charlie Higson is a wonderful read It s a story about the young james Bond As he s on his way to a school skiing trip to Austria, he realizes that he s being followed When he got to his hotel, he met with his old friends, and professors During a skiing trip, his class get s stuck in an avalanche, not knowing where he s going, he the kid infront of him, only to realize that he s drunk, and off course After a long night of being stuck under 10 feet of snow, sk [...]

  16. James Bond is an idiot As if the last book wasn t bad enough By Royal Command is the fifth book in the Young Bond Adventures series While I ve never been a Bond movies fan, I thoroughy enjoyed the first three books Hurricane Gold A James Bond Adventure was a literary flop, and unfortunetely, this book tends to follow the latter, rather than its predecessors I struggled between giving it one or two stars for most of the book Everything was kind of coincidental and cliche The characers were at lea [...]

  17. By Royal Command is the fifth book in the Young Bond series Upon returning back to Europe from Mexico, James goes to Austria for a school trip After a few days of learning how to ski, James gets stuck in an avalanche with a classmate but luckily, he saves them both He recovers quickly enough and returns to Eton with this schoolmates and he meets the new maid, Roan Power Her appearance in the book is a catalyst for the rest of James s adventures James gets swept up in politics and conspiracies an [...]

  18. By Royal Command by Charlie Higson is the last exempting the supplementary novels and graphic books in a fantastic series about the life of a teen James Bond called Young Bond Now Young Bond itself is an absolutely incredible amalgamation of stories which intrigue, excite and frighten the reader by telling the tales of an extraordinary British teenager and his adventures occurring in places ranging from Eton College, in Windsor, to Mexico, Italy and the Caribbean In all the books, Higson weaves [...]

  19. By Royal Command by Charlie Higson is the fifth young Bond and so far final novel in that series This series is a bit different than the 007 novels that are widely known Young Bond deals with James in his school boy days It is also written to introduce the world s most famous spy to a preteen or teen audience Higson still keeps the foundation of a great Bond novel intact There is fast cars and a Bond girl in every book Since there an e no M scene Higson replaces that with the Danger Society sce [...]

  20. Charlie Higson wrote the suspenseful, mysterious and romantic book By Royal Command The main character is James Bond and he is given a mission by the Royal Command in the freezing Alpes However it didn t happen as expected, there he was under surveillance in every move he makes Their he had a girl called Roan by his side that was beautiful and he liked An other person who was with James Bond s team was Dandy On June 4th The king George V comes to Eton where James Bond and his team where Dandy wa [...]

  21. By Royal Command , by Charlie Higson, is the best Young Bond book I have read in the series It definitely the most violent, gruesome book in the series as well Things that happen in the beginning tie to things that ll happen in the last part of the book Much like the Alex Rider series.In this book, the 5th book, James Bond is returning from Mexico, and wants to be a regular schoolboy He doesn t want to be involved in violence any But, everything at Eton changed when he got back, there s a new ow [...]

  22. Honestly this book may just be the best action book that I ve read this year This book is the last book in the series, and it is about the young James Bond, and it takes place near the time of World War II When the Nazis are in power, and are about to declare war, and the Soviets are also in power, recruiting young Communists In Eton, James Bond wishes to just live a normal life now, despite the fact that he had just saved a classmate during their skiing trip in Switzerland There is a new beauti [...]

  23. I have quite enjoyed the Charlie Higson series of young Bond booksever after the peak of the last book Hurricaine Gold this one felt somewhat lacklustre.It plods at the start providing the genesis of Bond s skiing prowess fact Roger Moore s bond obviously benefited from some stellar ski instruction Once we are past the Ski instruction and subsequent mini adventure we are pulled into a plot involving anarchists, communism and potential assassinationestingly Higson creates some continuation on reg [...]

  24. I think that Young Bond By Royal Command is book is super impressive and keeps true to the original James Bond series The book may make spying seem a little bit high profile, as deduced in the original James Bond universe, but Young Bond keeps the same charisma, humour, suspense and action in every page The idea of a story having a James Bond as a youth and having exciting and deadly adventures is not the most original storyline, as there are many youth spy and adventure books out there However, [...]

  25. Now I just randomly had this book in my house because I don t remember getting it and that is the kind of thing that calls the hero to adventure so I decided to read it I then later found out I got it at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles because of the sticker on the back I also didn t realize it was part of a series until halfway through, but you don t really need to read them in order because they are each a stand alone adventure Adventure it was because the action scenes were great and thrilling [...]

  26. By Royal Command Young Bond Book 5 Summary IN A WORLD ON THE BRINK OF WAR, JAMES BOND MUST TAKE ON SOME OF THE MOST MERCILESS VILLAINS EVER KNOWN James s every move is being watched He alone holds the clue to a sinister plot that will bring bloodshed and carnage to his school and his country Forced to flee from Eton to Austria, James must leave behind everything he knows, with only a beautiful and dangerous girl by his side Soon he is trapped in a deadly war of secrets and lies, as a nightmare r [...]

  27. By Royal Command sets the reader with young James Bond on vacation to a ski resort in the Austrian Alps All seems to go by well when after saving a friends life he finds a man saying in German someone will kill his cousin George James decides it was none of his business and when he arrived at his school Eton he meets two new characters and his world is tuned to a mess again I very much enjoyed this novel for many reasons One being the setting, a ski resort in Austria Another being how James know [...]

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