The Stars are Ours

The Stars are Ours Earth in AD is no place for a young man with a dream of freedom And Dard Nordisis worse off than most His brother was killed for covert activities as a Free Scientist in a world where science is o

Earth in 2500AD is no place for a young man with a dream of freedom And Dard Nordisis worse off than most His brother was killed for covert activities as a Free Scientist in a world where science is outlawed and blamed for all evils Now Dard and his niece are hunted and trying to find his brother s friends before their enemies find them and execute them as well The staEarth in 2500AD is no place for a young man with a dream of freedom And Dard Nordisis worse off than most His brother was killed for covert activities as a Free Scientist in a world where science is outlawed and blamed for all evils Now Dard and his niece are hunted and trying to find his brother s friends before their enemies find them and execute them as well The stakes are high he can be shot down and killed like his brother or escape to the stars in a spaceship that the Free Scientists have built in secret Here is a powerful novel of the future in which the battle cry is THE STARS ARE OURS

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  1. Alice Mary Norton always had an affinity to the humanities She started writing in her teens, inspired by a charismatic high school teacher First contacts with the publishing world led her, as many other contemporary female writers targeting a male dominated market, to choose a literary pseudonym In 1934 she legally changed her name to Andre Alice The androgynous Andre doesn t really say male to English speaking readers, even though it is a man s name in other languages i.e Norwegian She also used the names Andrew North and Allen Weston as pseudonyms.Andre Norton published her first novel in 1934, and was the first woman to receive the Gandalf Grand Master Award from the World Science Fiction Society in 1977, and won the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America SFWA association in 1983.Norton was twice nominated for the Hugo Award, in 1964 for the novel Witch World and in 1967 for the novelette Wizard s World She was nominated three times for the World Fantasy Award for lifetime achievement, winning the award in 1998 Norton won a number of other genre awards, and regularly had works appear in the Locus annual best of year polls.On February 20, 2005, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, which had earlier honored her with its Grand Master Award in 1983, announced the creation of the Andre Norton Award, to be given each year for an outstanding work of fantasy or science fiction for the young adult literature market, beginning in 2006 Often called the Grande Dame of Science Fiction and Fantasy by biographers such as J M Cornwell and organizations such as Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Publishers Weekly, and Time, Andre Norton wrote novels for over 70 years She had a profound influence on the entire genre, having over 300 published titles read by at least four generations of science fiction and fantasy readers and writers Notable authors who cite her influence include Greg Bear, Lois McMaster Bujold, C J Cherryh, Cecilia Dart Thornton, Tanya Huff, Mercedes Lackey, Charles de Lint, Joan D Vinge, David Weber, K D Wentworth, and Catherine Asaro.

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  1. On the outside it appears to be just a stock science fiction novelbut somehow it has always appealed to me, and become one of my all time favorites.It would make an excellent movie.

  2. I first read this when I was eight or nine years old, and probably read it a couple of dozen times during my childhood It was probably my favorite book In general, early Andre Norton she got wonky as she got older, and wrote crazy cat lady stuff is the best there is in juvenile science fiction, along with Heinlein juveniles like Farmer in the Sky Other early Andre Norton favorites were The Time Traders, The Defiant Agents, The Beast Master, Lord of Thunder, Star Guard, Star Man s Son, and Star R [...]

  3. This is sort of part of a series, although the second book Star Born is actually a next generation sort of thing.This book is unaccountably dedicated to Harlan Ellison I suppose if I d thought of it, I d ve assumed that Norton and Ellison would ve met just seems odd, somehow.Because it involves a sleeper ship, the book is somewhat fragmented, and the part set on Earth is something like a prequel The rest of the book is set on Astra If I had to give a name to the series, I d call it the Astra ser [...]

  4. I m finally getting around to listening to this book, as read by Uvula Audio It s somewhat dated I suppose, but I m finding it an exciting adventure thus far and am looking forward to hearing how the outlaw scientists do at trying to avoid the blasters of the anti science authoritiesNALI enjoyed the adventure and the exploration of the alien planet Just about the time when I was getting bored with the exploration, Norton amped up the action with well, I won t say with what so anyone else coming [...]

  5. This was the first science fiction book I read, way back in grade school in the mid 50 s It changed my life, opening my mind to possible futures and a love of science.

  6. continuing my reading of woman authored pulp golden age sff this is a weird book part one is a familiar persecuted scientist dystopian future part two is 300 years later miracle of freezing landing on an earth type other world there does not seem to be any organic connection part one is basic chase adventure, part two is discovering settling easy read, fast, simple plot and characters maybe i am reading into it but it seems almost comic and self referential like philip k dick

  7. This is a science fiction novel written by the great science fiction author Andre Norton I found it a real enjoyable read view spoiler Earth has come under the rule of religious theocracy in which all science is outlawed and scientists are hunted down and killed A secret society of scientists is plotting an interstellar journey to freedom The story recounts this groups escape from Earth and life on a new world where they may potentially come in conflict with a cruel and hostile intelligent speci [...]

  8. Not a bad read for a 1950s sci fi classic Andre Norton penname, Alice Mary Norton is her real name is one of the most prolific female sci fi writers of her time I enjoy modern sci fi but I also like to realize an appreciation for the writers who led the movement that gave us what we have today.

  9. Definitely a book of two halves I really didn t like the Boys Own style of the first half of the book but loved the classic science fiction of the second Stick with it and it pays off My first Norton but definitely not my last

  10. Continuing my re read of the Andre Norton books I loved as a kid I didn t remember this one, and it doesn t hold up as well as some, but still enjoyable.

  11. This is only my second or third Andre Norton title I ve read I really liked this one After a major war Earth has gone anti science In fact they hunted scientists down A small enclave of free thinkers were struggling to survive and not be found out Unknown to our main character, Dard, there is a secret group that is making plans on leaving Earth and finding a new planet where they could start anew They had a star drive, but it wasn t faster than light, so it would take generations to arrive at an [...]

  12. EDITED this review space to remove a deleted review from me somehow still displaying.My ratings should be the only review of books from me showing on They are my unincentivized, unconnected consumer product opinions The star rating reflects solely my subjective reading experience and resulting opinion of the book according to the rating scale used by It s not intended to destroy anyone s livelihood nor to churn out book promotions for them just my opinion reaction shared with other readers and a [...]

  13. This adventure tale has a great premise and decent pace and an abrupt political ending.The world of this story is one where scientists are blamed for atomic weapons, and most other weapons of war This plus a charismatic leader equals a fanatical purge of scientists Only a few have escaped, hiding out.Living in this world are the remaining Nordis family Lars a chemist and scientist in hiding , Dessie his nature loving daughter, and Lars younger brother Dard Through the eyes of this youth, an expe [...]

  14. This book plods along, detailing the struggles of an underground group of outlaw scientists who, in order to escape the tyranny and oppression of a despotic ruling class, escape in a rocket to an uncharted solar system The main character, Dard Nordis, is described as a boy, althought the author never tells us his age In this book, few of the characters have common names Names like Kimber, Dessie, Sach, Hew, Lotta and others populate the book, probably trying to suggest that in the future we will [...]

  15. This is the first of several Andre wrote on the travel of man to a new world, and their settlement on that world Earth had been ravaged by war, and most of the population destroyed The survivors blamed the scientists and learned individuals living for the war and resulting hardship of mankind So they outlawed science, education, and knowledge of any kind The remaining few individuals with knowledge banned together, and built a space ship With the knowledge of frozen sleep, they boarded the ship [...]

  16. This is one of a series of review of old favorites of mine that started me on my path to being an author and of books that I believe can still charm and inspire.The Star are Ours is one of the first Norton books I read It s set in a post apocalyptic world, where a terrorist incident has damaged the world in a number of ways Scientists rather than politicians were blamed for the disaster and became hunted This novel is set in what appears to be the northern middle states of the US near the Rocky [...]

  17. This post apocalyptic story begins with a totalitarian government that is systematically hunting down and killing free scientists The main character, Dard Nordisis, and a select few escape the worldwide tyranny in an experimental spaceship, leading to a new life in an alien world.Andre Norton paints a vivid portrait of both the hostile world they escaped from and the hostile new world they discover Contrasts abound between the danger from the human hatred they escaped and risks in this new world [...]

  18. Earth technology develops far enough to get humans to Mars and Venus, but then a weapon is turned on Earth that kills millions and convinces mankind to reject all knowledge as dangerous, especially science A few brave scientists survive after the purges and builds the first galactic spacecraft This is the story of how they escaped the oppressive hold of Earth and reached a whole new world So far, this is one of my top 5 favorite Andre Norton novels It has a lot of depth to its world building, an [...]

  19. In a post apocalyptic Earth, a charismatic man becomes leader and when he is assassinated, the person who takes over leads a purge of all scientists and other educated persons Dard s brother is a scientist and their living is very precarious When Lars finds the answer, and then is killed, Dard and his niece must make their way to safety with other scientists who are planning to leave the planet Lars had the answer to cold sleep They make their way to a new planet and start new lives there.

  20. If you asked me what is golden age science fiction I would point you to The Stars Are Ours This is a fast paced adventure novel Not a lot of depth or character description, but then as long as you don t epect these its fine, in fact its than fine, I found it enjoyable The story is split into two half, the first consentrates on how a group of scientists, who are hunted by the government, escape and leave Earth The second is set when they arrive on a new planet and some of the issues they encount [...]

  21. Very good science fiction classic written in the early 1950 s Dessie and Dard are siblings living on Earth after society has broken down and the current government bans science, hunting and killing Free Scientists They are entrusted to bring some scientific information developed by Lars to a group of rebels This group is developing a ship to leave the Earth and go to find another world Very well written with a sympathetic protagonist and an interesting portrait of another planet.

  22. Good, old fashioned Sci Fi Not tech dependent, but on the social side It has been a while since I read a pulp type sci fi book, and I wonder why This is not high brow, heavy hitting literature, but it was a good, entertaining story, and a quick read.No wonder Andre Norton is was such a popular writer.

  23. Although the ISBN 10 and ISBN 13 match my copy, the cover photo does not In tis story, there are several conflicts Scientists against pacifists Technology versus agriculture Men against men.

  24. this was not very exciting, but i love me some andre norton nonethelessn t let that discourage you read it and all of her dorky sci fi yummies.

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