Sea Change

Sea Change It is January London is reeling from the effects of the greatest financial scandal of the age the collapse of the South Sea Bubble William Spandrel a penniless mapmaker is offered a discharge

It is January 1721 London is reeling from the effects of the greatest financial scandal of the age, the collapse of the South Sea Bubble William Spandrel, a penniless mapmaker, is offered a discharge of his debts by his principal creditor, Sir Theodore Janssen, a director of the South Sea Company, on one condition he must secretly convey an important package to a friendIt is January 1721 London is reeling from the effects of the greatest financial scandal of the age, the collapse of the South Sea Bubble William Spandrel, a penniless mapmaker, is offered a discharge of his debts by his principal creditor, Sir Theodore Janssen, a director of the South Sea Company, on one condition he must secretly convey an important package to a friend of Janssen s, Ysbrand de Vries, in Amsterdam.The package safely delivered, Spandrel barely survives an attempt on his life, only to be blamed for the murder of de Vries himself When de Vries s secretary, his English wife and the package itself go missing shortly afterwards, Spandrel realizes that he has become a pawn in several people s games British Government agents, and others, are on his trail, believing that the mysterious package contained secret details of the great South Sea scandal secrets so explosive that their publication could spark a revolution in England.Spandrel s only chance of survival is to recover the package and place its contents in the right hands But whose are the right hands And what exactly are the contents.

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Sea Change

  1. In a writing career spanning than twenty years, Robert Goddard s novels have been described in many different ways mystery, thriller, crime, even historical romance He is the master of the plot twist, a compelling and engrossing storyteller and one of the best known advocates for the traditional virtues of pace, plot and narrative drive.

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  1. Robert Goddard writes really interesting and descriptive novels and I really enjoyed this one, an entertaining read

  2. It s 1721, the great South Sea Bubble has collapsed , and a mapmaker, heavily in debt, is persuaded by his debtor that he must travel to Holland and deliver a package Turns out it contains a green book listing all those government officials who had been bribed to help investors make money from the bubble.The Goddard books I have read all have some sort of multi continent chase in them and this one is a whopper It takes place in England, Holland, Switzerland, Germany and Italy as several groups p [...]

  3. History is the geology of human experience, a study, as it were, of tragedy and comedy laid down in the strata of past lives In death there are no winners or losers, merely people who once lived but can never live again What they thought, what they believed, what they hoped, is largely lost That which remains is history This is a highly entertaining picaresque novel set in the 18th century in England, the Netherlands, and various other European countries The characters brush elbows with famous f [...]

  4. I was really disappointed in this Robert Goddard It s the first one i ve struggled to finish They are usually fantastic page turning thrillers with lots of mystery and suspense plus they often have a historical element which appeals to me However this one just totally failed to capture my interest i think because it contained just too much politics eighteenth century politics too which is not an era which interests me at all As a result the novel felt quite dry The plot involving the South Sea B [...]

  5. Usual twists and turns you would expect from Robert Goodard I liked the way he mixed historical figures with fictional figures and inter weaved the story.

  6. It s a tricky one, this I m a big fan of Goddard and for most of the way through Sea Change I was swaying between 3 and 4 stars Goddard likes his smoke and mirrors and at times it felt like he overdid it a bit here, and that s what nearly dragged Sea Change down to 3 stars But his weaving of history with fiction into a great story, his fascinating characters and excellent prose pushed it back up again Goddard has a great eye for period detail, including some marvellous dialogue Who s this spindl [...]

  7. This is the first Goddard novel I read And for me it is the best I think because it was not in a contemporary setting but the storyline and action were as if it was happening today Goddard has a writing style which I really enjoy I read it quite a while ago, but still remember it as if I just read it recently.

  8. A disappointment This is about the 10th R Goddard book I ve read, and for some reason, with this one the elaborate plotting just seemed cumbersome, there was too much historical information, and the characters seemed a little flat Not a great read.

  9. Although a fan of Goddard, this book was bad The story is never convincing and the main character boring Goddard at his worst.

  10. In the end, I was really drawn into the world and the characters seemed real to me I must admit that I almost gave up about 20% in when it slowed pretty badly for perhaps an hour of reading I m so glad I didn t stop.

  11. I studied the South Sea bubble at school So I was intrigued by the subject matter of this mystery novel A few to many twist and turns for my taste and I did not always feel like I was actually in the place and time of the story The ending was satisfing.

  12. Book Report on Sea Change by Robert GoddardNadav Bronicki, Per 6 7In this book, William Spandrel, a British mapmaker who has fallen into debt, is sent by his creditor, Theodore Janssen, to Amsterdam to deliver a box to the house of Ysbrand De Vries, a friend of Janssen s.Unknown to Spandrel, the box s contents are tied to a scandal and is as such wanted by everyone from the original owners of the box s to the King After losing the box, Spandrel finds himself chasing the box s contents, and along [...]

  13. Immensely enjoyed reading the book The story of a London mapmaker caught up in events and schemes much beyond his ability to understand and control, but who still manages to come out all right in the end is well imagined and told by Robert Goddard Set in the early 18th century Europe, the story is about the fallout of the collapse of the South Sea Company and the cast of politicians and businessmen and kings caught up in it It You get a sense of the enterprise and creativity and business ferment [...]

  14. Robert Goddard published this book in 2000 and it has an uncanny ring about it 10 years later The South Sea Company, which was created in 1711 out of the Sword Blade Company as a financial institution to rival the Bank of England, was successful in obtaining an act of parliarment giving it a monopoly on the provision of slaves to the Spainish colonies Very soon the company had acquired the entire British Government debt some 31m in the currency of the day and sold the debt into shares of the com [...]

  15. I have read a number of other books by Robert Goddard, but this one struck me as his weakest I like historical fiction South Sea Bubble is the background , and I found this to be reasonably engaging, in terms of the setting and general set up, but I found the characters to be poorly developed and the dialogue somewhat annoying.Regarding the characters, the principal character is a pawn in a complicated game of political chess to capture a bishop or a king The problem with this was that the princ [...]

  16. This was the thirteenth Robert Goddard book I have read in my quest to read his books in chronological order.The contrast between the previous book, Set In Stone, and this one is considerable, while the normal Robert Goddard genre is still present The previous book was set in the present day, while this one is set in 18th century England and Europe, and involves many historical and powerful figures The protagonist in the previous book was relatively assertive, despite events overtaking him this [...]

  17. Another great Goddard novel with a story firmly embedded in British history The time frame is the reign of King George I and the struggle of the Jacobites to regain the throne of both Scotland and England At the centre of the story is a ledger that contains irrefutable proof of fraud, bribes, and such among the highest ranking citizens, including ministers, members of parliament, etc Several parties set about to gain possession of the infamous ledger and use its contents to boost their own cause [...]

  18. I actually liked the book s historical setting What I did not like was seeing the same tedious story line over and over and over again, every 50 pages or so.In the end, I just grew so tired I stopped reading with only 60 pages or so to go Never have the main characters aggravated me The only character with whom I could somewhat identify was McIlwraith, and view spoiler it was so obvious he would return Although his continued story line was meagre at best view spoiler To me, it was a dread hide [...]

  19. I enjoyed this the 1st novel in quite a while for me I enjoyed the Dutch connection, with ancestors living in the Amsterdam of this time Huge amount of research to capture the accuracy of what was a massive investment scandal of the 18th Century, with most of the political characters portrayed from history The thriller line was exciting without it being unbelievable But also a social comment on how the rich and powerful get away with massive corruption very relevant to what we see going on today [...]

  20. William Spandrel, a poor mapmaker indebted to one of the architects of the the South Sea Company s financial Ponzi scheme in 1721, makes his way in the world to raise himself from poverty and misfortune due to his debt to,Sir Janssen, and I must say his gullibility,with many an adventure,twist and turn.I read the book and enjoyed it as a metaphor for the economic times we currently inhabit less

  21. Ok, Goddard always has a historical component to his whodunits with details woven into the modern day whodunit But this novel, is totally set in the 1700 s in England and the Netherlands, with lots of politics, financiers, and royalty thrown Not my type of read at all Gave up after the 5th chapter Simply could not get past all the political shenanigans, etc.

  22. It is January 1721 London is reeling from the effects of the greatest financial scandal of the age, the collapse of the South Sea Bubble William Spandrel, a penniless mapmaker, is offered a discharge of his debts if he secretly conveys an important package in Amsterdam Really good Enjoyed it.

  23. Whilst not one of Goddard s mysterious books the pace of the whole thing kept the pages turning despite the occasional diversion into 18th century political wranglings It was those diversions where I was left wondering about the amount of fact in the fiction Overall a jolly novel in the style of Mad Mad Mad World than Agatha Christie

  24. I did not have any high expectations of Sea Change, but I was positively surprised It s a fast moving book with a lot of things going on and fun and interesting characters It did what it was supposed to do, keeping me entertained And I learned something new in the process, having never heard of the South Sea Company scandal before.

  25. I read it and I was riveted to the story, but I must confess I was a bit lost sometimes like the main character, Spandrel Maybe that was the intent I m not that adept at Georgian politics and there are rabbit warrens of plots and conspiracies going on throughout that Spandrel seems to get himself sucked into.

  26. This book was way out of my comfort period I don t usually read anything before the second world war and this was set in the 1700 s However I thought it was cleverly written especially from an author that has written quite a few books set in the recent past I struggled to keep up with all the characters though and would prefer something simpler in the future.

  27. At first I found too many characters to keep track of 1721 London is reeling from the effects of the greatest financial scandal of the age, the collapse of the South Sea bubble A ledger goes missing and a map maker is coned in delivering this green book, and he realizes he has become a pawn in several people s games to keep the secrets of what this book could reveal.

  28. Crickey very fast moving action story Never a dull moment thoug at times that did mean I had trouble keeping track of some of the minor characters who came in and out of the storyline A very enjoyable read, but at the end of the day not a terribly believable story.

  29. I loved the historical element of this as an otherwise poor historian, and Robert Goddard never let s me down on the twists and turns of trust no one and try not to predict the end, just read and see.

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