Bodyguard of Lies: The Extraordinary True Story Behind D-Day

Bodyguard of Lies The Extraordinary True Story Behind D Day The true story of the biggest and most complicated intelligence operation in the history of warfare SEE QUOTE

The true story of the biggest and most complicated intelligence operation in the history of warfare SEE QUOTE.

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Bodyguard of Lies: The Extraordinary True Story Behind D-Day

  1. Anthony Cave Brown Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Bodyguard of Lies: The Extraordinary True Story Behind D-Day book, this is one of the most wanted Anthony Cave Brown author readers around the world.

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  1. The title of this book is taken from a quote by Churchill In war time, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies And this book is about those lies that were used to mislead, betray, and sacrifice during the time leading up to D Day The London Controlling Section LCS took the lead in creating full scenarios of battles that never happened and troop movements that were non existent They flooded Europe with rumor in bits and pieces that were intended, when taken [...]

  2. Anthony Cave Brown s Bodyguard of Lies is a stunning look at World War II and all the secrets, mistakes and successes, both planned and accidental, leading up to D Day, the invasion of Normandy and the ultimate end of Nazi Germany In the beginning, if it had not been for Alan Turing, a half genius, half childlike British experimenter, World War II would have been even harder for the Allies to fight and to win Turing, whose story has been made into the movie, The Imitation Game, broke the German [...]

  3. The tag line The extraordinary true story behind D Day hints at only small part of the amazing content of this masterpiece by Anthony Cave Brown It was first published in 1972 and my early and tattered copy is a treasured possession I believe it to be one of the first publications to divulge the breaking of the German Enigma codes and also discusses amazing misinformation operations such as Mincemeat and other daring ideas dreamed up by SOE.Heydrich, Canaris and others come under the microscope [...]

  4. When I arrived for my first Special Forces assignment, my battalion commander gave me a copy of this book to read It s a superb look at the covert operations during World War II by the British and, lesser so, the Americans.This book helped give me the paranoid mindset someone operating in the covert world needs to have You have to consider whether every mission you are given is what it appears to be.The title comes from a saying by Winston Churchill, that I like so much, I used it for the title [...]

  5. Bodyguard of Lies is a massive brick of a book focusing on the deadly game of deceit and espionage between British and German intelligence agencies around the D Day Landings While Fortitude North, the well known creation of a fake army under the command of General Patton to pin Nazi reserves as Pas de Calais during the invasion of Normandy, is the climax of the book, Brown covers everything, from the early days of the Phony War, through the desperate aftermath of Dunkirk and the clever ruses in [...]

  6. This is a well written and researched history book that reads like a thriller Essentially, it is a sad story of people scurrying around trying to avoid World War 2 They fail and the resulting war is catastrophic for the tens of millions of people killed, maimed, displaced, and destroyed Surprisingly, the saddest figures are the anti Hitler German Generals who tried to overthrow the madman They kept trying to bring England into their plots but were rebuffed because they weren t trusted and sadly [...]

  7. Incredibly detailed portrait of the Allied strategic, tactical and operational deceptions and campaigns leading up to D Day Poignantly illustrates the historical characters involved on all sides, especially Menzies, Churchill, Roosevelt, and Montgomery on the Allied side, and the entire Schwarze Kapelle German General Staff conspirators against Hitler.

  8. I haven t read tons and tons of books on history, but this one is perhaps the best I ve committed to Comprehensive to the nth degree, drawing on sources never seen at the time of its publication, and written in a direct, unprepossessing style Published in the late 1970s and still a benchmark Highly recommended.

  9. This book is not one to be breezed through, but to be savored and slowly digested As other reviews have described, the book is packed with information which the author artfully ties together, integrating details of spy tradecraft, the art of subterfuge, personalities and personnages that will fascinate The book, while ostensibly about Enigma, the ultrasecret, so vital to the Allied victory in WWII, there is so much For example, there is a great deal about Canaris, whom I d heard of, but had no [...]

  10. An amazing account of the events and planning that led to the D Day invasion at Normandy There were several deception operations underway to prevent the Nazis from discovering the true location and time of the invasion, in order to give the Allies a chance to succeed Operation Mincemeat is one of the famous deception plans, whereby the British took a patriotic corpse with the family s permission , dressed him in a British military uniform, and gave the body a briefcase full of war plans for the [...]

  11. Several years ago, while perusing my dad s excellent library, one filled with biographies of MacArthur and Eisenhower, memoirs of Kissinger and Churchill books by all the players in the Watergate scandal, Truman, etc a library where fiction dare not tread, I asked him, what he would recommend for me He stood and thought for just a moment and then pulled down a huge book filled with fine print and handed it to me Bodyguard of Lies If you could only read one of these books, this is the one to choo [...]

  12. Be a bit critical of the historical accuracy of this book while reading it For the most part it is spot on, but, for instance, Cave Brown talks about the apocryphal story of Churchill sacrificing the town of Coventry to German bombers in order to protect the truth of Ultra in reality, modern accounts doubt if the British knew the location of the attack They were informed as to its date, but not where the bombs would be dropped I would attribute this, in part, to the publication date, at a time w [...]

  13. This is a mind blowing account of the role that deception, espionage, and cryptography played in the European theater of WWII It s incredibly well researched and detailed and comes in at over 900 pages There were so many incredible stories in here and I gained a whole new perspective on the war The only downside for me was that it was so detailed that mind started feeling numb after a while There are hundreds of people described so no chance that I could remember it all If you like military hist [...]

  14. Whew, finished Book One Since this was published in 1975 so soon after the release of info on Enigma, I m guessing that there is to be learned and possibly some corrections to be made Even so, this book is a valuable encyclopedia of successes and failures of WWII deceptions With the exception that you can t read an encyclopedia and Brown has given us a highly readable account I can t imagine anyone interested in WWII not reading this book.

  15. I was thrilled to be referred to this book when I was researching and trying to make sense of my birth mother s spying story in World War Two Many questions were answered It is an extraordinary account of World War Two military intelligence history, and is a book i will treasure because of the insights it gave me, it is a book I dip into again and again for information I hate war and this brings into sharp focus the futility of war and that man s inhumanity to man knows no bounds.

  16. I read this book because I d liked Brown s book about British Intelligence and because Father had been a cryptanalyst in both theatres of the second world war.Although focused on the intelligence services of the UK, USA and Germany leading up to and through the Normandy invasion and subsequent Allied breakthrough, this book actually ranges widely to include background material necessary to understand the successful mechinations before D Day.

  17. This book is a classic and a must read for any Churchill or WWII espionage fan A C Brown is an excellent researcher and while the book doesn t have pace, it is a remarkable reference book I used it in my own research while writing Into the Lion s Mouth about double agent Dusko Popov.

  18. Churchill In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies This account of the Enigma machine, the plot within German high command to assassinate Hitler, and the coordinated deception in WWII, truly reads stranger than fiction.

  19. Always fascinating, sometimes frustrating from a historical WHY perspective , incredibly detailed and very well written.It s the story of the intelligence war between the allies mainly the British and the axis during WWII, with a focus on D Day.

  20. I had not heard of this book before I was rummaging around a parking lot book sale, bought it for a dollar From the moment I picked it up I couldn t put it down I found the book compelling, informative as well as illuminating a good read for any one wanting to know about history

  21. Excellent book about the subterfuge and espionage during WWII A must read for any WWII buff Extremely well written Covers everything from code breaking to double agents.

  22. This was really an exciting, tension filled read There was enough espionage material contained in this book for at least 20 movies.

  23. Britain were superb at fooling the Nazis General George Patton commanded FUSAG aimed at Calais across the Channel All not true, but sold to the Nazizs as true.

  24. Fascinating look into the cloak and dagger operations of World War II, especially for the European theatre of war from an American British perspective.

  25. The extraordianary story of how the allies prepared for D Day and the clandestine war of deception that hid their efforts from the Germans.

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