Natexus We started as two strangers We ended with only one of us in love Alex Law wasn t meant to be there on the darkest night of my life Seven breaths left in my sister s chest yet I looked back at him the

We started as two strangers We ended with only one of us in love Alex Law wasn t meant to be there on the darkest night of my life Seven breaths left in my sister s chest, yet I looked back at him the new boy who continued to make a habit of showing up when I least expected him, determined to turn my tender grief into some kind of twisted happiness I was too weak to resWe started as two strangers We ended with only one of us in love Alex Law wasn t meant to be there on the darkest night of my life Seven breaths left in my sister s chest, yet I looked back at him the new boy who continued to make a habit of showing up when I least expected him, determined to turn my tender grief into some kind of twisted happiness I was too weak to resist But Alex had demons of his own he tried to hide from me When his truths were finally set free, so was he Not all love stories go the same way, and when he gave up on us and walked away, he dragged my broken young heart with him.I knew there had been life before Alex Law Now I had to figure out if there was life after him.That beautiful, tragic first love of mine Natalie Vincent.

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  1. Join Victoria s FB reader group for exclusive material and updates on her books goo cRh7VMFacebook goo 38RTYHInstagram instagram victoria_ljWebsite victorialjamesVictoria L James is a teenage girl stuck inside a thirty something year old s body A Corona and nacho appreciator with a ridiculous obsession for all things Rocky Balboa, she currently lives in Yorkshire, England, with her husband and two baby boys Having had a strong passion for words and stories going as far back as she can remember, she credits her love of literature to her Grandma Bess who taught her that you don t need a lot of money to travel to different worlds, experience new places, and live a thousand lives.

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  1. Review by Jen HagenTwo things you must know about me 1 I jump to the ending of a book after I ve been reading for 5 minutes, and 2 I seldom read stories that involve teenage love Having said that, I went against the grain on both these items and can sum up the book in one word INTENSE For whatever reason I decided I didn t want to know any spoilers I purposely closed my window so that I wouldn t be tempted to take a peek This story was INTENSE I said it again and I became a selfish person just s [...]

  2. Livro lindo Second chances.Gostei da narra o, muito bem desenvolvida, com um qu de suspense e um romance maravilhoso.Vale a leitura

  3. I wish I were an author so I could write the review worthy of this book Natexus was so beautifully written that it will stay with me for a long time From seeing the teasers and watching the trailer, I knew this book would be amazing but I under estimated just how amazing it would be.Instantly I was pulled into Natalie s world and didn t want to come out This book had me, smiling like a loon and crying, my heart breaking and soaring, and my mind torn between how I wanted the story go.I cried many [...]

  4. He loved me And I loved him too, despite the dents in my heart that sometimes made it awkward for him to get comfortable there.There s a kind of simple beauty to prose like this Where a profound statement can be expressed in twenty or so words This book is full of moments like that the kind I eat up with a spoon Where the author is effortlessly smart about choosing a simple combination of words to create a deep moment or thought This romance is very realistic It doesn t pull any emotional punche [...]

  5. I ve been deliberating for days over what to say about this book and if I m being honest, my brain is still something of a jumble, but I m going to do my best to arrange them into some sort of coherent review The first thing to say is that I absolutely adored this book Despite my sometimes slightly aggressive thoughts towards the author, I genuinely did love it The writing itself was what stood out to me than anything As a fan of Miss James work, at this point I would probably read the phone bo [...]

  6. Favorite Quotes Never let the end of one thing stop you from enjoying the beginning of another I d been searching for a way to describe it for months, but I got it then, I got it I knew that Alex felt like peace to me When I was near him, the noise in my head fell quiet I didn t find myself thinking so much I was too busy staring, analyzing, and daydreaming I have a good memory for nice moments, Natalie Alex tilted his head to one side and smirked as he narrowed his eyes Natalie He said my name [...]

  7. Advanced copy given in an exchange for an honest review I didn t even hear him get on the bus that day, and in some strange way, it was like he knew how much I d come to crave our routine, and he knew how much I would struggle without it that morning if I didn t get to see him at all Why little Why not something that could soar and be seen from miles away by hundreds of people Because I believe the bigger a person s presence in the world, the lonelier they are What has happened to you, Alex I wh [...]

  8. There were so many questions burning me from inside out so many conflicting emotions All the things I wanted to say didn t matter and all the things that did matter, I didn t dare speak He had a hook in my mouth and I was struggling to break free Sometimes when you read a book, the story is what grabs you and forces your hand through the pages cliff hangers at the end of each chapter that keep you hungry for what is yet to come.There are twists and turns in this story of teenage love and angst a [...]

  9. I love to read I would even go so far as to call it a passion, and it s only once in a blue moon that a book comes along and really encapsulates me, and Natexus is one of them I was enad from start to finish, and so completely invested in each of the characters that by the end of it, I felt like I was leaving friends behind.Miss James has woven together a story filled with heart and soul that grips you from the get go Every pain and emotion these characters feel is raw and real, and the way in w [...]

  10. The short Digging his fingernails in, he pulled me to the side and slammed my back against a cold brick wall, forcing all the air to pour out of my lungs in one long stream as I blinked furiously and took a peek at him Promise me you want this as much as I do Tell me you re not just doing this for me Natexus is a story of life, love and destiny embroiled in a contentious comingling, filled with drama and turmoil and sprinkled with sex and liberal humor You will be tormented and conflicted as eve [...]

  11. If Natexus were an emotion it would be intolerable heartbreak that ultimately heals you It s one of those stories that will break your heart into pieces and even though you will look whole, you will never be the same again.Here at BNW HQ Natexus is affectionately known as THAT F G BOOK it broke us all and yet fixed us too.Natalie, Alex Marcus you will feel for them all Natalie has been through so much as such a young age, she is quiet, shy and brave Seven breaths left in her chest, yet I looked [...]

  12. Wow.t sure I need to say anything else, just wow Natexus by Victoria L James is a very special book I am not going to take up space telling you about the story, you can find the synopsis for yourself I am going to tell you that Victoria L James is blessed with a very rare gift and we are so fortunate that she is sharing it with us A good author makes you care about the story A great author gets you to actually feel deep emotions A master can make you lose yourself in the world they have created [...]

  13. 5 Alpha Omega StarsThis bookMe reading this book.Never let the end of one thing stop you from enjoying the beginning of another.Alpha Omega What will be will be When one door closes, another door opens Yes, all of those phrases that mean Life Goes On Because it does Except after reading this book This one may stop me in my tracks So mind boggling So mind boggingly good Natalie s world changed the night her sister died She lost her best friend, confidant, and role model So she melted Melted into [...]

  14. It was an absolute honour to be asked to beta read the latest novel by Miss James.Natexus.How do you put into words a book that is as beautifully written as this,you just can t.Natexus is a pure piece of written art.You will sob and most certainly ugly snot cry a few times during this story,but you will also end up snaughling,lol.That is how brilliant this author is.Read this book once and you will reread it many times.It gets inside you,in your heart and soul.Ive just read it for the fourth tim [...]

  15. My love for this book was emotional, and magical It was such a heartfelt journey between two characters named Alex and Natalie Nat , who began as friends, but when tragedy struck it was inevitable they d be best friends They were each other s first, and it didn t come without complications They were longing to be lovers, but both knew all along they were soul mates They were Natexus always They went through the worst, but life s full circle had other plans Omg Just fantastic I read straight thru [...]

  16. Oh my gawd What have I just read why oh why have I not opened these pages lost my heart to everything Alex Nat sooner My whole heart has been shattered into a million pieces, as I ve walked this journey hand in hand with these beautifully broken individuals, only to have them glue it back together less a few pieces, through their sheer love, hope, belief destiny.From the first time their eyes met, their connection truly felt like something I could reach into the pages touch No matter how much or [...]

  17. Couldn t put it down.Finished it in a day Loved it all minus the name Natexus Worst name ever Lol4.5 stars for me was better to have a fragile heart filled with too much happiness, no matter how temporary, than to have a heart made of stone, aching with emptiness and permanent longing.

  18. Oh wow Why have I waited so long to read this book I was gripped from the first chapter and sucked in to the pages, completely immersed, even when I had put the book down and was carrying on with every day life I was thinking of these guys This book was intense, griping, heart breaking and heart stopping It had a huge undercurrent of love swirling around each page wrapping around your heart, squeezing it with the raw emotions that poured out of each sentence I can t recommend this read highly en [...]

  19. Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review This is Natalie s story.You re young, just 15 years old.You should be free spirited, carefree, spending time with your friends.You should be simply enjoying being a teenager.But you can t.The hurt you carry is unbearable.The grief you feel sits heavily on your chest, creating an ache that s indescribable.Your life is dark, surrounded by sadness and pain.Because you are going to lose the most precious person in the world to you.Because you are [...]

  20. People enter our lives for various reasons To love us, hurt us, protect us, teach us Whatever the reason, they all make an impact on our souls But what happens when you keep losing the same person over and over How can you ever recover Truth be told, I didn t see anyone or anything There were only sounds of life and blurred images all around me I was stuck in some kind of tunnel a tunnel that was leading me on a path to an unknown destination I couldn t see where I was travelling, because all I [...]

  21. It has taken me days and days to write this review of Natexus I flicked over the last page on my kindle and I sat down and just stared at the wall with a small smile on my face I immediately then tried to write a review I wrote nothing I was stumped I honestly didn t know what to say I absolutely LOVED this gorgeous book but didn t and still don t have the correct words to do it justice and give it the review it deserves But, after numerous attempts and fails to write I m going to give it a go a [...]

  22. When Alex finds Natalie, she s shy, broken and barely existing Her family is in the midst of dealing with something no parent or family should ever have to face Natalie is left feeling guilty for wanting attention, but not wanting ask for it as she believes her sister needs it Alex sees beyond her shyness and offers to see her home safely That night Alex is witness to the end of a relationship that is very special to Natalie With the end of that relationship, I believe this was the point where [...]

  23. NOT YOUR AVERAGE LOVE STORY Where to begin that will do Victoria L James and Natexus justice Ok so bear with me as I write this after 9hours of solid reading, yes 9 I write with bleary eyes and tear stained cheeks, my emotions and heart have gone through the wringer Victoria writes in her acknowledgements that Natalie and Alex spoke to her so much she had to write Natexus in one go All I can say is I HAD to read Natexus all in on go, I had a need to know how each character was fairing and ultima [...]

  24. Nat Alex he shrugged Us NATEXUS I whispered trough a shy smile NATEXUS he repeated back to me I like that I LOVED it I don t know what to say just WOW That book was WOW Everything about it was perfect All the emotions in this storyyou have to go read it and see for yourself As always beautifully written by Victoria L James

  25. Oh my My My My My My I honestly don t know what to say or how to start this This author rips your heart out and at times you are not sure if it will be put back together before the story ends Getting about 25% into the book and wanting to know how messed up I was going to be when I finished this story, their story So I did it I went to the last chapter and read it before continuing I needed to know just how bad my heart was going to break I ve never had to do that before Alex and Natalie, Natali [...]

  26. This was a really beautifully written story I was instantly captured by everyone in the story The writing was so clever you really felt like you knew each and every character Natalie was dealing with the awful loss of her older sister and Alex had a far from perfect home life It s a real coming of age story with lots of twists and turns.I ll definitely read from this author, she had a beautiful knack of drawing you in to her world I didn t feel like a reader I felt like I was part of Natalie s [...]

  27. This author really impressed me and I was left reeling and a little sad to finish without consequences and without mercy So I thought okay let s try something else of hers, and I m so very glad I did Boy have I ve been on an emotional roller coaster ride with this one Five very well deserved stars Can t wait to read Marcus either, loved his character too.

  28. Just okayThis book was okay It was well written, but it didn t give me the feels unusually looking for in a book like this I wanted a lot

  29. This book started out a little slowly for me, especially after reading all the rave reviews, but once it picked up, I was hooked I couldn t figure out what the deal was with Alex and his parents and everyone seemed to act instead of speaking, when speaking could have cleared it all up I have to say, I adored Marcus and wasn t sure Alex was the right choice, but the heart wants what the hearts wants I am glad Marcus got his own book and I hope his story includes an incredible HEA for him because [...]

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