Riding Hard For A Thug 2

Riding Hard For A Thug Synopsis Asta s weekend fling with Ky brings out a side of Simon that she didn t see coming unable to escape his wrath Asta finds herself in a life threating situation Will Ky make it in time to save

Synopsis Asta s weekend fling with Ky brings out a side of Simon that she didn t see coming, unable to escape his wrath Asta finds herself in a life threating situation Will Ky make it in time to save her life or will Simon succeed in his revenge against her When a blast from the past comes and interjects themselves into Ky s life, will he be able to see through their inSynopsis Asta s weekend fling with Ky brings out a side of Simon that she didn t see coming, unable to escape his wrath Asta finds herself in a life threating situation Will Ky make it in time to save her life or will Simon succeed in his revenge against her When a blast from the past comes and interjects themselves into Ky s life, will he be able to see through their intentions or will his past claim his future Zan s relationship with Tasha is keeping him from moving forward with Neala Tasha has always been successful at running off any women that have gotten close to Zan and Zan never had the will to stop her until now Will Tasha s antics finally get her the family she wants or will Zan finally put her in her place and salvage his relationship with Neala Rondo s one night fling with Rachel is causing an unbearable amount of pain in Char s life A baby is something that Char may possibly never be able to give Rondo and knowing that Racheal is going to have his first born child hurts Char to the core With the results of the DNA test hanging in the balance will Char be able to handle it all Noble is waiting in the shadows with open arms to comfort Char and take all that Rondo has because of a secret that he has lived with his whole life, he is even willing to use a member of the Carolina King s to do it Will Noble be successful or will Rondo find out and shut him down Lies, Deceit and Jealousy plague the l

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Riding Hard For A Thug 2

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  1. What is Rondo goin to do now that the baby is his and poor char I m happy about the baby but sad for thesituation with the Rachael chick hopefully they won t have to go through what Zan went through with baby momma from hell I m glad It s relationship is going strong,Z2is a funny kid,he s just like his dad I truly hope pray that Zan baby mother had nothing to do with Zan getting shot.

  2. Fiyah Great book, I couldn t put it down Zan is crazy for real, lol, love him I hope and pray he wakes up soon, it s gonna be hell to pay I love Ky and Asta and how he is so in love with her I was glad that he whipped Simon and popped his dad to, I was rolling Ronda know he messed up, now that Char finds out she carried a baby to the safe point, the baby by Rachel is his I don t think Char will be able to handle it Ryan should have stayed loyal to those who helped him, now messing with Noble got [...]

  3. A awesome continuationThis was a awesome continuation of part one This book picked up right where it left off Tasha need to do better and I m glad Zan was able to do better I hope everything works out for him and Neala My and Asta going strong, I wonder will we hear from Simon and his father again I hope Rondo and Char are strong enough and has enough love to take them further My heart felt heavy for Char at the end Zan, My and Rondo are really good guys I hope everybody who deserve karma gets i [...]

  4. Really great part 2 The characters are finally together in some sort of way Asta Ky yeah he s a good dude, very protective honest Tasha is just a low self esteemed woman, who thinks that because she had Zan s child she is entitled to something Nene She is a beast, and so cute with Z2 Ronan Char, please get them together Pink Black yep yep yep Looking forward to part 3.

  5. Sad and mad The book started out good Everyone was happy except Tasha of course The couple s were getting on track Then Tasha went left She only got that job because she thought Zan would come back The joke was on her Everybody tried to warn Zan but he did not listen I love the honesty in this book from all these men Ky got Lovey straight real quick I pray Zan wake up I have my thoughts on who did that to him but I will keep it to myself Waiting on book 3.

  6. Rhfat2That endingOOOOOOOOO I was so happy and then my mood just shifted I m glad Simon got his a beat and glad his daddy got knocked out too Sooo sick of noble and I swear he just need to get over the past already Glad asta is finally living her dreams and I love her and ky together Zan is still a hot mess but him and neala together is a even hotter mess I hope he pull through Another amazing job nikki

  7. WowOnce again great story I love how it just flowed Every time you think everything going good something happens But I love the relationship all these characters have Asta and ky relationship is the most stable Char and rondo relationship just got better here come both their greatest fear Zan and Nene as z2 call her is the funniest I can t wait for the next ride the ending got me with my mouth open like damn.

  8. Great part2I bet Pink ole soft behind is behind Zan getting shot Rondo and Char have a long road ahead of them Zy and Asta is just the cutest thing ever Tasha needs to get some buisness and a psychiatrist she is looney as heck Whats the story behind X and Wood Hurry with part 3

  9. Great Great book The drama is off the chain I can t believe Tasha She is such a stupid B I was glad when Zan finally cut her of I hope Simon learned his lesson and he leave Asta alone Now for Zan I don t think Tasha did the actual shooting but she know who did and I think it has something to do with Pink I can t wait for part 3.

  10. That cliffhanger though omg Why Ugh I cannot wait until pt 2 Who the hell shot my baby zaddy I m glad Ryan snake self got caught up, hopefully Noble is next THEM TEST RESULTS BETTER BE ALTERED if not hopefully Char Rondo stay together she has a healthy pregnancy

  11. Awesome Ms Nikki part 2 was a page turner I m so happy for Char yet sad I want she and Rondo to work out minus the drama that Rachel will bring their way can you please get rid of Noble s ass I just know that Asta is pregnant also Zan is so funny I love him and Z2 Ready for part 3

  12. Zan I m on the verge of tears with all the drama, heartbreaks, and DRAMA OMG I m holding my breath trying to figure out like what is really about to happen next I need my Zander to come on back to us now I got to laugh Author Nikki, I love you for creating these characters

  13. OMG 5 banger for real Well Ms Petty, you ve done it again That ending was crazy I love Ky and he s about to really show his crazy Zan finally manned up, but is it too late You know your pen game is ridiculous This book had me from beginning to end I can t wait for part 3

  14. AWESOME I absolutely loved this series from the beginning of the first bookI really dislike TashaI can t wait to see what s up with Ky s sister and I can t wait for all the drama that s gone come from that ending I can t wait to read part 3Zan has to be alrightGreat job Nikki.

  15. Thug love at it s best What can I say you did it again, this series just keep getting better and better with each book I love all three of the main couples, love Zan mother she is very out spoken I see where he get s it from.Great job author, can t wait for the next part.

  16. WellDang can anybody catch a break Although I m happy for some of the things that happened I definitely thought that Asta would be the first one to get pregnant Hopefully book 3 will give us some happy endings bc it sure was a world of bad in book 2 And how can you leave us at the end just hanging like that Lol hopefully book 3 comes fast

  17. Excellent You never disappoint me, it was exciting from the first page to the last page I loved how Neala put her foot down with Zan, she didn t just take his word, she made him prove it with his actions Ky played no games with his ex, he cut her bull straight out the gate, it was beautiful Excellent job, ready for pt3.

  18. Dammm, I didn t like that ending But this storyline flowed and picked up right where part one left offed I over live for the bond that Ky and Asia has am I m rooting for all the couples to have heir happily ever afters Unsure how part three will unfold, but I m eager to read it.

  19. on edge Well you did it again I couldn t put this book down if I wanted to Where do I begin, first off I think Pink has something to do with the shooting I also think that somehow Tasha knew about it too I hope Char can forgive Rondo and carry her baby full term I can t wait til the next book drops.

  20. I hope Char stays stress free since finding out the baby was Rondos Hopefully it was error and he gets retested Poor Zan and Neala, Tasha was driving me crazy too Something is telling me that Pink shot Zan I Iike Zan and Neala together Zy and Asta were a good match I can t wait for part 3 Great job as always.

  21. WowI loved part two I can t stand Tasha but part of her delusional behavior is Sans fault Lovey is a worthless that bucket she irritates me I can t wait to see the fall out in book 3 For some reason I am torn about Ryan because I actually feel bad for him Noble gotta go

  22. Good read I hate that for Char and Rando I was hoping the baby wasn t his I hope they can make it through Zan crazy babymama needs to GO I thought Asta was gonna be the one pregnant Great read.

  23. Awesome Read WHERE IS PART 3All u can really say is OMG This was an amazing read with a great storyline Nikki you really did an amazing job with this one Now tell me where is PART 3

  24. NikkkkkiiiiiiiGurl you truly have my pressure up, wait let me take a pill right Now That damn Tasha, Rachel and Lovey where they at do I can beat they ass Please let ignant yes ignant ass Zan be ok You did that sis waiting on the finale.

  25. Damn That ending tho How could you do us like that Nikki It can t be Zan Ky and Rondo are all baes I can t believe how much Zan have grown Can t wait for part 3 Great job Nik

  26. Aww ManMan Robson has the worse luck EVER San come on and pull thru, part 2 had me clutching my imaginary pearls lol Tasha say good bye and Char you a built ford tough you can handle this situation Book 3 let me get comfy lol

  27. Well well Well well What do we have here I liked the characters and the storyline I would love to have one big book to read that way I won t have to wait for the next book I do recommend

  28. Love love love This series is so good I love the couples I hope Zan comes out the coma Him and Neala are my favorite I hope Tasha had nothing to do with hum getting shot Can t wait for part three.

  29. MarvelousNikki Brown you never seem to amaze me with your marvelous writing skills This series is fye right now I got to know is this result real or is Noble behind the scene.What s up with Ky lil sister and Wood In desperate need of part 3

  30. The plot thickensWhose the daddy.This storyline has popped i can t wait to see what s next e flow is fast paced and drama filled ,I love these characters.OUT FREAKING STANDING

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