The Passion of Mary Magdalen

The Passion of Mary Magdalen For the millions of readers fascinated by Dan Brown s revelations about Mary Magdalen in The Da Vinci Code here at last is their chance to meet the Gospel s most provocative woman face to face on h

For the millions of readers fascinated by Dan Brown s revelations about Mary Magdalen in The Da Vinci Code, here, at last, is their chance to meet the Gospel s most provocative woman face to face on her own terms.Make way for a new Magdalen Born on a Celtic isle to eight warrior witch mothers, Maeve is raised to be as brave as any hero In her stubborn, enchanting voice,For the millions of readers fascinated by Dan Brown s revelations about Mary Magdalen in The Da Vinci Code, here, at last, is their chance to meet the Gospel s most provocative woman face to face on her own terms.Make way for a new Magdalen Born on a Celtic isle to eight warrior witch mothers, Maeve is raised to be as brave as any hero In her stubborn, enchanting voice, she recounts her perilous quest for the young man, Esus, whose life she once saved from druid sacrifice Captured and sold to a Roman Madam, Maeve is sustained by a fierce sense of identity, compassion for her sister whores, and her unquenchable love When she wins her freedom and finds her lost lover, a stormy life begins for both as we follow the Passion story through the eyes of Jesus s partner By turns feisty and funny, outrageous and tender, this Celtic Mary Magdalen challenges all stereotypes, both old and New Age, and brings us to transforming encounter with the divine feminine made flesh.

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The Passion of Mary Magdalen

  1. Elizabeth Cunningham Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Passion of Mary Magdalen book, this is one of the most wanted Elizabeth Cunningham author readers around the world.

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  1. This novel truly took me by surprise This is the second of a trilogy of books featuring the title character, who calls herself Maeve The premise is this What if Mary Magdalen of the New Testament was actually of Gaelic decent a Celt with blazing red hair who was raised as a sort of Pagan priestess in a culture with female than male deities What if she and Jesus became friends as kids, and fell in love in young adulthood And what if they were separated and went through enough travails in their a [...]

  2. The title of this book doesn t do justice to just how astonishing it is At turns reverent and irreverent, bawdy, earthy, spiritual, funny, moving, human and divine, it s an incredible journey with wonderfully dimensional characters A massive book, and so involving, I had to put it down periodically and take a breather, but each time I picked it up again I fell right into the narrative, drawn away and drawn in so completely.The narrator, Maeve, aka Mary Magdalen, is a voluptuous Celtic girl who g [...]

  3. I don t give a lot of five s but this is a book of truly extraordinary delight It is the story of the Jesus mythos last days told through the eyes of his saucy, celtic druid reared, Goddess Isis worshipping sacred whore lover wife Maeve also known as Mary of Magdala The book is at times raucous laugh out loud funny and at other times it will break your heart I loved the humanness as well as the divinity and the rendering of the disciples from thick as a block to plotters, schemers and all the ot [...]

  4. I was raised a Catholic I went to a Catholic middle school, and currently attend a Jesuit college In high school, I went to religion class on Sundays and made my Confirmation.But try as I might prepare for some blasphemy here , I could not bring myself to care about Jesus.Okay Not care may not be the right way to describe it I couldn t relate, is what I m trying to say I knew teachers who got teary eyed during the Stations of the Cross every year, but to me that particular Mass was just another [...]

  5. I have always hated the fact that Mary Magdalene has been called a prostitute throughout history when she in fact was not one That being said, if you completely disconnect this book from the bible, Christianity and Judaism, its a great historical novel about women in ancient times It is full of sex, passion, sorrow and drama The relationship between Jesus and Mary is beautiful Elizabeth Cunningham manages to describe an infinite love that is grander than just two people You will love this book i [...]

  6. Elizabeth Cunningham s long awaited sequel to _Daughter of the Shining Isles_ now sold under a different name , this book follows Maeve in her days as a slave in the Holy Land Although it s a thick book, I read this in no time at all since I could never put it down Maeve goes through so much in this story slavery to harlotry to sacred spiritual harlotry the depths of despair to being the lover of the Christ but never quite his unquestioning follower Being of a Christian background, I don t find [...]

  7. Against my better judgement 4 stars, because a she did her homework and b was wildly imaginative The tone is romance novel with tongue in cheek or not and her sentences are often clich s I just finished Mary Karr s Lit, which is so beautifully written that I kept reading sentences aloud to anyone who would listen In the first 200 pages of The Passion of Mary Magdalen, I read aloud sentences because they were so bad And yet Her imagined Mary Magdalene is at her best taking on well known Biblical [...]

  8. Earlier this year I read the prequel to this novel and absolutely loved it Something I can t say all together about this part of the series Don t get me wrong, I still like the story and Maeve is still het witty, feisty, funny and dramatic The writing is still amazing and the authors family background with 9 generations of Episcopal priests shows all through the writing So with didn t I like about this book Well the first 60% of the book It took forever before Jesus showed up and we really got g [...]

  9. I started this book with mixed feelings, and I m very glad I finished it Considering I loved Lamb The Gospel According to Biff, Christ s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore, which many find blasphemous I was surprised that I found the book jolting, but in the end moving.Maeve Rhuad, who becomes Mary Magdalen, is a Celt warrior goddess I didn t read the first volume of the Chronicles, where she meets Jesus, and then is cast away, where she is captured, becomes a Roman slave In this volume, she is [...]

  10. The whole Maeve Chronicles series is superlative, highly recommended, one of my favorites I would recommend it for fans of strong women, Celtic fantasy, Biblical reinterpretation, myth and magic, Goddess fiction, the Mists of Avalon In a nutshell, Mary Magdalen is re visioned as a Celtic ex pat and Jesus wife, a magical and strong and sometimes foolish woman, and her tale spans the course of four well researched and well written books Written with cheek and humor and glory and beauty, all at onc [...]

  11. I really liked this book It s one of my favorite readings of the character of Mary Magdalen, aka Maeve, the goddess worshipping Celt She s feisty, tough, omnisexual, and just as magical as Jesus She has serious reservations about Yahweh, but she s crazy about Jesus, so she manages to mostly go along with his agenda I m not a huge fan of retellings of the Jesus story, but this is definitely one of the best of the genre It s well written, with every character distinct and interesting It s a rippin [...]

  12. I love this book It is seriously controversial It is a huge read I actually have a copy signed by the author

  13. I listened to the Audio book I am mourning the end of this book The actress reading the book was Mary Magdalena She was the accent that belongs with the character The story is told in first person and she is talking to the reader in modern time about life back then So she uses phrases with comments saying well what he really said doesn t translate well into modern English but it s equivalent is ______ It shows a possible back story for the woman who knew Jesus possibly in a the biblical sense.I [...]

  14. A friend recommended this book to me last summer Half way through this first book, I knew I would have to read the entire series I ordered them all in hardback so I can revisit them They may be considered fiction, but the imagery, historical settings and characters resonated with me deeply.

  15. This is the second book in a series where Mary Magdalen is actually a Celtic druid student turned slave turned prostitute turned priestess named Maeve, who is also Jesus s soulmate Yeah I M SURE THIS HAS TOTALLY SOLD YOU ON THIS BOOK, AMIRITE I ll try again this book is or less Kushiel s Dart meets Lamb the Gospel According to Christ s Childhood Pal Biff, only with less BDSM and less laugh out loud funny I haven t read the first book in the series where I guess Jesus and Maeve meet and fall in [...]

  16. Elizabeth Cunningham, descendant of nine 9 generations of Episcopal priests, knows whereof she speaks in all things biblical My impression of this author is that she literally ate, drank, slept and breathed Bible stories from birth no from conception And, rather than hew to the party line, so to speak, she listened for the voice of the women in these tales and found them missing In THE PASSION OF MARY MAGDALEN, Ms Cunningham gave Mary Magdalen and the other two Marys of the New Testament, not on [...]

  17. Part of my review of the first book in the series Magdalen Rising the Beginning For anyone who finds that the Bible stories of Mary Magdalen don t quite make sense and wants a better understanding of the times in which Jesus and Mary lived and what the social environment and cultures were, this series is a very plausible, albeit fictional, explanation As for this 2nd book in the series, at first I wondered why there was such extensive elaboration of her sexual exploitation and experiences but re [...]

  18. The Passion of Mary Magdalen by Elizabeth Cunningham Monkfish Book Publishing Company 0 9766843 0 6 620pps 29.95The passion, indeed Based on Celtic anthropology and Biblical texts, Cunningham elaborates a fiery, redheaded Druid Priestess of Isis as Maeve, the star of this novel Actually, it was in Druid school that she first met and fell in love with Esus Jesus In an almost Romeo and Juliet vein, their lives are torn apart by dire circumstances and they both set out on quests to reunite Maeve s [...]

  19. Mary Magdalene has always been one of the most controversial characters in Christianity, no thanks to the Catholic agenda and that makes this book all the precious This book carries a story of a woman so raw in the beauty of her soul and unabashedly honest about the choices she made to survive No matter her choices, nothing can take away the purity of her love for her man Jesus has always been one of the most inspirational figures the world has ever seen, some call him a teacher, some call him [...]

  20. A Gust of Wind on the 6th, 2008Dear Elizabeth Cunningham,I am moved to write you I have just finished The Passion of Mary Magdalen , recommended to me by my friend Claude Convers As I was laying in bed feeling some of the last chapters I realized I wanted to write and express my thanks So, if you will allow me.1 I have received a TREEmendous healing from this book In several places, I wept at the depth of forgiveness and grace.2 Thank you for writing this book You have given me a great gift in t [...]

  21. I ll state up front this is not a book for everyone and by that I mean anyone who is uncomfortable with an author taking liberties with biblical scripture might dislike what Elizabeth Cunningham has written strictly on principle But for those who can take this for what it is a brilliantly written novel told from the perspective of a fantastic female protagonist I think it s an absolute gem I remember when I first plucked it off a shelf with some trepidation at the book store I had no idea what I [...]

  22. Sequel to Magdalene Rising, in this novel Cunningham moves us out of the druid filled youth of Jesus and Mary Magdalene also known as the Celtic healer and would be priestess Maeve into the scope of the New Testament and the Holy Land I just LOVE how Cunningham weaves historical peoples and events, New Testament stories, and Pagan lore to give us a Mary Magdalene who is a powerful spiritual counterpart to Jesus Christ Similar in theme to the pseudo scholarly Da Vinci Code, This story cuts all th [...]

  23. Vol 2 of a four book series Thought at first this was really, really stupid, then realized that you have to have a sense of humor and take it as just good storytelling Mary M was actually born Maeve, from Ireland, a redhead everywhere, giving new meaning to the biblical burning bush phrase that comes straight from the book She has been kicked out of Druid College because she had this thing going with this foreigner Esus The Druids wanted to use him for a human sacrifice, because the Romans kidna [...]

  24. As the title suggests, this book is all about the passionate relationship between Maeve, aka Mary of Magdalen and Jesus I usually enjoy reading stories set in this time period and the style of this one sets it apart The book is full of humour and very engaging with a modern day narrator cracking jokes and commentating on the action The first half of the story centres around her life as a slave and prostitute in Rome The second half reunites Mary with Jesus and his disciples in the holy land This [...]

  25. This story of Jesus and how he found his calling, as told by Mary Magdalen , a women s viewpoint, is both spiritual and entertaining It makes you ponder the life of Jesus in a whole, new way We have Dan Brown to thank for the Da Vinci Code, causing people to know that women were a big part of Jesus s life He shares his life and journey with his beloved Maeve, a Celtic Goddess, who stands out like a sore thumb, being a red haired whore in Jerusalem She was raped by her own Father, cast out to sea [...]

  26. I kept putting off reading this book as it is sooo long, but it is so worth it It took me a bit to read as I had another book that needed to be read for my book club, but really enjoyed it I am really clueless when it comes to the gospels scripture, but that did not prove to be a problem enjoying the book I really enjoyed Mauve s character She s a very down to earth person, a straight shooter I did enjoy the religious aspect of the story also I would recommend the book, although like I said befo [...]

  27. I normally wait to review until after I have finished a series but I just felt like I had to share my thoughts on this one because it is that special of a story I went into this one with no expectations and ended it feeling like I didn t want to let go of the characters Maeve Mary is larger than life in this book and quite frankly, someone I would love to know The obvious story here is her love for Jesus which is beautiful and sadly imperfect but then, who has a perfect love This one is going to [...]

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