Moulin Rouge (Volume II)

Moulin Rouge Volume II None


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Moulin Rouge (Volume II)

  1. Pierre La Mure 15 June 1899, Nice, Alpes Maritimes 1976, California was a French author He wrote the 1950 novel Moulin Rouge about the life of the French artist Henri de Toulouse Lautrec This book was the basis of the classic 1952 movie of the same name La Mure also wrote the book Beyond Desire about the life of C cile and Felix Mendelssohn and the biographical novel Claire de Lune on the life and struggles of French composer Claude Debussy, published in 1962.Bibliography John D Rockefeller 1937 Gongs in the Night, Reaching the Tribes of French Indo China 1943 Moulin Rouge a novel based on the life of Henri de Toulouse Lautrec American edition 1950 Beyond Desire A Novel Based on the Life of Felix and C cile Mendelssohn 1955 , ISBN 0871402068 Clair de lune, A novel about Claude Debussy 1962 The private life of Mona Lisa 1975 , ISBN 0316513008

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