The Plug Next Door 5

The Plug Next Door Life has never been better for God and Reese Between introducing their son to the world gaining a new daughter in Summer and preparing to wed everything seems perfect That is until Reese finds out

Life has never been better for God and Reese Between introducing their son to the world, gaining a new daughter in Summer, and preparing to wed, everything seems perfect That is, until Reese finds out that her future husband is keeping a huge secret Will God s deception bring them closer together or break them apart for good Done with pole dancing, Alexa joins the ArmyLife has never been better for God and Reese Between introducing their son to the world, gaining a new daughter in Summer, and preparing to wed, everything seems perfect That is, until Reese finds out that her future husband is keeping a huge secret Will God s deception bring them closer together or break them apart for good Done with pole dancing, Alexa joins the Army to find herself as well as secure a career that she can be proud of She leaves New York and everything connected to it behind as she starts her new journey in the military The only problem with her moving on is that someone in her past isn t ready to let go Young is finding it hard to pick up the pieces of his life With his twin brother, Nas, in jail and his one true love gone to serve the country, he s lonelier than ever He seeks comfort in the arms of several women, but one girl in particular, Erin, is quickly stealing his heart Will he finally be able to get over Alexa, or is his latest relationship only a temporary fix for the real thing Loso and Summer are trying to make their relationship work while at the same time, keeping it a secret from God Summer is afraid of what might happen if she tells her dad that she s been sleeping with his worker, but as the old saying goes what s done in the dark always comes to the light If there s one thing that all of these couples have in common, it s enemies There s always someone lurking around the

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The Plug Next Door 5

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  1. KaboooooooomI m sitting here trembling I can t believe that Indy this well written fast paced drama filled entertaining on the tip of this exciting book has bring me to my knees Dee s characters that I have come to love Lauren D help me please Siah Bakesale out freaking standing almost read it that s all I got to say

  2. 5star bangerI swear sol is so dope with a pen When I say she killed book 5 baby she killed book 5 The plot just thickens I m so sick of Sloan ugh can she just have these babies so she can go I m going to ask young to get his life together asap because he going to lose what he worked so hard to get I still love me some Reese I don t care what she do she that b h Thank goodness summer got some act right because I was ready to choke her I def can t wait for next book because I wasn t feeling that e [...]

  3. Thanks lady for another great book I can t for the next part got be biting my nails You kept me very entertained in this series Keep up the good work

  4. OGM you got to be freaking kidding it can t end like this.God and Reese are still going strong new drama and a whole lot of secrets and lies Summer and Loso still having a secret affair so they thought Young still in love with Alexander she has went to search for the women she wants to be she leaves and go to Army God has drama and his lies caught up with him now that Sloan is pregnant with twins how can he tell the love of his life he having to babies with the one woman she can t stand Will Re [...]

  5. ExcitingThis part was everything The characters were busy in this one Reese was trying to boss up but that didnt work with Sloan I can t figure Alexa out She took one step forward and two steps back Everything she gets now with Young is on her Dior Really What s up with her and why is Young so eager to jump on board with her Also, I need to know whAt Erin has planned I hope Summer gets with Harlem and leaves Loso alone but Harlem may be playing with fire This ending thoughI think it was too easy [...]

  6. Pissed off to the 10th power This was far off one of the best series of 2017, it starts off slow but once it takes off, its on an popping The Deleanu brothers are some real g s and the brother Nas too Summer and Los are good together and Alexa Young is a good fit Reese and God is the HNIC HBIC but damn Sol wtf would u let God die, I just knew the brothers were going to be victorious in taking down Satan, this some str8 up bs, on that note please hurry up with part 6

  7. Addicted This series thus far has had my emotions up and down at the same damn time The love, betrayal, lies,fear and hurt will and can, and will consume you with each book When you hope and wish for one outcome only to be meet with something totally different then expected, that my reader will continue to pull you in I strongly advise you take keep this ride with this family, cause what you think you know after reading one book, will never be what you get Sol, this series is F.I.R.E I can t wai [...]

  8. Okay so.I was a little apprehensive bc the first review fave it one star and spoiled it so I was on the edge of my seat wondering how the ending would come about SN I HATE when ppl include spoilers in their review It s a REVIEW not a SUMMARY ANYWAY that reviewer had it all wrong While it is a lengthy series, it s not boring by a long shot A lot of secrets were revealed and the action was great Hopefully the ending was not the real ending But I ll have to wait to read it

  9. Sol my Sol now why All the books are certified but this has become my favorite These women have bossed up in this installment I can t wait to see what Erin Haas up her sleeve And Summer surprised the mesa out of me along with Reese But that ending Lort please be playing a joke on us or I m going to jump in that elevator and show out lol Can t wait for the next one and keep em coming boo Gejen Tee

  10. HmmOne thing I liked about this book is the length I really feel like some stuff could have been left out It some useless stuff in this book Introducing the Godfrey Sr and Dior this late sucks I would like to know what he s been doing all this time I m going to read part 6 because I want to know how it ends Also I m dying to know what s so wrong with Young that God doesn t want to talk about it I hope it s not a long wait for part 6.

  11. Maaaannnnn, let me tell youThis book was good and it kept me from getting my work done Like I m at work reading the book I just can t accept that God is dead so I ve conjured the thought that it was God Sr that was shot I just can t see Sol killing the main character I mean what about Reese and the baby Will Young and his twin take over Too many questions Sol I expect you to at least drop a release date for book 6 Please and Thank you

  12. Why oh why God I can t believe that this is real, gotta be a bad dream There ain t no way you could end a book like that Then expect me to wait for a new release No way, no how I m literally praying for all parties involved that it is not as it seems I am breathless right now, I need the next installment like God needs Reese Thank you for another fabulous edition of The Plug Next Door.

  13. The Plug Next Door 5Sol Sol omg what and incredible part 5 the twist and excitement running there my body while reading this here You had me each time thinking Reese was really going to leave God after her encounter with X wow Now look young got a lot going on now, senior no why what Sol u can t do this fire

  14. The book is just okayThis is the first Sol book that took me almost two weeks to read because the slow formation of the plots I found myself getting bored reading it and at the end to book I think the story line was internally extended to make a book 6 which I m not sure I will purchase even though I love God s and Young characters.

  15. The Plug Next Door 5This was a great read The gang is back God, Young, Reese, and Alexa It continued where part 4 left off at There was some new characters that were introduced into the story There was also a few surprising situations that took place Can t wait to see what happens in part 6.

  16. Yeah she did it AgainI can t believe Young I hope Alexa stay by his side Reese now I got love for her she holds God down and handled Sloan Now I know cause of how it ending God ain t go out like that not now after everything please dont let it be he not alive I wanted him to marry Reese Man Erin gonna go postil.n t wait for 6MUST READ

  17. Omg, that ending though I hope God is alright, Reese is gonna go crazy Young is stupid as hell, just got married and Alexa gonna leave him for sure He got Erin and Dior going crazy Sloan is a sad case I hope Loso do right by Summer, and Harlem is dead wrong I thought this was the ending but guess not Can t wait for part 6

  18. Hell Naw Listen I enjoyed this story even though it on book 5 but when I got to that damn ending I want to give up.Lord not God Reese is going to lose it Young is going to be Certified crazy I am at a lost for words I am hoping part 6 wraps this up because I devastated.

  19. Omg Sol you have not let me down since you have started this series This book had me on edge with me going through all my emotions I love how you told summer s story and I know she is going to be a force to be reckoned with when she finds out about God I am very disappointed in Young he has created so much drama I can t wait to read Part 6 This series is

  20. What a great readOmgyoung and all his dramaI feel bad for lex alreadyd summer.rl don t u dareGod not playing bout his darn Satan better not have nothing stupid

  21. Lost for wordsPart 5 is probably my favorite SOL I can t believe you did this to us How could you not bae I can t wait for part 6 all hell is about to break off The streets are about to bleed and they better This was a damn good book

  22. I enjoyed this book I couldn t wait for the part 3 to come out I thought it was the conclusion of the book but you know it wasn t and I was disappointed how ended I gave it it five stars because it was good but the ending through me can t wait for part 4

  23. Great book This book was great when is 6 coming an why God can t wait for book 6 I just hope the young come for his dad for this crazy against crazy an kill Dior ass for lying to young about their dad

  24. Okay I didn t give this 1 star because it was a bomb ass book but why is this continuing God is dead there is no need to finish the story you took away the character everyone loved out of the book please tell me that 6 is the end because this needs to stop z

  25. What is going to happen I m glad Young finally settled down and I hope he continues to do right by Alexa I m hoping God isn t dead because he is the one who will take his father down This book had me in tears, laughter, joy and mad I cannot wait for part 6

  26. DevastatingOh my God, I can t believe you killed off my man God that is not the way that was suppose to happen I m so upset right now This book has to end on a better note fix it SOL.

  27. I felt like the characters strayed from their normal behavior in this book Maybe the author needed a new angle and different conflict which made the characters behave differently Some things were a little too convenient but there was still lots of action and it was definitely a page turner.

  28. Another banger There are sooo many unanswered questions There were so many things that happened in this book that I didn t expect I m really hoping that Summer is better than her mom That ending was crazy This series has been great so far I can t wait for the next part

  29. MadAuthor Sol why did you do it kill my baby God like that I started screaming I can t believe you would do some like that I hope it was just a dream cause if it s not we got problems Lady

  30. FantasticOmg I hope this was a bad dream.I can t believe that ending I knew there was snakes in that camp.As always Sol u deliver another fantastic series can t wait for part 6 Highly recommend

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