Uncommon Ground

Uncommon Ground Dillon Lee s grandfather was a conspiracy theorist Every summer he d take Dillon on a tour of New York City while entertaining him with tales of aliens Fifteen years later after a phone call from a l

Dillon Lee s grandfather was a conspiracy theorist Every summer he d take Dillon on a tour of New York City while entertaining him with tales of aliens Fifteen years later, after a phone call from a lawyer, Dillon is carrying his grandfather s ashes from landmark to landmark, paying a sort of tribute, and trying to figure out what to do with his unexpected legacy When sDillon Lee s grandfather was a conspiracy theorist Every summer he d take Dillon on a tour of New York City while entertaining him with tales of aliens Fifteen years later, after a phone call from a lawyer, Dillon is carrying his grandfather s ashes from landmark to landmark, paying a sort of tribute, and trying to figure out what to do with his unexpected legacy When someone tries to steal the ashes, a guy Dillon has barely met leaps to the rescue, saving the urn and the day.Steilang Skovgaard is a reclusive billionaire and not human He s been living in Manhattan for over twenty years, working on a long term plan to establish a safe haven for his people For seven years, his reports have gone unanswered, however, and he is the only surviving member of his interstellar team The connection he forms with Dillon soon after meeting him is something he s missed, something he craves.But after someone keeps trying to steal the ashes, it looks as though Dillon s grandfather was involved in than theories and might not have been exactly who everyone thought he was Steilang doesn t know how close he can get to the truth without revealing himself, and Dillon is running out of people to trust Can these two work out what s going on before the thieves set their sights higher

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Uncommon Ground

  1. If aliens ever do land on Earth, Kelly will not be prepared, despite having read over a hundred stories of the apocalypse Still, she will pack her precious books into a box and carry them with her as she strives to survive It s what bibliophiles do.Kelly is the author of a number of novels, novellas and short stories, including the Chaos Station series, co written with Jenn Burke Some of what she writes is speculative in nature, but mostly it s just about a guy losing his socks and or burning dinner Because life isn t all conquering aliens and mountain peaks Sometimes finding a happy ever after is all the adventure we need.Newsletter eepurl czGhYz

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  1. A sense of detachment and melancholy permeates the pages of Uncommon Ground Lang is just so lonely, and Dillon, not knowing how to mourn the death of his eccentric grandfather, is in a limbo of indecision But Lang and Dillon connect on a cellular level Their combustible chemistry is obvious immediately, even as Lang puts his life on the line to save the urn carrying Dillon s grandfather s ashes This is not a spoiler Lang is an alien, and, yes, there are aliens in New York This didn t feel nearly [...]

  2. 2.5 starsThese were my thoughts before I finally decided to read this one I am not a fan of sci fi romance but I try to read of this genre as personal challenge and maybe I can find something really good I am not in a camp of aliens on Earth theory but I like Kelly Jensen s books beforeWell, turned out that it was a meh read for me I didn t like the instant attraction, the sex scenes were a little bit too early and too many for my taste my interest swindled WAY down when they had sex before the [...]

  3. Aliens in NYC Who knew Dillon is back in the big city to tend to his recently deceased grandfather s estate but mostly, he wants to say a last goodbye to a beloved family member How inventive is it that a cremation urn plays a big part in this story As Dillion revisits beloved spots in the city his grandfather called home, we not only get a memoriam and a glimpse into his past, we get a great unfolding mystery adventure in a vibrant setting.Someone wants that urn, and they ll do anything to get [...]

  4. This book was just the right mix of science fiction and sexy gay romance I had not read anything by this author before so did not know what to expect What I got was an awesome read with really interesting characters, plenty of suspense, action and some realy hot sex It was definitely not what I was expecting as it is listed as being part of the Kindle Worlds Memories from the Breakfast Club series Since I knew it was based in the universe created by Felice Stevens I certainly never expected actu [...]

  5. This book was so great cute, sexy, interesting It is romance with a little sci fi mixed in anyone m m romance fan will love it Kelly Jensen is so great at writing romantic interaction, whether its kissing, sex, or just talking and she just as good at it when one of the characters is an alien I adored this book After you get hooked on her, read the Chaos Station series, which is another amazing Kelly Jensen sci fi romance.

  6. Nope DNF 62% I can t do this.This was very insta love and a little weird I didn t feel the attraction between Dillon and Lang I didn t like the constant alien conspiracy talk Quite frankly, carrying around ashes to different landmarks creeps me out This was just not my cup of tea I m sure there are going to be a lot of readers who love this book It seems to be getting pretty good reviews already, but it s just not my thing Moving on.

  7. I love when a book completely surprises me I wasn t sure the alien aspect would work for me, but boy, did it ever Uncommon Ground by Kelly Jensen has some charming characters and just enough of a supernatural element to keep me guessing And I adore this title Sometimes it was nice to be unknown Meant no one else knew the stuff you hadn t quite figured out yet.Dillon is just the cutest little chatterbox He never felt as if he fit in, so he does his own thing He likes his purple hair and his pierc [...]

  8. A Surprise I LovedI m not much of a sci fi romance reader, and at first I wasn t certain this novella would work for me However, I was steadily drawn into this story and found the characters very interesting and likable Uncommon Ground is part of the Kindle Worlds umbrella but the tie in to the Memories and Breakfast Club series is minimal, so readers need not have read either of those to enjoy this novella.The set up to Uncommon Ground was pretty interesting Dillon instantly caught my attention [...]

  9. Sci fi is probably my least favourite genre, and the word aliens would usually have me scrolling past on the hunt for a different book But I ve read one of Kelly Jensen s short stories before and she made an impression, so I found myself adding this to my list, admittedly with some trepidation Verdict I need aliens More Dillon and Lang would be nice, but ultimately I don t care who the next book is about as long as there are plenty of aliens included And as this book is tagged as number one in [...]

  10. My Review OMG, this book was good While it s listed as sci fid totally is a sci fi romance, the entire book takes place in the contemporary world, so it feels like a contemporary romancewith just super creative details And I kind of adore it for that It s seriously the best of both worldsd keeps the science in the story from bogging down with confusing details Sois storyDillon has just arrived in NYC His grandfather, who s been missing for the last 15 years has died and left all his belongings t [...]

  11. This book has been a bit of an experiment in a number of ways First of all, being a part of the first gay Kindle World is amazing There are so few LGBTQ Kindle World stories available Hopefully we ll be changing that Second, I hadn t realised how much I missed writing science fiction until I started putting together this story I adore my contemporaries, but there s just something about writing aliens that appeals Probably because it s a fun way to look at humanity With Uncommon Ground, I tried t [...]

  12. I love everything Kelly Jensen writes Her contemporary stories are so real and grounded, and her science fiction is appropriately creative and thought provoking Add those two elements together, and you ve got the page turning goodness of Uncommon Ground Dillon is in NYC to do a farewell tour of the sights with the ashes of his grandfather It s a little weird, but with a lot of sentiment behind it and that pretty much describes Dillon He s never quite fit in anywhere, and even though he thought h [...]

  13. Unfortunately this hasn t been my favourite of the Memories with The Breakfast Club series I have no problem with the alien element One of my favourite MM series is The Harvest series by MA Church It was a well written and enjoyable story and I think I liked that the alien element brought something different to the series However I thought the link to the Breakfast Club series was tenuous Other than being set in New York and Zach Sam providing security for Lang there was no connection and I was [...]

  14. Reviewed for Just Love3.5 starsThe desire for home wherever that may be is the underlying theme of Uncommon Ground, a slightly melancholy but sweet novella about two lonely people who have nothing in common, but who find they are similar than they could have imagined.Lang is an alien living in New York He has been on Earth for 25 years, but has never managed to make any lasting connections, despite his love for all things human including a never ending fascination with kitchen gadgets.Dillon is [...]

  15. ReviewImpressionIn the fifties folks flocked to theaters to eagerly munch popcorn while enjoying alien movies During those times, it was covertly lascivious to watch scripts come to life about aliens finding romance or Lordy stealing a kiss Few brave screen writing souls created stories where men from space stayed with their human female loves This author takes the concept of alien love to a few light years further and the outcomes, to me, is tantalizing.The alien in this case is a CEO billionai [...]

  16. Recommended for readers of M M romance who enjoy outsider themes and alien romance Though this novel has a sci fi premise aliens on Earth one does not have to be a fan of SF to enjoy it The theme of outsiders is far prominent, with alien perhaps intended as a vehicle to explore this trope Added in is a hint of mystery and a bit of contemplation on the influence of parents, or lack thereof The romance is sweet, though the physical relationship is consummated fairly quickly my one quibble, given [...]

  17. My thoughts combine those of Jordan and Ami in their reviews the edges of the story are a bit rough, the tech parlance was overkill, the element of insta lust is too prominent and tones down what would otherwise be a gripping story, while the early, extensive and repeated sex romps give the book a trashy feeling On my own, I shall add that not a few events are ridiculous the way the alien thief attempts thrice to steal the funerary urn, using a kind of beam that prevents other people from buttin [...]

  18. If you are here for the romance, Kelly Jensen offers an abundance of steamy romance They see each other from across the coffee shop and sparks fly Those sparks ignite and keep the rest of the story on fire Read through to the Epilogue and you will be as satisfied as the characters are with each other.If you re here for the science fiction, then we get plenty to love The world building done here is the familiar merged with tantalizing glimpses of an alien civilization We get potentially unfair cl [...]

  19. Aliens Really Have Invaded New York Seriously That s a surprise to anyone I feel as if I started reading something immediately after watching the first Men in Black movie where K is the total straight man about how there are OBVIOUSLY aliens everywhere Duh Kelly Jensen has a remarkable talent for creating a singular world with wholly formed characters in a very short span of words I applaud her talent as a writer because it s genuinely impressive I loved all the details about the Clan which were [...]

  20. This is only the second human alien romance I ve read, and this one involved no tentacles at all Jokes aside, this is a mystery of a sort Dillon comes to NY after his grandfather dies, leaving everything to Dillon, including a house and lots of conspiracy theories, or so Dillon believes But someone keeps trying to steal his grandfather s ashes Lang is an alien, although you wouldn t know it to look at him He s on a mission on Earth for the last 25 years, his secret making his life lonely, despit [...]

  21. I received an ARC from Kelly Jensen, author extraordinaire, of Uncommon Ground I am so happy I was chosen for this wonderful experience.I read across genres and appreciate moving between worlds and time periods Toss in a couple of really hot guys, human or alien, and I m totally thrilled Dillon has always scoffed at the idea of aliens, even though his grandfather was convinced they were real Lang is the real thing and when he and Dillon meet under the strangest of circumstances, one of them is g [...]

  22. I have enjoyed Kelly Jensen s contemporary series, Counting, and so while generally Sci Fi is not my preferred reading genre, I decided to pick this up I was quite pleasantly surprised and really like this story of Dillon and Lang It s a little bit sad lonely alien and alienated outsider meet and discover they have a lot in common type story Lang is very much a sympathetic character and his connection with Dillon is understandable and becomes clear as the story unfolds I liked the drama and the [...]

  23. MM Sci Fi romance Dillon has never quite fit in and feels the gap even as he tries to take his grandfather s ashes around New York city visiting places they enjoyed together His grandfather was eccentric, always telling stories of aliens and artifacts Meeting Steilang is the best thing that has happened and their connection is immediate Dillon feels a bit beneath Steilang especially with all the trouble he continues to have in the city Steilang is lonely and feels abandoned by his people Dillon [...]

  24. Although I finished reading this, I can t say I would recommend it to a science fiction fan, or a romance fan Neither aspect is all that interesting The elements are there, but they re flat save for a few moments, and that s not enough The biggest single issue is telling how each character feels, rather than showing those feelings in actions and descriptions We don t feel with them because such statements just sit there rather than pulling a reader in The worst best illustration of this is Lang [...]

  25. It s true that Uncommon Ground is kinda insta love, but if we start throwing out insta love books, seriously, as romance readers, we d have about 5 books left Apart from that, the romance was cute, but toned down instead of three sizzling peppers, maybe a glass of milk Where the book really excelled was the sci fi plot, which, if you ve read the Chaos Station books, you know the author is pretty good at I felt like the book needed to be longer to really better explore the alien narrative, almost [...]

  26. Even though Sci Fi isn t my genre of choiceI found myself really liking this story by Kelly Jensen This is the story of Dillon and Steilang Dillon has always been on the outside looking in.r quite fitting in with others He is in NYC after his grandfather s passing to spread his ashes He meets Steilang while there There was an instant connection between the twoeir journey to love was sweet to watch I was rooting for them to find their HEA together This story was a perfect fit for this Kindle Worl [...]

  27. 4.5 stars Such a sweet story I m not one for space alien stories really, but this sounded fun, and it was on KU I bought it when it went on sale so I thought I d try it out I m really glad I did I really enjoyed the details about the aliens and their society Plus Lang was just wonderful, I especially loved his quirks, he always made me smile, and Dillon was adorable while also strong There was sex than I expected, no complaints, I just was a bit surprised I would re read when I need a little in [...]

  28. For an alien meet cute story, this is rather cute Yet somehow the story just didn t sing that well for me I couldn t really warm up to the characters, even with alternate POVs that should ve allowed me glimpses into their mind and who they were The alien stranded on Earth vibe just didn t really wash and overall the story flow felt too rush For first entry to the new Aliens in New York series the novella didn t really give much up, though the upside of it, there s plenty avenues to explore for t [...]

  29. What an fantastic book the writing was amazing The characters were well developed and thought out The plot was entertaining and it was steady throughout the book I found the story and characters wonderful Lang and Dillon are the MC s of this book and I loved these characters There was humor, aliens, spaceships, AI s, NYC tourist places, repeated robbery attempts, a billionaire and so much in this book I thought that the alien twist was great I can highly recommend as a wonderful read I voluntar [...]

  30. I couldn t really get into this one at all I just couldn t get into the whole alien thing Too much talk of other planet and people chasing down ashes for me to get hype about it I couldn t really grasp onto the story to keep me entertained It did have some good sex scenes so there s that but this just wasn t my cup of tea If you re into sci fi romance than I say give it a try ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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