Fiancée for Hire

Fianc e for Hire Marry the woman I love Not likely I ve got an hour to marry a woman Period Either I get engaged or I marry my ex So I do what any guy would do I grab the cocktail waitress at my party and propose Wha

Marry the woman I love Not likely I ve got an hour to marry a woman Period Either I get engaged, or I marry my ex So I do what any guy would do I grab the cocktail waitress at my party and propose What kind of over the top crazy woman would fake her own death to trap a billionaire into marrying her Well, that d be my ex And yeah, I know, my taste in women sucks TMarry the woman I love Not likely I ve got an hour to marry a woman Period Either I get engaged, or I marry my ex So I do what any guy would do I grab the cocktail waitress at my party and propose What kind of over the top crazy woman would fake her own death to trap a billionaire into marrying her Well, that d be my ex And yeah, I know, my taste in women sucks Then again, the cocktail waitress at my party has every ounce of my attention, and I m pretty sure she d taste just fine She s got this nervous laugh and just the right amount of freckles She s the kind of girl you d be proud to take home to your parents, but I m just interested in taking her to bed But then my ex crashes my party So I do what any guy would do I drag the cocktail girl into the pantry and get down on one knee She gets a ring, a couple million bucks, and all she has to do is say yes What could go wrong This is a full length, standalone fake marriage romance No cheating or cliffhangers, and a Happily Ever After is guaranteed

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Fiancée for Hire

  1. Melinda Minx Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Fiancée for Hire book, this is one of the most wanted Melinda Minx author readers around the world.

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  1. Started out good He needs a fiancee so he doesn t have to wed his seriously crazy ex She agreeshot sex and love comes Then a whole bunch of crazy outrageous situations happen For example, drilling holes in teeth to put in a gas bomb to knock out people who kidnapped her Sweet epilogue This one ended at 52%, and there s a bonus book.

  2. I enjoyed this book very much There is lots of drama in Fiancee for Hire, with Liam thinking the Cynthia is dead, he wants to celebrate his 30th with a big party Amber working as a bartender at Liam s birthday party has no idea what is in store for her I cannot believe what Cynthia does to Amber just to try to get Liam to marry her as it says in their contract I thought the ending is really lovely and sweet I would recommend the book to others.

  3. SPICY PASSION WITH A TOUCH OF DANGERThis sultry tale has all the elements to keep you glued to your seat dynamic plot, raging jealousy, spine chilling action, heart pounding suspense, intense fiery passionate romance, and a surprise happy ever after.Liam is built, eye catching gorgeous, and his charismatic personality makes you melt He is in also in a heap of trouble his ex girlfriend wants to marry him To rectify this dilemma he needs a fake fianc e Amber a cute sassy student in college and a b [...]

  4. I received an ARC copy of this from the author and am leaving a voluntary reviewWow what an excellent read the chemistry between Liam and Amber is HOT I was gripped from the start and loved the endinglooking forward to reading books from this author

  5. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat There is a fake engagement , villains, and you never know what is going to happen next This is Amber and Liam s story Do I recommend it yes I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it.

  6. Liam Lions never wants to get married or have a family Liam s ex Cynthia Frost faked her own death to trap Liam into honoring their contract Liam meets Amber Green and nothing in his life will ever be the same again Amber was supposed to be just a bartender at Liam s birthday party but turned into far than that Liam s fiancee Can Amber keep her feelings to herself Will Liam change his mind about marriage Your answers await you in Fiancee for Hire.I loved this book from first to last page The cha [...]

  7. Wealthy playboy Liam Lions is getting ready to celebrate his 30th birthday His assistant James is hiring 30 bartenders, and Liam is finally feeling safe from his ex, Cynthia Frost He told James to let Gabriela know she is off the stand by status for being his fake fiancee But James uneasily warns that maybe they should not celebrate just yet not until midnight anyway James hires Amber as a bartender, promising her she won t need to wear a sexy outfit uniforms would be provided She arrives at the [...]

  8. I received this book with the understanding that I could leave a voluntary and honest review In this book we meet Liam Lions and Amber Green Amber is just a bartender trying to make a living So when she gets hired to work Liam s 30 birthday party she doesn t think anything of it She doesn t even know who he is He is just another rich guy looking for a bartender to work his party for the night So when she shows up early and decides she has time to stop and smell the roses literally, she does Litt [...]

  9. To Avoid Making a Deal with the Devil, a Deal is Made with a She Devil Instead.This has all the readerelements of a great storyline, sexy hotness of an Alpha male in pursuit and romantic suspense that you come to expect from a story written by Melinda Minx I love her characters both good and bad and the unique situations you find them in her stories.Liam and Amber do not meet in classic wham love at first sight style They have a moment in a beautiful setting which involves some subterfuge on the [...]

  10. Review Rating 4.0 out of 5 stars.A quickie fianc e to the rescue I received an Advance Reader Copy for Fianc e For Hire written by Melinda Minx and voluntarily reviewed this book Liam Lions is about to turn the big three oh He is a die hard playboy and not even close to being ready to settle down But an off the cuff business arrangement promise with his old fling Cynthia a decade ago, promising to marry her if he is not engaged by his thirtieth birthday comes back to haunt him, and he devises an [...]

  11. So, you can figure our the premise from the title Amber gets a job as a bartender at the birthday party of rich, gorgeous, cocky Liam Because of an turn in the outcome of a contract Liam thought he got out of, he suddenly needs a fiancee NOW Having hit it off with Amber without her knowing it was actually Liam, the birthday boy himself, she was talking to before the party started, he decides to see if she will play along for a hefty price The thing is, Cynthia, the other party in Liam s contract [...]

  12. A great story about a part time student and bartender, Amber, and a hot billionaire, Liam There first meeting is at his estate in the gardens, Amber is there to bartend his party and when they meet in the gardens, she has no idea who he is She makes jokes about the rich and offends Liam Liam is intrigued about her and thinks she is pretty in her own kind of way When he hears that an old lover, Cynthia, is actually alive and coming to claim him, he gets Amber to pretend to be his fianc e so he ca [...]

  13. I read Fiancee for Hire in an afternoon and it was such a fun read Liam and Amber was a formidable pair for Liam s nasty ex, Cynthia When Liam uses his quick wits and involves Amber into thwarting his promise to Cynthia from 10 years ago, the story becomes hot sexy fun with tension and drama There were a few characters that popped up in the drama, but the author s well written story flowed with an ease that keeps the reader turning the pages without confusion Even with the drama, things become [...]

  14. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book This is one crazy, funny, sexy, madcap story but I absolutely loved it Liam has made a crazy deal If he hasn t married by the time he is 30 he has to marry crazy Cynthia Well he only has a few hours left so crazy thoughts require crazy actions right He knew he shouldn t have made that deal ten years ago What he needs is a fake fianc e and who better than Amber, a waitress at his party Crazy actions right This is when the fun starts Liam [...]

  15. Amber and Liam meet at his thirtieth birthday party where circumstances have him in need of a fake fianc He makes Amber an offer she can t refuse Only the time they spend together, the real it becomes Amber and Liam are both likable characters and the chemistry between then was undeniable Liam is extremely wealthy and Amber has never had money in her life She did a good job of reminding him of the little things he took for granted There s some crazy drama caused by his ex and some other drama [...]

  16. Just wasn t believeable from start to finish Billionaire Liam makes a deal with the devil in the form of a woman name Cynthia 10 years ago to save the family business and within 1 hour of his 30th birthday becomes engage to female bartender so he won t have to fulfill contract of marrying Cynthia.Female bartender, Amber who talks trash about rich folks doesn t realize who she is talking to or what the billionaire looks like who s party she is hired to work Mind you all the female bartenders were [...]

  17. Liam and Amber are trying to pull off a classic HEA the fake fiancee Liam is in jam if he isnt engaged by his 30th he will be forced to marry a woman he made a foolish business deal with The deal made him rich but now it will cost him his freedom if he cant find someone to quickly pose as his wife to be Enter Amber, just trying to make ends meat when she takes a gig bartending for the night she never expected to end up being proposed to They soon realize that their is that meets the eye to this [...]

  18. Liam is at a party celebrating his thirtieth birthday when he receives word his ex girlfriend is headed his way She will be expecting him to marry her if he is not already engaged So in desperation, he chooses to propose to a random bartender, Amber Pretending to be a fake fianc will bring a huge payoff she can t refuse So now they have to convince the ex girlfriend that the engagement is real The story is very entertaining as the charade moves along But unforeseen circumstances turn deadly The [...]

  19. Kept Me On The Edge Of My Seat, Whole Way Through Well this book certainly held my attention I don t typically like romantic suspense but this one held me hostage and not against my will, either Melinda Minx is a terrific author and I have enjoyed each one of her books I ve read Liam is in serious trouble 10 years ago, he made a deal with a devil named, Cynthia, and now she has come to collect Liam needs a Fianc to help him escape Cynthia s clutches and Amber is perfect for the job The job being [...]

  20. This story started out so good but the further into I got, I just got disconnected from the characters Liam needed a fiancee to close a business deal He just picks Amber from his party, a bartender She shuns his money at first but comes to enjoy it Amber is feisty at first but she just seemed to just go along with everything after a few days Liam wasn t ready to settle down but once he Mets Amber, his feelings changer Cynthia was the game changer in the story I feel that she got lucky in this st [...]

  21. Billionaire needs to be engaged, girl needs money, instant attraction and they fall in love we ve seen it a lot lately But, as I ve come to expect from Melinda Minx, there are some entertaining twists, a bit of intrigue, and some humor along the way Liam is cocky and self assured and Amber has no problem telling him exactly how she feels about wealthy people and they run through money With an obsessed ex and a silly admirer that you almost feel sorry for, it s an entertaining story that held my [...]

  22. Fiancee for Hire is about Amber, a pretty beekeeper and Liam, the billionaire who made a deal with the devil Ms Mine did a wonderful job with telling this story The characters and the story line just flowed together that you reach THE END before you realize it It s one of those what ifs story that happened to come true for Amber I recommend this short read to anyone who has ever wondered what if.I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book and this is my honest opinion of this boo [...]

  23. This book has it all What begins as a humorous plan to outwit a predator quickly becomes so much .Liam and Amber are opposites, total opposites, but there is a spark between them.Their fake engagement quickly becomes real HEA Not if Cynthia has anything to do with it But how far will she go to get the man she wants, Liam Quite a long way is the answer The story changes from humour to drama, to real danger.The characters are believable, the plot fairly rattles along, but will there be a HEA Read [...]

  24. Amber is a College student and she works on the side as a cocktail waitress and at this party she is pulled into the pantry by the main man Liam is the one paying for the party and he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him he is not drunk good looking and egotistical he will give me a lot of money if Amber agrees to the terms of the deal so what does she do but agrees and then all the trouble starts oh boy what did I just do lol I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book [...]

  25. Amber is hired to bartend a birthday party Liam is blindsided when an ex comes back from the dead at his birthday party with the news that if he isn t married by midnight, she gets his company He realizes he made a deal with the devil years ago to get his company off the ground but refuses to marry the witch He grabs Amber and makes her the deal of a lifetime if she ll marry him As they get to know each other, the ex is still fuming over losing and decides to hurt Liam by going after Amber HEA, [...]

  26. I received this book in advance for a voluntary honest review Liam is a billionaire who made a deal with the devil, his ex, Cynthia, that he would marry her when he turned 30 unless he was engaged or already married Thinking Cynthia has died Liam believed he was off the hook until she shows up at his 30th birthday bash Desperate to avoid marriage to Cynthia he grabs the cocktail waitress he chatted up in the garden, Amber, and hires her to be his fianc e The lines blur between them and a real re [...]

  27. 2.5 StarsThis book had the potential to have been a 3 star read for me It started out strong and I really loved Liam, but as the story moved along it progressively got worse Towards the end of the story which ends at 52% , there was such an absurd amount of craziness happening that it really ruined my enjoyment of the story and all of the good things I had liked about it hence the 2.5 star rating There is a bonus book at the end, but after this fiasco it s doubtful that I ll ever read it.

  28. Liam made a bet with the devil 10 years ago so he could seal a deal and become a rich man Now he has 1 hour to find a wife or he has to marry the devil Grabbing the new waitress, Amber, he convinces her to be his fianc e for money Now they have to convince everyone that it s true Despite being a popular idea for a book, this was a great read could it not when it s written by MelindaMy honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.

  29. I enjoyed the book Amber and Liam find themselves brought together by their mutual needs They don t expect but real feelings develop and there is a strong attraction not to be denied.It is a fun storyline and was a pretty quick read I really liked the romance They make a good couple It is not a new storyline but the author makes it enjoyable.I am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received.

  30. What starts off as a bar tending job for Amber ends up becoming a fake engagement at the host s party Liam needs to pretend to be engaged to get out of a contract that he had made years ago What he does not realize is that Cynthia does not want to keep the contract for money but because she wants him Through great characters, a quick changing plot and a strong story that kept the pages turning, this book was a great read I just love happy endings

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