Wolf Signs

Wolf Signs The first title in New York Times bestselling author Vivian Arend s light hearted feel good paranormal series Talk about getting your signals crossed When her brother cancels their backcountry ski tr

The first title in New York Times bestselling author Vivian Arend s light hearted, feel good paranormal series Talk about getting your signals crossed When her brother cancels their backcountry ski trip, Robyn Maxwell takes it in stride The fact she s deaf doesn t make her survival skills any weaker, and she s been craving the chance to escape into the Yukon wildeThe first title in New York Times bestselling author Vivian Arend s light hearted, feel good paranormal series Talk about getting your signals crossed When her brother cancels their backcountry ski trip, Robyn Maxwell takes it in stride The fact she s deaf doesn t make her survival skills any weaker, and she s been craving the chance to escape into the Yukon wilderness Only the sexy beast of a man she bumps into at the cabin starts cravings of another kind, setting her hormones raging as well as raising strange questions about wolves, and mates, and pack challenges All wilderness guide Keil Lynus wanted was a nice quiet retreat before challenging for the Alpha position of his Alaskan pack He wasn t planning on meeting his destined mate, or finding out she s not aware she has the genes of a wolf Between dealing with his accident prone younger brother, a deaf mate with an attitude and an impending duel to the death, his week and his bed is suddenly full Far from the relaxing getaway any of them had in mind Warning Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase talking with your hands Includes dangerous use of sarcasm and hot nookie in a remote wilderness sauna This NORTHERN LIGHTS EDITION is a revised and extended version of the 2009 original.

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Wolf Signs

  1. With over 2 million books sold, Vivian Arend is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over 50 contemporary and paranormal romance books, including the Six Pack Ranch and Granite Lake Wolves.Her books are all standalone reads with no cliffhangers They re humorous yet emotional, with sexy times and happily ever afters Vivian pretty much thinks she s got the best job in the world, and she s looking forward to giving readers HEAs She lives in B.C Canada with her husband of many years and a fluffy attack Shitzu named Luna who ignores everyone except when treats are deployed.For news, free vignettes, and all sorts of mischief, sign up for Vivian s newsletter vivianarend news

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  1. 4,25 stars English Ebook super hot, above 18 years Her gaze drifted over the gear spread all over her apartment Her pack, her ski s, all of it assembled for the annual trip with her brother to Granite Lake cabin Robindoes not know she is a werewolf A full blood Her parents ded, her father first and later her mother, at her birth When she meets up with Keil and TJ she is rushed into knowing because Keil smels his mate in Robin I m not leaving my mate locked in a sauna all night because I was too [...]

  2. For the past couple of years I have avoided het romance like the plague I am seriously sick of the female leads that are so popular today they are either blushing virgins or complete bitches I mean really, when did the term strong female lead get changed to raging cuntmuffin I didn t get the memo, and some of these dragon ladies make me want to cover the book in salt then set it aflame You can never be too cautious when dealing with hell spawns, so a dash of purification with your exorcism can t [...]

  3. I was drawn to this novel by the rather daring factor that the author had chosen a disabled protagonist in this case, a deaf girl Aside from that, it was a pretty disappointing read, going swiftly downhill The relationships between Robyn and the wolf brothers was too sudden, especially her attraction to Kail there was no doubt in her mind, not even any sort of inner cautionary voice no, the moment she saw him she literally turned into an uninhibited sex fiend As for his poor brother TJ s sole pr [...]

  4. Blah not one I d recommend This book was offered as a freebie, which I really appreciate, so I decided to give it a try It did have potential but upon completion I wasn t impressed Here s my breakdown The pros I liked how the heroine was hearing impaired it added to her personality The sex was pretty steamy on a scale 1 10 I d give it a 7 Offered as a freebie I liked the coverThe cons Insta love Since it was a short I felt like it was missing much depth both with the characters and storyline Eve [...]

  5. I loved it, it was hot and so fun to read.Finally a h that s strong, funny and has sass, Robyn was perfect Keil was a predictable alpha but it was TJ and his goofiness that made me laugh out loud and continue to grin like an idiot I really wished this book was longer which is something i never do.

  6. One of the things I liked about this story was how the heroine, Robyn, was deaf She s feisty, spunky and a total alpha female I even liked Keil, even though it was mentioned a lot that he was such a strong alpha but I never saw that What I did see were sweet moments in which Robyn and Keil got to know each other and realized they have a lot in common.Pretty much the only thing wrong with this story was the length I have a lot of questions about the pack and especially about what s going to happe [...]

  7. A deaf heroine who doesn t know that the reason she s always felt like she doesn t fit in isn t because she s deaf it s because she s a werewolf, and an alpha to boot.A hero who is alpha as can be and completely blind sided by the naked woman who stumbles out of the sauna But it s not because she s naked It s because she s his mate.And the only way to trigger her first transformation It s sex with her mate I enjoyed the story and definitely want to read of the Granite Lake Wolves Ms Arend has a [...]

  8. This was free when I downloaded it, the cover is GORGEOUS and the heroine is deaf I thought I was getting a serious novel but it descended all too quickly into insta lust and sex The deafness aspect was glossed over and the characters were shallow, stupid and thoroughly awful.I dnf d as soon as I realised where it was heading.

  9. This is just the sort of book that once I read it, I wonder why the heck I hadn t read it earlier I loved heroine Robyn and hero Keil, and hilarious brother TJ.The gist of the book is that Robyn doesn t know about wolves or that she has wolf genes, and Keil knows immediately that she s his mate I just LOVE that instant smack you in the head love that authors can pull off in a paranormal romance, especially when it s done really well, which this is.Robyn is deaf from a virus when she was a child, [...]

  10. I tend to avoid novelettes but after being disappointed by another book, this story was the perfect escapist feel good pick me up enjoyable so long as one keeps in mind the following destined mate instant love means near instant sex at less than 100 pages, the plot points have to arise and be resolved at hyper speed and the story is not intended to be a heavy, serious paranormal urban fantasy It is definitely erotica but considering that it s a Samhain product, I found the sex scene pretty tame [...]

  11. I really enjoyed the werewolf details of this story I quite enjoyed the pack dynamics and other details such as the she s my mate thing I liked the werewolves accidently letting the cat out of the bag I would have enjoyed it even had the book been longer with a involved plot The writing was well done I did think that she copped out a bit by having the issue of the deafness dealt with so easily Mind reading Poofta Still the writing was good, the sex scenes okay but I myself think the author wou [...]

  12. Love needs no wordsArden has been looking forward to this A skiing trip in the mountains secluded away with her brother Something they do every year When plans get mixed up and Arden insists on going alone Her brother is worried for only one reason Arden is deaf, she needs a guide to help her through But, Arden being her own person refuses anything else but to go alone She makes it to the mountain and stumbles upon a new addition to the camp site A sauna is built and yep vacation starts Everythi [...]

  13. I read a version of this ages ago when it was free from and thinking about it actually it s the book that stirred my interest in this authors work So I was very happy to discover that not only is it being re released but that the original book has been expanded.What stood out to me both then and now was the fact that Robyn is deaf and I haven t read a lot of romance that features characters with that disability I loved that she uses ASL to such good effect although understood Robyn s frustration [...]

  14. When Robyn Maxwell brother gives her the news that he is unable to accompany her on their yearly camping trip to the Yukon s Robyn did not let that deter her With the stubbornness that is so apart of her she carry on with her plan and is soon in the mountain as it was and all set to enjoy the time she has there.Something is different on this trip however as someone has added a new feature to the landscape and she was so going to make use of it.Everything comes at a price and soon Robyn finds her [...]

  15. 3.5 starsHaving not read enough books about werewolves, I picked up a copy of Vivian Arend s Wolf Signs as a free download a while back Book 1 of her Granite Lake Wolves series was thoroughly entertaining and I just loved these wolves The book is set in Canada s rugged north, in Granite Lake Yukon The area is isolated and the perfect place for a wolf pack to hang out Wolf Signs is one of the few books I ve read where the heroine has a disability Robyn is deaf and communicates either by ASL or by [...]

  16. Robyn knew she was adopted, but she didn t know her biological parents had been werewolves When a childhood virus caused her to totally lose her hearing, her adoptive family decided she had suffered enough trauma It wasn t until a surprise guest barged in on her ski trip and claimed her as mate that she got her first clue This is just the perfect little sexy read to tide you over until you re ready for a full length novel Charming funny characters, witty dialogue, and praise be, a heroine who is [...]

  17. 3 starsWolf Signs was a cute, funny, steamy read that had some insta primal action going on Robyn is a funny smart ass who never felt like she belonged, it was than her not being able to hear, but something else, something that kept her restless Determined to go away to calm down, she goes to her hideaway in the mountains, and that is where she meets Keil and TJ Keil knows who she is once he gets a whiff of her, out of all the places he never imagined to find her here in this little cabin So mu [...]

  18. Robyn is a full blooded wolf that isn t aware that she is a wolf She doesn t know because her wolf has to be triggered into changing by having sex with another wolf Robyn and her brother are suppose to be going on a ski trip when he has to cancel So Robyn, who is deaf, decides to go off to a communal cabin in the great Alaska woods by herself This part of the story really bothered me Most women would not consider going to stay in a cabin surrounded by snow with the potential of avalanches all al [...]

  19. This review was posted at Under the CoversRobyn has a ski weekend planned with her brother until his plans change for work and she decides to go alone Maybe not the easiest decision since she has a major problem, she s deaf.But to her surprise, she finds than just company See, she doesn t know this but she s a full blooded werewolf and who just happens to be at the cabin for a weekend away before a challenge for alpha is her mate.Robyn is a very strong heroine who has overcome her problems and [...]

  20. This was a nice short story I quite enjoyed it even if certain events were predictable I fell in love with all of the characters, especially clumsy TJ and the charmer, Keil I liked that the heroine, Robyn, was pretty kickass and level headed under certain situations I loved that Keil was never once put off by the fact that Robyn was deaf I loved that he and TJ wanted to learn ASL and that she could read their lips when they didn t realize it at times Since this was a short book, the instant attr [...]

  21. When Robyn Maxwell learns her brother can t make the ski strip she has been looking forward to, she decides to go by herself and has no plans of letting the fact that she is deaf stand in her way Believing she has Granite Lake to herself, is stunned to find she has company Keil knows immediately she is his mate, but her reaction has him a bit guarded He knows something is different about her and aims to figure it out, but he has other issues to deal with including a brother who doesn t think bef [...]

  22. I liked the wolf storyline, characters and the fact the heroine is sassy and deaf it made for an enjoyable quick read It s always hard to read short novella books, because you just can t get everything you want in them, but as long as I enjoy the story and of course, the sex has to not be rushed, in other words some seduction in there, then I am happy This one the heroine accepts things rather quickly Like I said you can t put everything in a few pages and expect it to be some hot novel I will d [...]

  23. Not bad It s rather short, but for something fluffy like this that s fine The story runs quickly which it has to since it has only 100 pages , especially considering quite some page time is reserved for the bedroom scenes I like that there really wasn t too much of a damsel in distress storyline, even if I would have liked it if the main character would have shown a bit anger when it was justified I found her quick acceptance of everything happening to her quite unbelievable, but again, for a f [...]

  24. Too short Both for the relationship and the world building It was basically, Oh yeah, so you re a wolf, and we re mates Okay

  25. Short read about how a relaxing weekend can go so wrong Murphy s law in play here I guess Didn t do much for me.

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